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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Dann Sisters Shoshone women Standoff with BLM = Stolen lands, stolen livestock, Tryanny!

Here’s What Happened When These Unarmed Native American Sisters Defended Their Land from the Feds

Like the Bundys, the Dann sisters tried a standoff with the BLM. But it ended very differently.
Carrie and Mary Dunn
Carrie Dann (left) with her sister Mary (right)
The double standard in the media’s treatment of Ammon Bundy and his gang at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is shameful, but the case of the Dann sisters underlines even further the disparity in how non-white activists are treated.
Carrie and Mary Dann, two elderly Shoshone women who have defied seizure of their land, have been repeatedly roughed up and harassed by federal officials and mobs of white ranchers for refusing to cede their claim to land that was illegally stolen from them 30 years ago.
In 1863, the U.S. government signed the Ruby Valley Treaty with the Western Shoshone nation, who laid claim to 26 million acres of land in Nevada, Idaho, and Utah. The Shoshone tribe and the U.S. government agreed that settlers and cowboys had access to the land, but not title. But in the 1970s, the federal Indian Claims Commission ruled that the land no longer belonged to the Shoshone nation due to “gradual encroachment” of white settlers and ranchers. The government seized the land and put $26 million into an account meant for the Shoshone nation in 1979, but the tribe turned down the money, saying they never agreed to sell their land.
The Supreme Court gave its blessing to the Indian Claims Commission ruling, claiming that the Shoshone had no claim to the land since the tribe had been paid $26 million. Dann sisters stopped paying grazing fees out of protest in 1973, saying they only honored the Ruby Valley Treaty, and the BLM responded by slapping the sisters with a series of fines totalling $3 million in 1998. Federal officials called for the roundup of the Danns’ horses and cattle, saying they were trespassing on federal land.
”Trespass? Who the hell gave them the land anyway?” Mary Dann said in an interview with the New York Times. ”When I trespass, it’s when I wander into Paiute territory.”
In September of 2001, the government sent in the cavalry to show it was serious about its claim to the Shoshone tract:
The government considers it public land, and to drive the point home, 40 agents from the Bureau of Land Management descended on the Danns’ ranch in September, heavily armed and fortified with helicopters, and confiscated 232 cattle, which were later sold.
The sisters and their supporters argue that their tribe never legally ceded these range lands. Though the federal government controls 85 percent of Nevada, they contend that it has no legitimate title to the land — or the gold, water, oil and geothermal energy beneath it.
Because the Dann sisters refused to leave their land, the government once again began seizing large numbers of their livestock in 2003, claiming the horses and cattle were grazing at the public’s expense. BLM officials even deputized local cowboys to assist with the livestock seizure. At which point, the sisters were forced to remove over 400 remaining horses from the disputed range, many of them pregnant mares, but they lost track of many in the forced move.
Furthermore, they were caught in a catch-22 regarding these stray horses that ran away in the chaos, wherein even strays marked with the Danns’ brand would be seized and auctioned if not claimed, but the sisters would incur trespassing fines if they did claim these horses.
While Mary Dann died on the ranch in 2005, her sister Carrie continues to protest for indigenous rights in her old age. Oxfam made a short documentary about the two sisters’ struggle to keep their land. Watch it below:

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Meet the 23 men and two women facing felony charges for the Oregon standoff

The Refuge Map
Below the story come from RS, the photo's added by myself. Some of the political prisoners I have yet to find photo's for. If you have one please contact me so to add it.
If the Family or Friends wish to add to the story of their political prisoner feel free to email me your thoughts and I will do so.( reference this post Political Prisoners so I can see it, get lots of email. Thanks.

