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Sunday, February 12, 2017

"It Matters How You Stand" Sheriff Palmer Grant County, Oregon

 Image result for photo Sheriff Palmer Grant County, Oregon

The Voice of Grant County, Oregon

Just in from Sheriff Palmer!

I hate picking at scabs.....and I don't much like talking about someone's family member who has passed.
I also struggle with the fact that the case is still pending and with my position as an elected Sheriff there might be some inappropriateness in commenting on social media about LaVoy Finicum.
One of my struggles is the fact that with what I know (and believe me, I am no expert in deadly force issues but I have had training) is that when someone flees the police, it doesn't necessarily rise to the level of using deadly force.
What bothers me most is the fact that these people were allowed to come and go from the Refuge for over a month.
They could have been stopped, detained or arrested at anytime. When I hear other elected officials refer to these people as "viruses" there is something wrong.
"We must stop the virus" was another phrase I heard.

These people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

As we all know, they were acquitted.
Where is the justice for LaVoy and his family?

The other issue that I struggle with is that these people were extremely peaceful.
They met numerous times with law enforcement and there was always hand shakes.
When you look at "other protesters" who are injuring and maiming, rioting, setting stuff on fire, damaging and destroying private and public property etc have to look at the facts and wonder what brought the Finicum case to the level of force that was used VS what level of force that is or isn't being used with these people who are destroying our communities.

Why is it that we have to rise to the level that Jeanette Finicum has to push the issue for resolution via a lawsuit instead of the investigation coming out and giving the facts as they are?

Wrong or right, people need to know what the truth is and what the investigation revealed.

 Because we as individuals choose to speak about constitutional rights, freedom, liberty and justice-does that make us a dangerous lot?

Does speaking the truth about Jesus Christ and what we believe in make us someone to be hated or feared?
Does mentioning what we believe in or how we feel and sharing that with others make us a danger to society that we have to be stopped no matter what the cost is?

The fact of the matter is this:
Those of us who stand for liberty, freedom and justice for all have been and continue to be a very peaceful and tolerant group or lot of people.
For being labeled terrorists, and scorned in the media.....we have been nothing but the opposite.
Is it so wrong that we have expectations of our government to listen to its people and those that represent us?
That for standing out and standing up adds us to a watch list?
What does our government fear the most?
Are we feared because we seek the truth, honesty, integrity and justice for all?
Why is our government hell bent on stopping freedom or liberty minded people?

I have to agree: "It Matters How You Stand".

 Sheriff Palmer Grant County, Oregon

Monday, February 6, 2017

"The beautiful thing about the truth is that it is so easy to tell." Marylynn Bundy Speaks

Monday, February 6, 2017

"The beautiful thing about the truth is that it is so easy to tell."

My brother-in-law Ammon has stated, "The beautiful thing about the truth is that it is so easy to tell."

 He is exactly right. 
As I sat in the court room on Tuesday to attend my brother-in-law Ryan Bundy's pre-detention hearing I was left speechless.
  On one side of the room you have Ryan Bundy who is representing himself clothed in his jail scrubs and sitting beside him is his court appointed lawyer who is only there to assist him,  All he did was humbly tell the truth.
Then on the other side of the court room, you have nine prosecutors who are dressed in their high-end clothing.  
I couldn't believe how much our tax dollars were being spent on the government side, and all they had to tell is lies!  
These prosecutors had to take several breaks. 
They took these breaks in my opinion so that they could come together to figure out what lies and misrepresentations that they would tell next. 
They would not have to take these breaks if they were just simply telling the truth. 
Telling the truth is easy and will set you free. 
I was so proud of Ryan and the way he handled his case. 
He was amazing. 
He agreed to take an Oath because he has nothing to hide and has always been taught to speak the truth. 
My question is why don't these prosecutors take an Oath each time before court starts? 
They should only be speaking the truth. 
Our government should not lie to the American People.

The government has lied about our Bundy Family and the other Patriots that came to participate in a peaceful protest in 2014.  
They make you feel that we are deceitful, dangerous and anti-government.  
We are exactly the opposite as to what they are portraying us to be.  
I want to give you two examples on how they have portrayed my husband, Dave Bundy.  
Please for yourself be the one to judge us and decide if the government is correct in their statements.

