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For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Bundy Trial and Why It Should Matter to You - A Conversation With Jo...

Streamed live 2 hours ago
Cliven Bundy and his sons have been incarcerated for nearly two years. Regardless of your position on the matter you must ask yourself how American citizens can be held so long without trial. John Lamb discusses Ryan Bundy's recent release to a halfway house and the latest developments in the case.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I Refused to Appear in Court! - Gavin Seim - Washington State of Corruption

I Refused to Appear in Court! (No subject)

Fri 11/10, 12:16 PM

I’m writing you from a safe place. You officials who watch my list need not try and find out where I am.

I choose not to consent to a court that demands I argue why I should not have to give them access to my phone. My rights are not a motion to be argued, they are a fact. Grant County (509-754-2011) has robbed me, caged me, engendered my family, threatened me and perjured themselves. I don't have to walk willingly into the gas chamber.

Watch my video:

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Former inmate writes biography of Cliven Bundy and Stand Up to corruption

Doug Knowles posted: "Updated 7:01 AM; Posted 7:00 AM   By Maxine Bernstein The Oregonian/OregonLive "Tell me about this standoff." And with that, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy found a biographer behind bars. Bundy had invited a fellow inmate to sit down"

New post on It Matters How You Stand

Former inmate shares life behind bars with Cliven Bundy

by Doug Knowles
Updated 7:01 AM; Posted 7:00 AM
By Maxine Bernstein
The Oregonian/OregonLive
"Tell me about this standoff."
And with that, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy found a biographer behind bars.
Bundy had invited a fellow inmate to sit down at a table with him. They chatted about farming, raising cattle, growing melons and grandchildren.
Soon, they were walking regular laps together around the inside of a large unit that housed 94 bunk beds between concrete cinderblock walls about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.
And when the time seemed right, inmate Michael Stickler broached the subject of why the Bundy patriarch was in custody at the Southern Nevada Detention Center in Pahrump.
At first Bundy seemed reluctant to talk about the notorious face-off with federal rangers in the desert in 2014, Stickler said. Bundy explained that he didn't know who he could trust, that the FBI had an undercover agent pose as a journalist and interview his family members on videos that now were being used against him.
But Stickler kept urging the 71-year-old cattleman: "You need to write a book."
The two eventually shook hands. And now Stickler is preparing to sell a biography about Bundy that offers a glimpse of his life in prison, his surprise at being arrested in Portland last year, his family history and Mormon faith and his two-decade-old battle with the federal government.

