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Saturday, December 26, 2015

VIDEO President Ronald Reagan's Christmas Address,12/23/1981)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Iraqi Christians Persecuted by Islamic State Evacuated to Slovakia by Glenn Beck’s Mercury One Charity

Iraqi Christians Persecuted by Islamic State Evacuated to Slovakia by Glenn Beck’s Mercury One Charity

A privately-chartered Airbus 321 carrying 149 Christian refugees departed from the Kurdistan region of Iraq and landed in Kosice, Slovakia, Thursday. Each of the families on the plane had lost their property, livelihood and future due to the Islamic States terrorizing of the Christian Nineveh Plane in August of last year.

Refugees seeking to flee war-torn Iraq. (Image source: Mercury One)
Refugees seeking to flee war-torn Iraq. (Image source: Mercury One)
The operation was the result of weeks of planning by Glenn Beck and his charity Mercury One’s Nazarene Fund. To date, the fund has raised more than $12 million, with contributions averaging $100 per donor. The focus of the mission was the evacuation and resettlement of displaced Christians from countries like Syria and Iraq to new countries where the refugee families could reestablish themselves and preserve their religion.
“I am so grateful to the 130,000 individuals whose generous contributions made this journey possible, and I’m sure, if they could, the refugees would thank them, too,” Beck, who flew to meet the refugees in Iraq as they prepared to fly to Slovakia, said in a press release.
Glenn Beck traveling through Europe and the Middle East. (Image source: Mercury One)
Glenn Beck traveling through Europe and the Middle East. (Image source: Mercury One)
According to Beck, the Christian population has been in decline from the more than two million professing Christians who used to reside in Iraq and Syria.
“While the world watched in near total silence, their ancient churches and monasteries were destroyed, their children were sold on slave markets, their property was confiscated, and those who survived have faced extortion and continued threats of kidnapping and beheading,” Beck continued.
The operation was conducted within international parameters and best practices, according to Mercury One. Additionally, the security, logistics and vetting processes were orchestrated by Peregrine Consultants, whose staff used a vetting strategy that “exceeded present international standards.”
The process included “extensive interviews” with potential evacuees, the gathering of personal details, checked against original documentation to confirm identities as well as undisclosed additional protocols.
In congruence with the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights, the Slovakian government has agreed to provide safe haven to the 149 Christian families, a minority today in war-torn Iraq. To aid the Slovakian government, Mercury One has agreed to fund a three-year “integration program.”
Through the program, Mercury One will provide language training, education, social services, accommodations and any other necessities in order for the refugees to efficiently integrate into Slovakian society. The families will live in and around Nitra, an area in central Europe described as the “cradle of Christianity.”
Iraqi priest Douglas al-Bazi (third) and Johnnie Moore (fourth). (Image source: Mercury One)
From left to right, Peregrine Consultants Joseph and Michele Assad, Iraqi priest Douglas al-Bazi and Johnnie Moore. (Image source: Mercury One)
“Today’s evacuation is the result of many months of careful planning involving a team of people, but none of this would have been possible without the generous support of thousands upon thousands of those who donated to Mercury One’s Nazarene Fund,” Johnnie Moore, who assisted in the evacuation and was a chief advocate for the fund, said Thursday.
Moore said Thursday’s intervention is the first in a series of intervetions that will take place in the coming months, as the Christian communities across the Middle East are “facing an ongoing genocide.” Moore also expressed gratitude to Beck and his listeners for their financial contributions.
“Every act of love on behalf of those ISIS aims to kill is a dagger in the heart of these Islamic terrorists,” Beck said. “We are just getting started.”

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The Nazarene Fund:

The Nazarene Fund:
Frequently Asked Questions
by Glenn Beck Program Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015 at 3:26 PM EST
The Nazarene Fund is an initiative of Mercury One dedicated to the evacuation of particularly vulnerable Christians from countries like Iraq and Syria into new countries where they might rebuild their lives. Between now and December 2015 our goal is to raise $10 million to save more than 400 families from regions taken over by ISIS. ISIS has used the Nazarene sign to symbolize death – we will use it to symbolize life. More details here.
Donations to The Nazarene Fund will be used to resettle Christian families who have been displaced by conflict in the Middle East, primarily at the hands of ISIS. Should it become impossible or impractical to resettle families, the contributions will be used to provide additional humanitarian support where they are forced to stay.
While ISIS is the most influential – and perhaps most dangerous – group terrorizing Christians in the Middle East, it is not the only one. Other terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and less organized terrorist sympathizers have also caused enormous persecution against the ancient Christian communities in the Middle East. In fact the pro-longed genocide against Christians in Iraq dates back at least till 2004, and began at the hands of the ISIS’ predecessor, Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
While the United States and the United Nations have refused to formally designate the ISIS threat against Christians as a “genocide,” a growing number of human rights activists and organizations are finding ISIS to be guilty of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. The legal definition of “genocide” according to Article II of the United Nations’ 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide legally defines the term as any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group, as such:
(1) killing members of the group
(2) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
(3) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
(4) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
(5) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
If genocide were formally declared, then it would trigger certain international mechanisms that are meant to protect the group under threat. Some human rights activists believe the United States fails to declare the ISIS threat against Christians as “genocide” because it would force the United States government to be more involved in providing direct assistance to them. Presently, the United States government’s response has been dismal, and especially so with regard to the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East.
Here, you can read additional information on what would automatically happen if the United Nations were to declare this a genocide, as well as specific evidence of genocidal acts by ISIS against Christians.
It’s not a matter of fairness – we wish we could help everyone – but it is a matter of practicality, resources and urgency. The United States is a Christian majority country that can more quickly and more easily rally support for displaced Christians.
We also have a grave concern for all of those being effected by ISIS in the region, not excluding the majority Muslim population, which has been the victim of more terrorist related causalities than any other religion or culture. However, the Christian community faces a particular threat of extermination.
Lord George Weidenfeld is a British peer who has personally rescued 25 families from ISIS, resettling them in Poland, and he did so because he was himself rescued by Christians in 1938 as a young Jewish boy. Now he says, “he is repaying the favor.” When Weidenfeld was asked by a reporter why he was only helping Christians, he responded, “I cannot save the world, but there is a very specific possibility on the Christian side.” 
He went on to say, I want to focus on something I can — with great difficulty and effort — achieve. I have tremendous sympathy for Muslim victims, but . . . there is an enormous amount of Muslim money in the Muslim world [for them to help their own], and the other thing is the logistical problem: Muslims could be shifted a few hundred kilometers away from the conflict but the Christians will have to find safe havens on the other end of the earth. Columnist Charles Krauthammer, who is distant cousin of Weidenfeld, defended him in The Washington Post by saying, “this comes under the heading of no good deed goes unpunished. It’s a rather odd view that because he cannot do everything, he should be admonished for trying to do something.” We agree. If we had limitless resources, we would help everyone, but we don’t. So, we’ll start with those we can most easily help, the Christians.
Yes, those we help evacuated will undergo a thorough “vetting” process to ensure they aren’t actually closeted terrorists. Generally speaking, the Christian community in the Middle East has represented the economic and social backbone of these societies. Highly educated and successful, they have been university professors, engineers, bankers and administrators. Many are multi-lingual and well traveled. They are non-violent, non-sectarian and have been trusted for many years, employed in some of the most important positions in secular and Islamic regimes.
Whatever country takes them in will be blessed by their contributions to society. Yet, the emphasis of our approach is “verification.”
We have an internationally respected and experienced security contractor handling this process on our behalf with the mandate to do their work according to standards that are even more stringent than those employed by others in the international community, including the United Nations.
The vetting program begins with the families being recommended by the local Christian leaders. In most cases, these are people whom the Christian leaders have known for their entire lives. So, we are evacuating people from within an enclosed cultural system. 
We then meet with each of the recommended IDPs/Refugees personally to begin the process of ensuring they are who they say they are. During this time we record their stories, collect documentation of their identity and then we diligently and carefully verify and cross-check both their stories and their documents. 
Along the way, we confirm their desire to be relocated and also make sure they fully understand this will be a challenging process to assimilate into a new country and culture. We employ of a number of other “best practices” used by the intelligence community to analyze the behavior of the interviewees throughout the entire process.
While we can’t fully disclose all that’s involved in vetting these people, we can tell you that international standards are employed. During the vetting process, we also work with government officials from the “receiving” countries to ensure all appropriate immigration paperwork is completed and verified. 
Families are legally transported from their home or host country to their new country where they are received by individual sponsors or a sponsoring organization (depending upon the country). They are helped to assimilate from finding accommodations to education for their children to finding employment to language acquisition, etc. Through sponsoring organizations, the families are also provided with some financial assistance with the intent of easing their transition into life and work in their new home and country.
We hope to be able to bring many of them to the United States. However, the United States remains closed to Christian refugees. Meanwhile, a number of European and South American countries have agreed to provide a limited number of VISAS to those we help evacuate. 
Presently, the United States is not a receiving country. If you would like to help us put pressure on the U.S. Government to take in Middle Eastern Christians, then please fill how the form entitled “Are you ready to house a family from the Middle East?” here.
What are some other ways? Write your Congressperson; Raise your voice as an advocate through social media; Get your pastor, rabbi or priest on board; Provide financial support.
Yes, we have budgeted approximately $25,000 to evacuate a family of five. This also includes providing some financial assistance to that family for a year.
Normally, families have to be evacuated in a group via charter aircraft after they are already securely transferred from wherever it is they are presently finding accommodation.
The families are vetted by international security professionals, and sometimes are required to stay in a temporary location for a number of days. Additionally, there are expenses involved in laying down the infrastructure in the receiving countries, and in general logistical and administrative support in the evacuating countries.
The evacuation process is – by its nature – variable, and some evacuations cost more than others. Every situation is unique. Our goal is to make each evacuation as inexpensive as possible so we can provide as much of the $25,000 as possible to the family as a gift to help them get on their feet. Those gifts are provided in installments through the first year of their resettlement.
The situation in Iraq and Syria has created the worst refugee crisis since World War II, and the entire world is struggling to deal with it. It’s an “all hands on deck” moment. It is anything but resolved, and unless we work to provide safe and legal ways for the most vulnerable to escape, we will continue to witness the death of those who have been trying to flee without any assistance or those who’ve been forced to stay.
We cannot save the world, but we can save many lives. Every time you save a single life – to them – you are saving their entire world. We know we can’t solve the whole problem, but we sure can make the difference in the lives of many. Rather than being focused on the enormity of the problem we are focused on the individual lives we can save.
Absolutely, everything is being done with legal counsel and in cooperation with governments according to established international standards and regulations.
No and no.

Video update from Iraqi Christians – now free and safe thanks to you!

Video update from Iraqi Christians – now free and safe thanks to you!
 by Glenn Friday, Dec 11, 2015 at 1:15 PM EST
   A video update from the Iraqi Christians who are now free and safe thanks to you! Here is the letter and video from Ellen who works by my side. I am so sad that I couldn’t stay. Neither could Johnnie Moore. But there are more to save and lots of work to do. We are blessed that Ellen and my crew could stay to bring us the joy. Glenn, the team and I are doing great. We have been rewarded beyond belief by being allowed to stay in Slovakia. Thank you for letting us be here to see the Iraqi, Christian refugees come home. That is how things were greeted when they came to Slovakia, “welcome home.” This is one of the greatest times I have ever spent. Spiritual, uplifting, crushing, expanding! To witness these refugees who are willing to give up everything in life to gain everything eternal, is a miracle. I’m awed by the grace of the Slovakian people. I am inspired by the Slovakian government and their willingness to step up to the challenge other nations are turning a blind eye to. I am humbled and reborn by the strength of my Iraqi brothers and sisters. Today we are all one family in Christ. He loves and watches over us all. And expects us to watch over each other. How blessed we are to be a part of the group you have brought together to help spread the plan of God’s salvation across the face of the earth. Thank you to your audience for being the eyes, ears, and feet, of Jesus. The work you have begun here is changing the world. And as we continue together more blessings will pour down from heaven. We must lengthen our stride so that more of Gods children can be free. We must tell their story so that other see and hearts are open. And we will not stop until the whole world holds hands as brothers and sisters.

How Glenn Beck Is Helping Persecuted Christians Escape ISIS

How Glenn Beck Is Helping Persecuted Christians Escape ISIS
Footage from Glenn Beck working with refugees.
Footage from Glenn Beck working with refugees. (TheBlaze)
A privately chartered Airbus 321 carrying 149 persecuted Christian refugees took off from the Kurdistan region of Iraq and landed in Kosice, Slovakia. The plane was filled with Christian families whose property, livelihood and future were taken by ISIS in August 2014 as they terrorized Iraq's historically Christian Nineveh Plain.
The effort was funded by private contributions averaging $100 per donor to Mercury One's Nazarene Fund. The fund, which was created in the summer of 2015, has now received in excess of $12 million in donations, and is focused on the legal evacuation and resettlement of displaced Christians from countries such as Iraq and Syria into new countries where they might rebuild their lives and preserve their ancient religion and culture.
"I am so grateful to the 130,000 individuals whose generous contributions made this journey possible, and I'm sure, if they could, the refugees would thank them too," said Glenn Beck, who flew to Iraq to meet with the refugees ahead of their escape.
"The Christian populations in Iraq and Syria have declined by more than 2 million people over only a few years. While the world watched in near total silence, their ancient churches and monasteries were destroyed, their children were sold on slave markets, their property was confiscated, and those who survived have faced extortion and continued threats of kidnapping and beheading. While we wish we had the resources to save everyone, I'm hopeful that this trip was a meaningful step in the right direction to help those who cannot help themselves."
The entire evacuation was executed in accordance with all international, legal standards and best practices. The logistics, security and vetting process for the evacuation was managed by Peregrine Consultants, which employed a vetting strategy that exceeded present international standards.
They conducted extensive interviews with potential evacuees, gathered their personal details and reviewed original documentation to confirm their identities and intent. Additional protocols—that for the time being must remain confidential to aid in future evacuations—were also employed.
The Slovakian government has chosen—in congruence with the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights—to provide special treatment to these members of Iraq's persecuted Christian minority. In order to not put an undue strain on the Slovakian government or its citizens, the Nazarene Fund has agreed to fund a three-year integration program, which includes language training, education, social services, accommodations, and any and everything else required to facilitate an efficient integration of these ancient Christians into Slovakian society. They will live in and around Nitra, the so-called cradle of Christianity in central Europe.
"Today's evacuation is the result of many months of careful planning involving a team of people, but none of this would have been possible without the generous support of thousands upon thousands of those who donated to Mercury One's Nazarene Fund," said Johnnie Moore, who assisted in the evacuation and whose advocacy led to the creation of the Nazarene Fund.
"For a year, I traveled around the world speaking up on behalf of persecuted Christians, but so few were willing to act. This wasn't the case with Glenn Beck and—more importantly—his audience. This evacuation is the first in a series of interventions we are making on behalf of ancient Christian communities in the Middle East, which are facing an ongoing genocide."
Of the evacuation's role in the present conflict with Islamic extremism in the Middle East, Beck noted, "Every act of love on behalf of those ISIS aims to kill is a dagger in the heart of these Islamic terrorists. We are just getting started."
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Friday, December 11, 2015