1.  The first incident took place on April 6, 2014.  
My husband was on the side of the state highway leaning against his car taking pictures with his Ipad. 
All he was doing was recording the BLM and contract cowboys coming down the road. 
He was exercising his First Amendment right. 
He never moved from this site until he was thrown to the ground, stomped on and arrested. 
The government states in the Indictment against my husband that, "On or about April 6, 2014, R. Bundy and D. Bundy, interfered with impoundment operations by positioning themselves to block a BLM convoy." 
Does this look like he was positioning to block a BLM convoy?

2.  The second incident took place on April 12.  My husband and I traveled to the bridge on I-15 to simply participate in a peaceful protest. 
When we arrived there the undersheriff Lombardo came over and talked to my husband. 
I have attached the video of what was said.

 This is what the government said during Dave's detention hearing in Nevada, quote, "And when the officers -- Metro officers went to Dave Bundy and they asked him, "what are your intentions here at this impoundment site?" he said that they were there to get the cattle. 
And when the officers said, "Well, you know, BLM might need more time to negotiate that, they're not ready to give up the cattle.  
The government said, "Dave Bundy's response was that was unacceptable."
  Is the government correct in how they quoted the Metro officer and Dave on April 12?  
They are absolutely wrong in how they quoted Officer Lombardo and Dave Bundy.  
It is correct that Metro Officer Lombardo said, "We had huge progress already.  We got the BLM to stop their operation." 
So why was it that five minutes after this talk that the BLM and National Park Service were dressed in their swat gear threatening American Peoples lives? 
The BLM were supposed to be packing their bags not threatening American People.

I am only asking and pleading that everyone would be held accountable to tell the truth. 
But we are all given free agency and we can choose to lie or tell the truth.
These lies have caused so much heartbreak.  
It is because of the lies and deceit that have been told in this case that these men have been locked away from their families for a year now.  
It is because of the lies I as well as others are forced to act as single mothers, and our children do not have their dads at home. 
Because of the lies we had to hire a lawyer instead of building our home.  
Because of the lies these true American patriots have been denied bail and their rights to a fair and speedy trial.

I know that the truth will prevail. 
In John 8:32 it states, "The truth will set you free." 
Please continue to pray for all of the families.
Pray for the defense lawyers that they will be able to convey the truth.
Pray for the Jury that they will be able to discern the truth from the lies.  
Pray that the prosecutors will begin to tell the truth. 
Pray for the judge that she will be able to listen to the truth.

If you are able to help with any amount towards Dave's attorney fees then that would be extremely appreciative. 
I didn't realize how much money it would take in order to rebuke the lies they have said against Dave. 
 We appreciate all your help and support. 
 God Bless all of you and America.

Marylynn Bundy

Sunday, February 5, 2017

With a legal wing and a prayer, Ryan Bundy gambles freedom

With a legal wing and a prayer, Ryan Bundy gambles freedom by representing himself in Bunkerville standoff case by Doug Knowles


