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Here I will share my feelings about America and her Future.

Let it be known to all the World, I love all Humankind, however the poor actions of the few that take away the Freedom's of the many wear on my soul. I don't hate them I feel sad for their foolishness before God and humankind.

Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

"We often search for things in life, yet seldom do we find.

Those things in life that really matter, until we make the time." S.T.Huls

God Bless the Republic of America!

We have Got To Stand Up!!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Duane Ehmer - Hellboy's Last Ride - Free The Hammonds - 12/30/17

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hellboy's Last Ride with Duane Ehmer and Cindy Reynolds

shared Guerilla Media Network News's post.
Image may contain: 3 people, horse, sky and outdoorImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, horse, sky and outdoorImage may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
4 hrs
Hellboy's Last Ride with Duane Ehmer and Cindy Reynolds long 969 mile journey begins! Andrea Parker and Maureen Peltier (SSG Moe) being you updates and photos. Today we begin in Umatilla, Or
To assist Duane and Hellboy:
Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Hell Boy’s Last Ride - 1000 miles in winter to fed prison

KICKOFF - Hell Boy’s Last Ride -
Day #1 - Mile 0 of 969

 Duane Ehmer & Hellboy kickoff their 900+ mile journey from Irrigon, Oregon to Lompoc California.
Convicted Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Protester Duane Ehmer & his horse “Hellboy” will kick off their 900 mile journey to Lompoc, California at 2pm PST 12/26/17. 
 Duane was recently sentenced for his participation in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Protest in January 2016. 
“We need to remember what the protest in 2016 was all about. 
 The Hammond Family in Burns, Oregon will not be forgotten —
my horse Hellboy and I are gonna ride the 900 mile journey from Oregon to Lompoc California to tell as many people as we can that the Hammonds are still in jail - declared terrorists simply for ranching in Oregon.”
Duane was arrested and his horse after the stand up to the radical elements in the US Federal, State, Local government's that conspired with the Clinton Foundation and Russians Uranium One to take the lands of the Hammonds for their personal usages and benefits.
After his release he had to FREE 'Hell Boy' his horse from CIA custody.
Why is the CIA actively working against the people and horses of America?

These interviews below at these links you can follow and the future updates on the month long journey to report to a federal prison. He plans to ride 41 miles a day.
The Feds new at his sentencing he was planning on riding Hell Boy as a statement to support the abused Hammonds by their Federal agencies and local governments'.
So they Moved his Prison he had to report to as far away as they could, just outside of LA California.
This has NOT deterred Duane's resolve to Continue his mission of bringing light of the persecution of his friends the Hammonds to the world, he is not worried of the time he will be serving.
But chooses to continue to help others.
Such is the heart of an American Veteran, Cowboy, Welder.

