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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Idea's on How to prepare for emergency of any type. Economic, Famine, War, Environmental, other.

 In April we had a gathering of our area to go over idea's about emergency preparedness in our area this is some of what was discussed and idea's. I share with everyone for some food for thought, and contact your locals about such idea's those who are prepared need not fear and will reduce the suffering.

These are the thoughts I have had these last years about what to do to prepare for emergency of any type. Economic, Famine, War, Environmental, other.

I would like to offer them for others who can help me think through how to achieve Preparedness for our Valley. Where there will not need to be suffering in case of a negative event here.
I Feel that the idea's offered in this letter can be used for our current needs as well as prepare for future emergencies.

April 21 Saturday, 2012
Was a great Preparedness gathering.

(Event for the Monroe City area of Sevier County, public think tank of what to do in case of 10 possible emergency scenarios for our area)

(A letter sent to Scott Brady who help organize the event.)
The 10 scenarios were good, and I liked how we were able to split up and share idea's for solutions & preventions.
Had to leave after we were done, was blessed with some bad allergies yesterday am, and had some concrete drying to check on.
I would be interested in the final conclusions your teams come up with, for preventions / solutions, that we as neighbors - towns - county can work on together.
Many of the solutions / preventions seemed to overlap all of the scenarios.
It was good to learn about most (if not all) the towns in the valley are gravity feed water systems, so as long as the springs run, and can be put into the public water systems that will lessen some of the major worries.  As it is a priority of course.
I was wondering about the Monroe Power system as I have heard its a hydro system,  Could it have the ability to power the main area's or buildings ? Would it be able to send power to the
hospital in Richfield if they were out of power & the backups were not functioning at the hospital & other medical life support needs for the community.
In  the  email  I sent you a copy of my little report it is based on the eventual EMP system of catastrophe, however I am trying to think of solutions, and they overlap with all the other potential catastrophes that can happen to our area.
Is an EMP attack a real threat, I think so based upon the current threats of promise from sworn enemies, including. Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran. Iran has been practicing such attacks launching from container ships these last 10yrs, now they have the ability to create such devices. The others have threatened us, China & Russia recently with a super EMP if we get to far out of hand.
However, in the solutions I thought up, with the green house / public food storage / and fuel storage for emergency usage, and back up power sources that would not be bothered by EMP.
I think it would be interesting to see if we as Towns, and a Valley / County / State could come up with a form of such preparations outside the individual / personal preparedness.
Urban Influx is going to be something this valley will eventually have to deal with, for what ever the reason be it a Major Earth Quake, or other events we discussed. They will evacuate to the mountains, valleys, country in the hope the farmers and towns can support them with food and water and shelter.
(Note: there are many who have had dreams locally and in other regions of America over the last 100yrs about this, some of the Prophets have by description mentioned the last days in America, what they describe could well be a result of an EMP attack, that leads to all other catastrophic events they witnessed.  A few have dreamed of tent city in this valley, the Cedar City / Enoch area, and other places This is what has had me worried for years, and now I finally can see a way to Prepare the valley and peoples who will need assistance in the future. )
By Preparing for Urban Influx of 10,000 people, we can prevent the possible lawlessness of a emergency of that nature.
There are people in the valley who have been blessed with the worlds wealth more than others and at different stages of success and employment and retirement.
It may be a good idea to suggest those who have the means, to add more to their own food storage's, as well as equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, and other items that would be needed for life, sanitary needs, medical, food production or and storage. Energy Generator's, Fuel storage for ATV / Snow Vehicles etc.
To be used in the time of need at a future date.
All others can prepare as individuals, families as best they can, if it be one case of water each pay check, a few cans of food, or other items of food for storage each pay check, maybe cutting down on some Happy foods in lieu of preparing for emergency storage.
Same with other things, if we can suggest people save a meal from eating out, or an event of entertainment (what ever that may be for fun) taking the funds for one event that month
and put it into storage items would be a good idea.
The majority of people in the valley can not afford generator's for power, many are on fixed incomes.
Many will need to choose 'A' or 'B' in order to start or add to food or water storage, many feel it is to big a deal, to far out of reach for their incomes and become overwhelmed,
and don't even try to start preparing.
Some feel the federal or local Governments will provide for them. Some feel the Churches will provide for them.
What if Non of them are able to help for days, weeks, months or even years in some types of catastrophic events.
We as a community must be self sufficient.
I look forward to your teams results, it could help my thinking to what is possible to achieve in this area for preparedness.
It seems that knowing your neighbors is a must, which is hard for some in our day, when it is full of so much unknowns, mistrust, and imaginations, however once your done with a official program
it could be easier to take copies of the information door to door to share with our neighbors, and offer our assistance, and for their help based upon their talents, trade, skills,
knowledge, resources, etc.
It is indeed the only way to survive as a civilized people, those who know each other won't need to fear each other I think.
Well just idea's.
There are  over 20 large  Green Houses in the  Sevier Valley that could be used in case of emergency, I would hope if things were set up before the need, to be used in an emergency time for food production.
If the preparedness groups of the County, City, Towns, Church's, neighbors, individuals, could speak with these people and discuss how they could help feed the community in case of a catastrophic event this could be good, if they were given tax breaks, or had volunteer help in a few of these green houses would they allow the community to use one or two of them to provide education, growth of food for the needy in the community, and possible have classes on canning or freeze drying food from your gardens, using a few green houses, thus teaching those who do not know how to grow food, or preserve it.
You could preserve the food from these classes as well as share left overs with the food bank and local churches.
The owners if they were to donate a site, if they had a benefit for doing so as they are expensive to build, or maybe subsidized in building one or two of them, or One per town, Elsinore, Monroe, Richfield, Glenwood, Aurora, Salina etc.  Then each town would have an immediate emergency supply of food with out having to wait for any assistance from outside the valley.

