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Saturday, October 5, 2013

What Is A “Tea Party Terrorist?”

What Is A “Tea Party Terrorist?”

Pelosi Obama Plow Tea Party SC What is a Tea Party Terrorist?
I’ve been called many things in my life, but one thing I have never been called is a terrorist.
Until now.
Evidently, the unholy trinity ( Reid, Pelosi, and Obama) has determined that people who blow up buildings, kill innocent people, disrespect our flag, etc. are not the real terrorists. The real terrorists are people who don’t agree with them. Who knew, right? Who knew that all you had to do to become one of the most hated people in this country today is to believe in small government and lower taxes?
The liberal left doesn’t have a clue about anything, really, but especially about what an American is. People who identify with the Tea Party are Americans. They come from all races, genders, walks of life, and socio-economic levels. We don’t all agree on every issue. That’s not what the Tea Party is about. But the two things we do agree on are the fact that we pay way too much in taxes, and the government needs to be reigned in. We are not anarchists, we are not rioters, we do not camp out in parks illegally, and we are not moochers living off other people’s hard work. We simply believe that we should be allowed to keep most of what we have worked for, and we don’t believe that we should have to “share” our wealth with those who prefer not to go out and work hard to get their own wealth.
I have never killed an innocent person, I have never blown up a building of any kind, and I do not promote disobeying the laws of our land. I do believe that I should be allowed to own guns, visit any public building that my tax dollars have helped in any way, and refuse to blindly follow anyone just because they may be holding a public office. I have my own ideas and opinions, and they may not always agree with everyone else’s; but I claim a God-given right to have those opinions and express them in any legally acceptable form. These are not rights given to me by any government or politician, and I refuse to let them take those rights away from me.
If that makes me a terrorist, then what are we calling those who blow up buildings and kill innocent people these days?
Photo Credit: terrellaftermath