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Let it be known to all the World, I love all Humankind, however the poor actions of the few that take away the Freedom's of the many wear on my soul. I don't hate them I feel sad for their foolishness before God and humankind.

Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

"We often search for things in life, yet seldom do we find.

Those things in life that really matter, until we make the time." S.T.Huls

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

To the leaders of the United States of America. A witness and a warning to you.


To the leaders of the United States of America.

A witness and a warning to you.



I have been watching the demise of our once great nation, its destruction from within, so this is a letter of education and warnings based upon your choices from here on out.

Take the time to fully read to have a basic understanding then choose the path you will walk.

Today many are following ill guidance, wrong suggestions, and a false ideology or mixed ideology that has never proven success for a Free Nation.

It would seem that many have been emboldened by their success in keeping the promise that America will be punished, that they must accept a new history, a new form of government, one they have never had here before.

It would seem by actions that many are following a mixture of tyrannical leadership and style of governing. Marxism, Communism, Islamism, and I will say Luciferism is very well seen in much of DC’s behavior, and doings.

Many were warned to not go this route for America’s future, however giving you the benefit of doubt and some time to repent of your false ideology for the rule of mankind, knowing you have been brought up with false teachers, false ideology, false and failed programs that have been tried since the times of our 1st parents of ancient times even Father Adam and Mother Eve.

Since you may not have been properly taught the truth of the purpose of life we shall again give you the benefit of your ignorance in this area. Had your fathers or mother been able to teach you truth as a child, if you were not propagandized in false ideology from your youth you might not be at this time working so hard to destroy the American Nation, and Christianity.


My knowledge is that we are all part of the human family, all races all forms go back to the story of Adam and Eve, who were our 1st parents thus we are all of the family of Adam.

If you have a King James Bible and you read the Genesis of the world you will have a basic idea of how the world began. God, the Creator, our Father in Heaven and the Father of all our Spirits did allow us to come to Earth and receive a physical body and the free agency (which is Eternal) to choose if we wanted to follow his laws and pattern for happiness here on Earth and later in our evolution to Eternity after our natural deaths and our future resurrection and reuniting of our physical bodies with our spirits then to be judged for our doings here on Earth.

So where do we start with one who was without knowledge? At the beginning, I shall be plane and as simple as I can based upon what I have learned here on Earth and before.


In the beginning God created the Heavens, all the Universes you see when you look into the night’s sky and many beyond that. (Note: look at the current Hubble telescope pictures)

We were spiritually created 1st in what I shall call our Pre Earth life. At this time we witnessed the creation of this Earth where on we dwell, We knew we were to be given the opportunity to progress beyond just being a spirit, the Father of our Spirits told us that we would have the opportunity to progress in our existence and to do so we would need to have a physical body to do so, part of our eternal evolution.

We all looked forward to this with hope and excitement for we would also have our free agency once we were to be sent to this Earth for our mortal lives.

Father told us that we would be able to keep our Free Agency of choice, to choose to follow his guidance, rules for living here on Earth, but that in doing so many of us would choose not to follow him, and since part of the plan was to put a mental wall or veil between our physical and spiritual area in our mind so that we would not remember our pre Earth life, so we would have an honest journey here, to be given the test for lack of a better term to see if we will follow him or not.  By giving us this freedom he knew many would not be able to return home upon our mortal deaths, for we would break his rules or sin, so we would go from a clean or pure form at birth to a soiled human by the time of our death or passing from this life, our graduation time.

The rules stated if we follow his plan we would be able to evolve on Earth and that we would keep our mortal body and after our physical death would have it changed into an Eternal body in order to continue our Eternal progression upon our graduation from Earth life.

However there were problems as we would naturally break the rules, we would sin, this would prevent us from being able to return to Heaven, as it is a pure place and no unclean person can enter there. So there must be a plan set forward to help us to be able to clean our souls from this Earth life, from our mistakes, our sins. And once cleansed we could return to our father in Heaven to live with him once again.

This made many of us sad, and worried about coming here. However Father told us we would need a Savior, one who would take upon him the sins of the Earth and thus allow us to return home by the saving ordinance of repentance, forgiveness, as well as one needing to overcome the power of death, so we needed to have someone overcome this for us since we could not do it ourselves, the resurrection was needed. Or in one word the Atonement = overcoming physical death and spiritual death due to sin.  

The natural man/woman or the physical bodies we are given upon our birth on Earth are by nature an enemy to the spiritual laws of Heaven. They need to be governed; we must learn to control their desires on all levels. That is part of our experiences and our journey is to learn to control our body.

With the knowledge that we needed a representative or Savior in order for us to return home, to Heavenly Father after our lives here on Earth, our Father brought us all together in a great council in Heaven. Literally trillions of spirits were there.

Father asked if anyone would go and be our Savior, one who would provide selflessly the Atonement needed for those who would come to Earth in order for others present to be able to return home in the future.

One of the oldest and wisest spirits spoke up and said here am I send me, then another spoke who was also wise and very much adored by all said here am I choose me.

Father said, tell us all what your plans would be for your fellow spirits upon the Earth.

The first was Jesus he said he would be the Savior, the sacrificial lamb, and provide an atonement giving us the way back home, overcoming physical death and spiritual death as well. Providing a process or a time to repent of our sins in our weakened physical forms, and allowing us to choose if we wanted to follow his path of light and love and goodness, in other words our free agency would be allowed.

Yes many would not be able to return home to heaven as they would make bad choices, or deny God and his laws, we would choose to follow the darkness instead of the light, thus our eternal progression would be stopped or damned by our choices that we make here on Earth. But that it would be our choice to follow light or darkness, no one else’s and no one would be forced to believe or to follow Jesus and his teachings and path to eternal progression. 


The second spirit was Lucifer, he stood before us all, and explained the dangers of such thoughts and how reckless it would be to follow the plan of Jesus, as many if not most of us spirits would end up having our eternal progression damned, he argued a long time using all the language of flattery and arguments that he could, he promised that if we chose his plan, there would not be a need for a savior or an atonement as he would provide the ability for all to be equal, to return home. He would Force everyone to bow to his rules, his laws. No free agency under his plan, as freedom was a bad concept after all, and too dangerous for us to understand, and since he was more wise than us we should accept his plan and he told our Father in Heaven that if he did this great deed, bringing all the family of spirits back to Heaven he wanted all the glory for it, he wanted the power of his father, even God given to him, to rule the heavens for eternity.


We were given a time to think it over, to discuss the ups and downs of both plans. Then we used our eternal God given freedom, our agency and we voted upon the two plans.

Most of us choose to keep our free agency, and have our own ability to choose during our life on Earth. We choose Jesus’ plan.

1/3rd Choose to follow Lucifer plan, where he would force us to be good, or have a lack of freedom like a hive mentality or slavery, and at the end giving him all the credit and glory for it.

We cheered and where happy when the Father God agreed with Jesus his son, and approved his plan for our life here on Earth.

Lucifer was angry and jealous for not having his plan accepted. So he did rebel against his father and the rest of us, and started a war of sorts in heaven. After his rebellion was put down and he was taken prisoner, and tried for his crimes against the Father, and the rest of us he was punished.

His punishment for himself as well as the 1/3rd who followed him was to be sent here to the Earth, however they would never be given the opportunity for the 2nd phase of their eternal evolution, they would never gain their own physical body. They would have to watch the rest of us enjoy our lives and our struggles in our new bodies as we lived in phase 2 of our evolution.

This greatly angered Lucifer and his followers, and he swore to destroy all of Fathers spirits and their bodies any way he could. With sickness, wars, violence, all forms of darkness and evil that he could design to destroy and injure those who did not agree with him.

So Lucifer became the fallen star, the Devil. And at this time he yet dwells on Earth with his goals to perform all lies, deceit, and darkness upon the face of the Earth, to destroy and control all humans, and as he does so he laughs every time he is successful in his desires of darkness, he is very narcissistic to be sure. A great deceiver since the days of Adam to now.


So here we are on Earth, we have the ability to know good from evil, light from darkness, yet in our youths some are taught one or the other, raised in light or darkness. Many have the light of Christ extinguished at a young age by evil teachers, it is dimed then destroyed for such is the brainwashing of children, some never get the chance to hear both plans on Earth, the plan of light and truth vs. lies and darkness.

Thus many grow to become adults with incorrect ideologies and this leads to being able to be controlled by the Devil even Lucifer in many ways.

This is where we have started, so we can teach you correct principals of life as they were designed in Heaven. 

It matters not that you believe or not, these are the facts for life here on Earth and for your future in Eternity.

On Earth we still have 2 plans to follow, Jesus Christ and light and love, or Lucifer’s darkness of hate. Such is our Free Agency, freedom granted by God not man.

Lucifer remembers and knows who we were, for all of us who have been born into a physical body kept our 1st estate in Heaven, this has angered Lucifer and his goals of destruction know no end of creativity. Because the fact we have a physical body that he and his followers will never obtain, we have more power than he, we have the ability to beat him on Earth with the help of Jesus Christ and others.

Good and Evil is an Eternal battle, we must have our ability of choice or we cannot progress.

Here on Earth Lucifer has used kings, rulers, religions, ideologies, and other means to lie and deceive humanity, he has taught we must be controlled, that we cannot be free, we must not have our agency. Total control or dominion over humanity is his goal. If you disagree for thousands of years he has slaughtered those who have sought freedom. To prove to God that his way is best, and in his narcissistic jealousy and in his anger for his eternal banishment and punishments he plans on taking every soul he possibly can take to join him on the sinking ship he created.

He will do or say anything, any promise to seduce humans to follow him, they do not call him the father of lies for nothing. We can see how successful he has been, and is now.

So much for the sworn enemy of humankind, and of Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ did what he said he would do, he was the savior of the World, he provided himself as the needed sacrifice for the Atonement that needed to take place for our eternal salvation and progression based upon eternal laws of justice.

We are required to but learn his teachings his gospel and then to live our lives accordingly.

Not forcing our thoughts or beliefs upon others, but inviting them to learn of him, and accept him for themselves.

In doing so, through prayer and reading the stories written about Jesus the Christ, in the Holy Bible, and in other testaments’ of his existence or witness’ of his divinity and the truth of his life here on Earth, my ancestors left another record known today as the Book of Mormon another witness for Christ. There are many other records, myths, stories, legends of Christ all over the world in all native cultures of his visit and teaching way before the European Christians began their missionary work, and exploring the world.

There is not enough room to compile the numerous pages of evidences and facts on this matter in this letter. Some can be studied up or down at a web site that opens the door upon this issue. (  This only begins the journey of education on these matters.


Knowing that you may not have grown up in a Christian environment of any kind, this advice should be taken.

Read and study the old and new testaments’ in the King James Bible, that is a start.

Humbly, honestly, with a sincere heart and through much fasting and prayer if you ask God the Father and creator of Heaven and Earth if it is true or false, I promise God will give you a spiritual witness that it is indeed true. He has a strong pattern for doing so, if any one lacks wisdom one should ask God for it. And if you’re humble and sincere it will come, you only have but to listen.

Now that we have the basics of Earth’s life covered, I can continue to the current state of our nation and its leader’s. This is why I have written this letter to educate and to give you the opportunity as needed to change your ways, to return to the True God of Heaven and Earth and to be an example unto the rest of America and the world for good.


America is a sacred land, a promised land to my ancestors who came here from the eastern homelands around 600 b.c. The Great Spirit, the Creator, aka God did guide our fore fathers to this land, they left Jerusalem before it was destroyed due to their choices to not follow the commandments of God but choose to follow the lives of sin and Lucifer’s many ideologies.

This land was given to my ancestors with the promise that as long as they worshiped and followed the teachings of Jesus Christ that they would have this land as an inheritance, if in the future they would deny or turn from him, and follow Lucifer’s ideologies of darkness, that we would lose our inheritance and it would be given others. This has happened. Around 430 a.d. the ancestors rebelled completely against Gods teachings and choose to embrace the darkness of evil Lucifer so eloquently promotes with his many lies.  Our Nation was destroyed, only a remnant of our people remained and mixed in with those who conquered us.

Many of the Native American Tribes from the Mississippi river to the Atlantic, and from the northern lands in Canada to the Gulf of Mexico are related to those ancestors, and I am a remnant that mixed with these tribes.

During this time the Western lands were visited and a few colonies of Chinese and Japanese as well as others came to live and intermix with the natives. Those in Central and Southern America also had visitors and came from other lands, it was given to them as a promised land. Many of us are of the house of Abraham whom God did promise his seed would be taken all over the Earth, and this happened.

So I am a remnant of the house of Father Lehi, who is of the house of his ancient Father Joseph who was sold into slavery in Egypt and who later save Egypt and others due to his listening to the God of Abraham, Jehovah, the Messiah, even Jesus Christ. We see our family tree back to Abraham, Noah, then to Adam.  We have been here a long time, as your family also has been.

Why write this? America being a promised land was to never have a king rule over it, for Jesus Christ is the rightful King. There are warnings that must be passed on to you and your associates; America has blessings and curses placed upon it. My ancestors did not always listen and were as a nation destroyed. Much like Israel from time to time has been destroyed over its history based upon its choices to follow God or Lucifer. 

So, the founding of America, many explorers came here before the official visit of Columbus, but he was guided here to fulfill the prophecies of my peoples that we would see another people be given our lands due to our rebellions against God. This happened.

America was given its freedom in the Revolutionary War with the help of Heaven many times over. George Washington and others write about this profusely, how God assisted them in obtaining their freedom. Then later the years it took to design the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights was also inspired by Heaven.

It was similar to a few of my ancestor’s nations of old. However it was only designed for a God loving, Christian / Biblical and Civilized people. They knew then as we know now that a non Christian / Biblical civilization would take advantage and then destroy the freedoms of this land, they would with lawyers and judges and politicians pervert the Constitution, and laws, thus taking control and dominion of America.  Like others before on this land, when evil is accepted and rules for a time, those who choose the secret combinations and old laws of Lucifer that are designed to gain control and power over others, and to do great evil upon humankind, these he would seduce in order to destroy more of God the Fathers spirits in his lust for revenge. He is very good at this.

So today we see that many have been seduced, corrupted in Washington DC in the White House, Senate, House of Representatives, and other government agencies of all kinds, as well as in our nation’s military and law enforcement agencies as well as the judges and lawyers. Much like my ancestors were seduced by Lucifer. The pattern is the same, the names or terms might be different the results are the same, tyranny, death, enslavement, control of humanity. The lust for power, greed is that of a natural human, and you must be wary of it.

Lucifer is good at seducing his victims, one piece at a time until it’s too late and you have walked into his web of evil, and you might think it’s too late to change, to do good. He uses guilt, remorse, depression as a few of his chains to get his victims to feel there is no way out of their bad choices or pure evil choices. He is very good at it.

So if you look into your life whom do you serve?

Are you serving the God of light and truth, Jehovah, the Messiah, Jesus Christ or do you serve Lucifer the father of lies, hate, death, control and dominion over others?

If you seek to control or force others to your ways of life you’re not on Gods side, you have been seduced by Lucifer and are following his plans to destroy not only you but as many millions of others as he can, if you choose the paths of darkness or the gray area’s that lead to darkness such are the paths of Lucifer’s teachings. The path to your Eternal destruction and damnation. Such are your choices.


If you find yourself on the wrong path, you can change. It is called the Atonement of Jesus Christ for your improvement and eternal salvation. He as I said above made it possible for you to Repent of your mistakes.

You can choose to follow him now, repent, seek forgiveness from those whom you may have offended, injured, hurt, physically and emotionally. The path is before you now. Your Eternal progression is at stake, nothing that you can gain here on Earth in your short mortality is worth giving up your opportunities in Eternity, if you choose wisely Jesus Christ will assist you during your judgment when you graduate from this life, (known as death)

Make a note that everything you think, do, say is recorded in your mind. You shall be judged upon your own mind, think of it as a recorder, if you do not repent and accept the atonement of Christ, you will need to suffer for your sins on your own. The resurrection and immortality is a free gift through the grace of Jesus Christ all shall receive this, however will it be to eternal life in heaven and progression, or eternal life in your own personal hell or damnation?

If you accept Christ, and turn your heart fully to him, earning a personal relationship with him your life will be so much different here on Earth and in the eternities.

If you do not, then you choose to be on your own, and suffer the eternal justice required for your mistakes, choices, sins here on Earth during your probationary state. Every bad deed you may have done to another you will suffer even as they, you will have to live through their pains of emotional or physical trauma you may have cause by your actions or inactions. Such is your future without the atonement or without accepting Jesus Christ’s atonement for us all.

The choice is yours and yours alone. What will it be, whom will you follow, light or darkness, good or evil, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Great Creator, or Lucifer, the Devil, who also has many names.


You who are in power as employee’s of the American people, you must remember you were sent their by the votes, you all took an Oath to the US Constitution and did so before God and mankind. An oath is a very important thing and eternal. If you choose to break it or follow it either way it has both moral and eternal consequences.

Many I see have chosen to break their oaths of office, to demean or ignore the rule of laws, the nations and Gods. You may feel with your fancy wording, or your disbelief, your narcissism, your arrogance, all the foolish thoughts of your life that you are not going to ever be held accountable before man or God for your actions, good or ill. You must awake to the sense of your state of affairs before God and man. If you were to die this moment and were to stand before God what would you say? How would you feel? Could you use your powers of speech to lie or deceive Jesus Christ? I think not.  As your life will be before you and him, you will not be able to hide, your fate will be in your own words just. For in reality you will have a full remembrance of life before Earth and during, what you could or should have done / been and what you did or did not do. You in reality will be your own judge before God.


The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights gave limitations to Government and its servants in office. Are you cheating, demeaning, ignoring these rules?

Do you now seek for power and riches due to your position of power? Have you used your place of power to control, manipulate, destroy others who do not agree with your ideologies, have you done evil to others?

Or have you used your position to help and encourage and support your oaths of office respecting your limited abilities, supporting the constitutional things Government was designed for and helping your fellow man in a good way, allowing for Freedom, free agency for the ability to work hard and to succeed or fail based upon one’s own efforts, Realizing that the American Government was never designed to be a welfare state, that the poor were to be taken care of by the mercy of the local churches all over America as they have always done.

Do you stand for large overbearing controlling or tyrannical government to force others to bow to your ideology, your thinking even if they disagree with it?

This mindset is what Lucifer teaches, example, communism, socialism, Marxism, Maoism, even Islamism has proven since its creation to be historically a political ideology of control and hate with a history of darkness and death, such are the teachings of Lucifer. God said by their fruits you will know them. So do I look at the fruits.

America was founded as a Republic, with only a democracy of voting for those who would represent us in the Republic, (I suggest if you do not understand this Cleaon Skousens book 5000yr leap)

Full democracy never works, historically fails, the progressives and others in America who demand to force socialism upon the people destroy that which they claim to be helping, no city they have run / controlled has ever succeeded in fact they have been destroyed.

I do not care of what party you claim to be, or anything else, what matters is that you’re a spiritual child of God the Father, and your here on Earth, now and you may not fully understand the basics of life or what it’s all about.

It is to assist others, work hard by our own sweat and effort to succeed, not to give free handouts to others or to injure, steal, lie, etc many forms of darkness to take advantage of others for personal gain, we must have personal responsibility for our own actions.

When we stand before God some day we will be held personally responsible, you won’t be able to blame anyone or anything for what your life’s actions were.


I say look deep into your heart, what will be your legacy on Earth or Heaven?

Will you be remembered as a honorable patriot who stood their ground against tyranny and darkness?

Or will you be remembered as one of those who attempted to destroy the freest nation on Earth.

Will you be remembered like those who assisted the Jews in Nazi Germany or the prison guards and others who followed their evil laws and assisted in their and others murders? Then try to use weak excuses for your actions at that time?


Today, now is the time to choose, do not fear man and what they will say or do, if you choose to serve light and truth being humble before God and choose to serve him in your Christian Faith or Hebrew Faith etc. Will you walk the path of goodness, being honest, following the basics the Ten Commandments God gave Moses, a basic rules for civilized society?  You must get on your knees and humbly find out your status with God the Father, then change your course to mirror his teachings, this will bring honor, or renewed honor to you and a hope for a better eternal future.

Walk the road less traveled, hold to the iron rod of truth, avoid the river of filth and the building of the world full of those who might scoff and mock you for choosing to walk the path of light and truth.

Do you have the bravery, honor and honesty to realize where you stand right now in your life?

If not, time to do some soul searching.


In this life there are only two factions Good and Evil, Jesus Christ and Lucifer, Light and darkness.  What will you choose? There is no grey, no middle, you must be hot or cold not lukewarm.

“We often search for things in life, yet seldom do we find, those things in life that really matter, until we take the time.”

If you choose to follow God then let your actions show it.

If you choose to follow Lucifer and to continue the destruction of this nation, to destroy its future, to brainwash the children in government non educational system, to abuse the defenders of this nation our warriors on all levels, to not secure our boarders, to not have a budget we can pay for, to keep raising taxes to pay for folly or votes, to bankrupt a nation turning its future generations into slaves because of your greed, and if any who choose to disarm, in  order to take over by force, then as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Muhammad, and other tyrants who choose to force others with threat of death or worse to bow to their ideologies… (as Lucifer promise he would have done) then you had beater change your course because you’re on the losing side, the wrong team no matter what you were promised.

Darkness does lose at the end of the World, Light Wins.

Some of my ancestors chose poorly and are facing their judgment for the evil they did when they destroyed the freedom of the nation then the nation itself 1600yrs ago on this land we call America.

What will you do, God will not be mocked, but he will allow you to ripen in your wickedness if you so chose then he will let other wicked ones to destroy you. Then his judgment of you shall be just, and eternal justice shall be served.


There is no where you can hide, no works of darkness in secret shall be kept a secret all shall be made known upon the house tops, and God knows all your doings.


If you’re doing good then God bless you for it, stay strong.

If you find yourself in the grey or darkness then there is a way out as mentioned above, or eternal damnation such is your choice.

You have your free agency, use it wisely.


May you work to bless this nation and to restore it to the Republic as founded, to worship the God of this land, and to be a civilized nation of light and truth.

I could go on for many pages of the darkness and wickedness this nation is doing, great an terrible it is becoming, it sickens my heart to see those who have been deceived, who have allowed themselves to be deceived by the darkness even Lucifer the fallen one.


The prophecies of the future for this nation are what they are, darkness loses, wickedness will lose, all the enemies, armies, judges, leaders, traitors, etc. of this nation will be punished if not in this life the next. All you evil doing will come to nothing in the long run, and even Lucifer will not protect nor defend you, but he will laugh at your demise and your damnation. He will through a party. Before he is cast out into outer darkness, a place of cold and loneliness.


So choose life and eternal progression with God that is the wisest thing.


I am but a wander’ in these lands, one of no consequences to those in power.

I seek no glory nor anything of this Earth however it has been long on my mind to warn those who are in danger of eternal damnation, these and many more thoughts have been alive in my mind for a few years, stronger now, so I feel you have been warned, those who might read this let your leaders / boss know it, for they shall be held accountable as you will for not sharing it with them.

God Bless the Republic of America.


Tsul’  Kalu of the Ani Kituhwagi of the Ancients of America.