Morning Grope With Pete Santilli - Hell Boy’s Last Ride #FreeTheHammonds

Monday, December 25, 2017

Perspectives: The Bundy mistrial, the government’s false narrative is exposed


Perspectives: The Bundy mistrial, the government’s false narrative is exposed

Written by Bryan Hyde

Composite includes image by wesvandinter, E+, Getty Images, St. George News
OPINION — Those who maintain that what happened in Bunkerville in April of 2014 was simply about Cliven Bundy’s cows and the federal Bureau of Land Management are getting a much needed reality check.
It was a symptom of a much larger long-term problem involving government power being exercised without proper limits or accountability.
When Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the case against Cliven, Ammon and Ryan Bundy last week, virtually no one in the courtroom was shocked. Even the most openly hostile media representatives who have been covering the Bundys could see the writing on the wall.
Read more: Mistrial announced in Bundy case
The official narrative, which falsely depicted the defendants as dangerous, violent men who posed a deadly threat to government officers and the public in general, had been breaking up on the rocks of reality for some time.
As more and more facts found their way to daylight, a very different picture began to emerge as to who were the aggressors and who were the victims
Federal indictments were revealed to be long on melodrama and short on substance and did not accurately reflect what happened in Bunkerville in back in 2014. As more and more facts found their way to daylight, a very different picture began to emerge as to who were the aggressors and who were the victims in this case.
The government’s case against the Bundy family members and Ryan Payne had already failed to persuade jurors in a number of previous cases. This wasn’t a matter of the defendants exploiting loopholes or deftly out-lawyering the prosecution.
The juries weren’t stacked with Bundy supporters who could be counted on to oppose the government for ideological reasons. Jurors came to realize they simply could not trust that their government was telling them the truth.
Navarro pointedly emphasized the “willful suppression” of evidence
In explaining her reasons for declaring the mistrial, Navarro cited several key pieces of evidence that prosecutors willfully failed to turn over to the defense during the discovery phase of the trial. Navarro pointedly emphasized the “willful suppression” of evidence as she listed each one.
This included information regarding an FBI surveillance camera posted outside the Bundy’s ranch, documents that identified BLM snipers posted outside the ranch eight days before the April 14 standoff. Also withheld was an FBI log with entries stating “snipers were inserted” and on standby outside the Bundy home.
there was no documentation of any desert tortoises being injured by Bundy’s cattle
In addition, prosecutors willfully withheld at least four threat assessments that admitted the Bundys weren’t violent and that the BLM was “antagonizing” the family. Finally, the government suppressed an internal affairs document that admitted there was no documentation of any desert tortoises being injured by Bundy’s cattle grazing on the federal land.
Over and over, federal prosecutors had accused the Bundys of deceiving those who rallied to their support in April of 2014, saying that they had falsely claimed they were being targeted by a militarized task force and in fear of their lives. Prosecutors openly mocked these assertions and the defendants’ efforts to compel the release of documents verifying the nature of the operation.
Ironically, it was the government’s own witnesses who inadvertently spilled the beans and verified the existence of this exculpatory evidence while they were testifying. Once the first cracks began to appear in the prosecution’s case, an unstoppable torrent of previously hidden truths began to spill forth.
Long story short, it was government agents, not the Bundys, who were the aggressors and who lawlessly sought to provoke violence.
Truth is what turned the government’s case on its head
Truth is what turned the government’s case on its head.
The jury was not going to convict them. Remember, it would only have taken a single juror refusing to convict to hang the jury and force a mistrial. In this latest trial, the vast majority of jurors were solidly on the side of the defendants.
This became crystal clear after the defendants and their counsel had the opportunity to visit with the jurors after they were released from their duties. One African-American juror, immediately walked from the jury box, gently moved a person aside who was visiting with Ryan Bundy and wrapped Bundy up in a big hug.
It’s telling that the people who are most upset about this trial ending in failure for the government are those who weren’t in the courtroom and who haven’t examined the evidence for themselves. Their hysterical outbursts are a poor substitute for reasoned observation.
It’s understandable that people can become dug in ideologically and find it difficult to adjust their thinking upon encountering new truth. None of us wishes to be dragged kicking and screaming to the realization that that we were wrong.
too many people have wrongly allowed the Bundy family and their supporters to be reduced to a one-dimensional headline
Still, it must be said. Far too many people have wrongly allowed the Bundy family and their supporters to be reduced to a one-dimensional headline. Will they continue to cling to official untruths?
This doesn’t mean that everyone must become a supporter of the Bundys. However, now that we know that a patently false, self-serving narrative was put forth by government and parroted by the media, it does raise the question, how can we trust what they say?
More importantly, how do we intend to hold unchecked and aggressive government agencies accountable?

Bryan Hyde is an opinion columnist specializing in current events viewed through what he calls the lens of common sense. The opinions stated in this article are his and not representative of St. George News.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christ-Mas the Reason for the day

A Birth Prophesied  by all the Holy Prophets since Adam.

Waited for since the creation of this Earth.

A blessed couple chosen by God the Father in Heaven to raise his Only begotten Son.

What an honor, what a blessing.
Angles from the Heavens did sing at his birth, witness’s were invited to go.
The humble Shepherds from their fields.

