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For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

What future will be for Western Ranchers? = Same as Native Americans if Federals continue their tryanny

Looking into the Future — are Current Realities for Native Americans a Reflection of OUR Future?by RANGEFIRE!
If you sometimes wonder what the future holds for Western ranchers -- AND OTHERS -- take a close look at conditions on most American Indian reservations today.  
native-princess-1[http://Reposted from ReDoubt News.]See Native Americans And See OUR Future? by Chris Misita -- [http://Reposted from ReDoubt News.]Reposted from ReDoubt News
I had been traveling the country for approximately 6 months and one of my stops was SD. I stayed about 6 weeks in the Custer, Custer State Park (Sylvan Lake) and The Black Hills in the months of November and December. At one point the weather got so bad, at times -28 without windchill, I ended up spending about 3 weeks in a motel run by Sioux Indians. So I got the opportunity to learn a lot.
But what this article is about is a brief reflection of the Native American since the white man came and stole their land, decimated their way of life and basically enslaved them. An analogy of what happened to the Indians by government and what is happening to us, all of us, NOW.
This article is not going to take a sides and say whether it was right or wrong because colonization was the way of life and acquisition of territory at the time. That would never happen now that we’ve become so civilized…. right? I don’t know. Maybe that’s precisely what’s happening in a much more subversive fashion. Right before our eyes but we’re too busy, too comfortable to see what the other hand is doing….. behind the curtain.

Stolen Land

Stolen land and broken promises. The Native Americans lost most of their land and were given reservations in some of the worst, most inhospitable, infertile land throughout the United States.
I drove through parts of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on my way to the Badlands. I got myself lost at one point and stopped at a police station for directions. There were bullet holes in their bullet proof glass and the bathrooms hadn’t seen a plumber in God only knows how long. The water was running and the floor wet from overflowing. This, in the woman’s bathroom. I was grateful for my 4X4 even on their city streets as the ditches and missing concrete was THAT deep.
I went to Wounded Knee and within minutes of parking my car, I had several cars pull right in beside me with 3 to 5 Native Americans in each car. I admit I was nervous as I’d been warned not to go to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation alone, especially as a White woman. But against really good advice my intrigue got the better of me. I bought some ear rings and a necklace from a couple of the women. After my purchases, one woman stayed behind the rest to talk to me for awhile. She told me her only income was what she could sell the jewelry for, and her government assistance. She told me all about her grand-kids who don’t drink, do drugs, or cuss and how she watches them constantly to keep them out of trouble. She also told me all about their sports and how they excelled. She was so proud of those young high-schoolers who at the moment are evading following in their parents footsteps. Or at least that was my assumption since they’re not living with their parents.
There are trailers everywhere and about 40% to 50% are completely uninhabitable. They are just left there, to rot, as are the cars as they become uninhabitable. The dogs run free right along the hwy. darting with experience and expertise around the moving cars roaring down the highway. Tons of them everywhere.
Another observation was the sheer number of horses rather than cattle. That, I assumed is the Indians love of the horse but I couldn’t help but think how much more beneficial to have the acres filled with beef cattle. The land is so poor it takes about 40 acres to feed 1 head of either a horse or cow.

And our property?

Has now largely been stolen through incrementalism. Government tells us exactly what we can and cannot build on the land. Then they tell us exactly how much we will and won’t pay in taxes, building permits, etc. for the land. They tell us how many units we may put on it, what type of septic and/or sewer. If they want the land, they just take it through eminent domain, blight, confiscation, radical environmentalism. We basically get the privilege of occupying the property until our representatives, i.e. racketeers, decide they have a different use for it. Fight it? I wonder how many average citizens have the assets to fight the unlimited resources of the government that they take from us with force? Oh yes force. If you do not pay as they demand you will be fined, jailed and have your property confiscated. If you fight back you’ll be shot. Make no mistake the government uses force to accomplish their ends and most of us comply….. as we’ve been trained to do but that’s an entirely different subject.
I’ve heard rumor they’ve even used our National Parks for collateral of our National Debt. I still need to research this. But if you go to Yellowstone, Great Smokey Mountains or Mammoth Caves National Parks you will see signs International Biosphere Reserve.


At the motel where I stayed, TJ was missing all her teeth. She’s my age. Government dental care. She said almost everyone in her family was toothless because the dental care for Native Americans was so bad. She also said they had to go to the clinic if they needed medical care.
So now, the Democrats want to put us all on Nationalized healthcare and make our productive class pay for it all. This isn’t by choice but by force just as obamacare is by force.


The Indians were forced from their homes and into govt. schools so they could be indoctrinated the way the govt. wanted and torn from their families and culture. All of this by force and not by choice.
We have compulsory nationalized education for our children and if you don’t comply, parents will go to jail. Yes, I understand we can home school but government still largely controls the message and parents are forced (slavery) to keep mountains of information and documentation to appease the government. They say this is for the well being of the children. Well then I wonder why our children are failing so badly in school, developmental disabilities are raising at epidemic proportions and we have record numbers of children on psychotropic drugs.
All the public schools are ‘Collectivist’ AND…. ALL of the private schools and universities as well, since they ARE regulated and controlled by the state and MUST include the state approved ‘propaganda’ and guidelines. Through constant repetition, attacking dissenters, it quickly gets accepted as truth.
The propaganda is
  • The government provides service X.
  • IF, the government does not provide service X, then service X will NEVER be provided.
  • Therefore, anyone arguing against the government providing service X, is arguing against the necessity or value of service X.
THIS, is how Collectivism takes over societies. Every totalitarian dictator knew they must capture the young to impose their totalitarian rule upon the masses. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin were the masters and we’ve seen this blue print throughout history. Now it is here and our children ARE the target.
Gun Confiscation

Here’s what you need to know about gun confiscation

You think the government are after your guns for the safety of society and particularly the children? Think again. They’re after your freedom, wealth, property, sovereignty, resources and very lives. This is clearly evidenced by the gun confiscation of the Native Americans, many who peacefully turned in their weapons believing naively that the government was going to protect them. We see at Wounded Knee 297 were massacred of which 200 were women and children.
This is what happens when you say NO to govt.native
One only needs to look at the Democrat run (for decades) cities of Detroit, Chicago, LA, and Oakland, Ca. where the individual sovereignty has been replaced by government to know more and bigger government is not the answer to a free people. They enslave people through their welfare schemes. Nothing is free.
Subjugation is what happens to a conquered people. When they’re overwhelmed by force and violence and government takes control of their lives in the ‘facade’ to help. We need only look at the reservations and the Native American people to know it’s true.
These people have largely lost their heart, soul and pride. Are we next? How much of our heart, soul, and pride is already gone? This is what becomes of a people when they lose their language, culture and borders….. how much of ours is already gone?
What happens when people lose control of their own destiny?
The AIM (American Indian Movement) sought attempted to take back control of their own lives…. failed by the force of violence. Too little and way too late. They were over powered.
I know we all make our own way in life, but how does one overcome the despair and bitterness passed down from generation to generation of a conquered people?
Are we next in the long history of downsized and conquered nations and people? Will we remain lulled to sleep with a false sense of security in a government gone wild America? Where we are spied upon all over the place and made to get permission even to become a barber or beautician.
Are we watching the demise of our language, culture and borders? Are we being downsized and is it too late? I believe that We are the many and they are the few. If we can put our differences aside and come together for a greater purpose, that of preserving our way of life, we can turn this around.
Otherwise I fear we will witness the end of our great civilization like so many past. Like that of the Native American. We are all Indians now.
RANGEFIRE! | September 23, 2016 at 12:06 pm | URL:

Ammon Bundy exposes the Kangaroo Courts of Feds/Oregon/ Judge Brown, No Justice to be had in Socialist Oregon.

Ammon Bundy tells us what they are doing. Yes this happening in America and if you can live with this it's over .

See & Hear Ammon explain with Gavin how the Federal Un-Justice Kangaroo courts are not allowing the Defense to present their case before the hand picked politically correct jury that Judge Brown chose to hear the case.

Click on the link above or below will take you to the interview:

This is a one sided court, this is like if you had 2 NFL Teams playing on the field and the Referees gave penalties ONLY to the team they did not like, and all benefits to the team they desired to win the game, as well as only the team / defense must follow the rules, new rules, where as the other team/prosecution has no rules to follow and the referee's  do all they can to assist them to win the game.
This Kangaroo Court of the Socialists in the Nation of Oregon ruled by Judge Brown and controlled by the Feds / Obama / Clinton foundation and their corporate sponsors of world nations is what is controlling this court room, who murdered Lavoy Finicum and tried to murder others, the unlawfully started this kangaroo non justice system.
This is how courts in North Korea, Cuba, China, old USSR, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Islamic controlled nations, Hitlers courts, are controlled and run.
This is not the USA, nor the Constitutional Republic as founded.
If this is allowed to stand and the future Nevada Harry Reid controlled courts as well, then your Nation of America will earn its punishments.

Friday, September 23, 2016

LaVoy Assassination forensic PROOF released!

Published on Sep 21, 2016
This was given to me by an Anonymous source to make public. Big thanks to them. This is why they are not letting evidence about LaVoy's death in the Bundy trials. Also watch the FOAM BULLET study here:

While anyone who watched the original videos known LaVoy was murdered as have been like many others by our police. This is filled with detailed forensic information that proves how deep the conspiracy went.

NOTE: I am unsure about the theory on Payne. We don't know that he was a plant and will withhold decision on that at this time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Guilty Until Proven Innocent – Ammon and Ryan Bundy try to Prove their Innocence Amid a Government Conspiracy to Convince the Public of their Guilt.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent – Ammon and Ryan Bundy try to Prove their Innocence Amid a Government Conspiracy to Convince the Public of their Guilt.

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, September 17, 2016                    

Ammon and Ryan Bundy

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Ammon and Ryan Bundy Try to Prove their Innocence

Amid a Government Conspiracy to Convince the Public of their Guilt..

By Scott Rohter, June 2016
“The time has come to end the occupation of twelve Western States by the Federal Government.” – Scott Michael Rohter

