Glenn Beck skewered the GOP while delivering the keynote address at a local Texas GOP’s Reagan Day dinner, contending the Republican Party hasn’t demonstrated through action that it actually believes the principles it espouses.
“If you believe in something, show me the action,” Beck said at the Saturday night event. “In Washington they are not showing us the action.”
Glenn Beck Hammers Republican Party In Scathing Speech to Texas GOP Group, Likens D.C. to Chernobyl
Glenn Beck heavily criticized the Republican Party in a speech he delivered to a Texas GOP group Saturday night in Weatherford. (Image source: TheBlaze)
The political commentator and radio host referenced a long list of steps he said the GOP would take if they “really believed in the things that they are trying to tell us they believe in.”
“If the GOP actually believed these things, then there would be a special prosecutor appointed right now to investigate the IRS,” he said. “If the GOP actually believed in the Constitution, there would be a special prosecutor for the NSA and a special prosecutor for the reporters that have been spied on and threatened.”

“Why is there no special prosecutor for Benghazi?” Beck asked. “Because they are afraid. They are afraid of being called naughty names. They are being afraid of being called awful things.”
At one point, he wondered aloud why President Obama isn’t being investigated.
“Why isn’t there a special prosecutor for the president on Obamacare?” Beck asked. “He looked at the American people and lied.”
He then likened the current situation in Washington, D.C. to the nuclear disaster that occurred decades ago at Chernobyl in the Ukraine. Beck offered the solution he said was employed to end that catastrophe as a way to repair our toxic political system.
“They called them all together and said, ‘You have 30 seconds to be in that room. You have 30 seconds, here’s your job. You’re going to go in, you’re going to open the door and make sure the door is open and get out. You, you’re going to go in, you’re going to find the light switch, it’s going to be right here — you’re going to turn it on and get out. Then you’re going in — you’re going to find the panel. You’re going to make sure the red light is on the panel, then you’re going to get out.’”
“Lines of people. Why?” Beck asked. “Because it was radiation, it was going to kill them. Cause cancer.”
“I have got news for you: That’s Washington, D.C. It’s Chernobyl,” he said. “You, you go in. You open the door. Then you get out. Then you, you go in. You make sure the document is still there. Then you get out. That’s what it should be. We are dealing with Chernobyl. It is a meltdown of our system.”
“I have got news for you: That’s Washington, D.C. It’s Chernobyl.”
Beck previously warned Republicans that if they embrace establishment politicians such as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the party would eventually cease to exist.
“If the GOP wants to not just win, if the GOP expects to survive — if you embrace John McCain and John Boehner it will not happen,” he said. “If you embrace the Mike Lees and the Ted Cruzes, you win big time.”

Earlier in the evening Beck presented the audience with a list of artifacts, including a letter Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne wrote at 2 a.m. following the Battle of Stony Point during the Revolutionary War.
“He writes this letter to George Washington and this is it and it says, ‘Dear General, the forts and the garrison with Colonel Johnston are ours. Your officers and men behaved like men determined to be free.’”
“When I first read this letter, I thought to myself, ‘What does that even mean?’” Beck asked. “What does it mean to behave like a man determined to be free? If everybody in the country would ask that one question and answer it every single day … the country would change overnight.”
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