Ryan Bundy started his detention hearing with a prayer last week in US Magistrate Judge George Foley Jr.’s courtroom.
Although you don’t often see it in any legal jurisdiction, it should have come as no surprise. As a devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the eldest son of Bunkerville cattle rancher Cliven Bundy prays often. Friends and family members who assembled at U.S. District Court prayed on bended knee before packing the courtroom on Bundy’s behalf. The group included Bundy’s wife and eight children, who by themselves filled nearly half a row in the courtroom.
Acting as his own attorney, Bundy was attempting to win a pre-trial release after what, by his count, was his 370th day of incarceration in connection with the 2014 standoff at his family’s ranch.
Whether his prayer for freedom is answered in the affirmative remains uncertain. The lengthy and at times contentious hearing concluded without a decision by Judge Foley, who was surely given plenty to consider as the first of three trials associated with the standoff approaches.
Following the prayer, an improvised self-swearing in with a promise to tell the truth, an acknowledgment of his family and faith, references to his family’s 140-year presence in Bunkerville, the Declaration of Independence and Founding Fathers, and several amendments of the Constitution, Judge Foley reminded him that time was limited and encouraged him not to bog down the process. If Bundy wished to give testimony, Foley said, he’d have to be sworn in and subjected to cross-examination.
“My time has been very much bogged down for 370 days,” Bundy replied. “… I’m not afraid of the truth. The truth will set me free.”
With his every word being measured by an experienced team of prosecutors led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre, Bundy weighed in deeper. He wasn’t shy about stating his knowledge of the law, the facts as proffered, and his state of mind during the days leading up to the standoff with armed agents of the Bureau of Land Management. The confrontation, which made news internationally, ended without a shot fired.
He tried to make the point that the rhetoric in the government’s charging document was overstated and even wildly inaccurate.
Among his memorable lines:
— “There was no threat of federal officers. I did not refuse to obey orders.”
— “I know that there was no organization. This was a spontaneous public protest.”
— “There was no conspiracy …We had no intent to do anything illegal, and we did not.”
— “I do not want to die. I have a good life.”
But although he said he tried at every turn to de-escalate the armed standoff on April 12, some of the hundreds of people who converged on the Bundy Ranch during the standoff were heavily armed. Some were associated with right-wing militia groups. And the photos of a citizen aiming a scoped, high-powered rifle toward a distant group of federal agents doesn’t speak to the success of Bundy’s effort at peacekeeping during the botched roundup by government cowboys.
During his detention hearing, he argued that the government had “mischaracterized my state of mind” and turned his “opinions and thoughts protected by the First Amendment” and comments that were “no more than political hyperbole” into threats deserving of felony charges.
From the superseding indictment, “The gunmen and other Followers did as Bundy ordered. The gunmen, armed with a variety of firearms, including assault rifles, hurriedly loaded themselves into cars and trucks and moved en masse to the Impound Site, jamming the roads and slowing traffic on northbound Interstate-15 to a trickle, making it difficult for state and local law enforcement vehicles to respond.”
The first of three trials is scheduled to start Monday in federal court with six men characterized by the government as low-level “follower-gunmen,” whose alleged criminal involvement was limited to the events of April 12.
The trial for Ryan Bundy, brother Ammon, father Cliven, Peter Santilli and Ryan Payne is scheduled to begin 30 days after the end of the first trial.
Perhaps Bundy’s feeling especially confident, or at least vindicated, after winning an October acquittal in connection with the 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Maybe he missed his calling as a criminal defense attorney and constitutional scholar when he chose chasing cattle on the family ranch.
And maybe this time the old line about the man who represents himself in court having a fool for a client won’t apply in Bundy’s case.
If he continues to represent himself in the trial of his life, I suspect he may need all the prayers he can get.
John L. Smith is a longtime Las Vegas journalist and author. Contact him at, or on Twitter at @jlnevadasmith. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Burns Or. Rancher Exposes more on Harney Co, BLM FBI, State Oregon, Corruption

Burns Oregon local rancher talks about the murder of Robert LaVoy Finicum. Drugs, corruption and sexual misconduct by a tribal leader. The countless lies by Sheriff Dave Ward and Nasty Grasty.
Thom Davis
Rob Wood with KrisAnne Hall and Tom DeWeese.
Yesterday at 11:49am

(Note: If your State Legislator or Group wants to be listen on this press release going to be presented in Washington, DC early next week, contact me right away by PM or email. We have several listed on it from our visit to the Statehouse earlier this week.)

There Is No Liberty With Innocents in Prison!
For Immediate Release: January 29, 2017

We The People of The United States of America, do hereby request the immediate assistance and intervention by President Donald J Trump, the U S Congress, the US Attorney General, media outlets, churches, civic groups, and all freedom organizations, to join together in stopping the injustices befalling numerous Americans, who are now in prison as a result of out-of-control federal regulations. These victimized Americans have not committed any crimes, have harmed no other human being, and are good honest people. It appears that their only offense has been to offend federal bureaucrats, who have in turn done all in their power to
make examples of otherwise law-abiding citizens. We beg the President and all public servants to put an end to these senseless and cruel atrocities. A brief review of only a few of these injustices are as follows:

* Steve and Dwight Hammond from Burns, OR, were charged with “Domestic Terrorism” for burning debris and foliage on their family ranch. They were convicted, spent about a year in prison, paid a $400,000 fine (raised by their neighbors, fellow ranchers, and friends) and were then released. The judge said the charges against them “shocked the conscience of this court.” The federal gov't appealed their “light” sentences and the Ninth Circuit sent these good people back to prison, essentially giving Dwight Hammond, now 76 years old, a life sentence. Both men went to prison twice for the same offense.
* Sam Girod, an Amish farmer in Kentucky, has been fending off the FDA for five years. He was recently arrested and now sits in a federal prison. What was his crime? Sam Girod actually made a healing salve out of Chickweed and shared it with people in need. He was stripped from his family and now faces life in prison!
* Kenneth Wright had his home raided and ransacked in Stockton, CA by the Dept of Education SWAT Team, because his estranged wife failed to pay back her student loan. He did not go to prison, but was placed in a hot patrol cruiser for 6 hours while the SWAT team raided his home to “search for evidence.” This federal SWAT mentality (Dept of Ed.) has got to stop. (Video is available on youtube)
* 53 ranchers in Clarke County, NV, have all been run out of business and their lands and cattle confiscated by the BLM, U S Forest Service, and Obama executive orders, completely violating the U S Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. (Victims are Americans of all races and colors)
* Other Amish farmers have undergone similar abuses and SWAT raids, because they do not pasteurize their dairy products. We likewise want these good people left alone and allow Americans to choose their own dairy products from whomever they wish. (A definition of liberty)
* In Kansas, Shane Cox, who currently has a daughter serving our country as a Marine, and Jeremy Kettler, a disabled Veteran, were both charged and arrested. Cox for manufacturing a firearm suppressor, and Kettler for buying one. Both actions are allowed and protected by Kansas State law. Both were arrested by the BATF, who asked Kettler to testify against Cox. Kettler refused so he was charged also and is now facing prison along with Cox. Both men are entirely innocent.
Such arrests and abuses are the result of bureaucrats creating criminals. If America is to be great again, as President Trump has pledged, then this cannot continue.
Therefore, we solemnly request that an independent committee be established to review all arrests and incarcerations from the IRS, BLM, FDA, BATF, EPA, USFS, and all other bureaucracies, in order to free any similar victims. We have many Americans and public officials who are eager to work on this committee. In the meantime, we implore President Trump to grant pardons to these aforementioned people and restore them to their families.

America's Freedom Coalition:

Coalition Members:

Sheriff Richard Mack, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)
Sam Bushman, Liberty Round Table
Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center
Larry Pratt, GOA Executive Director Emeritus
Keith Alan,
Michele Fiore, former Nevada Assemblywoman
Judge Andrew Napolitano - FoxNews
Linda (Fmr AZ News Anchor) and David Hansen Chandler, AZ
Gary and Pam Shawver, Wadena, IA
James Edwards, host of The Political Cesspool
Dr. Peter Steinmetz, Director of Nakamoto Brain Research Institute
Al Baldasaro, New Hampshire State Rep
Sheriff Pam Elliott, Edwards County, TX
The Board of Directors, The Kansas Chamber of Liberty
KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Education and Consulting
Robert Wood, Southeast Kansas Conservative Group
Don and Renee Slinkard, Secure Kansas-Secure America
Chuck Henderson, The Flint Hills Tea Party (Kansas)
Mark Rinke, Hope for America Coalition (Kansas)
Tim Morse, Jackson County Sheriff (Kansas)
Randy Garber, Kansas State Rep.
Mike Houser, Kansas State Rep.
Blake Carpenter, Kansas State Rep.
Pete DeGraaf, Kansas State Rep.
Trevor Jacobs, Kansas State Rep.
Eric L. Smith, Kansas State Rep.
TerriLois Gregory, former Kansas State Rep.
Jim Howell, Sedgwich County Commissioner and former Kansas State Rep.
Jacob LaTurner, Kansas State Senator


Major, Earth-shaking Developments in the Upcoming Bunkerville Trial(s)?

Major, Earth-shaking Developments in the Upcoming Bunkerville Trial(s)?

Agent in charge at Bunkerville, Nev., standoff is implicated in Burning Man investigation

According to a hot-off-the-press story in The Arizona Republic, An investigation accusing a federal agent of misconduct and ethics violations could derail one of the most high-profile land-use trials in modern Western history.
Jury selection is scheduled to start in a Las Vegas federal courtroom Monday for a series of trials in which 17 cattle ranchers and self-styled militia members face charges for their roles in the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff against Bureau of Land Management officials.
But a Jan. 30 report by the Department of Interior’s Office of the Inspector General appears to raise serious questions about the BLM special agent in charge of operations during the standoff, who is expected to be a key witness for the government in the case.
The report, which does not identify the agent by name, cites ethical violations that occurred in 2015 at the annual Burning Man event in Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.
Federal investigators said the agent wrongly used his influence to obtain benefits for himself and his family members at Burning Man, abused federal law-enforcement resources and intimidated other BLM staff to keep quiet about his conduct. They also accused the agent of manipulating BLM hiring practices to help a friend get hired.
Lawyers representing Bundy Ranch defendants say the report offers enough details to positively identify the agent as Dan Love, the BLM special agent in charge of Utah and Nevada between 2012 and 2015.
Already, they are filing motions to confirm it. A defense lawyer said Thursday they are asking a federal judge to force the government to reveal the name of the agent in the inspector general’s report. If it is Love, they will ask for charges to be dismissed against the Bundy Ranch defendants before the trials begin.
Whipple said the report paints a picture of an agent with a personal agenda and no regard for the rule of law. He said his client long has maintained that Love dangerously orchestrated events during the Bundy standoff to “enhance and enrich” his personal profile and “to make a name for himself.”
Love did not respond to repeated phone calls left at his Utah office and on his cellphone.
BLM officials in Washington, D.C., declined to comment on the inspector general’s report and would not confirm if Love is the unnamed agent. BLM spokesman Michael Richardson called the report a personnel matter. He said the unnamed agent is still employed with the BLM, but Richardson said he would not discuss the agent’s status or current assignment.
“The Bureau of Land Management takes allegations of misconduct seriously,” Richardson said in a statement. “These types of allegations do not align with our mission or the professionalism and dedication of our 10,000 employees doing essential work for America’s public lands each and every day.”
The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas also declined comment. Spokeswoman Trisha Young said Friday the witness list in the Bundy Ranch trials has been sealed and is not open to the public, and she declined to speak about Love’s role in the case.
Individual federal prosecutors assigned to the cases did not return calls.

A potential credibility issue, law professor says

The inspector general’s report could damage the credibility of the government’s case if Love is identified as the agent, said Sara Gordon, associate professor of law at the Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
“It’s in an ethics report. I think everything is up for grabs — misuse of the vehicles, using intimidation,” Gordon said. “This stuff, it suggests that he’s willing to cheat and lie for his job.”
She said defense attorneys involved in the Bundy Ranch trials might not be able to show juries the inspector general’s report but could question Love about specific incidents raised in it.
“Anytime a witness is on the stand, you can cross-examine them and … try to impeach him,” she said. “They can ask him about things that (could) show that he’s dishonest.”
Gordon said any damage defense lawyers could inflict upon Love’s credibility would not affect the credibility of other witnesses testifying for the prosecution.
“They don’t have anything to show that he (Love) did any of this at the Bundy standoff,” she said. “I wouldn’t be happy if this was my star witness, but I don’t think this will kill the case.”
The 17 defendants are charged with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer, using a firearm in a crime of violence, obstruction of justice, interference of commerce by extortion and aiding and abetting a crime. If convicted, they could spend the rest of their lives in a federal prison.
The first trial, beginning Monday, primarily involves militia members. The second trial includes Cliven Bundy, two of his sons and two key figures in the standoff. The third includes two Bundy relatives and four others.