They have been locked up in jail for more than seven months without a trial. One of them has been in solitary confinement for over a month for refusing to allow doctors to remove a bullet lodged in his upper right arm. Ammon and Ryan Bundy are political prisoners.  They are being held at the Multnomah County Detention Center in Portland, Oregon across from the Federal Courthouse where they are being tried on charges of conspiracy to impede a Federal officer. They were taken into custody not far from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge which they were “occupying” in a nationally televised protest over the unjust incarceration of two fellow ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond of Oregon on terrorism and arson charges. They are also protesting the federal government’s unconstitutional occupation of 700 million acres of land in twelve Western States for more than 150 years.
The Bundys are leading an effort to try to change the Federal Government’s public land management policies which were rewritten in 1976 when Congress passed the Federal Land Policy Management Act. Friend and fellow rancher, Lavoy Finicum was shot in the back three times by two Oregon State Police officers for his efforts help the Hammonds and support the Bundys. The police officers claimed that they fired their weapons in self-defense.  Lavoy’s murder has been described by a police investigation as a justified use of deadly force. In reality the police investigation was nothing more than a whitewash.
The national rebellion over the Federal government’s public land use policies didn’t just begin with the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and it isn’t going to end with the arrest or even with the conviction of Ammon and Ryan Bundy on federal charges stemming from their month long protest in Harney County. The controversy surrounding the Federal government’s administration of America’s public lands has been going on since the 1980s when the Sagebrush Rebellion was launched, and it won’t be settled in an Oregon courtroom during the Bundy trials. It can only be addressed by Congress. In fact the subject might not even come up during their trials since the only issue really at stake is their refusal to leave the Refuge. The defendants claim that they were never given a direct order in writing from the appropriate authorities to leave the Refuge. They would have welcomed such an order because it would have given them the opportunity of challenging the validity of the order in court, but they never got one.
So what led the Bundys to come to Oregon in the first place? What led them to occupy this remote strip of desert land? Knowing this is the key to understanding the unjust nature of the government’s indictment against them. If a rancher’s grievances against the Bureau of Land Management are even mentioned during their trial they will probably be tossed out of court as quickly as they are brought up by a Federal magistrate who was appointed by the Federal government to preside over their trials. The Federal government is both their prosecutor and their judge.
What prompted the defendants to leave their homes and families in Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho and meet at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near the little town of Burns is a long and convoluted story.
Their original purpose was to support two Oregon ranchers who were unjustly incarcerated for arson under the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act. The defendants wanted to start a national discussion about the Federal government’s mismanagement of America’s public lands and the unconstitutional nature of it’s control of over half the land in twelve Western States. They decided to do this after the Obama Justice Department put Dwight and Steven Hammond in jail for five years for a grass fire they started on their property to control weeds. It was a bogus charge to begin with, but it was a crime for which they had already served their time, and it became a crime for which they are now serving an additional sentence of five years at a Federal Penitentiary in southern California.
The defendants viewed the resentencing of the Hammonds to five more years by the Obama Justice Department as a violation of their civil rights under the Fifth Amendment which states… “Nor shall any man be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb”.  The re-incarceration of the Hammonds for a second time after they had served their original sentences was a clear violation of the Constitution and a clear cut example of Federal government’s unconstitutional method of managing public lands and harassing western ranchers. The Bundys saw the Hammond’s plight as an opportunity to focus national attention on the plight of Western ranchers. What they didn’t take into consideration is that most Americans live in big cities and they don’t understand nor care about the plight of Western ranchers.
The Bundys came to Oregon to support Dwight and Steven Hammond,  and to call attention to the occupation of over 700 million acres of land in twelve Western States by a Federal bureaucracy that is totally and completely out of control. The defendants managed to occupy the headlines for almost a month by occupying a deserted Wildlife Refuge in the middle of winter when no federal employees were there, an act for which they are now paying dearly.
Let me ask you a question. What is a bigger crime? Is it worse to occupy a deserted Wildlife Refuge for a month in the middle of Winter, or to  occupy 700 million acres of land in twelve western states for more than a hundred and fifty years?
All wealth comes from the land, but fully one half of all the land west of the Rocky Mountains is controlled and administered by the Federal government. That explains why most of the counties in Western States are struggling just to meet their budgets and to provide basic government services like public schools, police and fire protection.. All of the Federally controlled lands remain off the tax rolls and the Payments in Lieu of taxes (PILT)  which Western Counties receive from the Federal government does not nearly compensate them for the losses in revenue arising from not having these lands on the tax rolls. It does not enable local government to become self-supporting. On the contrary it keeps local government dependent on Washington.
County government frequently is not able to fund basic government services because too much of the land is not on the tax rolls.  Too much of the land is owned by the Federal Government which does not pay property taxes to fund the operation of local government.
Without a national strategy that supports private property there is not a broad enough tax base to support local government. That is why Western States are so dependent on Washington..
The right to own property is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. The right to petition the government when any of our rights is violated is also guaranteed by the Constitution.
Cliven Bundy owns a ranch in Nevada on which he and his son Ryan raise cows. They own grazing rights on adjacent land which is administered by the Federal government. There right to the use this land is being adversely impacted by the Federal government’s public land use policies. The Bundys exercised their right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Only after all their efforts failed did they look for another means to advance their cause.
In 2015 they drafted legislation in the Nevada Legislature regarding the administration of State land by the Federal government, but all of their efforts in search of a solution to their problems failed. That led them to Oregon to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. They tried to work within the system without openly defying it even while the government continued to evade the Constitution, but all of their efforts under the law got them nowhere. They are now political prisoners at the Multnomah County Jail in Portland, Oregon where they have been convicted without a trail. They are being held without bail before they have been found guilty of committing a crime. They have been denigrated in the press for standing up to the Federal government’s flagrant violations of the Constitution.
All of our rights are not enumerated in the Constitution, but all of the Federal Government’s powers are definitely enumerated in the Constitution and there is no power given to the Federal to maintain control over such vast amounts of State land.
It was a sad day when two Oregon State Police officers shot an innocent man in the back for just believing in the Constitution. That was the day I realized that something much bigger than Lavoy Finicum had died in my country. Honor, integrity, and respect for the Constitution have all ceased to exist too…
Here us a little lesson in history:
Oregon became a State in 1859. Before that it was part of a vast territory whose ownership and administration was contested even back then by three different countries and a variety of different Indian tribes. The controversy over the ownership of land in the West is much bigger than what happened at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.
What used to be known as the Oregon Territory included the future States of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, part of Montana and Wyoming, and most of the province of British Columbia. In 1846 the United States purchased this Territory from England and after a border dispute with Canada was settled, Oregon became the 33rd State to enter the Union, however for the past 157 years Oregon has remained an occupied territory… occupied by the Federal Government which annexed it.
Fifty three percent of Oregon is administered and controlled by Congress through two departments of the Federal bureaucracy… the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. It is time for this occupation of Oregon by the Federal Government to come to an end.
When Americans think of occupied territory we don’t usually think of the peaceful Pacific Northwest. We usually think of more turbulent places like the Middle East where people have been fighting for control of land ever since Israel became a state again in 1948. Whether all or part of Israel remains occupied by Jews or Arabs or both or they all learn to live together in peace is a question that still remains to be resolved, but for Americans living in occupied territory right here in our own country, Oregon is not the first nor the last State to be occupied by the Federal government.
There are twelve States that are occupied by Washington contrary to the Constitution. They are all west of the Rocky Mountains. They have been occupied ever since they were admitted to the Union. Half of the land in twelve Western States is occupied territory. The total amount of land occupied in these twelve States is over 700 million acres of land..
All of the Federal Government’s powers are enumerated in the Constitution. There is no power vested in Congress to be the nation’s largest landowner. The fact that Congress is and remains in direct violation of the United States Constitution is what prompted the Sagebrush Rebellion of 1979, and it prompted the Bundys to come to Oregon in 2016.