The Son of God, King of Kings, Ruler of the Earth born not in a palace

But in a humble stable amongst the animals to the wife of a carpenter.


Let us remember the Reason for this seasons message, Christ-mas

Or the time of year we remember the birth of our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ who came to be the sacrifice the lamb upon the alter of Earth

So that we could all have the opportunity to be forgiven of our sins, mistakes

During our lives on this earth.

The whole world saw the signs, heard and recorded his birth. So important it was.

For with a humble beginning and a humble life. He went on to fulfill his mission that

Would lead him to his cross, and beyond.

For this day we today call Christmas, may not be the actual birthday,
for it was nearer to Aprils spring.

But it is the day we have chosen as a people of Earth to remember his Sacred Birth and to

Remember his mission, kindness, peace, charity, love, forgiveness, mercy, for such were his

Teachings his lifes example to us all.

So let us take a moment to remember our Savior, and realize its not about what we get for

Christmas but what we do and who we effect by showing them by living a Christ like life.
Serve others as Christ taught us to do.

Merry Christmas.


Has the Republic of America Lost to the Empires of darkness?

Has the Republic of America Lost to the Empires of darkness?

Yes it may surprise many but not those who are awake to reality of the state of our nation.  USA the Republic has turned into the USSA.

Why do I claim that?

Lets look at the last 80yrs of what has evolved in oversized control, government, social and communist programs that today have striped almost every liberty and freedom granted us by God and the US Constitution of our Old Republic.

How they won, the socialist communists and statism athiests have infiltraited every aspect of our society.
Media, all political agencies, beurocracy, schools, churches, mythology, entertainments and so forth.
They took control with the FCC, Holly wood, All Federal and state agencies and even have a huge control over the Law Enforcers of the USSA, who are militarized and think not as peace officers but as a military force / enforcers. 

Your education system has been controlled for generations turning out anti Republic and anti God students in the millions.
Fake education / communist and socialist and luciferian ideology has replaced the great learning of our schools from k-12 and higher education has become more reeducation camps than solid useful real education.

Now every aspect of your life is controlled by taxation, beurocratic rules, laws, total control. This is a core of communism / luciferism.
They have followed this pattern through out the history of the world.
They ahve been so successful in their brainwashing of Americans that most do not even know nor understand nor have the desire to learn real American history, The US Constitutional Law, the Restraints placed upon all forms of Governments, judicial, elercted officials and unelected beurocrats etc.

Now with the use of their agencies like the IRS, EPA, BLM, DNR, USFS, Homeland Security, TSA, DCFS, FDA, FCC, and the list goes on endlessly. They use their assumed powers, their allies of the radical enviormentalist armies of drones, laywers, judges, and funds.
They can force everyone to comply with their agendas upon threat of destruction of property, life, everything.
They however do not follow the rules they force us to live by. They do enrich themselves in glory, power, riches while the world suffers. Even the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Many in the military have been ensnared in this darkness.

Most of which are against the founding Fathers Consitutional restraints. Even now in Oregon and Nevada Federal Judges and Governors have openly Prohibited the use or mention of the US Constitution in their courts. Openly admitted to NOT following the Ultimate law of the lands but instead court opinions. This is open defiance and lawlessness by these people in power.

Today legal plunder ia very alive and happening. If you do not comply with the thugs, thieves, criminals in power. Well they unite together and destroy you, take your lands, water, business, family, children, imprison you for life with lies and conspiracy and yes even murder you. This has happened in the millions in the last 80+yrs of their growing tyranny.

When the people begin to awaken they invite in and protect non Americans, illegals and militant armies of our enemies of communism, socialism, islamism, luciferism into our lands and fund and arm them in the 10s of thousands. Many training camps have existed in the USA for these militants for over 20yrs now.

So we must awaken, we must learn of the Constitutional Republic for ourselves, we must read, study, learn and then TEACH it to our younger generations so they can help assist us in the Restoration of the Republic of America. 
If we do not do this and continue with our apathy and acceptance of all aspects of evil.

