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Monday, March 14, 2016

Ex CIA states Hillary has mortgaged out the West to China / Russia

What Sarah speaks of makes sense, as we here in the west have seen and heard the rumores for years about Russia and China owning minerals, mines, lands, massive projects like mines uranium, wind, solar, water sources. Its happening folks. Much of the Uranium in Utah is under control of Russia.
Sarah Redd Buck
7 hrs
I am a strong believer in God. I am a very religious person.
I truly believe without a doubt that God has a plan and that as we have faith and trust in him, he will lead the way and make clearer our whys and questions. He will guide our paths.
I have heard a lot of talk and read articles about Hillary selling Uranium and that this situation is far bigger than just about the Bundy Ranch and the Refuge but these stories are so unbelievable that I have had a hard time discerning... between facts and truths.
A few days ago I, not so coincidentally, happened into a conversation with an ex-CIA agent of 35 years.
He didn't know who I was and we casually engaged in conversation.
I didn't share with him my not so great experiences with people like him but instead chose to just converse with him.
We had a great conversation and soon found ourselves talking about everything going on in our country.
I believe it wasn't just a coincidence when he shared with me some frightening information.
He said that this is far bigger than we could ever imagine. He said that It isn't public information but that Hillary is not only selling Uranium but that she has also mortgaged out all of the West. That it has already been divided out to Russia and China.
These ideas that I was having a hard time grasping and believing were all of a sudden being confirmed by a 35 year Federal Agent. He said if I don't already have my food storage and emergency supply ready I better get on it asap.
It is time for we the American people to wake up and stand together United before it is too late.
I do not normally get involved in these things.
You can look at my Facebook history as proof.
But I have felt very strongly in standing up this time and using my voice to warn against evil.‪#‎secretcombinations