Meet the 23 men and two women facing felony charges for the Oregon standoff

Federal prosecutors filed conspiracy charges against 25 people, including Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan, who come from 10 states
The rightwing occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge unravelled after police arrested protest leader Ammon Bundy and four other key members of the anti-government militia.
On the 41st day of the standoff, the final four occupiers surrendered , and federal prosecutors announced that they had filed felony charges against a total of 25 people associated with the armed occupation of the Malheur national wildlife refuge.
The group of 23 men and two women – who are all facing the same federal charge of conspiracy to impede officers through “ force, intimidation and threats ” – hail from ten states across the US and have a wide range of prior involvement in conservative activism and criminal activity. From a convicted murderer to a shock-jock radio host to several key figures in the anti-government movement in the west, here are the 25 facing criminal prosecution – plus details on the ones who got away.
Ammon Bundy, 40, Emmett, Idaho
Ammon Bundy is the son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy , whose 2014 standoff with the federal government paved the way for the Oregon occupation. Ammon immediately emerged as the leader of the Malheur group when the standoff began 2 January , arguing in speeches from the refuge that the federal government had no authority to control public lands in rural Harney County.
He was arrested on a highway outside of the occupation on 26 January and remains in jail in Portland , but he continues to release statements defending his actions as a constitutionally protected protest against government overreach.
Ryan Bundy, 43, Bunkerville, Nevada
Ryan Bundy is Ammon’s older brother and was also present at the occupation from the start. He was a less prominent public figure than his brother, but appeared to play a major role in planning and organizing protest actions – at one point travelling outside of the refuge to recruit other supporters and helping destroy part of a government fence to protest federal restrictions on cattle grazing.
He was taken into custody during the same police confrontation that resulted in his brother’s arrest, and he was in the car driven by protest spokesman LaVoy Finicum ,
whom police shot and killed .

(I am adding Cliven Bundy 69 of Bunkerville Nevada, Arrested after getting off a plane in Portland Oregon to see his sons jail by feds on trumped up charges. Now charged with same crimes as these others plus additional pile on charges for his stand against the Tyrant BLM USFS FBI Army at his Ranch. Where they threaten him and his family with death, snipers, acts of violence, murdering his livestock, and people came to prevent the Federal Radicals from doing worse to the Bundy Ranch/Family.)
Shawna Cox, 59, Kanab, Utah
Shawna Cox, one of two women facing charges in the federal government’s conspiracy case, was also in the car with Finicum and Ryan Bundy before she was arrested 26 January. Cox, a close family friend of the Bundys , frequently acted as a spokeswoman for the occupation. She is a mother of 12 and one of the few defendants officials have released on house arrest as the case moves forward.
Ryan Payne, 31, Anaconda, Montana
Ryan Payne was another high-profile militia leader, who was arrested after he reportedly exited Finicum’s truck and surrendered just before the fatal shooting. He had helped coordinate community meetings outside of the refuge. Payne was also very active in Cliven Bundy’s standoff in 2014.
After his arrest last month, Payne “claimed to have an absolute duty to prevent the federal government from continuing to manage lands … [and] claimed a right to use force to oppose an unlawful arrest”, according to court records.
Brian Cavalier, 44, Bunkerville, Nevada
Brian Cavalier, who often goes by the name “Booda”, was the fifth person arrested in the highway confrontation. When the Guardian visited Cliven Bundy last year , Cavalier described himself as the family’s bodyguard and said he was willing to do whatever was necessary to protect the Bundys if federal officials returned.
Pete Santilli, 50, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pete Santilli, a rightwing radio host and vocal defender of the Bundys, was the first to report that Ammon Bundy may have been arrested. He delivered the news live on his YouTube stream, which he had used throughout the occupation. Soon after Bundy was arrested that evening, Santilli himself was taken into custody on the same conspiracy charges.
Prosecutors allege that Santilli participated in the protests, but his attorneys and civil liberties advocates argue that he was a journalist with free speech rights .
Joseph O’Shaughnessy, 45, Cottonwood, Arizona
In a separate arrest the night of 26 January, Joseph O’Shaughnessy, another regular presence at the refuge, was also taken into custody. He told the Guardian during the first week of the occupation that he was with a group called the North American Coalition of Constitutional Militias and that he was acting as a neutral party aimed at preventing violence.
Prosecutors have used social media videos to argue that he was directly involved in the occupation, citing one video in which he states: “We need every patriot in this country to come out here and and support the message.”