I am just not sure how to go about it,

We all of us are of One Family.  We are the Children of our Heavenly Father, we need to learn to care for one another, to help and assist each other in times of need.
As we do it unto the least of our family so we do it unto our Lord and Savior.
All our wealth and success's in this life are but gifts granted us by God, to help and bless our fellow family members in time of need.
Like father Joseph did when he prepared Egypt for the bad years and others have been able to help others since they were prepared through out history.

I am in construction, so one of knowledge and expertise in my trade, however it does not bless us with any worldly wealth.
Many years have gone by, we have save some food from time to time,  but then have used it as well to survive, and thus we start over as we need to.
The lord has blessed me with a little land, yet now If we had the water I would allow the town or county to put a growing plot on it, or green house to be used for community preparedness
If I had the wealth available I would build them myself, and all the needed things above to secure a storage program for those less fortunate, who knows maybe in the future God will
bless me in one of my idea's to be able to do so. If not so be it, as it was not meant to be.
That is just my thinking.
I see millionaires and others who have the incomes or physical structures / lands etc. in the valley who would not assist in such a program, as they feel you can sink or swim on your own efforts. Kind of a sad way to think.
I think we could help those who need it, and for those who will need it to come.
So Just How do we go about it.
So not to put the cart before the horse, we do need to have a plan in place in-case of an emergency  so we can share it with our neighbors, by this I mean All, no matter what their status in the community, churches, faith, income and so forth, all must feel welcome and as  a family in order to unite in the event of a catastrophic emergency event.

We need to let them know they feel needed, they can be of use, and they will be helped to the best of the communities ability.
Some will loose their preparations, food / water / etc. some could loose it in a Tornado, Flood, Earthquake, Fire, etc. All their preparations could be gone in an instant then they would now be on the mercy of the community regardless of their years of preparing.
Much to do,
Some may think me a nut, or a fool. I just know that my ancestors were all but exterminated long ago, war, famine, etc. It will not be a good thing to see. The future is very bright in many area's however the facts are in, the chess game is set, the pieces are in motion for Armageddon and Israel is about in Check Mate, this will come soon. Events to happen in North America are also becoming closer to check mate for us, that is why so many are awakening and fighting to keep us out of check as long as we can.
I know and understand what is to come, even tho it will be a moment of darkness, there will be many blessings and eventually great things will occur in the end.
I just would like to see as many of our Brothers and Sisters in Gods family live during these events in time that we are now facing.

Such is my motivation, to prevent as much negative hurt and suffering as possible.

Stephen Huls
Monroe Utah,

May Father grant us more time to prepare, and bless America and its People who are yet still a good people