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Monday, March 31, 2014

Urgent Earthquake Watch! Yellowstone, New Madrid, California And The East Coast

Urgent Earthquake Watch! Yellowstone, New Madrid, California And The East Coast

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YouTube videographer dutchsinse has just released the video below in which he puts out an urgent earthquake watch for Yellowstone, the New Madrid area, California AND the East Coast of America. We are warned here that the earthquake uptick that we are now watching is clearly along the edge of the North American craton and that we should all be paying close attention for something much larger to strike in the near future.Urgent Earthquake Watch!
I do not issue this “watch” lightly, and hope things calm down very soon.
However, until things begin to cool off, I’m left having to issue an urgent ‘earthquake watch’ for certain areas along the edge of the North American Craton.
This screenshot below shows the past 48 hours of earthquakes in the continental United States and Canada … alongside there is a diagram of the North American Craton.
Clearly, heavy activity building upon the Western portion of the plate, and we’re seeing a massive area become displaced — from Southern California, to Yellowstone — from Yellowstone to Oklahoma.

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