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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

‘We Are Winning’: Beck Breaks Down Why We‘re ’Rendering the Government‘s Help Unnecessary’ |

‘We Are Winning’: Beck Breaks Down Why We‘re ’Rendering the Government‘s Help Unnecessary’ |

‘We Are Winning’: Beck Breaks Down Why We‘re ’Rendering the Government‘s Help Unnecessary’

On Tuesday evening’s program, Glenn Beck laid out in detail – from having organized six million Tea Party members to successfully challenging the Republican establishment (like in the case of Ted Cruz’s victory) – all of the ways in which small-government conservatives are “winning” ground in America.
In just 1,282 days, Beck noted that conservatives have ousted three-term senator, Bob Bennet, and seen incredible victories against establishment Republicans from the likes of Richard Mourdoch, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Christine O’Donnel among others. Beck ceded that while in some cases “we lost the election” we did win the battle against the politics-as-usual system.
Another inkling conservatives might be winning, according to Beck, is made evident in CNN’s steadily declining ratings. After dipping another 20 points, the network Ted Turner started currently has less viewers than GBTV/TheBlaze TV has subscribers.
Beck continued to review small-government milestones that are changing the face of American politics and culture in a segment you won’t want to miss.
“You are turning this country around and rendering the government’s help unnecessary. You are winning.”