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Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Iran is building missile bases in Venezuela, to Target USA.

Iran building missile base in Venezuela

 January 5, 2012

Iran building missile base in Venezuela

Lee DeCovnick

Iran and Venezuela are feverishly building ICBM bases on the Paraguana Peninsula, a thumbnail shaped spit of arid land around a thousand square miles in size, 250 miles northwest of Caracas. These bases are designed to house missiles with nuclear tipped warheads capable of reaching large portions of the United States. From the Jerusalem Post, in May of 2011, and noted at the time by American Thinker, we read about these stunning developments that the Obama Administration and their socialist enablers in the media want to bury before the 2012 election.
Iran is building intermediate-range missile launch pads on the Paraguaná Peninsula, and engineers from a construction firm - Khatam al-Anbia - owned by the Revolutionary Guards.  The rocket bases are to include measures to prevent air attacks on Venezuela as well as commando and control stations.
The Iranian military involvement in the project extends to bunker, barracks and watch tower construction. Twenty-meter deep rocket silos are planned. The cost of the Venezuelan military project is being paid for with Iranian oil revenue. The Iranians paid in cash for the preliminary phase of the project, which amounted to "dozens of millions" of dollars...
... the clandestine agreement between Venezuela and Iran would mean the Chavez government would fire rocket at Iran's enemies should the Islamic Republic face military strikes.
Anna Mahjar-Barducci on the Stonegate Institute website wrote the following in December of 2010. Read the entire article, it's terrific.
At a moment when NATO members found an agreement, in the recent Lisbon summit (19-20 November 2010), to develop a Missile Defence capability to protect NATO's populations and territories in Europe against ballistic missile attacks from the East (namely, Iran), Iran's counter-move consists in establishing a strategic base in the South American continent - in the United States's soft underbelly.
The situation that is unfolding in Venezuela has some resemblance to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. At that time, Cuba was acting on behalf of the USSR; now Venezuela is acting on behalf of Iran. At present, the geopolitical situation is very different: the world is no longer ruled by two superpowers; new nations, often with questionable leaders and the ambition of acquiring global status, are appearing on the international scene. Their danger to the free world will be greater if the process of nuclear proliferation is not stopped. Among the nations that aspire to become world powers, Iran has certainly the best capabilities of posing a challenge to the West.
Back in the 1962, thanks to the stern stance adopted by the then Kennedy administration, the crisis was defused.
Nowadays, however, we do not see the same firmness from the present administration. On the contrary, we see a lax attitude, both in language and in deeds, that results in extending hands when our adversaries have no intention of shaking hands with us. Iran is soon going to have a nuclear weapon, and there are no signs that UN sanctions will in any way deter the Ayatollah's regime from completing its nuclear program. We know that Iran already has missiles that can carry an atomic warhead over Israel and over the Arabian Peninsula. Now we learn that Iran is planning to build a missile base close to the US borders. How longer do we have to wait before the Obama administration begins to understand threats?
Ms. Mahjar-Barducci, the answer to your eloquent question is simple. This Administration will finally begin to understand the threats just a couple of minutes after the first nuclear detonations over Miami, Atlanta, Houston and the Naval Shipyards in Portsmouth, Virginia.... and not a second sooner.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Emma Joy Huls Creative Mind-To my Dad on his Birthday

Emma Joy Huls Creative Mind

(Guess my 17 yr old likes her Dad what a sweet heart)

Friday, April 27, 2012

As a little girl grows up her heroes are never the same.  When I was younger I had my heroes, and the people I wanted to be just like as I grew up.  Yet as I have gotten older my heroes have changed, they have never stayed the same for long and they always let me down in the end.  Yet from the moment of my first breath to this very second and for eternity and beyond, I have one hero who’s never left me, never let me down, who’s always supported, and has always loved me unconditionally.  And who will never leave me to wonder where I stand in his life.  This man does not have a name that will blow the world away, but the name he has taken for this lifetime stands for who he is and will always stand for who I am and he holds my world together.  This man is my Daddy, Stephen T. Huls.  He is solid in all he does, and he does it with a pure mind and with good intent, and he always gives his very best.  I look at him and I want to be just like him.  My dad is one of a kind, and he has a complete original mind that could scare, or confuse the smartest of men. Yet that mind of his is full of strange, silly, amazing, mind blowing ideas that have played a part in the foundation of my life.  I am one of five children, and we all describe him with the same words.  We all hold him with the same amount of respect that he has always shown to us and to our amazing mother and grandparents.  When he talks we listen, and when we talk he listens.  My Dad can be described as, unique, strange, dedicated, honest, blunt, a patriot and some would say insane.  But as a father he is so much more to us children.  He is a father who gave up things he wanted for the benefit of his children.  He has given up his dreams, to help us create and accomplish our own dreams.  I could never ask for a better father.  Dad I wrote this for you, and I wish you a happy birthday with lots of love your daughter Emma Joy.
© April 27, 2012

Obama Forged Birth Certificate One Year Old Today: Congress Ignores Criminal Identity Theft | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

Obama Forged Birth Certificate One Year Old Today: Congress Ignores Criminal Identity Theft | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

Friday, April 27, 2012

Obama Forged Birth Certificate One Year Old Today: Congress Ignores Criminal Identity Theft

Happy Birthday! Obama Forged Birth Certificate One Year Old Today. And Congress continues to ignore Obama’s criminal identity theft crimes in progress on and in government property, servers, and agencies.
By Commander Charles Kerchner (Ret)