ACTION NEEDED – ACTION OF IMPORTANCE - Hammond Family Persecution by BLM


To all People, Patriot groups, Militias, Coalitions, Churches, Families and other Supporting entities,
We hope all of you are having a joyful season in remembering the Lord and the great gift of his birth. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17). If we felt we could wait until after Christmas to give you this information we would. The Adversary never sleeps. We must stay aware, and act in these matters of... defense. It is our duty to do so.
It is certain that what has happened to the people of Harney County and the Hammond family is a type and a shadow of what will happen to all people across these United States if we do not put an end to it.
We ask that you read the Notice: Redress of Grievance, and go to the links below to add your name to the document.
Please understand that we must exhaust all prudent measures before taking a physical stand against the horrific actions that the People of Harney County are enduring (including the Hammond's). If this Notice is ignored, then one more Notice of Demand will be sent, it will list the many petitions that have been ignored and demand that the Hammond's rights be restored. If that final Notice is rejected then People across the Union will have justification to assemble and once again restore individual rights.
Please review the Notice, go to the link and add your name to this important document.
Thank you,
The Bundy Family

Go to this link to view the NOTICE: Redress of Grievance:…/notice-redress-of-grievanc…

Friday, December 11, 2015

NOTICE: Redress of Grievance

We the People - United Individuals of these States United: Coalition of Western States (COWS), Pacific Patriot Network (PPN), Bundy Family and Supporters, Oregon Oath Keepers, Idaho III%, Central Oregon Constitutional Guard, Oregon Tactical, Oregon Bearded Bastards, Liberty Watch Washington, Nevada Committee for Full Statehood, Rural Heritage Preservation Project, Liberty For All (LFA) [continuous names below]
December 11, 2015
NOTICE: Redress of Grievance                                                      
Notice to agent is notice to principle; notice to principle is notice to agent

            Sheriff David Ward, Commissioner Dan Nichols, Commissioner Pete Runnels, Justice of the Peace Donna Thomas, District Attorney Tim Colahan, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Governor Kate Brown

Dear Sirs,

After extensive research on the Hammond case, We the People of these States United have reason to believe that Dwight and Steven Hammond were not afforded their rights to due process as protected by the United States Constitution. 

We have principled evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond committed no crime in the act of performing the prescribed burn and back fire, that the U.S. Government does not have authority to enforce Territorial law under article four within the State of Oregon, and that the County of Harney and State of Oregon failed to protect the Hammond's rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. USC 42.1986, 18.242, 18.121, 42.1983, 42.1985,

We hold compelling evidence that the U.S. Government abused the federal court system, situating the Hammond family into duress as effort to force the Hammond's to sell their Steen Mountain property to a federal agency.

We have substantial evidence that the U.S. Attorney's Office exploited an act of Congress, imposing cruel and unusual punishment upon residents of Harney County.

We hold substantial evidence that inside the borders of Harney County the U.S. Government is acting outside the authority enumerated in the Constitution of the United States. 

We secure evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s Office independently prepared the indictment against Dwight & Steven Hammond, and that the Grand Jury did not properly assemble or investigate before the indictment. We have no evidence to believe that the Grand Jury participated in the indictment altogether.

We have sure evidence that U.S. Congress does not have authority to legislate minimum sentences, requiring Dwight and Steven Hammond to serve five years in a federal penitentiary.

We hold confirming video evidence of federal agents exhibiting a culture of intimidation toward individuals and businesses within the borders of Harney County. That federal agent, by fire destroy private property, and that the Hammond family are being denied the same protection of the laws that are enjoyed by federal agents.

We have supporting evidence that Judge Hogan controlled the narrative and did not allow full disclosure in the courtroom. We have additional evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond were sentenced for something different than what they were found guilty of.

We hold sounding evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond are victims of cruel and unusual punishment, and that the U.S. Justice Department is violating the 8th Amendment. 

We hold sure evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond are being subject for the same offense twice put in jeopardy. Including that the Ninth District Court of Appeals violated the 5th Amendment. 