Jon Ritzheimer, 32, Peoria, Arizona
The final arrest on the first night police took militia leaders into custody was of Jon Ritzheimer, a key militia leader who was home in Arizona and allegedly turned himself in to his local police department . Ritzheimer, a prominent anti-Islam activist , often stood guard at the entrance to the refuge, but was most known for his bizarre Facebook video rant about donated dildos .
He posted a Facebook video of his daughters crying before he turned himself in.

Duane Ehmer, 45, Irrigon, Oregon
Duane Ehmer, one of the few occupiers from Oregon, was arrested at an FBI checkpoint one day after the Bundy brothers were taken in. Ehmer was one of the most frequently photographed protesters at the refuge, often seen riding his horse Hellboy while carrying a large American flag.
“These guys are just normal, everyday people,” he told the Guardian during the first week of the occupation. Ehmer was also one of the few released while awaiting trial. After his arrest, his horse was “ held in a safe location ”.
Jason Patrick, 43, Bonaire, Georgia
In the chaotic day after the arrest of the Bundy brothers and death of Finicum, Jason Patrick, a regular presence at the occupation, briefly emerged as the militia’s new de facto leader . The role, however, was short lived. Like Ehmer, Patrick was arrested at an FBI checkpoint while leaving the refuge. At the start of the occupation, he offered journalists guided tours of the refuge .
Patrick also faced charges in August 2014 of “making terrorist threats” after he “threatened to kill everyone” inside a municipal court building in Georgia, according to prosecutors .
Dylan Anderson, 34, Provo, Utah
Dylan Anderson was also arrested one day after Finicum was killed. Prosecutors say he was also known by his nickname “Captain Moroni” – a reference to a military leader in the Book of Mormon . He was at the refuge from the start of the occupation, according to prosecutors.
Kenneth Medenbach, 62, Crescent, Oregon
Kenneth Medenbach was added to prosecutors’ conspiracy case when a federal grand jury issued a formal indictment . His claim to fame, however, came two weeks earlier when he was arrested while driving a stolen government vehicle outside of the refuge and into the local town of Burns.
Jeff Banta, 46, Yerington, Nevada
Jeff Banta was one of the final four occupiers who refused to leave for two weeks after the rest of the militia members surrendered, were arrested or escaped without consequence. Banta and the three other holdouts were indicted by a federal grand jury in the conspiracy case before they ultimately surrendered.
Sandra Anderson, 48, Riggins, Idaho
Sandra Anderson was thrust into the national spotlight during the final 24 hours of the standoff as she refused to surrender and made bold statements during live-streamed phone calls as the FBI closed in on the holdouts . “Please don’t let us die in vain,” she shouted on the YouTube stream broadcast to tens of thousands of people. She eventually surrendered without incident and appeared in court in tears the following day .
Sean Anderson, 47, Riggins, Idaho
Sean Anderson is Sandra’s husband and another final holdout whose dramatic comments received widespread attention in the final hours of the occupation. “We are not surrendering, we’re turning ourselves in,” he said at one point during a live-streamed phone call . He eventually walked out holding an American flag.
David Fry, 27, Blanchester, Ohio
David Fry was the final occupier at the refuge, and after the three other holdouts surrendered, he initially refused to stand down during tense negotiations that were broadcast live on YouTube. He repeated his claims that he was willing to die for his anti-government protests and also noted that he was having suicidal thoughts, sparking fears on the outside that the occupation would end with more bloodshed. After an hour of charged debate with mediators on the phone, he turned himself in.
Fry initially received media attention when he filmed himself using the federal government’s computers at the refuge .
Blaine Cooper, 36, Humboldt, Arizona
Blaine Cooper was a very outspoken militia leader at the start of the occupation, but disappeared from public view in its final weeks. Cooper reappeared when he showed up for the recent funeral of Finicum in Utah. When a reporter asked him why he had not been arrested or indicted, he responded: “Lucky, maybe.”
Cooper’s luck ended on the final day of the occupation when he was arrested in Utah – as one of nine additional people charged as the standoff came to a close. Cooper was previously present at confrontations with the government at the Nevada Bundy ranch and Sugar Pine mine in Oregon early in 2015.
Neil Wampler, 68, Los Osos, California
Neil Wampler, a retired woodworker, was at the occupation from the beginning and told the Guardian that he was also present at Cliven Bundy’s standoff . Wampler became less friendly with reporters after the Oregonian reported that he was convicted of second-degree murder in the killing of his father in 1977. The paper reported that Wampler was armed at the refuge and was barred from possessing firearms due to the murder conviction.
Corey Lequieu, 44, Fallon, Nevada
Corey Lequieu, who was at the refuge from the beginning, told the Guardian in a recent phone interview that he left just after Finicum died. Though he managed to leave the occupation without being arrested, officials later apprehended him in Nevada.
At the refuge, it appeared that Lequieu was frequently involved in the group’s “security” team. In an earlier interview at the standoff, he said he would not be surprised if the occupation dragged on for months, saying, “This isn’t going to happen overnight.”
Jason Blomgren, 41, Murphy, North Carolina
Little is known about Jason Blomgren, who appears to have stayed out of the news for the occupation. Notably, it appears he was arrested in Bunkerville , Nevada, which is where the Bundy ranch is located.
Darryl Thorn, 31, of Marysville, Washington
Occupation member Darryl Thorn also appears to have skirted attention until his arrest on the final day of the standoff. He was reportedly arrested in Bend, Oregon.
Eric Flores, 22, Tulalip, Washington
Eric Flores was arrested in his hometown of Tulalip, Washington on the last day of the standoff. He appears to be the youngest person charged in the federal conspiracy case.
Wesley Kjar, 32, Manti, Utah
Wesley Kjar was another individual added to the federal case at the end of the occupation. He appeared in federal court in Salt Lake City .
Geoffrey Stanek, 26, Lafayette, Oregon
Geoffrey Stanek was one of the last of the 25 to be arrested. When officials announced the nine new indictments on the final day of the standoff, prosecutors initially redacted his name, because he was still at large. He was arrested near Portland the following evening .
Stanek spoke to the Guardian during the first week of the occupation, saying he had arrived with friends. “I really strongly believe in what we’re doing,” he said, adding: “It’s really good not just to give back to the community, but to open their eyes and say, ‘This is their land.’”
Travis Cox
Officials revealed on Friday that the final occupier charged was Travis Cox, who is named in the latest indictment. As of late Friday, however, he had not yet been apprehended and no information was available about his identity.
The ones who got away.
Despite the long list of people charged, some have pointed out that other known members of the occupation have avoided arrest and prosecution. Mel Bundy , another brother of Ammon and Ryan, was at the occupation at the beginning , but it appears that he left fairly early on. He has not been charged.
Brandon Dowd, a black occupier profiled by the Guardian , has not been named in the federal indictment. But he was recently arrested on an unrelated warrant in a theft case .
Notably, many of the most high-profile women of the militia – some of whom the Guardian interviewed in the first week of the standoff – are also not listed in the charges.
Melissa Cooper, wife of arrested militiaman Blaine Cooper, was one of the main cooks at the refuge headquarters. She wrote on Facebook that her husband was arrested and subsequently told Oregon Public Broadcasting that he was apprehended in front of their children, saying: “It was traumatic for them.”
It appears that there are also no charges against Debra Carter Pope, a 61-year-old Fallon, Nevada, resident who was one of the main cooks alongside Cooper. She is the fiancee of Lequieu. Reached by phone after his arrest, she declined to comment.
Oregon Public Broadcasting also wrote about the women of the occupation and interviewed another protester named Kristi Jernigan, who said she was not worried about being arrested: “God would not ask me to do something if he wasn’t going to protect me.”

LaVoy Finicum's property retrieved today. BURNS, OR.

Published on Feb 28, 2016
Sarah Buck, Chris Briels and Michael Emry were able to get LaVoy's property today from Malheur Resource Center. It was a bittersweet victory on a windy day 25+ miles southwest of Burns, Oregon.