Michael Stickler, of northern Nevada, met Cliven Bundy at the Southern Nevada Detention Center earlier this year as Stickler was serving the last two months of a two-and-a-half-year federal prison sentence for theft of public money.
Michael Stickler, of northern Nevada, met Cliven Bundy at the Southern Nevada Detention Center earlier this year as Stickler was serving the last two months of a two-and-a-half-year federal prison sentence for theft of public money.
Stickler is self-publishing the book through his company, Vision Group, and promised to contribute proceeds to Bundy's legal defense, though no formal contract was signed.
Bundy has been in custody for a year and nine months and is about to go on trial, accused of leading a "massive armed assault'' in April 2014 that thwarted federal officers from impounding his cattle. Bundy was grazing them on public land near his ranch in defiance of court orders. He owed more than $1 million in fees and fines that he'd refused to pay for years.
He was recently moved to a jail in Henderson, Nevada, to be closer to the federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas.
Stickler, who was released in June after serving out the last two months of a 2 1/2-year sentence for theft of public money, described Bundy's routine when he was at the Pahrump lockup, a transfer center for federal inmates.
Bundy was housed in the same unit with sons Davey and Mel, but sons Ammon and Ryan were held separately, often kept in solitary confinement for rule violations, including refusing to undergo strip searches when taken to and from federal court.
The father and his four sons all face charges in the standoff near Bunkerville. The senior Bundy, Ammon and Ryan Bundy are on trial now. Thirty days after that trial ends, Davey and Mel Bundy are scheduled for trial.
Because of Cliven Bundy's length of time at the detention center, he snagged a coveted lower bunk bed against the wall. Son Davey's bunk bed was next to his, and Mel's was a couple of rows away, Stickler said.
The elder Bundy was among the few early risers. He'd wake up at 5 a.m., and would read the Book of Mormon quietly on his bed.
"Pretty much others left them alone,'' Stickler said.
Bundy often spoke with his wife, Carol, on the phone. One time, Stickler recalled, Bundy was talking to his son-in-law, who's helping out at the family ranch, instructing him how to fix a broken water pipe.
Cliven Bundy told Stickler that he had no worries except for his sons when his plane touched down at Portland International Airport on Feb. 10, 2016.
He had come to visit Ammon and Ryan Bundy, both in jail in downtown Portland after their arrests in the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon. Cliven Bundy had heard Ryan had been wounded and hoped to see him.
Investigators believe Ryan Bundy has a "metallic object" in his shoulder from when officers fired into occupation spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum's truck as he sped away from a police stop. Ryan Bundy was in the back seat.
Cliven Bundy got bumped from his first flight and didn't know why. He was placed on a later flight. FBI agents were waiting for him at the airport.
"He didn't see it coming at all,'' Stickler said. "He had felt like the whole thing in Bunkerville had passed.''
Earlier this spring, when supporters camped outside the Nevada detention center in tents in protest of conditions the Bundys faced inside, Cliven Bundy and Stickler weren't sure what was going on.
The institution suddenly went into a panic mode, with inmates ordered to keep their TVs off and visits halted for about two weeks. Corrections officers let it be known that the Bundys were at fault for the increased security, Stickler said.
One night, Bundy and Stickler saw fireworks shooting off outside, he said.
"Look what I started,'' Cliven Bundy remarked to Stickler. "He said, 'You know, 20 years ago, I decided to stand up to the federal government. I'm still surprised many people care about this,' '' Stickler recalled.
Cliven Bundy regularly ate his meals at a table in the unit with Mel and Davey Bundy. Two other inmates would share their food with Cliven Bundy, often making their own dinners from left-over scraps, Top Ramen and meat bought in the commissary.
The detention center, filled with drug smugglers and bank robbers, could get extremely noisy and irritating, Stickler said. Through it all, Cliven Bundy remained calm. "He was even-keeled, and polite and kind to everyone,'' he said.
As he shared his personal story, Bundy would draw rudimentary maps or sketches with a pencil and pad to help Stickler understand what he was describing. Though he has little education, he has a tremendous memory, often quoting passages from the Constitution, Stickler said.
When Stickler pressed if he regretted any of what he's done or would consider a plea deal, Bundy "got a little uppity,'' he remembered.
"I raised my sons to be strong and independent and follow the Constitution,'' Bundy told him. "Now's not the time to do otherwise.''
At the same time, Bundy can't help but worry about the future, especially whether his sons will be able to be fathers again to their children, Stickler said.
Still, Bundy has hope: Stickler said: "He recognizes that if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. He prays and believes that can't happen, though. He stands with a conviction that this is much bigger than the Bundys.''
Stickler, 57, of northern Nevada, was in court last week and plans to attend Cliven Bundy's trial. He knows what it's like to go to trial. A federal jury found him guilty in March 2014 of theft of public money, ruling he pocketed $200,000 from a $500,000 federal grant awarded to his Faith Based Solutions company in Reno. The money was supposed to be distributed to other nonprofit groups. Stickler's business taught other nonprofit groups how to apply for federal grants. He also pleaded guilty in a separate federal case for failing to pay taxes, and has a felony conviction from 1993.
He's completed his book and expects to publish it in December. He said he's sent pages to Cliven Bundy to read and edit. Carol Bundy confirmed that her husband agreed to let Stickler write his story, but said her husband hadn't reviewed a final draft.
Stickler, who until now wrote Christian books, plans to ship a copy to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, as well as to President Donald J. Trump.
But Stickler said he won't be able to send the finished product to Bundy. The jails won't allow hardcover books behind bars.
-- Maxine Bernstein

Monday, November 6, 2017

Fed Judge Navaroo Rigging Jury in her favor- Again ! Bundy vs Deep Swampy Fed State