Report details special privileges for agent

Federal officials said the BLM agent’s name was withheld from the Burning Man report because he is not a top official within the agency.
But an analysis by the Reno Gazette-Journal and The Arizona Republic found many details in the report coincide with Love’s career, including the agent’s former title, his base of operation, his past assignments and his on-site supervisor. In addition, the report cited a June 2015 Gazette-Journal story about complaints against Love over his conduct before Burning Man began.
The Inspector General’s Office adopted language in its report identical to the Gazette-Journal article naming Love as a person behind a series of official requests that would have required Burning Man organizers to build a $1 million luxury compound for BLM officials at the event.
Burning Man takes place during Labor Day weekend when as many as 70,000 people erect a temporary city on a remote desert playa miles away from any kind of services. The event culminates with the burning of a giant wooden effigy of a man.
Among Love’s requests were flushing toilets, laundry facilities and 24-hour access to ice cream, documents show.
The inspector general’s report said the unnamed agent used his official position to buy three sold-out tickets to Burning Man; had five on-duty BLM officers escorting his father, family friend and girlfriend during the event; and also changed the hiring process so an unqualified applicant, a personal friend of his, would be hired.
During the burning of the effigy, the agent was on duty and he claimed 24 hours of official work time. He also claimed 24 hours of work time the next day, and the day after that.
Investigators said when they began looking into the complaints, the agent called other employees and encouraged them not to cooperate. He told them “I don’t recall” was a valid answer to investigators’ questions, the report said.
Investigators said the agent used intimidation to discourage his co-workers from speaking with investigators, telling one: “You know, if you don’t side with me, grenades are going to go off and you’ll get hit.”

A history of conflict, controversy

Love’s conduct was being called into question years before the Bundy Ranch standoff.
Love, formerly with the Federal Air Marshal Service, became the BLM’s Nevada and Utah special agent in charge in 2012 and has often captured headlines for actions that exacerbated an already strained relationship between the federal agency and landowners.
Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox called for Love’s ouster from the state in 2014, saying the agent had so many conflicts with local officials that it was becoming a barrier to law enforcement, according to reports published in The Salt Lake Tribune. 
Four Utah counties passed resolutions alleging the BLM posed a threat to public safety.
“This is untenable,” Cox told The Tribune. “There comes a time when personalities get in the way of productivity.”
Cox said he and other state officials were unable to negotiate with Love, and he publicly told a state commission that he didn’t want Love “instigating a war,” according to The Tribune.
Cox could not be reached for comment Friday. A spokeswoman for Utah Gov. Gary Herbert confirmed the statements made by Cox in 2014 and said they accurately reflected the state’s position.
In 2009, Love was one of the agents in charge of a massive raid of the home of Utah doctor James Redd, who had been busted for trading Native American artifacts out of the Four Corners region.
Redd, 60, committed suicide the day after his arrest, and the artifacts dealer committed suicide thereafter. Four others connected to the case, including the undercover artifacts dealer who got Redd arrested, also committed suicide.
Redd’s widow, Jeanne Redd, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two of the BLM agents, including Love. A federal judge dismissed the suit but questioned the agents’ tactics.

At the ranch, agent accused of escalating tensions

On websites and social-media posts dedicated to the Bundy Ranch standoff, Love is accused of ratcheting up the conflict.
Recorded exchanges purportedly between Love and right-wing internet radio host Peter Santilli during the standoff show just how quickly events escalated as each man threatened the other with arrest.
Love maintained he had the federal courts on his side and wanted to end the standoff peacefully. Then he told Santilli that the protesters didn’t have enough people to hold off law enforcement, saying, “You better hope that 10,000 show up,” according to one website.
Santilli is one of the 17 facing charges.
Bundy’s fight with the federal government dates back to the early 1990s, when he refused to pay the BLM for allowing his cattle to graze on public lands near his ranch in Bunkerville, Nev., about 80 miles north of Las Vegas on Interstate 15.
For two decades, the BLM repeatedly ordered Bundy to remove his cattle from federal lands and in 2014 the agency obtained a court order to seize Bundy’s cattle as payment for more than $1 million in back fees. In April, the BLM, led by Love, implemented a roundup of 1,000 head of Bundy’s cattle ranging on public land.
Bundy fought back, issuing a social-media battle cry to help defend his land rights against federal agents. Supporters, including members of several militia groups, streamed to the ranch from several Western states, including Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Montana. They showed up with rifles and handguns, determined to keep government agents at bay.
For six days, tension escalated as the standoff played out with demonstrations, speeches and attempted negotiations before the BLM abandoned the round-up and withdrew from the area without a single arrest. Cliven Bundy went back to grazing his cattle on the disputed public land.
The standoff was hailed as a victory by militia members. Cliven Bundy’s sons, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, cited their success at Bundy Ranch in their run-up to the siege of an Oregon wildlife refuge in 2016, also in protest of BLM policies. They said they could make the federal government stand down.
Federal authorities answered the siege at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which ended in the shooting death of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum and with other arrests and indictments. But the Oregon case ended in embarrassment for federal prosecutors last year when a federal jury acquitted Ryan and Ammon Bundy and five other defendants.
Cliven Bundy was not directly involved in the Oregon siege. He was arrested last year in connection with his role in the 2014 Nevada standoff, which is referred to in militia circles as the Battle of Bunkerville. His sons and 14 others also were charged. All are being held without bail at a detention facility in Nevada.
Cliven Bundy’s attorney said Thursday it “will be very interesting” to see how the case plays out with Dan Love as the government’s key witness.
“Between you and me,” Whipple said, “We’re lucky we’re at trial and not at a memorial service.”
Jenny Kane is a reporter for the Reno Gazette-Journal. Reach her at or 775-788-6307. Robert Anglen is a reporter for The Arizona Republic. Reach him at or 602-444-8694.
Reposted from The Arizona Republic/azcentral