The total failure our national leadership in all our governmental institutions, and the failure of the major media, to investigate the “Usurper & Fraud in Chief” Obama, is undermining the morale and good order of our military. How can men and women in our military be expected to continue to follow orders from an unconstitutionally elected and installed phony, grifter, and criminal identity fraud impostor like Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro/Soebarkah, or whatever and whoever he really is? The prime directive of all who serve in the military is their solemn oath which clearly says it is their duty to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Obama is a domestic enemy of our Constitution. He is an illegal President and Commander in Chief. He is not constitutionally eligible per Article II Section 1 Clause 5 to be in the office he sits in. Our civilian leadership has left the country and our Constitution be completely and totally trampled on. Obama is UNFIT for COMMAND! When are more in our Commissioned Officer’s ranks going to stand up and start asking questions to their senior leaders in their branch of the military and to the members of Congress about the usurper and criminal fraud in the Oval Office and what is Congress going to do about it, and when. If you see a crime in process do you allow it to continue and take no action and look the other way and say to yourself, it’s not my problem, let him finish out his term and get away with … or worse yet, let him defraud the American electorate and Constitution once again in November 2012 and possibly win re-election via election fraud once again? If that is allowed to happen our country, our U.S. Constitution, our national security, and are very liberty will be in great danger of complete and total destruction by Obama if he is fraudulently allowed to serve another four year term. What about the oath administered to all members of our military, especially the one given to Commissioned Officers? A Commissioned Officer’s sole oath is to support and defend the Constitution, not to support and defend a fraudulent President. Why is that their prime directive? Because the founders and framers knew that some day a charlatan could convince by deceit, deception, and fraud the masses to put in place by populist election a treasonous person into the Oval Office and command of our military. And they created that oath to enable the Commissioned Officer’s rank to be the last line of defense for our U.S. Constitution. What are the Joint Chiefs of Staff doing on this matter? Do they consider their solemn oath to the Constitution to mean anything to themselves? Was the oath just so many words to them? A ritual with no solemn meaning to them? The UCMJ does not erase and countermand one’s solemn oath and prime directive to support and defend the U.S. Constitution. It is that U.S. Constitution against which the lawfulness of all laws and orders shall be judged!

Based on Obama’s forged and backdated Selective Service (Draft) Registration Card, which was feloniously and retroactively entered into the SSS system some time in 2007/2008 by an Obama operative working in the Chicago regional office of the SSS, Obama is a draft dodger and has committed a major federal felony in that matter alone! Remember the U.S. Passport records break in and sanitizing Obama’s passport records during the 2007/2008 election cycle and the subsequent unsolved shooting death of a person involved with the investigation of that event. Well, obviously someone also surreptitiously broke into the SSS records and database system too about then. When will the Joint Chiefs of Staff contact the U.S. Congress, privately or otherwise, and insist that a full fledged congressional investigation into the unknown true legal identity of Obama and into his forged identity documents being placed onto government servers and in government databases be launched. A congressional investigation must be done … and done now! CDR Kerchner (Ret)

Get a copy of Arizona Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation report of Obama’s forged identity documents here:

Also, Obama’s draft registration card was forged and back dated per AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse investigation:

See additional evidence of Obama’s forged and back dated draft registration here:

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA




New Ad - AZ Sheriff Arpaio - Obama Birth Cert & Draft Reg Card Are Forged! Wash Times Natl Wkly - 12 Ma...
 t & Commander in Chief of the Military Must Be A“natural born Citizen” — U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5

Vote for Freedom or Treason in 2012

In 2012 do you vote for This Anti - American Ideology in the Works, our Destruction


In 2012 do you Vote for America's Future, someone who supports the U.S. Constitution and Real True Freedom's Granted us by our Creator, even Jesus Christ who assisted the Founding of America.

Scared to Keep Their Oaths of Office, to Defend America against ALL enemies both Foreign and Domestic. We have open TREASON! All levels of our Nations Government Leadership Have been co-opted by Sworn Enemies of this Nation and the U.S. Constitution, They seek dominion, power, to enslave You and your children and kill any who get in their way such are Terrorists like Hamas which birthed from the Muslim Brotherhood the parent of many terrorist groups. Today the Muslim Brotherhood receives Hundreds of Millions of YOUR tax's YOUR Paychecks to support their EVIL Now They are on the security councils of America that are designed to protect us from evil. Obama's administration has put them in the White House, and given them access to our top secret and preventative measures against evil. Imagine if you will, in the 1960's if the sitting President, Congress, Senate allowed Maoists, USSR's KGB, Cuba into our Nations top security meetings, and given them a desk in the White House, allowed them into our missile defense bases to monitor, how would American's have reacted back then? Let us see according to the Article 3 section 3 of the US Constitution The Law of the Land states: "TREASON against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." So let us see, Obama and others in Congress, Senate in the last 12 yrs HAVE done Treason, they Aid and give Comfort to the sworn enemies of the USA and its Military, they send hundreds of millions to our sworn enemies, give them top access to our nations defense intelligence, maybe this is why Seal Team 6 was sent on a non essential mission in a helicopter they normally did not use, to a waiting Terrorist group who was able to then Shoot them down executing them, did the Obama administration set them up the terrorists knew and waited. Obama sends Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood Millions, Egypt has been sold 125 new top of the line tanks, Egypt is being run by radicals, Muslim brotherhood, and swear Israels and America's Exterminations. Obama lies about our boarder security, allowing Enemies in, When you Vote ask yourself this, Vote for Treason or Freedom, America's Life or Death. Simple Obama equals No Constitution, Changed History, Chaos. Vote for America's Freedom or your children will become slaves of Obamanation. 

