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Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tyranny or Freedom = Our Only Choice November 6, 2012

Tyranny or Freedom = Our Choice 
November 6, 2012 

Let me speak on some history in an attempt to prevent it from repeating itself upon a current nation of North America "The United States of America"

I am Tsul' Kalu of the Ani-Kituhwagi I am but a remnant of an ancient people who once greatly populated your lands you now call 'North America', I shall tell you of our demise and destruction and near extermination as a people.  We did have peace for many generations after our Creator Yod Hey Vav - East Star Man  in his tender mercies did visit and teach us his ways and my ancestor's did embrace and follow them for several hundreds of years. Then seeds of darkness and doubt in the Creator were planted amongst our people until slowly and very subtly did the enemy of freedoms enter our lands, it's whispers full of seductions that included lies, deceit, stealing, murdering, power seekers, prideful hearts, immoralities against the Creators teachings and laws of nature were accepted and taught.
The teachings of the Creator such as love, peace, helping one another, not lying, being good to each other, following only the Creator and not the false Gods of Idols or nature as some were doing. Do not offer sacrifice of blood but of service and living in a good life as an example of light unto all so that they may also choose to follow the path of light instead of the paths of darkness or evil.

We had become a proud people, for the Creator did help defend us against all enemies during times of War, he did strengthen our arms and give us the energy to fight and beat those who would seek our enslavement, our destruction as a people.
Once the seeds of doubt and darkness were planted in our lands, many when they saw them sprout and begin to take root in their towns and cities did immediately pull them from the ground and as weeds did destroy them from amongst them.
However many seeds did find protectors as they began to emerge they as little plants did receive nourishment and care, they did accept them not as the weeds they were but as the possible future of their individual or groups lusts for power and dominion over others, for the plants as they matured did whisper the lies and promises of great things once those who followed the light were destroyed and conquered by them.
It whispered the lies of many wrongs that were done unto them that never had taken place, but were the results of one's personal free agency as to their success or failures temporally or spiritually in the land. So did these lies of darkness harden their hearts against the truth, did blind their eyes and did seduce them by the promises that entreat the lusts of the flesh and desires of those who seek only darkness the assumed easy path of do not work but take what others have taken from you, for you are not powerful nor rich due to the others who stole these from you. Such lies of the great deceiver which were / are too great to list for they are many, for he is the the father of all lies, of all conspiracies and the teacher to those who would seek dominion, tyranny control over the lives of others. They did use lawyers and judges and the teachers and leaders of our peoples to entice, pervert the ways of the Creator and the laws of our lands which were good.
Thus as the people did sleep in their dream like state, not wanting to see their dangers, having plenty in their wealth, their daily needs not to worry about anything. They were entertained very well as to those games of our times of old.
They did by their deception, some slight, some openly were accepted by many for such are the ways of the flesh of humanity, they are easily seduced by darkness if not watched and protected from. For the ways of darkness are simple and easy to embrace, and so are those of Light however the light focuses on others, were as the dark focuses on selfishness.
The time came to where peoples broke off from one another, creating tribes and confederacies, they did war amongst each other, and soon found that it would be better to join together as a people in order to gain more control over the whole of the nation.
So they did so, they allied themselves with trade partners of the western lands, southern lands, and distant lands of the North and South lands, they did bring forth the dark armies to attack and destroy the people of light.
Now those of our nation who once listened to the light and live as the Creator asked us to, due to the hardships, and growing selfishness for wealth and power did unite in the dark plans of evil, and the destruction of our nation, they did embrace the teachings of the dark one, and upon their own lusts did work in the destruction of our people.
The Holy teachers of the Creator where silenced by imprisonment or death, some were banished from the lands. The people who did follow the paths of light were scoffed at, and persecuted to the extent that soon many had fallen from the good paths of truth and light and did give into the ways of darkness as they felt it easier to live such lives.
Thus was the moral and ethical failure of the majority of our nation, many turned their faces away from the truth of the danger, as it did not immediately affect their own life. Thus was the battle field both with in and with out our nation was laid, very cunningly are those who follow darkness.
After a time the remaining Holy men did leave for they were no longer accepted amongst our people and the Creator would not suffer them to be harmed. One last time they did come and exhort us to change and follow the light instead of the darkness. None would listen.
One of the Greatest of these Holy men was our great leader and warrior of all our armies, who did what he could all his life to protect us from all enemies, but when they turned on him as well, he removed himself for a time to let us deal with our own fate on our own.
During these days of unrest amongst our own nation, the enemies and allies had been attacking our furthest places our our nation, soon the survivors came and told of the stories of war and destruction, this did enrage our armies and they did go to battle against the invaders. Some days they won, but many times they were beaten by the mere numbers of the invaders for they did sweep our people from the lands as the dew flees before the rising sun.
Years go by and then our greatest leader of Warriors, the Holy man returns to guide us and to give us hope as we yet may defend and conquer our enemies. Yet he did so with great sadness for he knew and understood that it was because our nation as a whole had fallen into the paths of darkness and still refusing to return to the paths of light would be destroyed as the Creator had told him, and as he had warned them of this coming day.
The pride of out people did not allow them to realize their dangers, they would never, could never be conquered for they were a great and mighty people, they did have their swords and armor and great warrior leaders, they would over power their savage enemies who fought only with bows, spears, and other weapons and very few had armor so they felt they could easily sweep them from the fields of battle as they had done in the past.
This was to become their greatest weakness for they being blinded by their pride and lusts for those things promised by the paths of darkness they did not see their fate was sealed until the last few days prior to their destruction.
An agreement was sent and both armies did agree that to have one last battle, and it was to be upon the regions specified, they would gather in all their peoples into one place and settle this war once and for all, to conquer or to be conquered was the choice.
All of our nation did gather, and those of our allies that would still stand with us. And the enemies did also gather in their warriors and allies and by the millions they marched, for those who saw them cross the great river of that separated the western lands from the eastern they did watch from a hill, for days they watch the warriors come from the south and west and north to cross the place of crossing a shelf only a few feet in depth did they cross here, and the horizons were filled with the warriors from east to west and they came as a flood of water does come to cover the whole of the land.

We gathered our people, we build a town near the hill and did erect walls and forts to protect us then they did wait the coming armies. And come they did the great battle took but a few days until all were destroyed, some survivors did flee to the south lands, and most were over taken and those who would not surrender where exterminated.
Some at the days last battle did bury their wives and children in the earth with only an opening to breath by, and after the battle was lost only a few returned to un bury the last of their people. They did flee as well, and upon the next year were attacked and the survivors were incorporated into the Ojibway tribes.
Other survivors were incorporated into the tribes of red men of their last location of captivity, so a remnant of our nation do to this day exists amongst the red men of North America.
We were a Fair skinned or white nation, our ancestors did come from far to the east upon the great oceans, led from a distant land of our ancestors by the Creator to our new lands, they were brought upon the southern lands of the America's what is now known as the the Gulf of Mexico, between the Mississippi and Florida they did land and begin their new nation.  They traveled the waterways and soon over a thousand years of time did populate the whole of the lands of America East of the Mississippi, for the most part some traveled to the north lands, some to the southern lands and to the far western lands to the ocean there, for trade and commerce did exist amongst all the peoples and nations that were hear of ancient times.
We traded with what today is Mexico, Central and South America and all the peoples of North America, as well as travelers who would come from time to time from the eastern lands far across the ocean to trade for our cooper and other items of trade, and they would return to their own lands. For trade existed as it does today to a smaller extent but it was there and so was our once great nation.

Now today this land that was once promised to our ancestors as a land of peace above all other lands. Given us by the Creator and a promise that as long as we followed his just laws and commandments and teachings we would remain a free people upon this sacred land. But that if we did fully reject him and his teachers we would be destroyed.
Eventually as spoke shortly of we earned our destruction such was our disgrace of our ancestors choices. When the European's came later they did fulfill the prophecy of our Holy and Wise men for the red men and our mixed remnants were treated poorly and taken advantage of.
I share this as now today we face the very thing that destroyed so many nations of ancient date.
We here in America a land choice above all other lands under Heaven do have the same blessing given us, God the Creator, East Star Man, Yohewah as he was known by many names amongst the various tribes but one was sure, he was the true God, the creator of all and the Son of God, and he will return as promised our ancestor's one day and he shall come from the east. 
This land fought for its freedom from its father lands across the oceans and with the help of God did win their freedoms.

They were inspired by God to create the United States Constitution and thus granted the rights of Freedom from darkness and tyranny. However the seeds of darkness were ever planted again, and over the next few hundred years have grown, the true history of our ancient nations, some of my ancestors was all but destroyed, erased, our mounds, cities, our great libraries written upon metal plates, slate tablets and other means which were found by the farmers and people as they moved across North America were discounted and ignored, out of the tens of thousands of records and other artifacts found the so called experts ignored them, the powers of the Government ignored them so as to take the lands from the red men and our mixed remnants  from the ancient nations. They did allow themselves to be seduced by the paths of darkness to create tyranny upon others once more.
Now today we see in America's history, that the Great Creator has blessed this land in its liberty, and has protected it from foreign enemies time and time again, however now we live in a time were over the last 100 years the seeds of darkness have been allowed to grow and once again mature in out schools, towns, cities, from the lowest of our lawyers to the highest offices of the land and our judges we do find corruption, the same lusts for power and immorality as we did have amongst our ancient nation now gone.

We see that the powers and paths of darkness will if not checked soon over whelm our whole of society, the love for God and his teachings of the paths of truth and light are being rejected from the schools and leaderships of our lands. However the darkness teachings are allowed to be taught in their place, our youth are taught immorality, to be self centered, to not listen to their Holy men or Parents, to do what makes them feel good, brings them pleasure or riches, they do teach against the simple laws of society and God, against the laws and paths of light and truth and peace, they do replace it with hate, lies, false histories, thus creating the same as before in all nations, lies bring hate, bring war.

Why do we not learn from the history of humanities mistakes.
Why is it so hard to follow the paths of light, truth, love, peace as the Creator has shown us to be a truly happy people during our lives here on Earth.
Why is it so easy to enter the paths of darkness, that lead us to death, misery, punishments not only upon our lives on Earth but in Eternity.
Why is the flesh so weak.

I would grant to all humanity we must awaken to our danger, we must put off the natural man, the ways of darkness, and embrace the paths of light and truth. Our current nation is at risk of falling into the final path of destruction, we have leaders in all area's, from those local to those on our state and national stage who do prefer selfish desires of fame, fortune, power, etc. than to follow their Creator.
They teach there is no God, there is only self service. Thus the father of all lies even Lucifer does promise them everything and in the end will give them nothing but misery and eternal death. Lucifer never in the end supports them who follow him. He laughs at their foolishness and deaths.
Will America, a light shining to all from our hill of Liberty and peace, will we allow our light to dim, to go out? What will the world then look to for hope and the chance of freedom to achieve ones dreams in life, to have the freedom to follow once free agency, we are the Only nation left upon the face of the Earth that is truly free.

If we fall, the world will fall into darkness for a time, full of greed, hate, war, tyranny, suffering, death both physically and spiritually. Lucifer shall have one for a time, but in the end God will come and bless all who still believe in him and punish all who chose to follow Lucifer.
Lucifer has his fruits they are Democracy which leads to Socialism to Communism and tyranny and the enslavement of good peoples. These are some of his ways of deceit.
America was founded as a Republic for a reason, for only as a Republic can we remain truly Free.
The lie of it being a democracy is but 100 yrs or so old, and the intention is to use such terms to create a mob rules the greater number of people will out rule or control the people regardless of the protections of the U.S. Constitution and laws of the land.

We must awake, we must turn from our entertainments, distractions and learn the truth of America, its laws, its constitution.
Who the Creator is and that he has blessed this land as people do follow his paths of light and truth.
When we fully turn from him, we shall enter the time of great distress upon this land as God will Not be mocked! 

I am to teach my family truth and light, to follow God the Creator of all and his paths of light and truth, there are many faiths about who God is that is normal, however the basics are this, The God of Heaven and Earth as spoken of by my ancient ancestor's whom some call ' Hopewell' today, others know them from one of our ancient records a holy book that was preserved from the time of the last battle when we were exterminated as a nation it was a record of our people, it speaks of our past as do our verbal and written traditions. This book calls us the house of 'Lehi' or people of Nephi and Laman. These were my ancestors here upon North America. Countless books and resources of truth are now available about this. However the reason for this letter is that We of the current lands of America, We our People are in a dire state.

We must return to the people of the Creator, as spoken of by the Holy Bible of Christianity and Juda most of you know of this, the same as the Creator of my people of ancient date, The Book of Mormon who's record is a second witness to the truth of the 1st witness of Jesus the Christ, Jehova, Yod He Vav, Yohewah, East Star Man, and Ale the list goes on, but the Great Creator and Teacher of Righteousness is the same, by description and action Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, the protector of this Holy land of America, WE must return to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we must humble ourselves and follow his paths of light and truth, we Must put in our leadership offices, teachers, judges, etc. only good people, not those who lust for power and follow the paths of darkness. For these care only for themselves and not for the people they follow the the paths of selfishness.
Turn to the Creator, turn to Christ and help America survive the coming judgments, protect and teach your families, friend, communities. Unite under Christ, seek not to contend one with another over your differences in faith or ideology. Contention is only of the Devil for thus Jesus Christ did state in the Holy Bible.

Seek love, seek paths of light and understanding, help one another, learn Hope, Faith and Charity towards all Gods children. And the lands of America will remain a land of Peace, Freedom, Liberty. A light to the world to look to for understanding and example.

The choice is yours, in November of 2012 we can choose between only 2 who will rule this land as President.

One follows the paths of darkness,  for he truly is by example one of selfishness, he hides his history, seeks power, riches, self glory, to destroy the Liberty of America, and Ignores the Constitution of America and its laws. His own words and actions state these truths, he is a father of lies. We must choose not to listen to his words of promise for they are hollow as he has shown us, his goal is to demean and destroy our Nation and turn us over to the World to be ruled in the end. This must not happen. This is Barrack Hussein Obama. 

Here is the NEW painting, "Obamanation." To learn more about each item in the painting and the why for doing it please go to

The other is not a perfect man, one full of mistakes as well and was my personal 3rd choice as candidate for President office of 2012.
However he has a history of seeking to help others, to walk the paths of light and truth, to humbly do good and not crow about it himself as Jesus Christ taught. To do what is needed, the hard things to fix what others have done.
He will have a hard time Restoring America to a land of rules of laws, however I find him the best choice we have at this time. To move in a good way to return our Nation as a whole towards a land  peace and prosperity under the laws of the Creator God.
He will restore our Freedoms and liberty granted us by God not by any government of man.
Thus I will support him this year. Mitt Romney.

An imperfect man, but one whom seeks the betterment of our nation, the opportunity of free agency of choice. To follow and do as we choose and to know that we must be responsible for our personal choices in life.

We must choose Life and liberty, or continued death and enslavement of our Nation.
I shall learn from history, and choose to vote for the best of the 2 available who have the real opportunity to win the election.

Tyranny or Freedom = Such is our choice.

Tsul' Kalu
Ani-Kituhwagi - Cherokee - Hopewell (Lehi's family)