6 thoughts on “Major, Earth-shaking Developments in the Upcoming Bunkerville Trial(s)?

  1. And yet the BLM keeps promoting this sorry SOB. Absolutely no accountability. What’s it going to take to get rid of Dan Love? He’s such a plague.
  2. Is it true the grazing alottment $$$ BLM claims are not paid by Cliven Bundy are actually sitting in a trust account; and there must be 2 signers for the funds to be released to BLM, but the named BLM official who is to sign won’t do it? The other cosigner is Cliven Bundy, who did sign. As long as the BLM does not sign off, it can claim the fees are not paid.
  3. jacqueline shults
    I am also sure it was him. If for no other reason then I saw his name as the investigated BLM employee in an article online from a Utah newspaper
  4. Donna Kurszewski
    A few months back, when North Dakota Law Enforcement began their militarized approach to Peaceful Resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline being routed 1/2 mile from the Standing Rock Reservation water source, a ‘stranger’ appeared in the midst of the newly outfitted riot police lineup. He was everywhere directing focus on certain individuals as ‘leaders’ to be arrested and removed from the group. There were a few images of him working in the LE ranks. He was without a badge, but dressed in full riot gear including body armor. A few images of him came through without his face shield. I’m pretty sure it was Dan P. Love.
  5. Funny it’s not mentioned how the BLM ttempted to auction the cattle across state lines, and were shut down by the brand inspector. The warrant was for the impound, not the sale. Illegal as it gets. Not to mention the BLM paid millions of dollars for the ROUNDUP, which included running them to death with their chopper, separating babies from mommas, shooting prize bulls, then digging a huge hole to bury them in so no one would know. They paid more than Cliven supposably owes them. what a joke these ‘officials’ are
  6. Some of the biggest earth- shaking events that happened in Nevada were also felt in Oregon, Utah, and other states if you know what I mean!

Friday, February 3, 2017

New Update on this, Wife & Children of Political Prisoner, Mel Bundy, Turned away from visiting after driving 2 hours to Pahrump, Nevada.

New Update:
Briana Bundy Updates us on the follow-up from CCA Privately Operated Nevada Southern Detention Center. In yesterday's article, she explained her bad experience she had when she tried to visit her Husband Mel Bundy with here children. They had driven over two hours to the facility and because of her children which are permitted and have never been an issue in the past.
She shares a lot. She touches on the response of staff to our calls and complaints share by her husband Mel Bundy in a phone conversation Today. She also elaborates on many of the abusive issues in this and other facilities and why they occur. 
The federal government prosecutors, actively intimidate and scare the detainees without pre-trial release in and effort to obtain plea agreements from the detainees, that they would not otherwise make.  The US Marshals  and CCA are active participants in the process.  
Doug Knowles | February 4, 2017 at 6:29 pm | Categories: Bundy Ranch, Editorial, News, Video | URL:



Wife & Children of Political Prisoner, Mel Bundy, Turned away from visiting after driving 2 hours to Pahrump, Nevada.

Briana Shares her Experience today when attempting to visit her husband Mel Bundy at The CCA Operated - Nevada Southern Detention Center.
Mel B Bundy is one of the Bundy Ranch Political Prisoners that have been held for a year in this facility without pretrial release and not convicted.  
This is not the first time, one of the ladies with their kids has been treated badly.
Please take a look at what she has to share.
I have included the Visitation FAQ from the facilities website.

