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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dragon Skin

Dragon Skin

SOV™ Flexible Body ArmorSOV™ - Flex Panel

"Moves when you Move"™
Developments in body armor over the last thirty years are numerous, but very few actually have revolutionized the industry. The last two major developments were the introduction of Kevlar and Spectra products which significantly lowered weights compared to ballistic nylon. Now, Pinnacle Armor presents a revolutionary technology called DRAGON SKIN®, the first practical, FLEXIBLE BODY ARMOR that defeats rifle rounds.
Pinnacle Armor was founded by a noted inventor and author in the field of ballistic armor, Murray Neal. Mr. Neal has relied on his combined expertise of ballistic sciences and field experience to achieve a quantum leap in technology-the first flexible body armor that defeats rifle fire. Now you can wear armor that flexes and molds to the contours of your body and allows for greater coverage than a rigid 10" x 12" plate which is the typical coverage offered in current technology.
SOV™ flexible armor is completely fabricated in the USA for American Special Forces, Police Tactical Teams and approved foreign militaries.
Unmatched in its capabilities, the SOV™ flexible body armor system provides the following benchmarks never before established in body armor development:

Dragon Skin® 10 Benchmarks

  1. Weighs Less

  2. Increased Multiple Repeat Hit Capability

  3. Less Trauma (Backface Deformation Signature)

  4. Increased Flexibility and Cooler

  5. Increased Durability

  6. Edge Hit Cabability

  7. Greater Coverage

  8. Reduced Ricochet Threat

  9. Fit Flexibility

  10. Increased Projectile Diversity

SOV™ Concealable Body Armor

SOV™ Concealable Body Armor SOV™ Concealable Body Armor SOV™ Concealable Body Armor SOV™ Concealable Body Armor SOV™ Concealable Body Armor
SOV™ Concealable with standard SOV-2000™ front coverage

Additional Coverage Options

Lighter weight, flexible coverage offered where rifle coverage is not necessary. This ultra-thin flexible coverage includes resistance against armor piercing handgun, shotgun slug, fragmentation, and full puncture/thrust resistance all in one.

Neck, Shoulder, Groin Protection
Above: SOV™ Tactical Vest with collar, shoulder & groin protection.

Right (top to bottom):
  • Neck / Collar Protection (front view)
  • Shoulder Protection (side view)
  • Groin Protection (front view)
Neck Protection

Shoulder Protection

Groin Protection