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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Talks to Mike Broomhead About Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate | Video |

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Talks to Mike Broomhead About Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate | Video |

‘If I Didn’t Have Any Guts I‘d Leave This Alone’: Sheriff Joe Arpaio on why he Felt Compelled to Investigate Obama’s Birth Certificate

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Talks to Mike Broomhead About Barack Obamas Birth CertificateEarlier Thursday, The Blaze reported that Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio said he believes President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. The Maricopa County Sheriff made the announcement following his months-long, volunteer-staffed probe into the president’s birth certificate.

Following up on his hard-hitting revelation, the 79-year-old lawman appeared on the Mike Broomhead show to discuss his team’s findings and give background on how the investigation came under his stewardship. The fiery Arpaio said he knows the personal trouble he may be letting himself in for with the Justice Department, but vowed that he would never back down due to its threats.

During the interview, Arpaio explained how a cold case posse consisting of well-trained ex-cops and a team of attorneys have been working tirelessly without pay to investigate this pressing matter at no taxpayer expense.

Arpaio said they found information that reveals the birth certificate could very well be a forgery and a fraud, and that despite the attacks of his detractors, “it was incumbent on somebody to look at this case and do something about it.”

The sheriff, who claimed he is “not accusing the president of crimes,” said he was approached by the Tea Party to investigate the matter and could not just turn a blind eye. He added that although his instructions were to in fact do everything he could to clear the president’s name, in the end, the probe turned up damaging information.

“We talked to a lot of people and have sworn statements from around the world,” he said. “I’d like to think we have the proof.”

Arpaio told Broomhead that the media “couldn’t care less” about the fraud uncovered regarding Obama’s birth certificate and that “they just think I am doing this for my own political gain. ”

But, he added, “millions are watching and saying ‘finally someone has looked into this matter.’”

Among the discrepancies Arpaio cites he uncovered is that the year-stamp on the president’s birth certificate is wrong — a fact he claims was proven by special equipment.

He said that while he would like to get a congressional investigation into the matter, he would prefer cooperation from the Hawaiian authorities first.

The ever outspoken Arpaio added that he knows what he is up against with the Justice Department and “if I was really smart and didn’t have any guts, I’d leave this alone.”

“I’m not that stupid,” he boomed. “I know how the Feds operate and I will not back down because of the Justice Department or any [of their] threats.”

The must-listen interview is featured below, courtesy of Mike Broomhead’s team at KFYI550: