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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shameful Headlines = Abuse of the Tragic Gabrielle Giffords & others event in Tuscon

Shameful Headlines = Abuse of the Tragic Gabrielle Giffords & others event in Tuscon

Shameful Headlines = Abuse of the Tragic Gabrielle Giffords & others event in Tuscon

by Stephen Huls on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 10:31am
CNN Reporter: Palin Part of Rhetoric That ‘Allowed This Kind of Thing to Happen’
Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson: Violent Rhetoric Comes Exclusively From The Right
NY Times’ Krugman Blames Shooting on GOP, ‘Hate-Mongers’ Beck & Limbaugh
Arizona Is ‘Mecca for Prejudice and Bigotry’: Sheriff Blames Shootings on TV and Radio ‘Vitriolic Rhetoric’
Keith Olbermann Compares Glenn To Shooter, Calls On Beck To Apologize for His Rhetoric
"The shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords focused attention on the degree to which inflammatory language has become a steady undercurrent in the nation’s political culture."
Just a few of the national headlines of this tragic event.
I find it interesting that for the last 2+ years the Progressive Liberals in Media have attacked all conservatives, and when they did NOT react with the violence they so desired for their media, recently they (Progressives, Czars, pals of Liberal, communist ideals) have asked for the people, unions, all factions to rise up Violently.
The Hate speech is factually always been from the progressive leftists through out history.
Obama has put czars, other officials in his administration who helped or supported the bombings,killings of Americans not too long ago in the 1960's-70's. All factual.
But when Tragic events happen it is the Dark forces those who seek and encourage violence take the tactic of blaming those who are the most peaceful and non violent as the perpetrators or cause.
All for what, for the Government Bias' or controlled Media to gain more popularity (It's on the down cline) more power, riches from their false, created stories, with intent to do harm to society.
This is truly the days spoken of by Isaiah, John the Revelatory, and others that in the last days of time Evil would be called Good, and Good would be called Evil. Its been that way for a while, now its gaining strength.
When the terrorists attack and murder they blame the innocent victims, If Hamas kills 5 thousand Israelis and Israel responds then Israel is labeled the Bad guy. For defending its women, children who daily are murdered by Islamic Arabs.
This world is turned upside down. The main stream media is Creating stories to entice others to Riot, to force control of free speech, to control everything you read, hear, see. It is obvious.
NEVER has the Conservative, Constitutional Majority of America's Normal Citizens EVER called for Violence, their Judea o/Christian beliefs call for peace and restraint and discussion. Violence only as a form of self defense.
However How quick the Left, Progressive, Communists, Dark forces of Earth and Hell do so quickly combine to point the finger at those who are peaceful, and loving and humble. And say they did it, it's their fault. Just like a bully in school, he will beat daily the victim and the 1st time the victim defends his/her self they get in trouble not the evil bully.
This is not new, these events have been repeated since the times of our first parents Adam & Eve.
Power is a drug, it seduces those who desire it to do or say anything. Greed,Power,Control are the fruits of all Progressive,Communist, Satanic Ideals of Control and force upon others. Mean while saying Good = Evil.. but its the Evil ones who say this.
Is my nation so dumbed down via the NEA (national educational system) founded by the communists to dumb down American's in the early 1900's, Have they succeeded far beyond their mark ? Do we now stand on the threshold where common sense and Goodness no longer exist ? Has the brain washing worked? Can we no longer think for ourselves?
I say NO, with the help of millions of the majority of thinking in America we can turn back to God in humble prayer to pray for the afflicted, murdered, wounded, and others who suffer at the hands of the evil dark forces on Earth all led by Lucifer once you trace it all back to the source of lies,hate,greed,power,control,etc.
I say Pray for the families of those affected in this tragedy, but know this the shooter did have the communist manifesto & Mein Kompf 2 books that suggest such tactics. Amazing a far leftist young man did exactly what the media & Obama lovers have been crying out for the last few months ' Violence' well they asked for it they got it, now they want to shift blame (a tradition of these progressive nuts). Talk about Hate speech, talk about Judging others, These people under the Bush Presidency & Reagan's also called for Violence & death.. so nothing new. just spin, spin, evil spin for their own glory. Sickening.
Well I shall pray for all involved and that my Nation can return to common sense.
God Bless the Republic of America.

There will be peace in Israel when Golda Meir's statement becomes reality. "There will be no peace until they love their children more than the hate us." This is a Fact.