Is this what you want your children, grand children to ask of you?

by Stephen Huls

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tennessee Passes Resolution Slamming “Socialist” UN Agenda 21

Tennessee Passes Resolution Slamming “Socialist” UN Agenda 21

Tennessee Passes Resolution Slamming “Socialist” UN Agenda 21 | Print |  E-mail
Written by Alex Newman   
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 10:42
Even as the United Nations prepares to massively expand its “sustainable development” agenda at the upcoming sustainability summit in Rio de Janeiro, lawmakers in Tennessee approved a joint resolution blasting the global body’s controversial Agenda 21 — adopted at the 1992 Earth Summit — as an “insidious” socialist plot. All across America, opposition to the UN schemes is building quickly.
The popular measure (HJR 587) in Tennessee was passed by a bipartisan 72-to-23 landslide in the state House of Representatives last month. And on Tuesday, it was overwhelmingly approved in the Senate with 19 in favor and 11 against.
A broad coalition of activists from across the political spectrum came together to support the resolution, urging lawmakers to stand firm in the face of attacks to protect the people of Tennessee. And the efforts paid off: Supporters celebrated its passage Wednesday as another small victory for liberty, private-property rights, and national sovereignty.
Despite being non-binding, analysts said legislators in Tennessee sent a powerful message by recognizing the “destructive and insidious nature” of the controversial UN scheme. The resolution, among other points, urges the public and policymakers to reject Agenda 21, which it describes as “a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control.”
Echoing a similar measure adopted earlier this year by the Republican National Committee (RNC), the resolution approved in Tennessee cites the UN’s own documents to expose the global plan. Agenda 21 policy describes “social justice,” for example, as “the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment,” lawmakers observed.
Such a “radical” vision would have to be accomplished by what the resolution describes as “socialist” and “communist” means — “redistribution of wealth” from U.S. taxpayers to governments around the world. Meanwhile, the legislation points out, Agenda 21 considers national sovereignty to be a “social injustice.”
In other words, if the UN has its way, Americans would be forced to submit to global authorities as opposed to governing themselves under the framework established by the Constitution. And everything would have to change — education, the economy, policies, taxes, consumption, production, and more.
“This United Nations Agenda 21 plan of radical so-called ‘sustainable development’ views the American way of life of private property ownership, single-family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices, and privately owned farms all as destructive to the environment,” the resolution explains. “We hereby endorse rejection of its radical policies and rejection of any grant monies attached to it.”
While the 20-year-old global plan has never been formally adopted by the U.S. Senate — which must ratify all treaties — it is still being implemented across the nation by stealth. “The United Nations Agenda 21 is being covertly pushed into local communities throughout the United States of America,” the measure notes.
Aside from the federal executive branch, one of the main forces working to foist the scheme on Americans is a global organization named ICLEI (formerly known as the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives). And it uses a variety of innocent-sounding terms — “Smart Growth” and “Green,” for example — to advance the controversial agenda, the resolution states. As such, the legislature of Tennessee resolved to warn America about the “dangerous intent” of the plan.
Facing a tidal wave of anti-Agenda 21 activism, an assortment of extremist pro-UN groups and tax-funded propagandists have attempted to downplay the significance of the global agenda, portraying it as a harmless environmental initiative. But experts and lawmakers were not convinced, and opposition to the schemes continues to grow.    
State Sen. Mike Bell, a Republican who sponsored the Senate resolution in Tennessee, held up the UN’s Agenda 21 in a thick folder for all to see. “There is over 300 pages, like I said, contained in this document,” he explained, noting that the state resolution would send a “message” to Congress. “I can best describe this as zoning rules on steroids.”
Some Democrats, however, did not see it that way. “It seems to me that planning and forethought and trying to preserve our Tennessee way of life is exactly what we should be doing,” State Sen. Andy Berke was quoted as saying. It was not immediately clear why he opposed the resolution because it merely condemns Agenda 21 and UN schemes — not planning, forethought, or the preservation of the state’s way of life.
Still, despite support from some pro-UN Democrats, opposition to the global organization and its “sustainable development” schemes largely transcends party lines. In the Tennessee House, for example, at least half-a-dozen Democratic lawmakers joined with the GOP majority to approve the anti-Agenda 21 resolution.
Activists who backed the measure come from both sides of the aisle, too. “Let's be sure to thank those elected officials who have the courage to brave ridicule and disinformation in order to bring UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development out of the shadows and into the light,” noted the group Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21 in a statement urging the Tennessee Senate to approve the resolution. “We can do it. We're getting stronger every day, and it's because you are speaking out.”
Of course, the growing alliance seeking to preserve individual liberty and private property in the face of UN plans also includes a wide range of conservative and libertarian organizations. Diverse groups such as the Tennessee Eagle Forum, local Tea Party chapters, The John Birch Society, the American Policy Center, and even the Republican National Committee all played a role in getting the joint resolution passed.
Meanwhile, another piece of legislation on the agenda in Tennessee would do more than simply condemn the UN plan using strong language — it would completely prohibit the adoption or implementation of any part of the global scheme within the state. If passed, the law would ensure that local governments and state agencies would not be able to financially support or work with the vast array of “shadow organizations” seeking to “surreptitiously implement ‘Agenda 21’ around the world.”
Beyond Tennessee, legislators and policymakers at the state and local level all across America are working hard to stop the agenda as well. Several states are already considering similar legislation. And scores of city governments are dropping their controversial membership in ICLEI — with the trend expected to accelerate faster than ever this year.
The UN, however, is moving full-speed ahead toward achieving its goals. Several official documents released in recent weeks revealed that the global body plans to use this June’s UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UN CSD) to amass wide-ranging new powers and literally re-shape civilization under the guise of environmentalism. Even people’s thoughts and lifestyles are in the crosshairs.
The upcoming global summit — known as Rio+20 because it marks the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit which adopted Agenda 21 — will seek to transform humanity toward what its leaders describe as a “green economy.” It will be chaired by UN CSD Secretary General Sha Zukang, who served as a senior diplomat for the Communist Chinese dictatorship before taking on his high-level "sustainability" post at the UN. 
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TSA Allegedly Accuses 4-Year-Old Isabella of Carrying a Gun After Hugging Her Grandmother |