Please consider consider sharing and/or  contacting the Warden at this facility and ask why this is happening to the women at the facility. Please be polite and respectful if you do.

Nevada Southern Detention Center

Customer base: U.S. Marshals Service
Facility Type: Medium
2190 East Mesquite Avenue,
Pahrump, NV 89060
T: 775-751-4500
F: 775-751-8763

Oregon Gov Brown Seeks to Ignore Federal Immigration Law!


Oregon Gov Brown Seeks to Ignore Federal Immigration Law!
Governor Brown of Oregon has come out in defiance of President Trumps efforts to prevent Radical Militants mostly Islamic from entering the nation. Her Email to the employees of Oregon is below.
She desires to promote her OWN agenda’s based upon her vast Non Experiance in these matters. She like Merkel of Germany openly and willingly invites potentially dangerous militants radical islamic terrorists to the State of Oregon, just because they use the ruse of we are refugees. In doing this she has broken her oaths of office.
She is in violation of Federal Law and the US Constitution in the protection of our boarders, nation and people from our sworn enemies in a time of WAR.
For the SAFETY and Security of the People of Oregon Gov Brown should be RECALLED ASAP!
She is actively endangering your people, children, daughters, women, boys, men, from the evils of terrorism we see taking place in Germany and European States where these unvetted millions have invaded in what they themselves call the population Jihad, prior to the overthrow of these nations. ReCall Brown!
Thus her hypocracy is exposed, was it not just one year ago that Gov Brown approved, ordered the Attacks in league with the Federal and her State Law enforcers to end the Malure Refuge PEACEFUL stand against the abuse and lawlessness of Federal Agencies?
She approved the Death blockaide road block and multiple snipers to prepare the area for a military L shaped ambush days prior to the event, she allowed them to cut trees in this effort for clean fields of fire.
Then she did and is now actively involved in the coverup and destruction of evidences surrounding the Assasination of Rancher and voice, LaVoy Finicum.
So now that its her turn to not like what DC is doing she wants to protest ?
Well she had arrested without warrents and killed those who protested the Feds and her State employees peacefully.
Interesting this is. She is more of a mafia style leader.
Her Email Below.
HFrom: []
 On Behalf Of Governor Brown * GOV Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2017 1:30 PM To:
Thank you for your service Colleagues, As public servants, we have all made the choice to spend our professional lives supporting and working for the success of all of our fellow Oregonians. I know that what binds us together in common cause is shared respect and admiration for Oregonians who work to provide for their family and to make our state thrive. 
In recent days and weeks, I have received an extraordinary number of emails, phone calls, letters, and social media interactions. Oregonians across the state are deeply concerned about the potential impact of new presidential Executive Orders on our State, its economy, and on our families and friends. 
  That’s why today, I took action to reaffirm Oregon’s commitment to be a welcoming and inclusive place for all, including immigrants and refugees. 
First, I am calling upon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to bring legal action to oppose the federal government's recent anti-immigrant measures. 
Second, I have issued an executive order that renews our State's commitment to protecting our immigrant, refugee, and religious-minority communities. 
These measures are another chapter in the Oregon story. On this page of that story, we as public servants stand for those among us threatened by discrimination, and for those being placed on the far side of a false “us” and “them” divide.
Your service helps give every Oregonian the chance to write their own story.   
Thank you for your service and the thousands of hours you have committed to ensuring that millions of Oregonians have the opportunity to live to their greatest potential.   
Thank you, Governor Kate Brown Executive Order 17-04
Letter to Attorney General Ellen Rosenblumer Email to the employees of Oregon is below.
She sounds a lot like Merkel of Germany did, now Germany Burns, people raped, murdered, and she actually Kicked out Germans from their homes placing them on the streets and then placed this immigration army in those homes.
I meet a lady from Germany who was traveling the world last year, she says its safer to travel the world than to go back home to Germany in her old age, she Fears the radicals her leader has allowed into her country, does not feel safe.
Those who allow illegals, radicals from these Islamic war nations who have promised to invade America and destroy us through open immigration are committing Treason. For they are aiding the enemy of our Nation to enter freely then give then the peoples paychecks via welfare to support them in their cause of our destruction.