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Friday, May 22, 2015

Jade Helm 2015 Questions and Reflections

The Below articles come with videos etc. sounds like there will be 4 phases, these are the first two on the Jade Helm 2015 issue 

Follow the links below to view the whole articles with additional video.

 Article One:

 Article Two:


 Article One:

JADE HELM 2015: Questions And Reflections

[Editor’s Note: The following is an editorial written to express my personal perception of a compilation of various background facts relevant to the arising phenomenon called JADE HELM 15. As such, this should be considered only as my individual take on JH15. This article is not in any way intended to be an official statement by Oath Keepers. This article will issue no recommendations for any activity responsive to the onslaught of Jade Helm 15. This is merely a collection of background info which qualifies as Intel for our readers. It is my hope that this article will better prepare the reader to grasp the fullness of soon-to-come statements from Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, who will soon issue an official statement and recommend Oath Keepers procedures and policy for the organization as a whole. Stewart Rhodes, on April 25, 2015, was interviewed on The Liberty Brothers Radio show, and dropped some hints which may be predictive of his upcoming official statement(s) regarding JADE HELM 15. You may listen here:

Stewart on Jade Helm at Liberty Brothers Radio recorded live April 25 2015:

Thank you for reading.
Elias Alias, editor]

JADE HELM 2015:  Questions And Reflections



From the Defense Technical Information Center we learn that JADE is an acronym for Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution. Quoting:
JADE (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution) is a knowledge-based, mixed-initiative
system that supports force deployment planning and management. JADE uses case-based and
generative planning methods to support the development of large-scale, complex deployment
plans in minimal time. JADE incorporates the technology of three tools: Prodigy-Analogy (a
combined case-based and generative planner developed by Carnegie Mellon University);
ForMAT (a Force Management and Analysis Tool that supports case-based force deployment
planning developed by BBN Technologies); and PARKA (a highly-indexed knowledge based
management system developed by the University of Maryland).
With JADE, a military planner can build a preliminary force deployment plan, including the
Time Phased Force Deployment Data (TPFDD) in less than one hour. This speed in plan
construction is possible because JADE supports the rapid retrieval and reuse of previous plan
elements for use in the development of new plans. In addition, JADE employs an easy to use
map-oriented drag and drop interface where force modules (FMs) from previous plans (cases)
whose force capabilities and composition match the requirements of the current situation can be
dragged from the case library and dropped onto a geographic destination. Plan modification
and/or adaptation is supported through remindings, e.g., each time that a force module is created
or is copied into a plan (TPFDD) the user is automatically reminded of the need for geographical
At the Special Operations Command website we see for ourselves that the military training exercise named JADE HELM 15 is officially announced (1)
At a Scribd page one of the Army’s documents on Jade Helm (JH) answers the question “What Is Jade Helm 15? (2) Here is the official Army explanation:
JH is a US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) sponsored exercise to improve the Special Operations Forces’ UW capability as part of the National Security Strategy.
What does “UW capability” mean? What is “UW“?
Let’s look into “UW” first, because JADE HELM 2015 is a “UW” exercise. Back in the year 2011 I wrote a lengthy five-part article for Oath Keepers in response to an Arizona SWAT team which murdered a young Marine war Veteran named Jose Guerena. That article is not available online at present moment, so I apologize for not being able to link readers to the full article. However, I do have most of my notes, which included writings on Unconventional Warfare, and I will now draw from those old notes to answer the question about UW.
Because of the scope of the Jade Helm exercise, this writing will be the first part of a series of articles in which I must take the reader “around the block” on the way to a fuller understanding of not only what UW is, but also how it fits into Technocracy as a tool of something just as hideous — MindWar. MindWar is at the root of JADE HELM 2015, and as Patrick Wood has proven conclusively, the topics relevant to JADE HELM 2015 are tools of Technocracy. We can now show those connections.
So JH15 is a feature of both Unconventional Warfare and MindWar. The Army did not say that — I said it.
Unconventional Warfare and MindWar are the neap and nape of the abstraction presently being called JADE HELM 2015. In follow-up articles I will go into Main Core, Continuity of Government, and MindWar.  Because coverage which would be inclusive enough to grant a good mental grasp on the overview of JADE HELM 2015 is too much for one article, we’ll start now with just the one aspect and add subsequent articles one at a time.
We must understand what Unconventional Warfare is before we can fully appreciate what MindWar is. My thoughts on JADE HELM 2015 will incorporate Unconventional Warfare, MindWar (which will be Part Two), and something called “Main Core” (which will be Part Three).
That said, let’s look briefly into Unconventional Warfare.