TSA Allegedly Accuses 4-Year-Old Isabella of Carrying a Gun After Hugging Her Grandmother |

 The USSR, China, N. Korea, Communist Germany, Nazi Germany, now it was expected of such treatment in these Cold Anti human tyranny states, but now in America TSA has become America's Gestapo, KGB, etc. American's submit to sub human treatment (When NOT necessary - Israel does not do this and is safe)
TSA has to date found -0- terrorists while being able to ABUSE our Elderly, Young, all who MUST Submit to their Abusive, (non TSA would be arrested for such behavior) Sad. Because America submits to these abuses now, they will be able to become slaves of the state much easier.

TSA Allegedly Accuses Weeping 4-Year-Old Girl of Carrying a Gun After She Ran Through Security to Hug Her Grandmother

Over the past decade, airport security has become even more cumbersome and intrusive. New protocols have led to bizarre sights and exploits — like babies and the elderly being excessively patted down — all in the name of precaution. While some oppose these tactics, others claim they are needed to ensure Americans’ safety in the air. Regardless of where you stand, the story you’re about to read about a young child weeping after reportedly being accused of carrying a gun will likely tug on your heartstrings.
(Related: Revealing Vid: Man Strips Naked to Protest the TSA)
The incident unfolded in Wichita, Kansas, after a four-year-old girl named Isabella was allegedly humiliated by TSA agents after she hugged her grandmother after passing through security. Following the brief embrace, the Daily Mail reports that the girl was dubbed a “high security threat” and agents purportedly said they would shut down the airport if she could not be calmed down (naturally, the little girl became upset when officials began prodding her).
TSA Allegedly Accuses 4 Year Old Isabella of Carrying a Gun After Hugging Her Grandmother
Isabella, the child at the center of a bizarre TSA story
See, the family was in Kansas for a wedding and they were traveling home to Montana. After Isabella’s grandmother triggered an alarm on the scanners, she was detained by agents to be checked further. Isabella, who had already gone through security with her mother, Michelle Brademeyer, and her sibling, ran back through to hug her grandmother.
While the two made only brief contact, Brademeyer claims that the agents shouted at the young girl and demanded that she be frisked too. Isabella’s mother shared the alleged story on Facebook, writing, “It was implied, several times, that my mother, in their brief two-second embrace, had passed a handgun to my daughter.”
(Related: ‘Horrible’: Video Captures Woman Sobbing During TSA Patdown)
Isabella, who was horrified by the incident, allegedly tried to run away from the TSA agents, which only intensified the situation. She was inevitably taken to a side room where she was patted down, despite incessant tears and a refusal to let a TSA official touch her. The agent, who couldn’t control the child, apparently called for backup saying, “The suspect is not cooperating.”
TSA Allegedly Accuses 4 Year Old Isabella of Carrying a Gun After Hugging Her Grandmother
“They treated my daughter no better than if she had been a terrorist,” the angry mother wrote on the social media platform. “I feel compelled to share this story in the hope that no other child will have to share in this experience.”
The TSA has apparently doubled-down and defended its actions, with a spokesperson saying that the proper procedures were followed in handling the incident. When the Consumerist reached out to the TSA for comment, the essential details of the story were confirmed. Here’s how officials responded:
TSA has recently implemented modified screening procedures of children 12 and under that further reduce — though not eliminate — the need for a physical pat-down for children. In this case, however, the child had completed screening but had contact with another member of her family who had not completed the screening process. TSA has reviewed the incident and determined that our officers followed proper current screening procedures in conducting a modified pat-down on the child.
You can read the mother’s story, in full, on her Facebook page.
(H/T: Daily Mail)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life |

10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life |

Are We Headed Toward the U.S. Constitution or the Communist Manifesto? This Breakdown Tells You

