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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Open Letter on Barack Hussein Obama’s TREASON to America and Americans…By Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, US Navy, Ret.

Open Letter on Barack Hussein Obama’s TREASON to America and Americans…By Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, US Navy, Ret.

Obama Birth Certificate
Submitted by:
Senior Chief Ross US Navy Retired
June 21st 2013.
To the Department of Justice:
I understand you are charging Mr. Edward Snowden for espionage for outing the NSA and its illegal and unconstitutional spying on American citizens.  This great American has pulled back the curtain in OZ to show us who the wizard is destroying this nation.  We salute him. We honor him.   We hereby submit treason charges against Barack Hussein Obama in response to the espionage charges you level against Mr. Snowden.
1. President OBAMA represents a clear and present danger to U.S. national security,
to the U.SConstitution and to our Republican form of government.
OBAMA is working assiduously to destroy America! No document record exists showing
Barack Hussein OBAMA to be a United States citizen.
2. OBAMA paid money and aided and abetted Al-Qaeda members and
groups that attacked Americans on U.S. territory in Benghazi, Libya on
1and 12 September 2012. Al-Qaeda is the jihadist terrorist organization
that attacked the United States on 11 September 2001.
3Pro-jihadist and Islamist OBAMA personally denied frantic cries for help
from Americans in mortal danger throughout a 7-hour attack by
approximately 150 heavily armed known jihadists. OBAMA watched four
Americans die in real time. OBAMA is allowing our enemies to slaughter
our servicemen piecemeal at the same time ordering our troops to disarm.
4OBAMA lies to the American people about his TREASON with every
opportunity. OBAMA is lying to the American people about the 11-12
Septembeattack in Benghazi, Libya in a cover story intended to protect
OBAMA from facing a criminal prosecution and conviction.
5. OBAMA is personally responsible for the 6 August 2011 shoot-down of an
Army CH-47D Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan17 Navy SEALS died.
All 5 men of the Chinook crew died. 3 Air Force speciatactics airmen
died. 5 men of a Navy support force died. OBAMA and his gang of outlaws
lie to the America people about that.
6. In commission of TREASON OBAMA is engaged in purchasing and
supplying guns, heavy weapons, high-powered munitions and explosives
to foreign aggressors-AMERICA’S ENEMIES-around the globe.
OBAMA has and continues to ship weapons from Libya to Syria through
Turkey. Some weapons may be being directly shipped to Syria.
Christopher Stevens was OBAMA’s point man of this operation when
Stevens was murdered in Benghazi during the attack of 11-12 September
2012. In this TREASON OBAMA is arming America’s enemies: Al-Qaeda
and the Muslim Brotherhood connected Syrian rebels.
7. As an Act of TREASON OBAMA provides safe-haven and sanctuary to
those bent on the destruction of the United States, its people, and its form
of government. OBAMA encourages, facilitates and arms our enemies to
carry out a WAR on the United States from enemy bases set up in the
homeland and around the globe. OBAMA aids and abets these known
enemy forces to establish and strike from strongholds OBAMA allows
established on American soil.
8. OBAMA refuses to pledge his allegiance to the United States.
OBAMA conspires with leaders of countries, groups and organizations
bent upon the destruction of America. By so doing OBAMA engages in
TREASON against the United States in every aspect of TREASON.
9. As an Act of TREASON OBAMA broke into and occupies the White House
by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling and deceit.
OBAMA is an undocumented illegal alien and spy. Posing as an imposter
president and commander-in-chief OBAMA strips civilian command and
control over the military establishment. Known military criminal actors command
racketeers such as Martin Dempsey-are free in the exercise of
an extra-military government intent upon the destruction of our
Republican, constitutional form of governance. There are dozens of senior
military commanders no more obedient to the United States Constitution
than is OBAMA.
10. OBAMA is joined in his TREASON by a raft of civilian criminal
assistants too numerous to name in this submission. I leave it to the
Grand Jury, in the conduct of an independent, autonomous, and
unfettered investigation, to assign specificity and particularity to the list
of OBAMA’S co-conspiring outlaws.
11. OBAMA is a FOREIGN BORN DOMESTIC ENEMY, an infiltrator, a
traitor and a spy. OBAMA installed and operates a government that
rivals and competes with our U.S. Constitution. OBAMA operates
government not found in our United States Constitution. If not arrested
OBAMA will continue to commit TREASON. OBAMA is emboldened now
and more dangerous to this country’s survival as a constitutional
Republic than any other threat the United States faces in the world.
12. We come now to this reckoning: I accuse Barack Hussein
OBAMA of TREASON. I accuse OBAMA’S military-political criminal
assistants of TREASON. Their criminal mischief is recognized as
TREASON in pure form. I expose and identify OBAMA and his criminal
associates as TRAITORS (Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta,
Susan Rice,  and Martin Dempsey but a few).
13. It needs be said out loud and relentlessly: OBAMA is aiding and abetting
America’s enemies. OBAMA is lying to the American people in every
regard going to OBAMA’S TREASONOUNS escapades. OBAMA IS A
14.This submission renews and extends all previous filings naming OBAMA
in commission of TREASON dating from 17 March 2009. The list of ACTS
of OBAMA’S TREASON found in this formal criminal complaint is not
exhaustive. Far from it.
15. My sworn duty is to stand against everything OBAMA stands for. The