The Property Rights Clause only gives Congress the right to manage public lands until such time as there is a permanent home found for them, but ultimately these lands have to be permanently disposed of. The only land that Congress has the authority to retain is a hundred square miles of land called the District of Columbia which is the seat of the Federal government. Together with enough land to build forts and ports and other needful government buildings on, that is all the land the United States government can own under the Constitution.  Congress must find a permanent resolution for public lands which conforms to the Constitution and it must dispose of these lands which it continues to administer. The proper resolution would be to turn these lands over to the States and the Counties and the people from which they were taken when these States were admitted to the Union.
The entire process can be overseen by Congress and the land can be returned to the States with a stipulation that each State should determine how these lands are to be ultimately disposed of. There should be public hearings. Title to the land can be transferred or sold with the proceeds used to pay down the National Debt which is unsustainable at the current level of 20 trillion dollars. No studies need to be done because all of the details on how to successfully manage these lands are already available from the 38 other States that already do so.
Congress used to dispose of all lands it acquired by treaty or otherwise before the passage of the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA) in 1976. After that Congress began to implement its current policy of retaining control of all public land.
Only three percent of the land east of the Mississippi River is controlled by the Federal Government while fifty percent of the land west of the Rocky Mountains remains under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service. The total amount of land controlled by the Federal Government in the West is bigger than the size of most countries in the world, and the disparity between Western States and Eastern States is continuing to grow with attempts to federalize even more land such as the current proposal to make another national monument in Malheur County next to the one that already exists in Harney County. This disparity between eastern States and western States violates the Equal Footing Principle that was supposed to be applied to western States as they entered the Union.
What follows is a table of western States with their dates of admittance to the Union and the amount of land controlled by the Federal government in each State:

1)            California        1850        45% owned by the Federal government
2)            Oregon            1859        53% owned by the Federal government
3)            Nevada            1864       85% owned by the Federal government
4)            Colorado            1876      37% owned by the Federal government
5)            Montana           1889      30% owned by the Federal government
6)         Washington        1889       35% owned by the Federal government
7)           Wyoming           1890      42% owned by the Federal government
8)            Idaho                    1890      50% owned by the Federal government
9)            Utah                      1896   57% owned by the Federal government
10)          Arizona                 1912    48% owned by the Federal government
11)          New Mexico         1912   41% owned by the Federal government
12)          Alaska                    1959   69% owned by the Federal government

The occupation of California and Oregon started before the Civil War. The occupation of Nevada began during the Civil War, and the occupation of other Western States began shortly after the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War during which time the Federal Government also occupied Southern States. The occupation of America didn’t end when Federal troops pulled out of the South.  The focus of Washington’s occupation merely shifted from the South to the West. It’s time for the occupation of Western States to come to an end too.
Corroborating Sources

Monday, September 19, 2016

Basic Life, Liberty & Property Rights Applied to Bunkerville — Video Presentation

Basic Life, Liberty & Property Rights Applied to Bunkerville — Video Presentation

Since what happened in Bunkerville has become an issue in the Oregon Standoff Trial, for those who are interested in a more in-depth treatment, including the deep background leading up to it, this is something worth considering.
This presentation was given by Bill Norton with the Center for Self Governance.