During his Thursday morning radio broadcast, Glenn Beck asked if America, on its current trajectory, is headed toward the values and principles of the Constitution, or rather, those of the Communist Manifesto.
 To glean greater insight, The Blaze expanded on each of the Manifesto’s 10 planks and juxtaposed them with modern day American society. The picture revealed, while perhaps not shocking, is unsettling to say the least.
The Communist Manifesto
10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeConsidered the playbook, the framework, the founding document of Communism, it is argued that no other political volume has altered the course of history more than Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel’s tiny yet effective blueprint for the proletariat.
Commissioned by the Communist League, Marx and Engels laid out their analysis of capitalism and class struggle while supposedly offering economic and socio-political “solutions” rooted in what they called science. While every instance of Communism attempted around the globe has since failed abysmally and without exception, proponents still cry that Marx’s inviolable political and economic theories were simply “improperly executed” and thus, if true to the Manifesto, Marxism is, in itself, “perfect.” A little known fact, however, is that these champions’ premise is based on a flawed narrative, as Karl Marx in fact falsified much of the data he used to support his untenable political and economic system. Of Marx’s flagrant disregard for the facts, British philosopher Anthony Flew wrote:
…the first and only volume of Das Kapital to be published in the lifetime of Marx was, in his own words, to demonstrate that “In proportion as capital accumulates, the lot of the labourer must grow worse. Accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation at the opposite pole.” But by 1867, when that volume was first published, Marx had known for 15 or more years that this thesis was false.

…the first and only volume of Das Kapital to be published in the lifetime of Marx was, in his own words, to demonstrate that “In proportion as capital accumulates, the lot of the labourer must grow worse. Accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation at the opposite pole.” But by 1867, when that volume was first published, Marx had known for 15 or more years that this thesis was false.
Flew continued that Marx’s response was “merely to suppress the falsifying data.” This was manifested in the first edition of Das Kapital where “various available British statistics—about the reliability of which there was no question—were given up to 1865 or 1866, whereas those for the movement of wages stop at 1850.” In Kapital’s second edition, however, according to Flew, all subsequent runs were “brought up to date, while that of wage movements still stops at 1850.”
While clearly not a “man of science,” nor one who held facts in high regard, generations of leftists take the words of Karl Marx as absolute truth, and indeed, the gospel. Below are the tenets they seek to live by, as mapped out in his “magnum opus.”
1. Abolition of private property
The first plank of Communism is the abolishment of private property. America is certainly here in terms of eminent domain, where the state has the ability to expropriate private property “for the public good.” Per the Fifth Amendment, the government must fairly compensate a citizen in return, but lines tend to blur when the government is given the authority to assess what is “fair and just” in the first place. Regardless of whether the final sum is one agreeable to the private citizen, the property will still be confiscated with or without the owner’s consent.
Typically, land or property acquired through eminent domain is used to house public works that are10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life intended to benefit the community such as public utilities, freeways, libraries and schools. It is a slippery slope, however.  After the Supreme Court’s ruling in Kelo v. City of New London, the scope of eminent domain was expanded outside its traditional boundaries to include revitalizing “depressed areas.” In other words, in the spirit of gentrification or regeneration, a citizen’s private property can be seized by the government to build a sports complex, or even a shopping mall if the state deems it a public good.
Another example of government encroachment on citizens’ private property is evident in the far-reach of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) that buy mortgages on the secondary market.  If a citizen’s mortgage is held by one of these government-backed giants, Uncle Sam is entirely “too close to home.”
Interconnected is property tax. Simply, if one is subject to property tax, then the land or property being taxed doesn’t actually belong to the “owner.” Fall behind on these payments and the government will  seize a citizen’s home, business or land, regardless of whether his or her mortgage is paid in full.
10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeHomes are not the only area subject to government encroachment, however. In fact, Uncle Sam owns roughly 650 million acres of land across the 50 states — with its highest ownership stake (85%) in Nevada.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also has the authority to seize private property during “emergency” situations.