Judicial tyrants strike blow against Cliven Bundy by Doug Knowles

November 6, 2017

Larry Klayman decries judge's action on jury selection in rancher's trial

In the years, months and days before the signing of the Declaration of Independence in my native city of Philadelphia, on July 4, 1776, King George III, having issued one unjust if not illegal edict after another, having unfairly prosecuted a number of key American colonialists, having severely taxed the people and having attempted to seize the firearms of citizenry so they could not rise up and challenge his will, invidiously took the criminal justice system back to the Court of King James, depriving the colonies of their own justice system. These were among the primary reasons our Founding Father's and their colonies broke from the Crown, waged war to reassert their hoped for freedoms and conceived of and created a new nation.
Thomas Jefferson, perhaps our greatest Founding Father and president, predicted at the time that Americans would periodically have to renew their freedoms and wage periodic revolutions, even spilling blood if necessary. He and his colleagues knew that the tendency of mankind is to fall back to the despotic and corrupt ways of the British monarchy, and thus there needed to be constant vigilance and sacrifice in the future to preserve their God-inspired vision.
Sure enough, 241 years after our independence, the Founding Fathers' prophecy has come true; and given the neglect of the populace to stand up to the tyrannical politicians, judges and lawyers who now infest our legal system in particular, the nation has fallen into anarchy, chaos and outright fatal, cancerous corruption.
Indeed, just before signing the Declaration of Independence, another great Founding Father and later framer of our Constitution and second president, John Adams, proclaimed that it would not matter how many times we changed our rulers or forms of government – without ethics morality and religion, We the People would not see a lasting liberty. He added, wisely, that the new republic was fashioned to be a nation of laws and not men, having experienced the capricious and tyrannical ways of the king and his lackey judges and the pliant solicitors (trial lawyers) who appeared before them, who not only subverted justice, but meted out and furthered injustice at nearly every turn. That is indeed why the framers inserted into our Constitution the right to be tried by a jury of one's peers, in criminal matters in particular. They had come not to trust the whims and political inclinations, to put it most diplomatically, of the handpicked judges and "yes men" of the British Crown – who shamelessly did the king's bidding, while the solicitors, to feather their own nest and curry favor to fill their financial coffers, rolled over to the king's judicial tyranny.
But despite these fears, and the creation of the jury to try criminal defendants, the Constitution's framers, while inspired by God, were not God! They made a fundamental mistake by sanctioning the political appointment of judges by the president, as well as giving them tenure to serve for life. Of course, the rationale for life tenure was that judges should be insulated from political and societal pressures and thus be free to not be accountable to moods of the populace, only to the rule of law.
However, sadly and tragically, things have not turned out that way, thanks to the inherent and evolutionary dishonesty of mankind, to which the federal judiciary is not immune.
I have been one of only a few lawyers in the last decades who will speak candidly about the corruption inherent in our legal system and in particular the federal bench, infested as well with attorneys who are too afraid to take on these judicial despots. And, why is that? Because if a lawyer asserts himself before these judicial monarchs, who have virtually unbridled power in their courtroom to make or more commonly destroy lives to advance their careers through higher judicial and other appointments by the corrupt politicians and special interests who got them their lifetime jobs, these lawyers are sanctioned with fines or referred to pliant bar authorities who themselves have been compromised by the establishment that put them in place to do their bidding.
The result, a lawyer who stands up for our founding principles against intellectually dishonest or outright corrupt judges, risks not only being punished by the judiciary, but also losing his legal license to earn a livelihood, for which he or she sacrificed so much in terms of time and expense to obtain. Thus, honest and courageous lawyers who would stand up to the corruption on the bench risk disbarment by bar associations that frequently do the bidding of the political elite in our society.
Couple that with the overwhelming tendency of most lawyers to put their own personal interests ahead of their clients' needs and this explains why federal judges in particular think they can get away with almost anything – particularly since their impeachment by their establishment friends and benefactors in Congress is only a highly remote possibility. In today's degenerative age of deceit and dishonestly, a federal judge would have to be caught red-handed taking an outright bribe, money in hand, to only possibly be impeached and convicted of this crime. Most of the time favors and perks flow to these corrupt jurists in other less tangible ways – such as promises, explicit or implicit, of appointment to a seat on a prestigious appellate court or even the Supreme Court, as a just a few examples.
This week and for many thereafter, I am in Las Vegas, Nevada, participating in any way I can in the defense of that brave rancher Cliven Bundy, who with his sons and family stood up to the tyranny of King Barack Obama, Prince Harry Reid and their Bureau of Land Management henchmen who tried, unsuccessfully for now, to take Cliven's ranch from him and sell it off to corrupt third parties – undoubtedly expecting kickbacks in return. Cliven's family had ranched this land for over 150 years and acquired grazing, water and other rights to continue their American and notably western way of life.
This week, despite an effort by Cliven's lawyers to pick a neutral jury, the federal judge presiding on the case, stepped in and apparently manipulated jury selection. The result: A jury was seated Thursday that is not representative of Cliven's peers in the Nevada community and is stacked to try to insure his conviction and that of his equally brave sons, the result being potential life imprisonment. It is no surprise that the judge presiding over the case was the hand-picked jurist of former Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama. Reid, after the now world famous successful standoff at the Bundy ranch, slandered and libeled Cliven, his sons and the rest of his family as "domestic terrorists."
It is time for Cliven's lawyers to take a strong stand against this judicial tyranny and with full respect for those few honest judges on the federal bench, oppose what happened in any legal and ethical way possible. For if this judge continues to railroad the lawyers into submission, particularly given Attorney General Jeff Sessions' failure to step in to end this political prosecution and reign in his Obama holdover prosecutors, Cliven's, his sons' and in the end your freedoms will continue to be eroded by a corrupt legal system which today is little better than the one under the tyrannical hand of King George III.
I, for one, will do my part not to allow this to happen, and if necessary I will pay any price as our Founding Fathers and framers of the Constitution were prepared to do. It's time for you, the American people, also to put your collective foot down to end this judicial and government tyranny before the republic goes down for the final count. Go to, and support Cliven Bundy and, as importantly, your own freedoms.
© Larry Klayman