They you will see our Republic finally destroyed as Rome was and every other nation who has allowed wickedness to rule.

Wickedness is the way to suicide of every civilized nation.
My ancestores of which I am but a remnant of, once had a thriving civilization that rivaled Rome in our time here upon N. America. Some have labeled us Hopewell / Moundbuilders, however our legends, history remains. I am of the house of Lehi. We were destroyed as a nation, Like America is now being destroyed, their prophets left us warnings to avoid their folly, to eliminate all aspects of tyranny when we discover it. They warned and saw our destruction if we allowed this to happen, to be decieved by the darkness. As my ancestors were. 

This is a cycle of rightousness, history truely repeats when the wicked and darkness erase it. So they can assume control.  The Empires of Darkness do rule for a time, but in the end the followers of Light, Truth, God, and Liberty arise and with the help of Heaven in the end defeat all darkness.

Darkness FEARS the light.

So YOU must become a bearer of light, and once each of our sparks unite as one in purpose regardless of our many differences of background, faith, learning, wealth of lack of, free or bound, once we unite we shall become such a powerful light we shall be as the Sun and the darkness will become as the dew on the morning grass and will melt and flee into their shadows before us.

We must unite. Your future, you childrens and their childrens futures are now before you. Will you allow the Empires of darkness to enslave them, rule over them, destroy them both body and soul?  Or will you do what you can now personally to stand.

It does not matter how it ends for us as individuals, what matters is that we Stand before the wall of Darkness and say.
We shall not fall, we shall not bow we shall not cower before your assumed power.
We shall stand as Warriors of light, we shall not go quietly into the night, we shall become as the noon day Sun and send you back into the abyss from whence you came.

Stand people of America, Stand people of Earth.
We are truely all of the Family of our 1st parents Adam and Eve.

With God all is possible if you but Believe.

Tsul ' Kalu - Ani-Kituhwagi - The Origional People.

Friday, December 22, 2017

LaVoy Dead Man Talking = Help tell this true hero's tale

We invite everyone to go visit and consider helping this story come to light.


Visit the link below and click on the kickstarter link to view how you can help and to learn more. 


Telling the Impossible Story

LaVoy: Dead Man Talking will draw you into the tale of a dreamy life and epic death of one of the last Wild West American cowboys—LaVoy Finicum. Regardless of which political side you fall on, his story is so compelling, tragic, and iconic that we found ourselves constrained to add this bio-documentary about his journey to our Governed V Governing series.
A Simple Cowboy
A Simple Cowboy

The raw nature of this film is the deep desire to strike a balance between learning from and educating about these real life stories, while neither vilifying nor vindicating LaVoy's decisions and actions leading up to his death. And while his freedom of conscience is deeply sacred, both the LaVoy Finicum family and the film's producers recognize and understand that to neglect the study of political strategy would be a travesty to future preservation of life, liberty, and property.
LaVoy's Memorial, Highway 395
LaVoy's Memorial, Highway 395

This story needs to be told in its entirety, void of misrepresentations. The outcome will inspire more of today's culture to ask hard questions of itself with the intent to seek difficult-to-find answers. This Cowboy's story will stir within the soul of each viewer a need to embark on the challenging endeavor to discover the delicate line that separates preserving and losing life, liberty, and property.

This Story Is Not About Cows or Cowboys!

The iconic Wild West, cows & cowboys way of life are giving way to the 21st century. Putting that into perspective, 99% of the current American public doesn't own a cow, let alone heard of or know what “grazing rights” are. In a world of city life and virtual existence, it is difficult to empathize with the mosaic of an open range, spotted with cows, a cowboy and his dog, moving the herd, day to day, from sunup to sundown.
On April 12, 2014 a group of cowboys and non-cowboys, a few armed and the vast majority not, at the behest of a ranching family—the Bundys—came face-to-face with heavily armed federal agents on a patch of desolate dried up river wash in Northwestern Nevada. It was EPIC—we were there and filmed it!

