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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Alien Gear Holsters - American made CW products IWB Cloak Tuck 2.0

 I am adding this so everyone can visit and learn more about this company and their products, a non paid sharing of this ad, but when I find a great product or service just like passing it along for others.

Superior Technology. Superior Holsters.
Alien Gear Holsters  

30 Day Risk-Free Trial on all Holsters!

Iron Clad Triple Guarantee

The default tilt angle (cant) is 15 degrees, which is the standard "FBI Cant". However, you can adjust the tilt angle to be more or less by simply raising or lowering one or both of the clips in opposite directions. For example, raising the front clip will angle the holster forward more. Lowering the back clip will further angle the holster forward. Likewise, the holster can be tilted more upright by lowering the front clip and raising the rear clip.

The entire concealed carry holster can be raised or lowered to adjust how high the grip of the handgun will be. To lower the holster, simply raise both clips. To raise the holster, lower both clips.

Adjustable retention concealed carry.

Our holsters will never get loose over time because you can quickly and easily adjust the retention. Almost all the other companies use cheap rivets, which are not adjustable. After the leather backing wears in, many of their customers complain of holsters that are too loose. Our leading competitor has recommended that their customers “heat the holster with a HAIR DRYER” to remold the holster back to a more usable form. Is that something you want to have to do to your holster? We certainly don’t want that for our customers. Another benefit of our adjustable retention design, is that you get to set the holster how you want it. Secure and tight or fast and loose.

Professional quality holsters.

We are well aware of the old adage that “you get what you pay for”. Well, that is true to a certain extent, but sometimes prices in an industry come down as competition increases. This means less profit per holster for us, but it is a big win for our customers.

Quality holster components.

Better quality components.

Alien Gear Holsters are made with a beautiful, premium, incredibly comfortable 10-12 ounce drum dyed leather. Our competitor's holsters are not drum dyed and do not use a comfy, 10-12 ounce leather. Even though we use high quality leather, our holsters are not bulky or uncomfortable. They break in quickly and many customers tell us their holster is so comfortable that they forget they are wearing a concealed handgun. Alien Gear Holsters are the most comfortable holsters on the planet. Any planet.

Thicker plastic hybrid holster.

Our plastic outer shells are built better by using .093 thick material that covers the gun much better and has a more attractive finish. Our shells are molded to the bottom edge of the gun to protect the front sights from impact and to prevent the pistol from wearing a hole in your garments. Our leading competitors only use a small amount of thin, 0.60 plastic and leave most of the firearm exposed. Sure, it's easier to manufacture that way, but it's not the best way to manufacture a holster.

Stronger belt clips.

Our discreetly designed holster clips accommodate belts from 1 1/4” to 1 1/2” wide. They stay where you put them, and they will never let go when you draw your weapon. Attractive leather loops, steel clips and nylon "J" and "C" clips for enhanced concealability are also available for those who prefer it. Our leading competitors put their logos on clips. We don’t advertise on our clips because you don’t need to advertise to the world that you have a concealed carry gun.

Better designed IWB Holster.

We consulted long time concealed carry enthusiasts, some new to concealed carry, and even a mechanical engineer to set about creating the ultimate concealed carry holster. We used modern techniques like 3D design software as well as old school techniques like modeling clay and classic shop tools. It had to be SUPER COMFORTABLE and VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE to onlookers. The result is the Cloak-Tuck holster. We believe it is the best concealed carry holster ever designed and our customers reaffirm that everyday with their ecstatic feedback.

Tuckable Concealed Holster.

You can tuck your shirt in around your weapon so it will be invisible even when you are dressed professionally.

Fast access.

Our holster is designed to provide a SUPER FAST DRAW. The leather and plastic are perfectly shaped to allow a fast, firm grip, which you WILL need if you have to use your weapon. Our leading competitor has leather in the way and charges a “fee” to trim the leather out of the way. Your Alien Gear Holster is already combat ready and we don’t charge you extra to fix something that should have been made right in the first place.

Proudly made in America.

 Alien Gear Holsters

Mini Tuck/SuperTuck

 concealable carry holster starting at $29.88$67.77$65.99
Made In America
Adjustable Tilt Angle
3 Position Adjustable Ride Height
Hassle Free Adjustable Retention
Maintenance-Free Leather
Patent Pending Composite Technology
Optional Leather Belt Loops
Optional "J" & "C" Clips"J" Clips Only
Spare Parts Included
Fully Swappable Shells
Guarantee30 Day Trial2 Week Trial30 Day Limited Trial
Forever Warranty
Limited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty
Last updated 7/24/14