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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kansas House Passes Gun Control Nullification

Kansas House Passes Gun Control Nullification

Kansas House Passes Gun Control Nullification

kansas flag SC Kansas House Passes Gun Control Nullification
On Thursday, March 14, the Kansas House of Representatives approved House Bill 2199, the Second Amendment Protection Act, which would nullify any new federal restrictions — passed either by Congress, presidential executive order, agency order, rule, or regulation — on firearms, magazines, and ammunition.
The bill originally passed Wednesday, March 13, by a voice vote, but the actual official recorded vote was not taken until Thursday, when it passed 94-29.
On Tuesday, during a debate over the bill on the floor, one representative who was against the bill stated that Kansas should not “punish” federal agents ordered to enforce federal gun controls in the state of Kansas. “The citizens of Kansas belong to the United States,” said the speaker.
State Representative Brett Hildabrand (R-17) took to the podium and replied:
The citizens of Kansas do not belong to the United States. The United States belongs to the citizens of Kansas! We cannot allow the response, “I was following orders” to be an excuse for violating our Constitutional rights. How many atrocities have been committed in history by people simply following orders?
For the first time in three years, members broke chamber rules and erupted into applause, according to Hildabrand’s Facebook page.
Read More at The New American . By Christian Gomez.