Surprisingly and profoundly life, liberty, and property were preserved that day. No one died, no one went to prison, and the Bundy cows (their property) were returned. The story was so epic that to this day we use it in our Applied Civics classes and we made it into Part I – The Bundy Standoff of our Governed V Governing documentary series. One of the cowboys there that day was LaVoy Finicum. Little did he (or we, for that matter) know that his standing with the Bundys (2014) was the beginning and his going to Oregon (2016) would be the ending of a profound life's journey.

It Matters How You Stand

LaVoy said, “I’m just a redneck doing the right thing… was never one to poke people in the eye or cause trouble. I always stood in line, rose my hand, and never had a parking violation.” LaVoy definitely does not fit the description of 'loose cannon' or 'hothead'. Interviews with his family and footage from his own homemade videos bear witness that he was more family man and ranching cowboy, than closet criminal.
The LaVoy Finicum family
The LaVoy Finicum family

So what changed in LaVoy’s life, why did he go to the 2014 Bundy Standoff? Why did he go to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in 2016, and on his way to a meeting in John Day ended up stepping out of his truck into a hail of bullets? In answering these questions we review his personal footage, interview his family and those associated with him in Oregon to discover the motivations, frustrations, and resolve that prompted his fateful decisions.
LaVoy Speaking to the Press
LaVoy Speaking to the Press

You will be shocked by his own words and actions when compared to the picture painted by the media and cemented into the collective memory of the American mind. Our film gives LaVoy Finicum the opportunity he never got—to tell, in his own words, how he came to his final decision on January 26, 2016.

The Final Verdict

Everyone who was there with LaVoy on that fateful day, was acquitted in an Oregon Federal Court. This film gives the dead man his day in court, and you are the jury—hearing his side for the first time.
This film is momentous and historic. With your help, together we can continue LaVoy’s mission of educating the American people, help correct the distorted image of the Finicum family’s husband and father, cultivate new alternative media, and promote positive change in the destiny of our communities.
We hope you will join us in this endeavor.

Meet The Team 

Thara & her dad
Thara & her dad

Liaison & Consultant. Thara is the oldest daughter of LaVoy Finicum. She lives in western Utah with her husband Tom and four rambunctious boys. She acts as liaison on behalf of the Finicum family, researches and locates audio & video recordings of her father, and provides invaluable input and direction into this project.
Vitaliy Maksimov
Vitaliy Maksimov

Crowd-funding Consultant. Vitaliy lives with his family in Eastern Washington. He brings his previous experiences with crowdfunding to the team. He has provided the team with invaluable consultation and direction.
Jeremiah Lofthus
Jeremiah Lofthus

Director. Jeremiah lives with his amazing family in Northeastern Washington. His passion is filmmaking. He has been learning the art since he was a young teenager. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Film with an emphasis in Production, a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication, and is certified by RED Digital Cinema.
Mark Herr
Mark Herr

Producer. Mark lives with his amazing wife, beautiful daughter, and four fabulous step-children in north eastern Washington. While he never dreamed of doing this project, he feels compelled to tell this very challenging story and use it to change the destiny of the country. He is president, co-founder and applied civics instructor for Center for Self Governance for over 5 years. He has a masters degree in business administration and is a retired Air Force veteran.

How You Can Help - Join Our Team!   

1. Back the Project: Kickstarter is all or nothing – if we don't make our goal, we get nothing. Your support is tax-deductible (we are non-profit).
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AG Sessions orders examination of Bundy case after mistrial over prosecution bungling

New post on It Matters How You Stand

AG Sessions orders examination of Bundy case after mistrial over prosecution bungling

by Doug Knowles

AG Sessions orders examination of Bundy case after mistrial over prosecution bungling

Government failed to turn over evidence
Thursday, December 21, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepped into the Bundy prosecution after Wednesday’s mistrial, ordering a third-party examination of the case in light of the latest government snafu.
“The attorney general takes this issue very seriously and has personally directed that an expert in the [Justice Department’s] discovery obligations be deployed to examine the case and advise as to the next steps,” said Ian D. Prior, the department’s principal deputy director of public affairs, in a late Wednesday statement.

