TheBlaze’s newest hire, Dana Loesch, went at it with Democratic strategist Steve McMahon on Thursday’s “Hannity” over the failures of Obamacare, arguing that the health care law is the “biggest bait and switch” since Social Security.
Dana Loesch Explains Why Obamacare Is the Biggest Bait and Switch Since Social Security
After McMahon himself admitted that younger, healthy Americans are going to pay more to help insure older people with medical issues, Loesch blasted the “one size fits all” approach to health care.
“The biggest get for me in all this is that the Millennials, that younger generation, is being royally screwed over all of this,” Loesch said. “I don’t know anyone who is in their 20s that has a couple grand lying around to just spend on health care insurance the way that Obamacare is mandating.”
“Of course, they need them to make this program solvent. It’s the biggest bait and switch I’ve ever seen, aside from Social Security, that Obamacare is carrying out here over the younger generation,” she added.
When McMahon advised Loesch to get on the Obamacare website to get the so-called facts, both Sean Hannity and Loesch reminded him that the constant “glitches” have prevented people from being able to access the exchanges online.
During the debate, Hannity also had a ticker running at the bottom of the screen, showing how much premiums are reportedly rising under Obamacare in various states. According to the data reportedly compiled by the Heritage Foundation:
• New Mexico: +80% (Age 27)
• North Carolina +90.7% (Age 27)
• North Dakota +113.2% (Age 27)
• North Dakota +96% (Age 50)
• Oregon +55% (Age 27)
• Tennessee +59% (Age 27)
• Texas +100% (Age 27)
• Texas +91.2% (Age 50)
Watch the full clip to see more via Steven Laboe: