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Monday, March 11, 2013

Idaho House Approves 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, 55-13

Idaho House Approves 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, 55-13

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BOISE  (March 11, 2013) – In Idaho today, the State House of Representatives voted to nullify federal gun laws, rule, regulations and orders on semiautomatic firearms, or any firearm magazine, plus any federal registration on all firearms, magazines, or other firearm accessories.
House Bill 219 (HB0219), introduced by 22 sponsors, takes the extremely important step in a full prohibition on all state and local enforcement of federal gun laws, rules, regulations or orders on firearms, accessories and ammunition owned or manufactured in the states.  It reads, in part:
Any official, agent or employee of the state of Idaho or a political subdivision thereof who knowingly and willfully enforces or orders an official, agent or employee of the state of Idaho or a political subdivision of the state to en- force any order, law, rule or regulation of the United States government as provided in subsection (2) of this section upon a personal firearm, a firearm accessory or ammunition that is owned or manufactured commercially or privately in Idaho shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to a fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), shall be subject to imprisonment for a period not to exceed one (1) year, or shall be subject to both such fine and imprisonment.
The Idaho House passed the bill by a vote of 55-13 (see how reps voted here)
As big as it is, the federal government cannot be everywhere at once enforcing its so-called “laws” and regulations; it must rely on submission, compliance or “bribery” in the form of federal grants to accomplish its goals. Without local and state government co-operation, the feds are stymied and thwarted in many, if not most, of its efforts.
The federal government most certainly needs compliance, if not outright assistance, from the states when it does its dirty deeds. Information-sharing, logistics assistance, access to infrastructure, help from sheriffs blocking roads, and the like. They can rarely pull things off without help from state and local officials.
Just ask the DEA when they come to California. They’re never able to pull off a raid of a marijuana dispensary without the help of the local sheriff or police departments. Or, look at the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare. Without states shouldering the burden of operating and funding insurance exchanges, the entire act could collapse.
The fact is this: Without state compliance and assistance, many unconstitutional federal acts are little more than a house of cards. Refusing compliance on a state or local level is a big deal – and it sets the stage for others to do the same.
Beyond the effectiveness of such efforts, Tenth Amendment Center national communications director Mike Maharrey points out that over time, things have been moving forward – step by step – on a positive path around the country:
“When HB219 becomes law in Idaho, the feds are going to have an extremely difficult time trying to enforce the gun control measures this bill covers.  Likely, they’ll move their resources over to more cooperative states, until there’s so many who refuse to comply that they simply have to back off.”
HB219 now moves on to the State Senate, where it will be considered for concurrence.
1. Contact your State Senator.   Make sure they know you want them to vote YES on HB219.  If the federal government is going to try even more attacks on the 2nd amendment, Idaho will not have ANY part of it.  And, by doing so, Idaho will help play an important part in the demise of such unconstitutional plans.
contact information here:’smylegislator.htm

2.  Encourage your local community to take action as well.  Present the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act to your city county, your town council, or your county commissioners.  Various local governments around the country are already passing similar resolutions and ordinances.  Local legislative action present a great way to strengthen a statewide campaign against violations of the 2nd Amendment
Model legislation here:
If you would like to see model legislation to introduce in your state or local community to nullify federal firearm laws, please see The Tenth Amendment Center’s Model Legislation: The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.
Track the status of 2nd Amendment preservation legislation in states around the country HERE.

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