The decision to intervene came after Chief U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial over the government’s “willful failure to disclose information” to the defense, saying it would have been “impossible” for the four co-defendants to receive a fair trial.

“Failure to turn over such evidence violates due process,” Judge Navarro said in the courtroom, the Arizona Republic reported. “A fair trial at this point is impossible.”
Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and Ryan Payne of Montana have been charged with 15 felony counts stemming from the 2014 armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management at the Bundy ranch near Bunkerville.
The examination represents the first direct public intervention by the attorney general in the Nevada case, which began last year under then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
Acting U.S. Attorney Steven W. Myhre, who oversees the prosecution, said he welcomed the input from D.C.
“We respect the ruling of the court and take very seriously our discovery obligations,” Mr. Myhre said in a statement. “The office welcomes the assistance of the attorney general as we continue to evaluate the case in light of the court’s ruling.”
No deadline was given for the attorney general’s examination, but Judge Navarro set a Jan. 8 hearing on defense motions to dismiss the case. The next trial is tentatively scheduled to begin Feb. 26.
The case, which involves 19 defendants spread over three tiers, has been riddled with setbacks for the prosecution, including a previous mistrial, hung juries and acquittals on lesser figures in the April 2014 armed confrontation with BLM agents.
Judge Navarro said the prosecutors had willfully failed to disclose key evidence in the case, including FBI records about surveillance and government snipers at the Bundy ranch, activity logs, law enforcement threat assessments showing the Bundy family posed no threat of violence, and internal reports about BLM agent misconduct.
She dismissed the jury after seven weeks in the latest trial involving the second of the three tiers of co-defendants.
All four in the latest trial are considered leaders of the confrontation with the BLM, which began after agents tried to impound the ranch’s cattle following Cliven Bundy’s refusal for years to pay grazing fees in a protest over federal land management.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Whistleblower Reveals “The Kill Book” by Loren Edward Pearce RedoubtNews

Whistleblower Reveals “The Kill Book”

The Wooten report is a glaring indictment of what happens when these powerful agencies have no oversight.

Whistleblower Reveals The Kill Book
SAC Dan Love, Bunkerville Stadoff 2014 (photo by Shannon Bushman, used with permission)

The Kill Book

The president, a politician, Republican or Democrat, should never get to decide someone’s death by flipping through some flash cards and saying, ‘You want to kill him? Yeah, let’s go ahead and kill him’.” — Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), on CNN’s “State Of The Union,” Feb. 10.
The recently released 17 page report by whistleblower and lead investigator, Larry Wooten, details wide ranging misconduct by prosecutors and by BLM and other government actors. Among the accusations made by Wooten, was reference to a “kill book” kept by SAC Dan Love in which he bragged about causing the suicides of different individuals including Dr. Redd.
Beyond the suicides, it is unclear to what extent the “kill book” identified other people, including the Bundys and their supporters, as targets for assassination. There have been claims that, once all the discovery is released, not just the Wooten report, that more evidence will show that the Bundys and others were targeted for assassination.
One thing that has been confirmed is the use of snipers and the implied intent to assassinate. We already know how “trigger happy” the FBI was in shooting Vicky Weaver, while holding an infant child in her arms, at Ruby Ridge. There is probable cause to believe that the snipers, seen at the Bundy ranch, could have easily killed somebody associated with the Bundy cause.
Additionally, there is mounting evidence that a FBI sharpshooter fired at LaVoy Finicum and/or his passengers in an attempt to “execute extreme prejudice” and rid themselves of the problem that was growing like a virus. US Senator Ron Wyden, comparing the Malheur standoff to a virus, said that it was, “a situation where the virus was spreading,” and action needed to be taken.
One normally deals with a spreading virus by killing it. Were the assassination of Finicum, the attempted assassination of his passengers and the use of snipers at Bunkerville, all part of a government remedy to eradicate the virus through orders to kill?
Ammon Bundy, in a recent video, talks about some of the contents of the whistleblower report and how the FBI and the BLM put “x’s” through the pictures of Cliven Bundy and showed a disrespect for life.
A common practice by government is to label something with words that make them a euphemism, meaning to downplay the seriousness of something by giving it a better sounding name. A euphemism for assassination or kill orders is to “execute extreme prejudice”.
This term is used in reference to the government policy of assassinating enemies of the state, foreign or domestic.
The point I want to make is that, accusations and claims being made in the case of Bundy, Finicum and their supporters, regarding kill books or kill lists are not far fetched , nor are they a product of wacko conspiracy nuts, but fit a much bigger and far reaching policy by the US government to use assassination (murder) as a way to deal with people that they, a small group of decision makers, may consider “terrorists” or “virus”.
Senator Dennis Kucinich said that, “It doesn’t take too much of a stretch” to believe that the government policy to terminate terrorists in other parts of the world could also happen on US soil and against US citizens. (at 4:00 minutes)
We have heard Senator Harry Reid refer to the Bundys and supporters as “domestic terrorists”.
Once the term “terrorist” attaches to someone, whether foreign or domestic, it seems to give the government added justification to “reach out and touch someone” in the form of a drone missile or sniper bullet or some other form of “extreme prejudice”.
The above referenced video with Kucinich discusses how the constitutional rights to due process are being denied as the government seeks and destroys what they deem to be enemies of the state and then terminates them. The enormous injustice that is being perpetrated, not only against US citizens, is also against other human beings who don’t happen to be US citizens.
Our founders talked about inalienable and natural rights, rights that come to us for the simple fact of being human. The constitution was meant to not only protect people with US citizenship, but it was a model of conduct towards all mankind.
Denial of due process means that there are no checks and balances, none of the protections found in the Bill of Rights. Instead, somebody, often the POTUS, makes a unilateral decision to take somebody out, to take their life without a trial, without witnesses and cross examination and all the protections that we are supposed to have in a court of law. All that is bypassed with a drone missile or a sniper bullet.
The advantages and convenience of assassination are huge. By taking someone out, the government and their agencies are spared all the publicity, energy, expense and messiness of trials and investigations. The benefit of an assassination far outweighs its risk.
Much has been written, made into movies and discussed about the new technology, known as assassination by drone. So effective are drones in taking out enemies or people, who someone has labelled as an enemy, that they have become the new normal and have radically changed the rules of war.
We know from these sources that, not only are people deemed to be enemies of the state taken out, but that innocent bystanders are also killed. Again, the euphemism comes to the rescue by calling them, “collateral damage”.
Many people who become employees of the federal government also served in the armed forces. These people were exposed to the drone culture, either by witnessing first hand or through other accounts, of people being taken out by drone strikes or long range weapons from high flying aircraft. These future employees of the federal government (who get preferential hiring treatment as veterans) bring with them to their domestic jobs, their attitudes and their philosophies about assassination.
The same mind set that executed Vicky Weaver, and that caused Dan Love to have a kill book or that may have led to the murder of LaVoy Finicum, may, directly or indirectly, be traced back to the comprehensive program of assassination prevalent with the thousands of drones patrolling the world’s skies.
This is not a critique of effective technology, it is a critique of the lack of oversight, the lack of constitutional protections and the lack of due process used in the current program of eliminating human beings, without a trial or without adequate review or rules of evidence.
So successful has been the drone program in eliminating people, without any blowback or consequences, that it is easy to see how it would be a big temptation to apply it to domestic affairs and people who are deemed to be a “growing virus”.
As Ammon Bundy pointed out in his video, the real danger are unaccountable federal agencies. Government bureaucracies that have so much power that they can do what they want, when they want and how they want with nobody to rein them in.
The Wooten report is a glaring indictment of what happens when these powerful agencies have no oversight. Whistleblowers are punished when, and if, they have the courage to expose the misconduct and the corruption.
Which brings us back to the famous quote: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men,…” Lord Acton, 1887

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