 We have obtained appalling evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s Office threatened the Hammond family with early detention and further punishment, if the Hammond family continued to communicate with a certain individual. This evidence foundational speaks against the U.S. Attorneys Office in their gross effort to infringe upon the Hammond’s right to free exercise of speech. 1st Amendment, USC 18.242

In a commitment to expose the truth and administrate justice, We the People of these States United insist that you immediately assemble an independent Evidential Hearing Board (EHB) comprised of the people of Harney County in accordance with Common Law principals.  That the Evidential Hearing Board call witnesses and investigate each of these allegations publicly.  That the Evidential Hearing Board make public conclusions in writing upon their findings.  That the Harney County Board of Commissioners and the Sheriff’s Department enforce the conclusions of the Evidential Hearing Board in support of the United States Constitution.  We further insist that the Hammond family be protected from reporting to federal prison until all allegations can be determined.

We need not remind you of your lawful duty to act on these matters as insisted, nor of the consequences if you knowingly neglected your duty. USC 18.2382, 18.2071, 18.2076, 42.1983, 42.1985, 42.1986

We the People - United Individuals of these States United

If you support this NOTICE: Redress of Grievance, then fill in the name card below. 
If you support this NOTICE: Redress of Grievance, then fill in the name card below.
Click on the link to fill in the PERSONAL name card:…/1qeaS0d7NogqwbbQi8BBV1Q9…/viewform

If you represent a GROUP, click on the link to fill in the GROUP name card:…/1_wQD3HOvQ9cqQD4a7gV2Wrd…/viewform

Thursday, December 10, 2015

TPN Media Exclusive: Acting U.S. Attorney Issues Statement/Warnings In Anticipation Of Hammonds Surrender To Prison

TPN Media Exclusive: Acting U.S. Attorney Issues Statement/Warnings In Anticipation Of Hammonds Surrender To Prison