Friday, October 27, 2017

Uranium One Clintons Russia = Conspiracy Murder land theft

Uranium One = Harney Co. Oregon = Malhuer Refuge Protest to expose = Clintons & Gov Brown of Oregon, Judge and sheriff of harney county FBI BLM USFS DNR and others and their enforcers.
who ordered and got approved by the white house to murder bundys and finicums, the Virus they called them. and it was spreading. virus message was Constitutional law, God, Liberty, Justice and Exposing the abuse of the Hammonds and others. by clinton foundation.
LaVoy Finicum WAS murdered by ...
them, FBI radical enforcers, others sit in prisons for years, with or with out trial and fed court judges are in collusion with this evil, destroying lives for these swampy
Local Enforcers and FBI TERRORIZED the town, county by threats of force, propaganda, fake news, fake militants(civilians) Threatened locals with punishments for speaking out,
So the commie/socialist/luciferians, CSLs in power.
Media is also compliant with fake news, weak news, ignoring the facts ex. would be mr glenn beck ignored and acted like a soros media on this issue. hmm
Only independent Patriots and news has reported the truth of this.. for years!!!
being ingnored by most, families continue to suffer, many remain in federal facilities kidnapped with out warrents, one Ryan Bundy still has an fbi sniper bullet in his arm, several starved, beaten, abuserd, tortured almost to death, revived to be done all over, solitary torture for many many months at a time to destroy their minds, this is the normal us marshalls, cca of nevada, judge navaroo and judge brown of oregon (fed judges) approved treatments.
defenses are not allowed to show evidences, and judge threatens their witness's with prison if they show up in her court.
this is the USSA folks, NOT the ole USA.
The Abuses continue live today now... our congressmen, senators, who used to work for the people ingore the crys of the familes being abused, the White House ignores them as well.
Trump PROMISED in a tweet to pardon, free these abused people, Silence is all we see as the Federal Terror continues against those victims of the clinton and nwo obama nationists.

tyranny thives still.
When will America find justice, peace, liberty once again?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2017 US Marshalls Feds Behavior = to USSR KGB!


This is a light installation in the reception room of the former KGB headquarters in Riga, Latvia. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins

The notorious former headquarters of the KGB in Riga, Latvia is now open to the public, leaving a reminder of the terror propagated by the agency during the Soviet rule.

The KGB (which translates to Committee for State Security) was the Soviet Union's secret police, functioning as foreign intelligence and counter-intelligence, as well as combating dissent and anti-Soviet activities.

The KGB monitored public and private opinion in all of the countries of the Soviet Bloc. The agency was responsible for crushing the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and the Prague Spring in 1968, among others. 

In Latvia, the KGB had a wide network of informants reporting on Latvians that condemned Soviet power. Numerous political dissidents, artists, and writers were imprisoned or detained by the KGB, many in the Riga building.



So the KGB was used by the communists who took over Russia to Silence, Control, Monitor, abuse, torture, and demand total compliance with their orders.


In America Today we have various versions of the KGB, we have the FBI, US Marshalls Service, and Many in the Justice Dept. and Federal Judges. Who behave in similar or actual behaviors of darkness.

Ignoring the Republic of America’s US Constitution, Bill of Rights.

Under the unconstitutional tyrannical rules of the NDAA & Patriot Acts passed by rogue members of the US Congress (Senate and House of Representatives)

Deleting all prior God given rights of any kind.


Today if you have followed the Hammonds of Harney Co. Oregon / Malhuer Refuge peaceful demonstration that turned violent when the White House and Gov of Oregon Brown colluded with the Clinton Foundation to oppress, steal, and even murder those who opposed their  designs to legally plunder the Hammond Ranch for Uranium and Gold, the Uranium was contracted by the Clintons to be sold to the Russian Corp, Uranium One.