Grass March Cowboy Express - Regulation without Representation

Grass March Cowboy Express - Regulation without Representation


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Published on Oct 31, 2014
What we’re hearing all around the West is that under increasing federal control access is being restricted to the public land, the health is diminished and productivity is depressed and our western way of life is at stake. So what we got here is a group of folks who are trying to protect their way of life and exemplify that to highlight that we have a cowboy express ride from California to Washington DC, we’re carrying a bunch of legislation and resolutions from States and Counties and groups all over the West, all over the Nation carrying that back so they understand that what’s happening isn’t working.

I met up with the riders from the Grass March at the beginning of the month at the Utah / Nevada border. We followed them for a ways across the Salt Flats to get some footage for a story about the ride. The next day I had the opportunity to follow Commissioner Bruce Clegg and Representative Ken Ivory up 1700 S to Parley's Canyon.

That evening I attended the rally the Grass March Riders held at the Utah State Fair Grounds. I feel honored that I had the opportunity to spend that evening with people who have a very important cause. The speeches that night and the energy in the room were very exciting because here was a group of people who are standing up to an injustice.

It's sad that some things have gotten so bad that it is necessary that people are forced to make some noise but it really is incredible to have the opportunity to see how our system of government works.

There is the opportunity to say hey we don't think this is right, and begin working towards a solution. I really believe we are seeing history being made.

I'm excited to share this weekend's program with all of you because this is such an important topic. We will examine the Grass March in a long form conversation that we had with some of the participants and follow their journey to Washington DC.
With the recent passing of Grant Gerber, the organizer of the Grass March and Elko County Commissioner, I would like to dedicate this program to his memory.

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If, Cliven Bundy, is truly sentenced to federal prison, this entire nation of Constitutional Americans, 'PATRIOTS' the entire militia, whichever name you go by, need to join arm locked in arm, make a stand & say, NO MORE!


Our federal government is completely out of control. LET ME EXPLAIN SOMETHING TO YOU...I BEG YOU AMERICANS TO PLEASE CARE, PLEASE READ...TAKE HEED!
The government has everyone focused on the 'GUN ISSUES', all while you are distracted, they are destroying these people's lives & stealing land.


Are you listening? W.A.T.E.R., L.A.N.D., M.I.N.E.R.A.L.S. Once the government controls all the land, all the water & all the minerals.......THEY OWN YOU!

We will eventually no longer be able to grow our own food, no land to graze any animals for meat, no water for basic human survival, no fishing, no hunting, NO EATING! Sound dramatic? You bet it is!
When your government controls the food, the water & the majority of the land....they own you! period! I swear to my sweet Lord above this is what is occurring!
These people mean nothing to them.
They do not care that they killed that sweet, innocent man, left his family fatherless, made his wife a widow. They do not care if Mr. Bundy spends the rest of his life in prison. Doing the same to his family as they did to LaVoy's.
Do you think they care that the stress, the heartache, the devastation, combined with his age may possibly be more than Mr. Hammond's weary, tired soul can take?
People can only take so much. Making him serve time he has already served! Mr. Bundy is now 69 years old.
How much more is he expected to take before he simply cannot take any more? These people are NOTHING TO THEM.
They do not look at them & see men. They look at them like the pebbles in their shoes that they must get rid of!
Do you think they care about the wives of these men? Their children? Their grandchildren? These men are no longer AMERICANS in the eyes of this corrupt, tyrannical government!

If you guys, ALL OF YOU, if you knew the CONSTITUTION, you would see just how horrible, how corrupt & how against every law of our nation, their actions truly are.

They are taking control of our nation & of us! You & I no longer have any rights!