2. Heavy progressive income tax
This particular tenet needs no introduction, nor example. America now holds the world record for highest corporate tax rate, surpassing even Japan. This is a crucial plank of the Manifesto, as it ensures that nary a high income earner will remain standing and everyone may subsist in equal mediocrity or (worse).
Ironically, Communists bang on incessantly about “equality” when in fact a flat-tax is arguably the fairest system of all and one that would, by design, ensure “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” If a 10% flat tax were implemented, then 10% of a $5,000 income would amount to far less than 10% of a $500,000 income. Thus, those who make more money, still pay more. Alas, that is certainly not the way Marx would have portrayed it. Nor is it the way the current administration seems to see it given the president’s renewed push to instate ”The Buffett Rule,” which seeks to raise the income tax rate on high income earners — including small business owners — even higher than it is now.
Regardless, whether one is subject to a flat or a progressive tax system, a foreboding and omnipotent force looms dangerously over the American ether: The IRS. Fail to pay your “fair share,” and you will soon learn of the government’s ultimate power — to freeze your bank accounts, seize your property, penalize and, in some instances even imprison you. There is perhaps no greater example of a Marxist economic policy in action than this.
3. Abolition to all rights of inheritance
One of the many stark contradictions found in the Manifesto is outlined in this particular pillar. What was most ironic about Marx’s desire to abolish inheritance was that, if he had his way, citizens would not own anything of value to bequeath upon death in the first place. Nonetheless, his odd and arguably redundant tenet has worked its way into the American landscape via the estate tax — and its very alias, the “death tax.”  This alone should raise eyebrows, if not outright suspicion of government’s dubious motives.
First, many argue the estate tax is unconstitutional because it creates a direct tax that is not disbursed to the states for collection. But the more obvious discrepancy is that it allows the government to tax individuals twice, as the items that find their way into one’s estate — be they a car, house, land, jewelry or other valuable possessions — have already been subject to either sales or property tax once before. The Federal government’s carte blanche to double-dip is spurred further by Democrats’ renewed push to resurrect and expand what the Wall Street Journal dubs President Obama’s “night of living death tax.”
With the staggering rate applied to estates worth over $5 million, citizens may soon wonder why it is worth the bother to spend a lifetime building a personal or business empire to pass down to their children and grandchildren at all. By the second generation, there would be nothing left.
4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants & rebels
This Manifesto pillar is perhaps best laid out in the recent string of government crackdowns on “homegrown militias.” Those who have paid careful attention to Janet Napolitano know that one of Homeland Security’s preoccupations of late has been the “rise” of “homegrown militias.” With this in mind, the department is likely honing in on anyone considered an “opposition group,” be they merely survivalists or those with a more militant bent.
Some may recall the Michigan militia, or ”Hutaree,” as they are known — a group of anti-government “rebels” who were allegedly engaged in preparations for a potential future clash with federal agencies. The defendants were accused of conspiring to overthrow the U.S. government, a planned assassination of a police officer, and an ambush of that officer’s funeral with explosives in order to incite an uprising against the Federal government. While the anticipated attack never actually occurred, this did not stop the Feds, under the blessing of Attorney General Eric Holder, from raiding the Hutaree’s various outposts, confiscating its members’ arms and waging an all-out legal battle against the group.
At the end of March, 2012, presiding U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts dismissed the most serious of the charges against the Hutaree, leveling a staggering blow to the Fed. She said the members’ hatred of government did not amount to a conspiracy to overthrow it.
It remains unclear whether the Hutaree were indeed poised to be the aggressors of a violent assault or if they were simply anti-big-government, “good ol’ boy“ survivalists preparing to ”defend themselves” against a perceived government threat. But the Federal agencies’ indictment of the group perhaps reveals how government will deal with homegrown “threats” — be they real or perceived — moving forward.
Another key element, and one that warrants mention due to its relevance in modern day America, is10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life the confiscation of citizens’ weapons. Those who have felt their Second Amendment rights slowly whittle away understand that disarming the public is a crucial step vital to ensuring the state’s grip over its citizenry.  In fact, one of the first tasks performed by the then-fledgling Soviet state was the confiscation of citizens’ private arms — even hunting rifles. By stripping people of the ability to defend themselves, the authoritarian state could reign over the vulnerable Russian populace. Many Americans consider this a highly plausible reality given increasingly stringent gun laws and regulations spread across all 50-states.
It should also be noted that IRS liens, levies and seizures are all means by which the Federal government can confiscate a “rebel” entity’s assets — one instance being the recent IRS “shakedown” of Tea Party members.  And, in terms of “emigrants,” taxing the off-shore income and assets of American citizens, or causing Americans to give up their U.S. citizenship and flee to foreign lands to avoid abusive U.S. taxes, is yet another means by which the Fed’s confiscatory, overreaching tentacles are changing the American landscape.  Statistics point out a rising trend…
5. Centralization and monopolization of credit by means of a national bank 
10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeCreated by Congress in 1913, the Federal Reserve is, for all intents and purposes, America‘s national bank charged with setting the monetary policy that controls the nation’s economic stability. The Federal Reserve holds the power to guide interest rates, thus controlling inflation. The effects of this agency’s actions are felt in measurable ways by everyday Americans, every day. From the interest rate accrued to mortgages and other lines of credit to determining the value of one’s home, it is both the seen and unforeseen reach of this institution that sets the tone for Americans’ financial security.
On the grander scale, the Federal Reserve has the more sinister power of devaluing U.S. currency, and thus the value of goods, services and property, via “quantitative easing,” or, as it is affectionately dubbed, printing money.
“One of the fundamental problems with the U.S. economy right now is the Federal Reserve thinks the answer to all our economic problems is printing money,” said the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore. “We haven’t created new jobs from all of this printing of money, but what we have produced is inflation in prices.”
6. Centralized control of communication & transportation
a) Transportation
The ways in which the Federal government controls America’s communication and transportation systems are almost too vast to count, but a few shining examples stand out. In terms of transportation, the Interstate Highway System, the Federal Aviation Authority and the Department of Transportation are of course the most obvious government bureaucracies controlling the country’s means of transport. Less-obvious, perhaps, is Amtrak, a government owned corporation and essentially the only passenger rail carrier in the country. Indeed the railroad industry’s metamorphosis from a private enterprise to a nationalized entity perhaps tells the greatest tale of the insidious ways in which the Federal government appropriates what it wants, when it wants.
The once flourishing U.S. rail industry’s day in the sun was eclipsed when the Fed introduced a “rate-10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Lifesetting” scheme by which rail carriers were forced to adopt. The  result was a decrease in profits, decrease in rail system growth, decrease in investments and an increase in labor costs. Not surprisingly, this had the reverse effect than that intended by the Fed when it first set rail carrier rates.. Inevitably, a battered Amtrak gave way to government take-over. The obvious lesson here is that if it can happen to Amtrak there is no reason to think it couldn’t just as easily happen to a commercial air carrier, for example, or any other privately held mode of transportation.