When the people exposed the abuse and corruption they were silenced using the BLM USFS, FBI, corrupt Judges, Governors, politicians, local Sheriff and deputies. With the help of Foreign Mercenaries as well.  Who invaded Burns Or. And locked it down bringing FEAR to the people, using FBI Propaganda teams seasoned in foreign land who know about fake news, stories, and pretending to be their targeted subjects and acting like militants, radicals, to encourage fake scenarios and lies thus allowing fear / terror to be instilled into the local population.

When exposed, they smiled and planned the kidnapping with out warrant and assassination of those they publicly deemed a ‘Virus’ that had to be silenced for the Good of the STATE. (there financial gains in the hundreds of millions of dollars once the ranch was destroyed and plundered and those who stood up to them were dead or imprisoned.)


During the Mock Trials, rigged Federal Courts and prisons the US Marshalls service did willingly and gleefully attack, beat, torture, starve, harm, any and all defendants they were told to do so and even a Lawyer in court. Whom they later charged for the crimes they the us Marshalls service committed.


Lets go to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, similar as above include then US Senior Senator Harry Reid who has had a desire over 20yrs to obtain Cliven Bundy’s Ranch for personal profit.

He has used all the agencies above to obtain it, even labeled the family and Americans who came to their defense after the Bundy family were beaten, attacked by dogs, tazed, and snipers surrounded their home using their red dot target finders to terrorize all the family as they walked around and outside the home by placing the dots on men, women and yes children to instill terror upon them. This is your BLM USFS FBI radicals.


Then once the story goes forward to today, the Bundys and their supporters who where falsely arrested, have been like Oregon, beaten, starved, tortured, families threatened, friends threatened with punishments up to possible death if they did not admit any type of guilt even if it required purgry approved by Federal judge Navaroo and Appointed Judge by no other than Harry Reid for this purpose.


 They tyranny of these roque agencies, where the employees of the prisons, detention centers, and Federal agencies do with great pleasure, hows is the old saying of the KGB SS, Death Camp guards of hitlers socialist empire, “We are just doing our jobs”


When just doing your job requires you to physically torture, harm, and punish Citizens who are Not convicted of any crime, at your pleasure or the pleasure of political or judicial officers. Then you have shown your colors and they are not lawful, they are treason upon the people and pro luciferian.


Any members of any Federal, State, County, local law ENFORCERS, yes the term enforcers is what our police and sheriffs have become, enforcing political agendas blindly or willingly.



If you’re a bully, an evil doer in todays America the safest place to practice  your evil is in a law enforcers job. Protected and supported in your wicked ways, you may even kill, murder and cover up your actions. Protected of course by your fellow Enforcers.


So I see a direct and clear linkage between the communists enforcers and our current federal enforcers and locals in todays America.


As I write this the Bundy brothers and their 77yr old father were beaten once again by the us marshalls service in Nevada. Why? Because the Defense had a good day in court that made the federal ficticious case look bad, so they created a problem of force to repeatedly beat these men.

When the Defense requested to have it investigated, photos and a record and names of the us marshalls who did this terror. The Fed Judge DENIED IT, and then when one of the Victims of Federal abuse told the people in the court what had happened, standing in full body shackles writs bleeding, bruised, battered some limping, the judge had him removed from her court room.


This is not the USA, this is now the USSA.

Much like USSR, we have no rights, no protections in Federal State controlled courts.

Constitution has been PROHIBITED in Judge Navaroo’s courts.

I invite all to look into this situation and become aware of it, the fake news media is also complicit in the darkness happening here.


Many youtube videos on this topic. Witness accounts. Also many stories on this web site that followed the history of these events can be searched here within.


Stephen Huls

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Free Dave Bundy: WHO ARE THE BUNDY MEN?:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017



Cliven Bundy is a man of courage and conviction.  He stands up for what he believes no matter the cost.  Cliven honors his great heritage.  His first love is his family.  He has been blessed with a beautiful wife, Carol, 14 children, 63 grandkids and 3 great grandkids. He wants them to have freedom and liberty and the happiness that comes from being free. He was born loving the land.  He is the second oldest of eight children.  He was blessed with being able to Ranch in Nevada. He finds joy in letting the dirt run threw his fingers, watching the little plants poke through the soil and grow tall, and in growing top notch melons and sharing them.  There’s nothing better than gazing at a fat mamma cow and her calf enjoying a cool drink of water from the spring. Cliven also spent many years working hard in the construction industry.  He was known as the best blade operator around.  Cliven is a successful family man, rancher and producer.  He loves his God, his family, his country and the divinely inspired constitution so much that he is willing to suffer and endure and sacrifice his liberty for the freedom of all mankind.


