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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The not so mysterious disappearance of news about Malaysian flight 370

March 22, 2014

The not so mysterious disappearance of news about Malaysian flight 370
By Jim O'Neill

Like many of you, I have read and watched "news" reports about Malaysian flight 370 (MH370) ad nauseum. And I have been especially struck by (and concerned by) what has not been reported.

For example: did you know that the pilot of MH370 was Muslim? Did you know that the copilot was Muslim? Did you know that the captain of MH370 was a fervent supporter of Muslim political activist Anwar Ibrahim? Did you know that Captain Shah was (is?) related to a son-in-law of Ibrahim's? Did you know that Ibrahim was convicted of sodomy (a crime in Malaysia) only hours before flight 370 took off? Did you know that Captain Shah probably attended that sodomy trial and heard the verdict? Did you know that Ibrahim purportedly has ties to the "Muslim Brotherhood?" (Please keep in mind that I am not trying to imply any conclusions regarding the fate of MH370 – I am merely stating facts).

If you are aware of those things, then congratulations, you are ahead of the curve – most folks don't have a clue. And that is just the way the MSM would like to keep it.

Obviously the pro-Islam, pro-homosexual agenda of the media propaganda outlets is at work here, but I take that as a given, and that is not what concerns me. What does concern me is the meek kow-towing to political correctness that I see – pretty much across the board. Liberal or "conservative" media, it makes scant difference.

What that means is that censorship – all too often in the insidious form of self-censorship – rules the day amongst our politically corrected and docile press.

I am all in favor of polite discourse, of being respectful of the opinions of others, and of being mindful of their feelings. Many people mistakenly believe that that is what political correctness is all about – it is not.

It is about censorship and mind control. It is about controlling what you can or cannot say, how you can or cannot say it, and when you can or cannot say it. And where speech is controlled, thought control is not far behind. Again, it is censorship and mind control, pure and simple. The proponents and admirers of political correctness are at pains to let you know how exceedingly tolerant they are, but there is nothing tolerant about political correctness – it is judgmental intolerance personified.

"Politically correct" – take a moment to think about what those words really mean. They mean that if you act, speak, and behave in a certain way, and only in that certain way, then your ideological stance may be considered proper – you are politically correct. Lucky you.

Personally, I've got political correctness hanging, and I could not care less what the PC mavens have to say about it – but that's me. The Western world's MSM do not have political correctness hanging – they have been hung by it. It might be amusing to watch them tip-toe around and scrupulously avoid the slightest hint of anything that might cast Islam and/or homosexuals in a less than flattering might be amusing, if it were not so infuriatingly pathetic.

© Jim O'Neill