As mentioned above, air traffic, ground traffic and maritime traffic via the nation’s port authorities are all overseen and subject to take-over by the government should FEMA deem a state of emergency.
b) Communication
Presently, when it comes to communication, conservatives argue that nothing screams of Marxism louder than the Federal Communications Commission and Obama’s appointment of its “Chief Diversity Officer,” Frank Lloyd.
10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeOne of the administration’s many “czars,” Lloyd was a senior fellow at the progressive think tank, Center for American Progress, where he authored a June 2007 report titled, ”The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio.” The content may point to Lloyd’s intentions when it comes to silencing voices of opposition, and many conservatives believe that Obama’s “Diversity Czar” intends to revive the Fairness Doctrine.
For those unfamiliar, the Fairness Doctrine, adopted in 1949, obligated broadcasters to provide opposing points of view on issues of national importance regardless of actual market demand for the content. Media Research Center’s Setton Motley said, if reinstated, caps would be placed on local and national ownership of commercial radio stations; local accountability over licensing would be ensured; and those not in compliance would be subject to paying a fee to support public broadcasting. As it stands, the FCC already levies heavy regulations on broadcasters and monitors all communication aired across radio and television waves.
Looking forward, another impending threat can be found in the current struggle for control over the Internet. Currently, the World Wide Web is controlled by the U.S. government via the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and its subsidiary, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Both are under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
There has been a growing push, however, for America to relinquish its control in the name of a world “without borders,“ or ”one world government.” Countries like China and Russia, in particular, have vied for control, doggedly pursuing the United Nations for assistance in breaking the U.S. stronghold.
If the U.N.’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU), along with its nearly 200 member state allies were to take control of the levers, cyber security and data privacy would be subject to international control.
While even in the land of the free no information received or transmitted over the Internet escapes the prying eyes of Big Brother, it goes without saying America’s First Amendment rights still ensure a far more liberated information superhighway than the one that would exist under the reins of a dubious global body formed by the U.N. and led by China and Russia. Meanwhile, the entire global economy hangs in the balance.
7. Government ownership of factories 
In terms of government owned factories, few could ever forget “Government Motors.” After nearly $53 billion in bailout funds over the course of two administrations, the U.S. government now owns a controlling stake in GM, raising the obvious question of how government can fairly regulate its own business.  While GM asked the government to intervene, and while Amtrak was instead a victim of a federally-engineered scheme, both are examples of how government assumes control of private enterprise. Typically, it is the American taxpayer who fails to reap the dividends and becomes the victim of these machinations.
8. Equal liability of all to labor
The first thought which springs to mind when reading the Manifesto’s tenet on equal labor is the overriding presence of labor unions within the U.S. workforce. While labor unions in and of themselves are not nationalized organizing bodies, they have enjoyed a long and harmonious relationship with government, particularly through the progressive policies and lawmakers that prop up their various agendas. In fact, there may be no brighter an illustration of socialism manifested than the collective organizing body of America’s labor unions. Although subject to regulation and oversight by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), unions still overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates, thus a cycle of quid pro quo is perpetuated.
Another example of government control in the workplace emerges via the Labor Department’s Affirmative Action policies. By mandating that employers meet a staff-quota comprised of women, minorities and people with disabilities, private business is being forced to relinquish its ability to hire on the basis of merit, thus failing to deliver excellence and best practices. While many women, minorities and those with disabilities do indeed possess the skill sets needed to succeed in a specific job, it should, critics argue, be left to private enterprise to determine which candidate is best suited for the task at hand.
9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a government owned corporation, has been hailed a prime10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life example of true socialism in America. It is the country’s largest public power company, with a generating capacity of 31,658 megawatts. Its 17,000 miles of transmission lines deliver power through 158 locally owned distributors to 8.5 million residents of the Tennessee Valley. While even Republicans, for the most part, consider TVA to be a success, its case is considered unique in that the government model has never been able to be successfully duplicated along any other State waterway.
Agricultural subsidies are another prime example of this Manifesto plank in motion. An extensive analysis conducted by the CATO Institute determined that, when it comes to corporate welfare no one has reaped a greater windfall, or hurt taxpayers more than the “supermarket to the world,” Archer Daniels. An excerpt from the report reads:
ADM and its chairman Dwayne Andreas have lavishly fertilized both political parties with millions of dollars in handouts and in return have reaped billion-dollar windfalls from taxpayers and consumers. Thanks to federal protection of the domestic sugar industry, ethanol subsidies, subsidized grain exports, and various other programs, ADM has cost the American economy billions of dollars since 1980 and has indirectly cost Americans tens of billions of dollars in higher prices and higher taxes over that same period. At least 43 percent of ADM’s annual profits are from products heavily subsidized or protected by the American government. Moreover, every $1 of profits earned by ADM’s corn sweetener operation costs consumers $10, and every $1 of profits earned by its ethanol operation costs taxpayers $30
Aside from being incongruent with the free market, the nation’s agricultural subsidies cost tax payers tens of billions of dollars each year and typically only benefit larger farming outfits.
On the flip side, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is placing greater and greater restrictions on business in the form of cap and trade and in mandating the purchase of carbon credits.
10. Free education for all children in government controlled schools
What can be said of America’s beleaguered public education system could fill volumes, yet one needn’t look far to pluck one or two prime examples as proof that there are indeed no “free lunches.”
The Blaze recently uncovered a series of reports revealing what happens when a bureaucrat decides that the school district, along with its unionized faculty members, know better about a child’s needs than his or her parents do. Whether the control comes via mandating  a child’s school lunch box contents, or altering the Pledge of Allegiance to omit the phrase “one nation under God,” or subjecting students to inadequate instruction from a teacher solely on the basis of that teacher’s tenure – a teacher who cannot be fired or replaced — the public school system is, arguably, setting up generations for failure.
Free medicine…the 11th tenet?  
10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeWhile not addressed specifically in the 10 tenets of the Communist Manifesto, national health care is perhaps — at least in modern day America — “the key to the empire.” It is why the fate of Obamacare is of utmost importance to the left. If passed, it sets precedent by establishing the “new normal” in government authority over private citizens. Legal experts and pundits alike have consistently argued the unconstitutionality of the health care bill, underscoring its significance as a “gateway” to other forms of government intrusion.
The bill’s unconstitutionality is irrelevant to those who, while claiming to champion the founding document, appear to be working to dismantle it.
Some balk at the use of the word “Communism,” dismissing its invocation as hyperbole. Yet when dissecting actual policies, laws, regulations and bureaucratic government approaches which Americans are increasingly subjected to, and weighing them against the 10  progressive “rules to live by,” the facts scream loudly and clearly in the face of those who deny the ever-creeping onset of Socialism. Marx’s Communist “utopia” is only one evolutionary stage away from reality.