Today, I obtained the following, which was published in the December 9, 2015, Burns Times Herald, in Burns, Oregon. The acting U.S. Attorney has issued a warning to any who may be in town as Steven and Dwight Hammond are carted off to jail, to watch their p’s and q’s  and to not get in the way as ‘justice’ is carried out per the U.S. justice system, which he declares is the finest in the world. And in addition to these statements, he goes into a synopsis of what happened, to the Hammonds, according to court processes.
What strikes me as strange is why does the U.S. Attorney feel the need to publish this manifest in the sleepy little Oregon town of Burns. After all, if the Hammonds were convicted by a jury of their peers, and small towns being what they are, why the need to reinforce the history of the trial? Everyone knows what happened, or do they?There is no comment from the Hammonds here, or any spokesperson of the Hammonds. Could it be that there is more to the story? And why would the U.S. Attorney be anticipating any trouble as the Hammonds are sent to jail for a second time? Could it be that since facts of the incidents in question have seen some sunlight, maybe that light revealed other, pertinent facts regarding the situation? Wouldn’t it be prudent to reexamine the issues, rather than send two men to PRISON, for starting controlled, prescribed fires? And why, will someone please tell me WHY, the government went into the situation with the HEAVY HANDED CHARGES of the Anti Terrorism And Death Penalty Act? Could it be they wanted them to NOT have the right of Habeas Corpus? That would certainly do the trick, if so. Remember the Hammond ranch is surrounded on all sides by BLM or government owned land. Hmmm. Folks, there’s a lot more to this story than what is written below in the U.S. Attorney’s statement, and I fear there will be no one to be a voice for the Hammonds in seeking true, American justice.
Acting U.S. Attorney, Billy J. Williams
As the Acting United States Attorney for the District of Oregon, I write to the citizens of Harney County to address ongoing attempts by outside individuals and organizations that are making statements and using social media to express views which are clearly contrary to what occurred publicly in an open courtroom. I understand that there are some individuals and organizations who object to the Hammonds returning to prison to serve the remainder of their sentences mandated by statute. I respect their right to peacefully disagree with the prison terms imposed. However, any criminal behavior contemplated by those who may object to the court’s mandate that harms someone will not be tolerated and will result in serious consequences. The following is a summary of the facts in United States v. Dwight and Steven Hammond, including the actions and positions taken by this of ce throughout the course of the case.
Five years ago, a federal grand jury charged Dwight and Steven Hammond with committing arson on public lands, and endangering re ghters. The charges came after the Hammonds rejected an offer to settle the case by pleading guilty to lesser charges and sentences.
Three years ago, after a two-week trial in Pendleton, Oregon, a jury found 70-year old Dwight and his son, 43-year old Steven Hammond, guilty of committing arson on public lands in 2001. Steven Hammond was also found guilty of committing a second arson in 2006. They were found not guilty of other arson charges, and while the jury was deliberating on the remaining charges, the Hammonds negotiated for the dismissal of those charges and a promise from the U.S. Attorney to recommend the minimum sentence mandated by law. The Hammonds assured the trial judge that they knew the law required they serve no less than ve years in prison. The U.S. Attorney also agreed they should remain free until sentencing.
The Hammonds had long ranched private and public lands in Eastern Oregon. Although they leased public lands for grazing, they were not permitted to burn the lands without prior authorization from the BLM. In 1999, a BLM employee reminded Steven Hammond of this after he started a fire that escaped onto public land.
At trial, jurors heard from a hunting guide, a hunter and the hunter’s father, who saw the Hammonds illegally slaughter a herd of deer on public land. At least seven deer were shot with others limping or running from the scene. Less than two hours later, the hunting guide and the hunter and his father, were forced to abandon their campsite because a fire was burning in the area where the deer had been shot. The hunting guide’s testimony and photographs established fires were burning hours before Steven Hammond called the BLM and said he was going to do a burn of invasive species in the area.
A teenage relative, who was with the Hammonds in 2001 when those fires were set, told the jury that he was handed a box of “Strike Anywhere” matches, and Steven Hammond told him to drop lit matches on the ground so as to “light up the whole country on fire.” He did as instructed, and the resulting eight-to ten-foot flames spread quickly. Fearing for his life, he was forced to take shelter in a creek. The jury heard evidence that once back at the ranch, Dwight and Steven told him to “keep his mouth shut,” and that “nobody needed to know about the fire.” The resulting eight-to ten-foot fames spread quickly. Fearing for his life, he was forced to take shelter in a creek. The jury heard evidence that once back at the ranch, Dwight and Steven told him to “keep his mouth shut,” and that “nobody needed to know about the fire.” The fires destroyed evidence of the deer slaughter and took 139 acres of public land out of public use for two years.
The evidence at trial convinced the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the Hammonds were guilty of the federal crime of arson; that is, maliciously damaging United States property by fire. The jury was neither asked if the Hammonds were terrorists, nor were defendants ever charged with or accused of terrorism. Suggesting otherwise is simply  flat out wrong.
The jury also found Steven Hammond guilty of committing a second arson in 2006.
That summer, BLM fire fighters were battling several significant fires caused by lightning strikes. The Harney County Fire Marshal imposed a burn ban, and a “red flag” warning was in effect. Despite the burn ban, and knowing that fire fighters were in the area, Steven Hammond set fires at night without notifying anyone. He did so to save his winter feed. After seeing the fires, the firefighters moved to a safer location. When confronted by a fire fighter the next day, Steven Hammond admitted setting the fires, and made no apology for doing so.
The crimes that the jury found the Hammonds committed carried five-year congressionally-mandated minimum sentences. In October 2012, U.S. District Court Judge Michael R. Hogan imposed sentences below what the law required. The U.S. Attorney’s Office appealed the sentences imposed by Judge Hogan because they were not the sentences mandated by Congress for the crimes committed. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed, and reversed the Hammonds’ sentences. The cases were sent back to the District Court with the directive that the statute’s mandate be followed. The Supreme Court upheld the Ninth Circuit’s decision, and in October 2015, Chief Judge Ann Aiken imposed the five-year prison terms. The U.S. Attorney agreed to allow the Hammonds to self-surrender after the holidays.
Much has been said and written by persons who were not in the Pendleton courtroom during the trial or in Eugene during the sentencing hearings. Much of it is inaccurate. For example, the federal prosecutor has never called the Hammonds terrorists, an allegation made by some of the Hammonds’ supporters. As Acting U.S. Attorney, I do not consider them to be terrorists. At the sentencing hearings, the federal prosecutor described the Hammonds’ contributions to their community and urged the court not to impose the higher sentences recommended by the U.S. Probation office. The prosecutor also assured the court that the sentences mandated by Congress were neither cruel nor unusual given the seriousness of the crimes and the safety threat posed to the hunters (in 2001) and the fire fighters (in 2006). The Hammonds received a fair trial, they were found guilty in Pendleton, Oregon, by a jury of their peers, and they ultimately received lawful sentences mandated by Congress.
As Americans, we have the privilege of being served by the finest judicial system in the world. Despite suggestions to the contrary, what took place during this case was a process that followed the time-honored fundamental principles of the rule of law— from the investigation, negotiations, a public trial with the presentation of lawfully admitted evidence, the jury’s findings, judicial findings, appellate rulings, to the final imposition of sentence. We stand by the ultimate resolution of this case.
Army veteran and patriot, Ryan Payne, has responded to Mr. Williams statement. It does seem that there are citizens of Harney County who disagree with the treatment of the Hammonds and the courts sentencing.
A sincere thanks to Mr. Williams for his public threat towards Patriots. It is beneficial for The People that they are acutely aware of the oppression which their government is going to expand from the Hammonds to include anyone opposed to the unConstitutional decrees of the tyrannical and activist judiciary. We were aware of your position, but having made it publicly saves us the effort of having to frame it to The People. As I’ve spoken with the citizens of Harney County. I’ve found no one in agreement with the government’s decision and tyrannical overstep. Now the people of Harney County are aware that if they attempt to remedy their situation and form a barrier to prevent the assertion of an illegitimate authority that they will be punished swiftly. We need not attempt to convince them of your intent, for you have not minced words, and they are now aware.
As Patriots around the union become aware of your threats, I am certain they will be received with their intended message. If your goal is to provoke The People to break the chains of oppression, you are succeeding brilliantly.
Ryan Payne

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Fall Of America Signals The Rise Of The New World Order- Brandon Smith

The Fall Of America Signals The Rise Of The New World Order

falling america1
This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at

“The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another.”Henry Kissinger, “Henry Kissinger On The Assembly Of A New World Order”
“[P]art of people’s concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people.” Barack Obama
“We reiterate our strong commitment to the United Nations (UN) as the foremost multilateral forum entrusted with bringing about hope, peace, order and sustainable development to the world. The UN enjoys universal membership and is at the center of global governance and multilateralism.”Fifth BRICS Summit Declaration
“We support the reform and improvement of the international monetary system, with a broad-based international reserve currency system providing stability and certainty. We welcome the discussion about the role of the SDR in the existing international monetary system including the composition of SDR’s basket of currencies. We support the IMF to make its surveillance framework more integrated and even-handed.” Fifth BRICS Summit Declaration
Here is where many political and economic analysts go terribly wrong in their examination of current global paradigms: They tend to blindly believe the mainstream narrative rather than taking into account conflicting actions and statements by political and financial leaders. Even in the liberty movement, composed of some of the most skeptical and media savvy people on planet Earth, the cancers of assumption and bias often take hold.
Some liberty proponents are more than happy to believe in particular mainstream dynamics. They are happy to believe, for example, that the growing “conflict” between the East and West is legitimate rather than engineered.
You can list off quotation after quotation and policy action after policy action proving that Eastern governments, including China and Russia, work hand in hand with globalist institutions like the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the U.N. toward the goal of global governance and global economic centralization. But these people simply will not listen. They MUST believe that the U.S. is the crowning villain, and that the East is in heroic opposition. They are so desperate for a taste of hope they are ready to consume the poison of false dichotomies.
The liberty movement is infatuated with the presumption that the U.S. government and the banking elites surrounding it are at the “top” of the new world order pyramid and are “clamoring for survival” as the U.S. economy crumbles under the facade of false government and central banking statistics. How many times have we heard over the past year alone that the Federal Reserve has “backed itself into a corner” or policy directed itself “between a rock and a hard place?”
I have to laugh at the absurdity of such a viewpoint because central bankers and internationalists have always used economic instability as a means to gain political and social advantage. The consolidation of world banking power alone after the Great Depression is a testament to this fact. And even former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has admitted (at least in certain respects) that the Federal Reserve was responsible for that terrible implosion, an implosion that conveniently served the interests of international cartel banks like JPMorgan.
But the Federal Reserve is no more than an appendage of a greater system; it is NOT the brains of the operation.
In his book “Tragedy And Hope,” Carroll Quigley, Council on Foreign Relations member and mentor to Bill Clinton, stated:
“It must not be felt that these heads of the world’s chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers (also called “international” or “merchant” bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks.”
In “Ruling The World Of Money,” Harper’s Magazine established what Quigley admitted in “Tragedy And Hope” — that the control of the global economic policy and, by extension, political policy is dominated by a select few elites, namely through the unaccountable institutional framework of the BIS.
The U.S. and the Federal Reserve are mere tentacles of the great vampire squid that is the new world order. And being a tentacle makes one, to a certain extent, expendable, if the trade will result in even greater centralization of power.
The delusion that some people within the liberty movement are under is that the fall of America will result in the fall of the new world order. In reality, the fall of America is a necessary step towards the RISE of the new world order. The Rothschild-owned financial magazine The Economist reaffirmed this trend of economic “harmonization” in its 1988 article “Get Ready For A World Currency By 2018,” which described the creation of a global currency called the “Phoenix” over three decades:
“The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate — and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate — would be in its charge. Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit. With no recourse to the inflation tax, governments and their creditors would be forced to judge their borrowing and lending plans more carefully than they do today. This means a big loss of economic sovereignty, but the trends that make the phoenix so appealing are taking that sovereignty away in any case.”
“…The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today. In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power.”
We are now on the cusp of the “prediction” set forth by The Economist over 27 years ago. The BRICS nations, including Vladimir Putin’s Russia, have all consistently called for the formation of a global reserve currency system under the direct control of the IMF and predicated on the basket methodology of the SDR. This new global system, as The Economist suggested, requires the marginalization of existing power structures and the end of sovereign economic control. Governments around the world including the U.S. would be at the fiscal mercy of the new financial high priests through the use of insidious debt based incentives given or withheld at the whim of the IMF.
China is set to be inducted into the SDR basket in 2015, with specific economic changes to be made by September 2016, a development I have been warning about for years. The “vote” is in and the decision has been finalized.  While some in the mainstream media are playing off the rise of the Yuan as meaningless, IMF head Christine Lagarde presents the shift as a major event, not for China, but for the IMF and the SDR which she proudly refers to as the “currency of currencies”.
