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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama Sworn in for 2nd Fraudulant term as USA President.

I wonder, this is the 2nd Term for the Fraud of Obama, and a disgrace to the White House, Office of the President, and to all legally / honestly / Qualified for the office.. past Presidents. Due to the overwhelming corruption of the DC Media / Politics / corrupt national media.. we have a man who is NOT nor ever will be Eligible for the Office of the President of USA, due to the facts, not the media propaganda, but legal Ignored facts... He never was a Natural Born as defined by the Constitution. BOTH parents not 1, Must be USA Citizens when he was born. Only 1 ever was.  So as obama said once in a debate he was Not qualified to run for President, only Senator... ID Theft evidence Proven. Birth Records proven Frauds by law enforcement!!! He is a fraud, he is a huge black eye on American history, almost as bad as those covering up this fraud. Then the voters the Legal voters, and Illegal non American's who voted for him, and the computer voting fraud.. yep. Pure Fraud... Welcome to the Obama-nation.... Castro, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, would be so proud...we know Lucifer is very proud of his puppet. God Bless the Republic of America! May history know, the People knew of the fraud, the so called leaders allowed it to continue.

‘I Did It’: Obama Officially Sworn in for a Second Term as President

(video's at theblaze link below) 

Barack Obama Officially Sworn in for a Second Term
Getty Images
President Barack Obama was officially sworn in for a second term in a private White House ceremony just before noon on Sunday.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office in the White House Blue Room, with first lady Michelle Obama holding her family’s bible and daughters Malia and Sasha Obama looking on. After Obama took the oath, the first lady said “congratulations” and he answered, “thank you sweetie.” He then hugged his daughters and said, “I did it.”

All eyes were watching Roberts after he famously flubbed the oath while reciting it from memory four years ago. Roberts went to the White House to properly swear Obama in the next day. Clearly not taking chances this time around, Roberts read the oath off a card.

The Constitution says presidents begin their new terms at noon on Jan. 20. Because inaugurations have not historically been held on Sundays — the day Jan. 20 fell this year — organizers are holding all the inaugural ceremonies at the Capitol on Monday, while having Obama formally take the oath on the proper day.

Vice President Joe Biden was sworn in earlier Sunday morning at his official residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington. Associate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor swore Biden in, the fourth female and first Hispanic justice to administer an oath of office.

Biden’s swearing-in was held earlier Sunday to accommodate Sotomayor’s schedule to travel to New York to promote her new book. She will return to Washington to ceremonially swear Biden in again Monday.