RANGE / RANGEFIRE — Addressing Issues Facing the West / Spreading America’s Cowboy Spirit Beyond the Outback

Sunday, September 18, 2016

First Week in a Nutshell — Oregon Standoff Trial — Observations & Commentary — by Todd Macfarlane


Overreaction & Overexaggeration: First Week in a Nutshell — Oregon Standoff Trial — Observations & Commentary — by Todd Macfarlane

RECAP: Week One in a Nutshell
After spending a week observing the Oregon Standoff Trial, and producing short video clips summarizing what is happening, I’m not going to attempt to summarize or recap the first week of trial in a video clip.  If you want to hear a partial recap of the week, prior to Friday’s testimony, check-out my video interview summary for Newsbud. Or check out the video recap of the Motion for Mistrial.  I’m ready for a break from video production, and by writing the recap, consistent with my pattern, I can then spend the next several days tweaking it, which just doesn’t work well with video clips.
I want to make something very clear right at the outset.  Although I’m involved in some sort of media role here, I’m not a reporter.  I’m not even pretending to be a reporter.  As part of my assignment, I am reporting some stuff to provide context, etc., but mostly I am a commentator.  My main assignment is to provide commentary. I’m not even pretending to be completely objective. I have a view point.  Based on my experience and view points, I am seeking to provide another perspective.  Based on my background, in addition to providing general commentary, from my unique perspective, I am also going to provide some legal commentary — for what it’s worth — at the end of this piece.
Based on the first week, if I had to summarize the Government’s case at this point in just two words, those words would be: Overreaction & Overexaggeration.  And it’s the government’s evidence we’re talking about here. The government is presenting its case in chief. Some of the defendants have been accused of exaggeration, but we’re still weeks away from having a chance to see their evidence and hear what they have to say.  This is the government’s case — the government’s evidence.
Case in Point: Judicial Security Theaterbundy-court-protest-1
Back when the Malheur Occupation first occurred, back in January, I coined a new phrase “Standoff Pageantry.”  In a subsequent discussion I had with radio host Peter B. Collins, he compared it to his newly-minted phrase of “Security Theater,” and now, based on what is going on at the Standoff Trial in Portland, I’m going to coin yet another phrase combining the two:  “Judicial Security Pageantry.”  There’s a whole lot of drama, pageantry and theatre going on at the federal courthouse in img_20160913_164038324_hdr2Portland associated with the Oregon Standoff trial.  Among other things, on one side, there are a handful of die-hard supporters, there with signs, protesting what is going on.  On the other hand, the federal government, including DHS, is there in full force — just like the federal government was out in force in Burns, Oregon back in January and February.
Unfortunately, despite being there in court every day, covering the trial the entire week, I missed the single biggest piece of drama.  While I was working on producing my little video clips summarizing the day’s events, late Thursday afternoon, a gentlemen by the name of Mathew Thomas Mglej, apparently a Portland native, approached the federal courthouse and was taken down in grand fashion naked-violin-player-arrest-2by an army of DHS police with guns drawn.  Apparently, back in 2014 Mr. Mglej had previously been arrested and charged for playing a violin outside the courthouse while naked.  He was charged with indecent exposure, but the charges were later dropped.  On Thursday, the government claims he had an unloaded .22 rifle wrapped in a towel.  His efforts resulted in major drama and corresponding Judicial Security Theatre in downtown Portland.  Unfortunately, I missed it.  It is hard to say what, if anything, any of this actually had to do with the Oregon Standoff Trial, but it helps reinforce an important point.
(This isn’t an actual image of the arrest on Thursday, but is similar to what happened, and is used to help emphasize the point)
Despite all it’s huff, and puff, and bluster, the federal government literally acts like its scared of its own shadow, and is highly prone to overreaction.  Here it is, the biggest, most powerful temporal entity in existence — in the history of this planet, and naked violin players can send the federal government into full scale panic.
Back on August 31, 2016, RANGEFIRE! posted the first/last part of a series of articles about Realities in the West that nobody wants to talk about, called “Welcome to the New Normal — a Land of Labels, Distortions, Misinformation, and Guilt by Association.”  I wrote that piece clear back in May, to address, at least in part, what was going on with Stanton Gleave, and the feeding frenzy of misinformation surrounding him and his family.  At this point, I’m going to add another word to the whole description, that should have been included from the outset: OVERREACTION.
In that piece, among other things, I said:
“The reality is this too was nothing more than misinformation.  The completely unauthorized image was the unintentional product of a staged, media photo-op, intended solely to see what kind of reaction it would draw. It’s the sort of pomp and circumstance scenario that happens all the time in many situations. In previous pieces, such optics have been referred to as pageantry — in some cases Standoff Pageantry.  The problem is few people seem to be able to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t. . . . But distortions, fueled by social media, seem to be the order of the day on all sides. For good examples of distortions on the other side of the fence, consider the multiple articles Chris Zinda has written on this subject, and his treatment of the role of social media in the whole equation.
During the first week of trial, both Chad Karges(MNWR manager) and Jeff Rose (Burns BLM field office manager) testified that from the minute Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne arrived in Harney County, federal offices, officials, and law enforcement were on high alert. In addition to receiving a continuous flow of “intel” from law enforcement, Karges and Rose were both actively monitoring social media.  Both they and Sheriff David Ward all testified that they couldn’t put their finger on any actual threats, but they all said that just the mere thought or mention of “Bunkerville,” and some of the people who had been there, in Sheriff Ward’s words “scared the Hell out of him.”  Likewise, both Karges, Rose and their supervisors decided to shut down the BLM office in advance, before the occupation ever occurred, based almost entirely on the fact that a protest rally was planned to support Dwight and sorry-closed-1Steven Hammond.  At the same time, Rose testified that the occupation of the Malheur Refuge was a complete surprise.  They thought if something was going to happen it would be at the BLM office in Hines, where the only thing that actually happened was the placement of signs saying “Closed Permanently.”  Jason Curry, a special agent for the BLM testified, however, that the signs had been up for less than an hour on Saturday, January 9th, more than a week after all the decisions to close offices had been made, and a full week after the occupation started, but both he and Rose testified that the signs contributed to the decision to keep the office closed.
At this point, I’ll have to say that none of that testimony really surprised me much.  I live in Millard County, Utah, the better part of 1000 miles away from Harney County, Oregon.  There is a BLM field office in Fillmore, approximately 15 miles from where I live. I am good friends with one of the BLM managers who works there.  Her husband is one of my best friends.  This whole year her husband and I have just had to scratch our heads and laugh every time the BLM gets its panties in a wad, goes on high alert, and puts the field station on lock down.  It has happened on multiple occasions since January 2016.  Once, it happened when a “liberty convention” was scheduled to happen at the Old Statehouse in Fillmore.  On another occasion, something as off-the-wall as Gavin Seim passing through the area, caused a major reaction at the office..  And just to add context to this whole discussion, Sagebrush alarmist Chris Zinda is likewise the husband of a BLM manager, Cedar City District Manager, Heather Whitman.  Translation:  conspiracy theories abound among federal employees and the people they listen to.
Between what I heard Chad Karges, Jeff Rose and Sheriff Ward testify at trial, coupled with the kind of stuff Chris Zinda regularly comes up with, I can’t even imagine the kind of frenzy these people are capable of working themselves into.  I can’t even imagine the kind of paranoia they must live with.  And the funny thing is people accuse the so-called “patriots” of being paranoid and out-of-touch-with reality?  At least the so-called patriots don’t have the full resources of the United States government at their disposal to spend in chasing these fears.
Back to the point I wrote back in May, which has become abundantly clear in just the first week of the Oregon Standoff Trial, and I’m going to repeat at least three times in this article:  “The problem is few people seem to be able to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t.”  Here’s the deal, for the most part, what happens on Facebook, and social media isn’t real. The vast, vast majority of it simply has no connection to reality. It’s an alternate reality that doesn’t exist in reality.  People say all kinds of nonsense, and unadulterated bullshit on Facebook and social media all the time.  It’s an absolute feeding frenzy of misinformation — from all sides, and in all directions.  Some of us figured that out long ago.
Back to my point: The problem is few people seem to be able to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t.  And the even bigger problem is overreaction to things that are not real, and overexaggeration in attempting to describe and justify the overreactions. Below is one of the videos that stoked government officials’ fears, and they overreacted to.