The addition of China to the SDR, I believe, is the next trigger event for the continuing removal of the dollar as the world reserve currency. The monetary shift may explode with speed if Saudi Arabia follows through with a possible plan to depeg from the dollar, effectively ending the petrodollar status the U.S. has enjoyed for decades.
This is, of course, the same IMF-controlled SDR system that Putin and the Kremlin have called for, despite the running fantasy that Putin is somehow an opponent of the globalists.
Putin continues to press the “U.S. as bumbling villain” narrative, while at the same time supporting globalist institutions and the internationalization of economic and political governance. While many people were overly focused on his “calling out” of the U.S. and its involvement in the creation of ISIS in his recent speech at the U.N., they seemed to have completely overlooked his adoration of the United Nations and the development of a global governing body. Putin often speaks at cross purposes just as Barack Obama does — one minute supporting sovereignty and freedom, the next minute calling for global centralization:
“Russia is ready to work together with its partners to develop the UN further on the basis of a broad consensus, but we consider any attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the United Nations as extremely dangerous. They may result in the collapse of the entire architecture of international relations, and then indeed there will be no rules left except for the rule of force.”
“Dear colleagues, ensuring peace and global and regional stability remains a key task for the international community guided by the United Nations. We believe this means creating an equal and indivisible security environment that would not serve a privileged few, but everyone.”
Putin also proclaimed his support for the UN’s fight against “climate change”, the same climate change which Secretary of State John Kerry argued was a “contributing factor” in the crisis in Syria and the rise of ISIS.  I have written in the past on the fraud of “man made climate change (global warming)” and will not enter that tangent here now, but the point remains that Putin is fully on board with said fraud like all other puppet politicians around the globe:
“…One more issue that shall affect the future of the entire humankind is climate change. It is in our interest to ensure that the coming UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Paris in December this year should deliver some feasible results. As part of our national contribution, we plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 70–75 percent of the 1990 levels by the year 2030.”
“It is indeed a challenge of global proportions. And I am confident that humanity does have the necessary intellectual capacity to respond to it. We need to join our efforts, primarily engaging countries that possess strong research and development capabilities, and have made significant advances in fundamental research. We propose convening a special forum under the auspices of the UN to comprehensively address issues related to the depletion of natural resources, habitat destruction, and climate change. Russia is willing to co-sponsor such a forum.”
Indeed, it has been Putin’s intention all along to support and defend the internationalist framework while at the same time participating in the theatrical East versus West false paradigm:
“In the BRICS case we see a whole set of coinciding strategic interests.
First of all, this is the common intention to reform the international monetary and financial system. In the present form it is unjust to the BRICS countries and to new economies in general. We should take a more active part in the IMF and the World Bank’s decision-making system. The international monetary system itself depends a lot on the US dollar, or, to be precise, on the monetary and financial policy of the US authorities. The BRICS countries want to change this.”
The Chinese support the same agenda of an IMF managed economic world:
The world economic crisis shows the “inherent vulnerabilities and systemic risks in the existing international monetary system,” Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan said in an essay released Monday by the bank. He recommended creating a currency made up of a basket of global currencies and controlled by the International Monetary Fund and said it would help “to achieve the objective of safeguarding global economic and financial stability.”
It is rather interesting how the desires of the BRICS seem to directly coincide with the designs of international bankers. This Hegelian dialectic is perhaps the most elaborate public distraction of all time, with the ultimate solution to the artificially engineered problem being a single “multilateral” but centrally dictated world economic system and world government, i.e., the new world order.
Again, the globalists at the BIS and the IMF require a diminished U.S. dollar, greatly reduced U.S. living standards and a much smaller U.S. geopolitical footprint before they can establish and finalize a single publicly accepted global elitist oligarchy.
If you cannot understand why it seems that the Federal Reserve and U.S. government appear hell-bent on self-destruction, then perhaps you should consider the facts and motivations at hand. Then, you’ll realize it is THEIR JOB to destroy America, not save America. When you are finally willing to accept this reality, every disastrous development since the inception of the Fed a century ago, as well as all that is about to happen in the next few years, makes perfect sense.
This is not to say that the ultimate endgame of the new world order will result in victory. But the cold, hard, concrete evidence shows that internationalists do have a plan; they are implementing that plan systematically; and all major governments around the world are participating in that plan. This plan involves the inevitable collapse and reformation of America into a Third World enclave, a goal that is nearly complete, as I will outline in my next article.
As the U.S. destabilizes, we are not escaping the clutches of the Federal Reserve system, only trading out one totalitarian management model for another. It is absolutely vital that the liberty movement in particular finally and fully embrace this reality. If we do not, then there will truly be no obstacle to such a plan’s success and no end to the tyrannies of the old world or the new world.