When is enough, enough? How much longer do you all believe we have before we no longer have the choice to make a stand?
I can promise you NOT VERY DAMN LONG!!
I am scared. I'm truly afraid. I grew up on a farm in, East Texas. Where my Daddy taught us to grow & harvest our own food, taught us to hunt & how to fish. our Momma taught us to can food, to make soap, lard & butter, among many other things. They taught us how to be self sufficient, how to survive off the land.
Do you honestly believe The Bundys, The Hammonds & The Finicums are the only families having their land stolen from them?
All these people have done their entire lives is WORK! If you have ever helped out or been a 'RANCH HAND' for even one day, then you know. IT IS THE HARDEST WORK YOU WILL POSSIBLY EVER DO. I know I lived & worked on a ranch in Austin,Texas.
That's where I get my, 'I'll kick your a$$ attitude.' lol
She will kick the dog mess out of you! Her arms, her legs, & her back are just a tad bit larger& stronger than your average gal. Don't believe me? Go help out for one day! Most of the population couldn't do it. I promise you that!
All they ever wanted was to make a living, teach their children & their grand chgildren how to ranch. It teaches strong family values & takes a strong family to withstand ranching responsibilities alone.

Only he is called by another name. The BLM. Satan plays jokes on THEIR (irrigation) water systems. Kills, burns & steals their cattle.
What little bit of land they do allow them to keep, SHORT TERM, they tell them what they can & cannot do with it.
They take full control over all the water sources regardless of whose land it is on.
Then they start fires & then go home for the evening, leaving the fire to burn whatever may be in it's fiery path. Rather it be a barn, a stable or a home.
They prevent them from having enough water to feed their cattle, so their animals seek it elsewhere eventually finding themselves on 'government land'. That alone is a joke.
They take away all grazing rights, they make claim to not only do their cattle have no water, now they can no longer eat. (graze)
Then there comes the accusations, the ridiculous fines & charges.
If they cannot successfully run them off of their own land, they will imprison them or like in, LaVoy's case, MURDER THEM....BUT THEY WILL EVENTUALLY, LEAVE!
All of this done illegally!

Terry Rains


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Harney Co. Burns Oregon rancher gives interview about the treatment from...

Published on Feb 9, 2016
Harney Co. Burns Oregon rancher gives interview about the treatment from F.B.I. and Law Enforcement. Some history on the area, life of a rancher, where YOUR food comes from . Constitutional rights violations. Being a mother of school children during a police state situation and her feelings and thoughts about what is happening where her family lives

Support our Patriots = One Place for donating to the political prisoners & their families

Sarah Redd Buck 
I added a donation link for ALL of our patriots and their families on my website.
This is a place where everyone can go and read about our patriots and donate to each of them in one location.
This will simplify and organize the donation process. I will send each patriot and/or the family member in charge of their account a statement each week along with the donations given. This will show the date of the donations, who donated, and how much. Please message me your information...
(if I don't have it already) so I can make sure you get this each week.
Also, if you already have a PayPal or funded justice account, you can send me the link and I can attach it onto your page. If you do not want an account here where people can donate please let me know and I will take you off. If I am missing anyone, please let me know.
If you would like to add pictures, you can have up to 5 pictures so people can get to know who our patriots really are and also a paragraph or two about the patriot and his/her accomplishments that everyone can read please send it to me and I will add it.
The person I have who manages my website will work on getting it at the top of Google so that when people Google each of their names, Oregon, or anything associated with the situation this will pop up on google first so that we can have a chance to show the world who our patriots really are and after learning about each of them, they can donate if they would like.
If there are people that would like to make items to sale on this site and donate the funds message me and we can add those items as well.

Local vs Federal Authority on Public Lands = Aug 8, 2014 The County Seat Utah

Local vs Federal Authority on Public Lands 
Published on Aug 8, 2014
1:17 Where do the federal land management agencies derive their authority ?7:10 What was discussed back in the Congressional Hearings in DC?15:48 Federal Agencies contracting with the local Sheriff's Office26:14 How do you solve the issue?

The question of who has authority has been a hot topic in the West. It most recently came to a boiling point in Clark County Nevada between Rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management. The standoff has many local elected officials, particularly the Sheriffs concerned that the federal government is overstepping it's boundaries.

We invited Former Millard County Sheriff Ed Phillips, Garfield County Commissioner LeLand Pollock and Garfeild County Sheriff Danny Perkins to talk about the issue. Commissioner Pollock and Sheriff Perkins had just returned from meeting in DC on this very topic.

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