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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Restoring Love: Mercury Food Donations Reach In-Need Navajo Nation | Video |

Restoring Love: Mercury Food Donations Reach In-Need Navajo Nation | Video |

Restoring Love: Mercury Food Donations Reach In-Need Navajo Nation

Those who took part in Restoring Love, or who followed the event, are likely familiar with the “day of service” in which Good Samaritans from around the country — some 30,000 of them — volunteered to help people in need. They cleaned, repaired and refurbished houses, parks and churches as well as donated enough food to fill 14 tractor trailers — some of which were sent out to their intended destinations just yesterday (July 31).
One of those stops was at the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, a severely depressed area which, according to Mercury One’s Terra Perez, houses some of the country’s strongest, proudest people.
Perez joined Glenn Beck and the rest of the crew Wednesday morning to share her experience at the Nation, where 500 individuals waited patiently to receive food. To illustrate the gravitas of the occasion, the local media, which allegedly only makes the trek out to Navajo land to cover shootings or deaths, was even in attendance.
The reservation’s elected president addressed the Nation in their native tongue, expressing his appreciation for the meals that would provide his people sustenance for roughly one week. While it isn’t a tremendous amount of time, he said that there are some on the reservation who would not have even had food to eat that very night if it were not for the meals provided by Mercury One (Glenn Beck’s charitable organization). Of course, those donations were made possible by the countless, generous people who read and watch GBTV and TheBlaze.
Beck said that he would not only like to visit the Navajo Nation, but also “link arms” and do more across the nation’s other Indian reservations.
Thus far, each tractor-trailer of food being provided by Mercury One will contain approximately 40,000 pounds of food each.
Past and upcoming drop off locations include:
  • Dallas
  • NYC
  • New Orleans
  • Navajo Reservation, New Mexico
  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando
  • Atlanta
  • Philadelphia
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Wilmington
  • San Joaquin Valley
Please be sure to visit the Mercury One site and TheBlaze for updates on these extraordinary food deliveries.