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Saturday, May 14, 2016


By: Thom Davis & Rene’ Powers, The Cowboy and The Lady
It is a sad day today that we report Emry did access the weapon in question without the owner knowing, but it was not to sell that weapon it was to show the buyer representative DOC (informant?) what one he would BUILD would look like.
The Cowboy and Lady have been sent some information regarding updates on the arrest of Michael Emry, investigative reporter. This is written through Emry’s words as passed along by an anonymous source. We ask that you read this recognizing too many innocent men and women are being set up on false charges, trapped in the theater of Federal agents plays. These arrests would not happen if not for the acts of ABC agents in assisting the entrapped individuals. These agents are very good at what they do, they have a lot of practice at it and as this world turns it is evident that the gig must be up on the Feds Folly’s and they are not going down without a fight.
EMRY STEPPED INTO THE BEAR TRAP AND DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT. He is not anti government from what we know of him, but he is pro-transparency and anti any actions under the color of law that harm men or women of America. He has been called a militant and more names as labels of propaganda.
This isn’t Emrys first hunt for truth that has found him in jail on false charges, but this time he may find himself doing more time for giving the “Doc” his time. What we know of Emry is he is a man set on getting the truth out about public servant involvement in crimes and we believe it is a bad choice he made in trusting the wrong people that has him behind bars, once again.
Emry was talking about needing a new truck as his was failing in pulling his trailer. He was approached by a man called “Doc” at a Committee of Correspondence meeting. Doc had a “friend” who might be able to help Emry. Doc is one who was at the meetings of the Committee of Correspondence in Grant County.
Doc's story was that he had a friend, who had the type of truck Emry was looking for. Doc had a friend with a diesel pick up and would take Emry's pick up and a gun Emry would assemble for him in trade. The guy would buy the parts and Emry would assemble it for him. Doc asked Emry about the potential trade as he said he knew Emry was a gun builder and it would give the full value his “friend” wanted for the diesel truck.
Emry did not take the gun in question out of Idaho to sell it,it was to show Docs prospective buyer what the one he would build would look like. It appears this man Doc led him into this as he said he would need to SEE what Emry was going to build for the trade.
Mike still had the keys to the shop he previously worked at, it was his friends place and hadn't been used for years. His friend, Jim Weaver, did not know he had borrowed it and that appears to be Emry's biggest downfall. The gun is what Emry was asked to possible build one of.
Emry was not able to get the gun back to Idaho as he was being heavily followed the last three weeks and realized something was wrong. Did he scrape off the serial number? It appears so, it also appears it was to possibly protect his friend who owned it. Why didn’t he call Weaver to let him know he had it and couldn’t get it back? Possibly because he already knew he was being set up at this point and did not want any appearance of involvement of Weaver? BUT, the main issue here, is once again, the Feds laid the plan in place and Emry stepped into the trap. Emry knows now he stepped into the Bear trap and took the bait laid out. (this is proof that no matter how much experience you have with the agencies one is still able to be manipulated by those in charge of the script)
Emry and the Committee of Correspondence have been working tirelessly to whistle blow and bring out the truth to all of America. Doing this type of reporting is expensive when one does it without a paycheck. Emry and his wife Becky have sacrificed everything to get the truth out. Emry’s need for a new truck, coupled with the lack of funds, allowed for this folly of the Feds.
(those who work for no pay to get the truth are often compromised for this very reason, as the Feds have an endless supply of tax payer funds to do this. Yet, they say they do not have enough funds for financial crimes involving the theft of lands? Theft of identities? Theft of Securities stealing homes from Americans? Real terrorist threats? How can there be so much money used to incarcerate Whistle Blowers but not enough for the real criminals? And, why are criminals given their freedom in order to entrap the innocent?? we digress)
We also have been made aware that a man who has been attended a few of the committee meetings named Harry, has worked vigilantly to destroy Emry and his wife's reputation. Why? To distract from the information being shared here? What is the story of "Harry"?
We say to all others seeking to unveil truth, "you must realize that nothing you do is going unnoticed. If you are in the midst of this world of Whistle Blowing." The Feds will do all they can to entrap and destroy a good man or woman who has evidence that the ABC agencies and the employees are acting under the color of law and outside of the Constitution. (When did it become a crime to uncover criminals?)
It is our belief that Emry had no intention of stealing anything, what he intended was to build a weapon lawfully as requested of him by Doc for this so called friend, so that Emry could have a truck to pull his trailer. Do any of you see the evidence here of SET UP BY FEDS?
Sad day, another good man is sitting in jail because others set him up. He did not intend to steal any gun, he was building one like it for Doc's so called "friend". Seems there really was no friend who was buying anything.
We ask you to THINK! Who are Harry and Doc? Why are they attempting to divide and conquer? Why was Doc undercover in another case of Skinheads he helped take down in Oregon? Why? Why? Who? What? THINK THINK!
Do you know who Schuyler Barbeau is? Schuyler is sitting in a Washington jail on an indictment that mirrors this in the fact that a man approached him to sell a gun, and that man was an FBI informant too, with ties to people involved in the take down of the Whistle Blowers in Oregon, similar players, same theater.
AND, seems ol Doc was involved in buying up some domain names a few weeks ago that tied the hands of some in a committee attempting to name a new news agency, WEEKS AGO? Isn't that telling???
Do not destroy Emry over this, remember what he has previously done to help our nation, you know about the Contra Affairs right? Emry whistle blew on that case. It was a sting operation in Nashville that Emry assisted in getting what was needed to stop the crimes he uncovered. In an interview previously Emry talks about how his mother in law was murdered, the Feds tried to frame him then too.
Emry is not a stupid man, but boy he made a bonehead move by trusting in this "Doc" Doc the doctor of doom for Patriots in Oregon? Seems so, wouldn't want him diagnosing any of our needs. THINK PEOPLE!
Wink Wink, by the way, seems there are some "envelopes of evidence" that once released will bring down a lot of people in high places. Stay tuned folks this "operation just got more interesting". Thanks to the Doc.
Read the signs.
No theft charges have been added to the arrest as yet and it is our hope that Jim Weaver will see the forest for the trees here and not press charges. He knows Emry is a good guy and he himself says he never had trouble with Emry and thought of him as a friend. We hope he reads this article and knows the intent was not to take anything.
A reporter named Les Zeitz had already attempted to set Emry up using another man with the similar name who had tax problems. Emry was letting Zeitz step into his own bear trap, but seems the traps set by the Feds, with the help of many compromised people, have entrapped Emry in order to cover for the actual criminals?
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