There is a Dead Horse in the White House

"There is a DEAD Horse in the White House" 
 (Sharing an Email from a fellow patriot in my county)
Hi Y'all,
There is a dead horse in the White Hearse !!! 
p.s. Indian can forecast next hard winter.
White man byum lotta coal....
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 07:37:57 -0700
If you don't understand this theory, you haven't lived long enough.
The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to
generation, says that, "When you discover that you are riding a dead
horse, the best strategy is to dismount."
However, in government and education more advanced strategies are
often employed, such as:
1. Buying a stronger whip.
2. Changing riders.
3. Appointing a committee to study the horse.
4. Arranging to visit other countries to see how other cultures ride
dead horses.
5. Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be included.
6. Reclassifying the dead horse as living-impaired.
7. Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.
8. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase speed.
9. Providing additional funding and/or training to increase dead
horse's performance.
10. Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve
the dead horse's performance.
11. Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is
less costly, carries lower overhead and therefore contributes
substantially more to the bottom line of the economy than do some
other horses.
12. Rewriting the expected performance requirements for all horses.
And of course....
13. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obama Lawyers Threaten Legal Action to Pull and Suppress NJ Ballot Challenge Hearing Video | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

Obama Lawyers Threaten Legal Action to Pull and Suppress NJ Ballot Challenge Hearing Video | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama Lawyers Threaten Legal Action to Pull and Suppress NJ Ballot Challenge Hearing Video

UPDATE: Obama Lawyers Want the Video of the NJ Obama Ballot 
Access Challenge Public Hearing Pulled and Suppressed
Commander Charles Kerchner

I heard this morning that the Obama lawyers are trying to suppress the videos of the NJ Obama Ballot Access Challenge public hearing. So I called and spoke with Attorney Mario Apuzzo and he confirmed that Obama’s lawyers have called him and told him they are planning to take legal action to get the videos of the NJ Ballot Access Challenge Public Hearing pulled and suppressed. What is the Obama side ashamed of and doesn’t want the world to see. Could it be that their Obama “emperor has no clothing on”, i.e., has no known conclusively proven true legal identity clothing/papers to show the world which Attorney Mario Apuzzo forced them to admit to and stipulate to in the NJ public hearing? Obama’s side obviously does not want people to see this video. Watch it yourself at the below links and learn why.

In these videos, the Obama side even wants to allow Mickey Mouse to run for President. To Obama and his lawyers the U.S. Constitution and presidential eligibility clause in Article II is a joke. You can see that in Part II at about 40 minutes into that segment. It was interesting that Obama’s lawyer chose and mentioned Mickey Mouse running for President and making a mockery of the election process in her statements in the hearing as Mickey Mouse was a contributor to Obama’s campaign in 2008 as part of the untraceable debit and credit card contributions that Obama accepted online, a good chunk of it alleged to have been illegally provided to Obama operatives from foreign sources.

Full Video of the NJ Obama Ballot Access Challenge Public Hearing. Under NJ state law, video taping of public hearings is permitted. Now the Obama legal team wants to suppress these videos. Everyone should download a copy of these videos onto their own personal computer such that the Obama side cannot make these videos disappear from the eyes and ears of the American electorate who can now see the shameful games the Obama lawyers play in court to avoid revealing Obama’s lack of any conclusive proof as to his true legal identity. See this channel link for the videos of this public hearing and/or via the other embedded links below:

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA


UPDATE: Conservative News and Views: The Obama eligibility case took a nasty turn today. Lawyers for the Obama campaign demanded that videos of a New Jersey administrative-law trial come down. Those same lawyers admitted that they had removed their associate, Alexandra Hill, from the case. HERE.

Adolf Hitler and Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Able to Donate to Obama 2012: Verification Disabled - DETAILS HERE

FLASHBACK: Will Mickey Mouse Get To Contribute Like In 2008? A screenshot below(at link) from the FEC website shows a $2,000 contribution from Mickey Mouse to Obama's 2008 campaign. You can replicate the finding yourself at the FEC website here;