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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pine Gum Salve - Grandma's Healing remedy

Pine Gum Salve.

I discovered this Salve in the Richfield / Monroe Utah area, made by a local fellow.

It is hard to find it on the local shelves as it sells out really fast so I tried some recently now want to share what I found to help others.

 To purchase please Contact 435-527-4625

Price: 6.99 each for 1 full once.
Ingredients: Pinyon Pine Gum, Sheep Tallow (Lanolin)
100% All Natural.
Directions: Apply liberally and cover. 
Uses for Pine Gum Salve:
Infected Sores
Hang Nails
Ingrown Toenails
Insect Bites
Split Lips, Fingers and Heels
Diabetic Sores

As a Drywall Contractor and Italian and other Decorative Plasters applicator I find my hands dry out a lot, fingers will split, crack, bleed and very tender at the finger tips. Especially in the winter.

Having seen this sold at the local Ace Hardware and Gas Stations etc. I have finally tried the product vs. what I have always used.
I have found that it really does help my cracks, splits, and tender finger tips during the healing process.

Thought I would add this to my site to share and encourage others to try it.
 Now I can say it works better than my normal stuff, Neutrogena which I have used for years.
Worth trying. 1 little bottle last me on average 1 year of use. 
Great price! Good bang for the buck!
(The locals and visitors to the county are buying this like crazy!)

Stephen Huls, Monroe Utah

(This is Not a paid advertisement, just like to share what works with others around the world)