The Government’s Case
In the first week of trial, the government’s case actually started out pretty flat.  The government promised shock and awe, but so far has not been able to deliver.  The government said that it would present eye witness evidence that would make the refuge takeover look like a military operation in Iraq or Afghanistan.  But what their witness testified did not live up to their billing.  Likewise, much of their social media evidence came across as pretty benign, leaving a person scratching their head, thinking “is that the best you’ve got — so this is what this case is about?”  Although some of the social media evidence may certainly be troubling, it certainly didn’t rise to the level of documenting a conspiracy to impede or interfere with federal officers doing their jobs. There is only one explanation for that response: overreaction.
All of the government decision-makers testified that they weren’t aware of any real threats.  They just had feelings of fear and concern, based in large measure on their own monitoring of social media, coupled with information the FBI was feeding them to increase their concerns. So here’s number four:  Part of the problem is few people seem to be able to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t.
Although the federal government is prosecuting the case, everything about its case so far depicts the federal government on the defensive.  The government is extremely defensive about issues of jurisdiction and adverse possession — doesn’t even want to go there.  The government doesn’t want to have to try to explain anything.  And when it comes to the alleged threats, instead of sounding like confident leaders, who might consider actually engaging in some kind of proactive discussion, these government officials acted more like they were unreasonably afraid of their own shadows, taking most of their directions from the FBI, in order to set the stage for how they wanted to portray the narrative, and were prepared to shut down government offices down for no real good reason.  Between the BLM, USFWS and federal law enforcement, including the FBI, it sounds like they were involved in a feeding frenzy of fear.  And people want to accuse the defendants and others of tinfoil hat theories?
In conclusion, and just to highlight this point, Chad Karges testified that the so-called “restoration” work at MNWR headquarters is already complete and has been for some time, but the headquarters remains closed, and there is no plan to re-open until sometime in 2017.  If you’re not asking WHY, you should be.
Trial Performanceryan-bundy-in-court-1
When a naked violin player (who wasn’t even naked at the time)  can steal the show, you know there’s a problem.
In terms of legal commentary, right out of the chutes, with all due respect to the attorneys involved, I’m going to say this: Ryan Bundy is out-lawyering the lawyers — certainly the other defense lawyers.
Although, in my opinion, much of the government’s evidence is very marginal, and I continually have people asking me if some of the things they are presenting doesn’t actually support the defendants’ case better than the prosecution, but they are doing a very good, efficient job of presenting the evidence they have chosen to present — which is apparently the best they have. Their examination is crisp and seemingly very well-rehearsed, and they always seem to have objections on the tip of their tongues.
On the other side of the table, make no mistake, there were some really good opening statements.  Matt Schindler, representing Ken Medenbach, and Lisa Maxfield, representing Neil Wampler, did a particularly good job.  But in his opening statement Ryan Bundy did a very effective job communicating his view of the case as well.  And when it comes to objections, he is probably actually doing a better job than any of the defense attorneys. This should be both troubling and highly disconcerting to those attorneys. For a lay person, with no formal legal education, law training, and minimal experience, Ryan is holding his own fairly well, which, unfortunately, doesn’t say much about defense counsel in the case, and it is time for them to think about that.
I realize it is very easy for us to sit back and attempt to play armchair quarterbacks, but I agree with Mike Arnold that the assigned federal public defense attorneys seem very capable of making good arguments, but there’s a whole lot more to trying a case than making good arguments.  They are arguably lacking when it comes to basic trial skills like cross examination and making objections.  Arnold suggested that is probably due to the fact that they spend most of their time on plea deals, and making arguments at sentencing, instead of actually trying cases.  And it shows.  Although Lisa Maxfield has had some effective cross examination, for the most part, and I’m sorry, I know this is going to step on some toes, but they seem more like potted plants sitting there.
Forgive me for that analogy.  It takes me back to the summer of 1987.  In early July I was traveling cross country with my wife Heidi, from Utah, to Ithaca, New York, where I was on the waiting list at Cornell Law School.  The Iran-Contra Hearings were going on that summer.  Although it would drive Heidi crazy, as the over-eager soon-to-be law student, I was trying to listen to all of it as we drove.  Then at night, I would catch the news potted-plants-1coverage in our low-budget motel rooms. Plus remember, this was almost 30 years ago.  Media was different then than it is now.  I don’t remember Marine Col. Oliver North’s attorney’s name, but I do remember him.  He just sat there during most of the examination of Col. North, but all the sudden on one occasion, he blurted out an objection, and had something to say that seemed to catch everyone completely by surprise. Based on their reactions, he said “I’m not just a potted plant sitting here.”  That phrase has stuck with me ever since, and seems to have some application here.
To be completely honest, and again with all due respect, following opening statements, most of the defense attorneys have seemed more like potted plants than  actively engaged defense attorneys, zealously defending their clients’ interests.  Their objections have been either non-existent or deplorable. When Ryan Bundy can make better objections than they do, it’s an issue.  And Judge Brown has actually called them out about it — asking why they aren’t making more and better objections.  Like Arnold also mentioned, it may be as much a result of lack practice as anything.  They may all be very experienced federal criminal defense attorneys. They may all be very experienced at doing plea deals.  But that doesn’t mean that they are experienced, practiced and well-honed trial attorneys.  And it’s really starting to show. But if they get with the program, this one trial can give them more practice than dozens of small ones. And I get it.  Some of them (especially those representing Jeff Banta, David Fry, Neil Wampler, and Ken Medenbach, for example) probably feel like it is the Bundy legal team’s responsibility to do most of the work, because their own clients seemingly have much less at stake in the whole thing.  They view it as the “Bundy” trial, and their clients aren’t Bundys.
Otherwise, in a crowded courtroom well-decorated with potted plants, it might as well be a grand ballroom, with Judge Brown and the prosecution engaged as dance partners in an elaborate waltz, with Judge Brown leading, and the prosecution hustling to follow her cues, occasionally encountering the defendants and their attorneys, as they attempt to gracefully negotiate the dance floor — with the jury just trying to make some kind of sense of what is going on.
And that brings us to the most important component or player in the whole equation:  the Jury. I share concerns expressed by my colleague, Mancos MacLeod, when it comes to modern juries.  The jury hearing this case started out with 20 people, comprised of 12 regular jurors and eight alternates.  One of the initial 12 was excused essentially right off the bat, and an alternate juror was drawn by lot to take that juror’s place. Of the jurors currently seated as the 12 who will decide the case, eight are women.
I don’t pretend to have the jury figured out at this point, but I will offer a few inside observations.  One or more members of the jury seem/s to be hypersensitive, and has repeatedly complained to Judge Brown that members of the public seated in relatively close proximity are being too loud, interfering with their ability Jury 2to concentrate. Consequently, Judge Brown has repeatedly chastised or admonished members of the public to be as quiet as possible, and to be careful about not just whispering, but coughing, clicking pens and rustling papers.  This all came at times when I hadn’t noticed anything particularly out of the ordinary.  There are approximately 20 members of the public in the courtroom, breathing, and trying to take notes, etc.  All I can say, based on the writing that is on the wall after the first week, is that this trial is going to get real long for some people.
At the close of the day on Friday, however, after the jury had been excused, Judge Brown stated that she had a lot of confidence in this jury, because, in her words, they are following her instructions very faithfully and carefully.
So that should provide some very clear insight into where this whole thing appears to be headed.  Although the jury is supposed to be deciding the case, there is no question about who is in charge, and whose lead the jury may be following in lockstep.
If you want to criticize or argue with my analysis, all I ask is that you do it from a vantage point of first hand experience — go to court and see for yourself what is going on before attempting to poke holes in what I’m saying based on some attempted third or fourth-hand perspective or predisposition about what is going on.
I invite anyone who is interested to spend some time at the trial.  It is an educational experience.

Bundy Defendants Accuse Nevada Courts Of “Political Lynching” After Viewing Discovery

Guerilla Media Network

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September 18, 2016

Bundy Defendants Accuse Nevada Courts Of “Political Lynching” After Viewing Discovery

Published by Guerrilla Media Network LLC — GMN has been a strong advocate for activist since 2012
IN NEVADA:   Men arrested for being present at the 2014 Bundy Protest in Bunkerville, Nevada,  are accusing the United States Government of purposefully withholding discovery from the media because they don’t want the public to see who pushed for the arrests, and just how weak the Government’s case against them really is.  Judge Gloria Navarro, who refused to give any of the prisoners being held in Nevada a fair pre-trial release,  is suspected of basing her opinion on a completely bogus narrative conceived by the Government, without even looking at the facts in the case.  The defendants in this case  feel she has a political agenda that aligns her decision with the man who helped her attain the bench, Harry Reid.
“It serves her  political masters to have the discovery shrouded in secrecy,  a source has told me; ” You would be hard pressed to find anyone close to this case that will tell you it wasn’t just by chance that Navarro was chosen to preside over this trial.”
The fact Judge Gloria Navarro was recommended by SEN. Harry Reid and appointed to the Bench by  President Barrack Obama, moved Attorneys for Cliven Bundy to ask Navarro to recuse herself this past Spring.
After receiving and viewing a good portion of the “discovery” these men now say they finally understand why the Government wants to keep it all a big secret,  and believe  the information, once made public,  will raise many questions about just why they are being held without chance of being released before their trial.
According to one prisoner, the discovery proves their ongoing incarceration is nothing short of a “political lynching” designed specifically to create the perception they are all guilty of committing a violent act so the Judge can claim justification for keeping them behind bars.
While they cannot divulge any portion of what they are seeing in the discovery they certainly have no court ordered “gag” preventing them from voicing their reaction to it.
The public needs to remember why Bundy Ranch happened in the first place, said one prisoner.  We didn’t all just show up in Bunkerville one day because we were mad about a cattle round-up.  The facts are the same as they were in April of 2014.  The BLM was acting aggressively toward the Bundy family.  They had snipers trained on them, they reacted violently and beat a man for taking photos of them, they set up an illegal free speech area, they were killing cattle and burying them on “so called”  public lands; and despite numerous warnings to “back off” by Clarke County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, Governor Brian Sanddoval, and plenty of other State and Federal Officials, Daniel P Love escalated his militarized response and refused to to use diplomacy over violence.
This accusation by the prisoner is backed by numerous statements made by both Gillespie and Governor Sandoval, during and after the time of the protest.  In a statement made to the Las Vegas Sun,  Gillespie said he warned BLM Special Agent In Charge Daniel P Love, that he had lost control of the situation and would only escalate it to violence if he did not stop the round-up.  Love refused the advise of both the Sheriff of Clarke County and Governor of the State of Nevada.  Many people who know Daniel P. Love say his over inflated ego would not allow him to heed that warning.
“I think if anybody would look at how they handled the protesting with the use of Tasers and police dogs, anyone who had been in policing would question those tactics,” he said. “And I believe that led to the heightened interest and escalating the situation.”  ~ Douglas Gillespie
Federal Prosecutor Steven Myhre would now like the court and the public to believe that Dan Love  and fellow BLM Agents are all victims of propaganda, and that the BLM did nothing to provoke a visit from an outraged Bundy Family which resulted in a video release exposing their aggression” said one attorney working on the case;
 When the family approached the BLM that day, Ammon Bundy was tazed three times,  a  recovering cancer patient and grandmother, was violently thrown to the ground, and a pregnant girl was threatened by the release of a dog.  That video is far from propaganda, it’s the truth, and it speaks volumes about the mindset of the BLM.  Evidence will clearly show that the Bundy’s were right about the BLM killing cattle and burying them on public lands; and that, coupled with numerous other violent incidents perpetrated by the BLM, is what caused the escalation in Bunkerville in 2014.  To say that the BLM and Dan Love are all just victims is simply not true.  Click here to view the video.
There has also been an unexplained number of plea deals connected to this case, and at least three men are now trying to back out of their deals after seeing the discovery.
Jerry Delemus who recently took a plea deal on the case has since changed his mind about that decision saying that he was forced into the deal by the FBI.  Delemus, who is married to State Rep Susan Delemus of  New Hampshire, now says he buckled under extreme pressure after the FBI threatened that they would go after the men who accompanied him to Nevada if he refused to take the deal.  One of those men was his Son.
When Delemus asked Judge Gloria Navarro if he would be committing perjury when he lied under oath to say he was guilty,  her response was, “Not necessarily.” So the Judge presiding over this case encouraged a defendant to lie under oath?  So much for the dignity of the Nevada Bench.

Much time has passed since the 2014 protest and public memory may have faded, but the fact still remains; Sheriff Doug Gillespi told Cliven Bundy and the American People on the day of the protest that the BLM was leaving and the cattle would now be freed.  When the Bundy Family, and the American People, accompanied by the media came to get the cattle, they were met with the threat of being shot by Daniel P. Love and his BLM.  Was Daniel P. Love once again defying the orders of the County Sheriff when the people approached that gate?  We think that’s exactly what the “discovery” will show.
Special Agent In Charge Daniel P. Love
According to an official statement by a BLM spokesperson in a report documented by E&E LLC  the BLM narrative is very clear;
“In a highly volatile situation with heavily armed antagonists, Love negotiated a peaceful resolution,” said Celia Boddington, who was serving as BLM’s assistant director for communications at the time and is now retired. “When all is said and done, he was the person most responsible for ensuring that nobody got killed that day. While many are eager to play Monday morning quarterback, history will judge him kindly.”
In reality Daniel P. Love was forced to leave the premises by a Deputy Sheriff at the gate after refusing a direct order to do so several times.  Daniel P. Love said he was not leaving and that Ammon Bundy was not taking those cattle.  He said all of this after Sheriff Douglas Gillespie had already told a cheering crowd that he had ordered the BLM to vacate the premises and the Bundy’s naturally went to get their cattle, or at least what was left of them.  Revised history may very well remember Daniel P. Love kindly, but those who stared down the barrel of his gun that day and know the truth, will certainly not.
End Article