Ryan is such a good hearted and selfless person.  He loves people and is constantly concerned about helping everyone. Ryan is the third oldest child in his family.  Ryan loved growing up on the Ranch and learning all he could about animals.  Ryan served an LDS mission in Colorado.  Shortly after his mission he married his best friend Angie and they have 8 beautiful Children together.  Ryan loves his family more than anything. Ryan would take his children to work with him and teach them whenever he could.  His favorite thing to do is to work with his family.  He loved to line all of the kids out to complete certain tasks, and then reward them with something fun to do.  He would love to take them fishing or catching crawdads. Ryan has always worked hard and owns his own Construction Company.  He also enjoys working with cattle and at the Ranch.   Ryan has spent a lot of time teaching his kids and others about morals and liberty.   He has a strong love for this Country and GOD. 


Mel Bundy is the third son of Cliven and Carol Bundy. He grew up in the Bundy Ranch where he learned how to live, how to work hard and how to love. He served an LDS mission to the Philippines. He has worked his entire adult life as a heavy equipment operator. In 2006, he married his wife, Briana Bundy. Together they have 5 beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed daughters. Mel loves his family with everything in his body. He lives to provide a good life for them financially, spiritually and emotionally. Every one that knows Mel will tell you, he doesn't go far without a bunch of pretty little girls. He takes them camping, hunting, fishing, to the hardware store and races them down the dirt road next to their home to check the rabbit snares the girls set the night before. He loves his babies! He is always busy building or fixing something. Mel's motto is "Keep it simple." His life has never been simple but he finds his joy in the simple little things. Rocking a baby, chopping wood and smelling the mountain air. Mel is a great man. He is a man of integrity, compassion, hardwork, love and respect. He stands for what is right, come what may.


Ammon is an amazingly compassionate man.  He cares for the good of ALL people he knows and doesn’t know.   He grew up as a son of a rancher…  He has a great love for nature, mountains, all things living is deep and tangible!  He has a natural ability to lead others.  Usually he will stand by as the quiet one and eventually he’s the one in charge… it is a gift he had. When he was a senior in high school he served as the Student Body President.  He is funny, kind, extremely clever and compassionate.  After he graduated from high school he served our Heavenly Father for two years of his life on an LDS mission.   It wasn’t very long before he was an assistant to the President.  Who, he then oversaw and helped many missionaries.  After his mission he met and married his eternal companion, Lisa.  They have been married for 16 years with 6 adventurous children.  His devoted wife loves him and will always support him in all the good Ammon does.  Ammon has been a successful business owner for 17 years.  He has helped many by providing jobs to those employees of his so that they can support their families.   He loves to educate others about the Constitution and the Freedoms it provides.


Dave Bundy was blessed to grow up on a Ranch in Riverside, NV.  He spent many days working cattle with his father and brothers.  He also enjoyed raising sheep, rabbits and training horses.  He couldn’t wait for school to get out every day so he could run home and take care of his animals.   Dave is the 6th kid out of 15 in his family.   Dave learned from a young age all about construction by going to work with his dad.  Later on in his life he started a construction company where he is licensed in three different states.  Dave has always been a hard worker and takes pride in his work. Ever since he was a little boy he always wanted to become a pilot.  Dave worked really hard and became a commercial pilot and flight instructor.  At the age of 19 he served a two year LDS mission in Portland, Oregon.  He loved the people in Oregon and enjoyed serving others.  After his mission he found the love of his life, Marylynn.   They have been married for 18 years and have been blessed with six wonderful children.   Dave’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his family.  He has spent a lot of time with his family in the hills by camping with them and fishing. He is a fantastic husband and father whose greatest joy is seeing his kids smile.   Dave has a heart of gold and would give his shirt off his back to help others.  He is a very compassionate and caring person.   He is constantly serving others and wants to see others succeed.  He is a man of God who loves this Country and his fellow man. 



Cliven and Carol Bundy
Po box 7175
Bunkerville NV 89007

Dave and Marylynn Bundy
Po box 814
Delta UT 84624

Ryan and Angie Bundy
Po box 7557
Bunkerville NV 89007

Ammon and Lisa Bundy

Mel and Briana Bundy