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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prepare for the Eventual EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Attack upon America!

Prepare for the Eventual EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Attack upon America!

This is not conspiracy theory, this is Science Fact and a REAL threat to America and your Life.
In the report of the commission to assess the threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse EMP attack Volume 1: Executive Report 2004.

"Several potential adversaries have or can acquire the capability to attack the United States with a high-altitude nuclear weapon-generated electromagnetic pulse (EMP). A determined adversary can achieve an EMP attack capability without having a high level of sophistication.

EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences. EMP will cover a wide geographic region within line of sight to the nuclear weapon. It has the capability to produce significant damage to critical infrastructures and thus to the very fabric of US society, as well as to the ability of the United States and Western nations to project influence and military power.
The common element that can produce such an impact from EMP is primarily electronics, so pervasive in all aspects of our society and military, coupled through critical infrastructures. Our vulnerability is increased daily as our use of and dependence on electronics continues to grow. The impact of EMP is asymmetric in relation to potential protagonists who are not as dependent on modern electronics.
The current vulnerability ofour critical infrastructures can both invite and reward atack if not corrected. Correction is feasible and well within the Nation's means and resources to accomplish."

This is the beginning of the report.
The effects of an EMP, no battery, no electronic devices plugged into the system or turned out or with battery backup in the devices will survive the EMP. Left unprotected they are fried by the pulse and killed.
If you have a generator of the new electronic digital styles they will be destroyed.
If you rely on such back ups for your towns, cities, hospitals, rest / care homes, personal homes, cabins, etc. they will be destroyed if not protected.
This means, those who need medical care to sustain life, those who need access to frozen or refrigerated food storage's, medical care items, will NOT be protected but will be destroyed.

Your vehicles will be destroyed most built after 1970. Some pre electronics will be able to be refurbished, the older vehicles / tractors etc will work.

Your communications will be gone, radio, tv, internet, phones, etc.
The low estimate of death related to the results of an unprotected society like America will be 50 to 80% death in about 1-5 months. Most from medical related needs and starvation, and the resulting chaos from those who turn to bloodshed to survive. The cities will be the worst chaos events in the beginning as their resources to survive will be eliminated.

How to prepare? 
Food storage as our pioneer ancestors did as a normal way of life not 75 years ago is a must.
To the ability you financially are able to prepare to store the foods you eat that are storable.
Learn to garden, to farm, to store water, to store the medical needs for your family as there will be no stores to provide them for you.
Think if you lived in 1801 this moment what in your home would work, how long could you live on the food available to you, toiletries such as toilet paper, pads, toothpaste, and other things you take for granted, what would you do when you can no longer buy them for 2-5 years?

The power grid will go down, the ability to fix the major components of the USA grid are no longer made in America but over seas. Will take years to access those parts if at all possible to do so.

The Federal Government and Elites in power have prepared and are preparing for such an event. However they are ignoring the populace's needs. Nor have they done much to warn us of the dire need to be prepared.
My Congressman Chris Stewart of Utah conducted a meeting on this great danger in Delta Utah recently, this is the only such public warning meeting I am aware of by an active representative of the people. 

On this blog site there is more information on EMP and the links to these Reports and how to protect yourself to survive the coming event.

Why is this an eventuality? 
Iran has threatened and practices EMP delivery to America in the Caspian Sea for over 15 years now using container ships to launch EMP missiles 100 miles off the coasts of America.
Iran has threaten and promised such an event.
China, Russia both have Super EMP devices and Russia has threatened us recently with their usage.

What / Who would benefit from such an attack upon America?

This is the #1 Threat to our nations security and our lives.
This is the #1 Easiest way to weaken and destroy America, its people, its military, its ability to defend its boarders and society and freedoms.

Tactically its the best way to beat America.
Use 1 - 3 EMPs and America is dead.
No communications, defenses, the people are now starving and turn to mob actions and degrade to barbaric behaviors to survive the starvation year.
The inter fighting and wars between people, groups, towns, cities, states for resources is rampant.
So no security, no law and order, but complete chaos for years to come.

The enemies of America just have to send their EMP's then sit back 6 months to 2 years and allow us to destroy each other and to starve, thus depopulation of America, thus making it easier to eventually come and invade America freely as they have all the electronic equipment and communications needed to easily do so.

They will walk across this nation as the sun melts the morning dew from the grass.

They will come as the savior to the survivors, providing Food, Shelter, Their form of Law and order, protection under their flags.
This the people will do in droves to save their lives and children, thus they will be great full and will gladly accept slavery to a new master or king or tyrant just to survive.

See how easy it is to accomplish this deed.
There are those in Washington DC right now in the hundreds that would actually allow this to happen, they are eliminating, shrinking America's ability to prepare for an EMP, to defend our lands from invasion. 
They are shrinking our military and retiring / firing our warriors in the 10's of thousands right now each year, they are then attacking their retirements, paychecks, healthcare of these veterans to further weaken them. 
There are those who seek a world government and the massive depopulation of the world in order for them to control who is left as their masters. They have publicly stated this for generations.

These people are also open allies to the enemies who have sworn to wipe America from the face of the Earth, Iran is one of them and other terrorist nations. Also these in DC also send billions annually to fund these sworn enemies of America to build their armies and capabilities including EMP's and the missiles to reach our shores. Yes this was once treason, but today's society accepts these leaders, and those in DC whose power and job to stop such treason refuse to do so for some reasoning beyond rational thought.

There are also many prophecies and foretelling's and visions of people of all faiths and non faith in religion who have seen the effects of an EMP upon American soil over the last few hundred years.
They see our planes falling from the sky, people walking - no vehicles. People at war with one another, starvation, massive death, cities like DC, Baltimore, New York, Albany, Chicago, and other major cities in flames and chaos. These stories are now countless. There is a pattern of this by people not related to one another in any way, and spans 100 or 2000 years and more. All seeing the same thing.

Your responsibility is to prepare your self spiritually, mentally, socially, and economically to survive and assist others as best you can to help them survive and lessen the chaos after this event happens.
If you spend thousands on vacations and play every year, would it not be better rationally to at least spend that income on protecting your very lives and those of your family? And to those who have the ability from being blessed with greater wealth than others, would you be as Joseph of Egypt to your brothers and sisters in America and prepare extra supplies etc. to assist them in the coming chaos? God will bless you for doing so.

This Blog has many links and information about EMP's including the Government Reports in full.

Go visit and type in EMP into the blog search box for the many articles on this.

Good luck, warn your neighbors, and prepare as best you can.
To put this in perspective, I am a working construction fellow, even though I have the knowledge there is very little income for me to personally prepare for this event.
Yes I am worried, yes I do what I can on my average 35K or less income for my struggling family.
So do what you can with what you have.

Then prepare spiritually, for many blessings from Heaven will occure, others may be called home from this life due to the chaos and actions of starvation or evil people. There will be places of refuge set up by good civilized peoples, places of Zion they are called where all good can go to survive what is coming. Prepare to walk to get to these places.
If your prepared to pass from this life and meet your creator then you have no need to fear. But until that time happens prepare to bless your family and those others who will need your help.
The survival of civilized and free society is now at hand.

Prepare well, and choose wisely.

God Speed.

Stephen Huls
(Tsul' Kalu of the Ani-Kituhwagi - a Remanent of the Ancients of America)