The U.S. Army’s 2008 manual for Unconventional Warfare is < here > (3)  Note: This is a 248-page PDF. Download it while it is still on the Internet, yes?
There is an article at the Federation of American Scientists’ website about the UW manual, < here >  (4) From that synopsis we read —
The 248-page manual presents updated policy and doctrine governing unconventional warfare, and examines its “three main component disciplines”: special forces operations, psychological operations, and civil affairs operations. Appendices include an historical survey of unconventional warfare as well as an extensive bibliography.
So let’s see. Special Operations Forces would be under the umbrella of Unconventional Warfare, and would be one element of Unconventional Warfare right alongside Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs Operations.
What on earth could cause our military to interest itself with Civil Affairs Operations? Almost equally distasteful, if perhaps a tad bit more understandable, is the military’s interest in Psychological Operations. The Pentagon’s pat answer when questioned about such mischief runs predictably to the (alleged) supposition that America has enemies and those enemies require subtle and deceptive tactics being used to control enemy actions which threaten America. Part of such tactics is the quest to control the “perception” of target populations. It is part of the Defense Department’s rationale that of course America must always have an enemy, for without an enemy there is very little use in having a military, and without a military the arms industry would have to cast far overseas to even exist. In that perspective the military services must aggressively execute preventative operations afield all around the world. Industries which feed at the government trough lobby mightily for a political climate which presents the world with a never-ending parade of conflict and war. That task is assigned to the immoral idiots in WDC who, among other nefarious mis-deeds, perpetually renew the NDAA bills to keep the Pentagon rolling in bucks. Example:
The following video is not a hoax. On September 10, 2001, the day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had lost over two trillion dollars during the previous fiscal year. Any American might want to question what the Pentagon was doing with that kind of money in the first place, for the two-plus trillion dollars missing was above and beyond the billions of dollars for which the Pentagon could account. Is the annual Congressional budget for the military now more than two trillion dollars? If we might presume that the Pentagon managed to account for at least more than it cannot account for, we’ll have to realize that the Pentagon’s budget has to be over four trillion dollars. Be that as it may, the Secretary of Defense announced that the Pentagon had lost 2.3 trillion dollars for one fiscal year.
That kind of expenditure indicates (even reveals) a real effort to assert U.S. Power globally as a militarized and corporatized hegemony, (for which we are despised by the politically-awakening masses in various quadrants of the globe). But discerning readers will want to know how I can speak that way about U.S. Power, so I will give readers a section from the Army’s manual on Unconventional Warfare. Here are ten Appendix titles found on page ii in the table of contents for that manual:

Appendix H THE ROLE OF HISTORY AND CULTURE ……………………………………………….H-1
DEFINITION …………………………………………………………………………………………. J-1
Readers who downloaded the Unconventional Warfare pdf linked above can see for themselves that the Army used all-caps in bold type to organize the ten titles.  “National Power” is the aim.  Projecting that National Power is the objective. And therein lies one of the problems confronting the globalist Technocrats and their Power Elite.  Their “problem” is laid out nicely by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his recent (2012) book Strategic Vision: America And The Crisis Of Global Power, on page 26:

 The Impact of Global Political Awakening
The ongoing dispersal of global power is furthered by the emergence of a volatile phenomenon: the worldwide political awakening of populations until recently politically passive or repressed.  Occurring recently in Central and Eastern Europe and lately in the Arab world, this awakening  is the cumulative product of an interactive and interdependent world connected by instant visual communications and of the demographic youth bulge in the less advanced societies composed of the easy-to-mobilize and politically restless university students and the socially deprived unemployed. Both groups resent the richer portions of humanity and the privileged corruption of their rulers. That resentment of authority and privilege is unleashing populist passions with unprecedented potential for generating large-scale turmoil. (5)
Brzezinski was lamenting that too many “little people” are waking up around the world, questioning authority and resenting “the privileged corruption of their rulers”. Remembering that Zbigniew Brzezinski co-founded with David Rockefeller the Trilateral Commission in 1973, and remembering the staggering information we learned from Patrick Wood, we clearly know and understand that popular rejection of any one-world government control is seen by the globalist geniuses of Technocracy as a direct threat to their global power, and must be dealt with. That is why Brzezinski entitled a section in his 2012 book “The Impact of Global Political Awakening“. To counter the impact of global awakening here in the USofA, military and Homeland Security and Department of Justice forces are charged with creating operations such as JADE HELM 2015. Such operations have to do with “Mastering The Human Domain” (also known as the “Human Terrain”).
The problem for the one-world government crowd here in America has to do with dissent among We The People, especially when We The People remind our beloved government that the Constitution is the highest law of the land, that we are born with inherent “unalienable rights” provided each of us by, in Thomas Jefferson’s words, “Nature or Nature’s God”. That really rankles the royal fantasies of the immoral idiots in Washington D.C. But I digress…
A large portion of Defense spending now deals with psychological operations which are channeled through the mass media, including public television and the press. That is one facet of Unconventional Warfare. And that is tax-payer funded. As Travis Tritt sang in a song he got from Kostas, “They’re billing me for killing me“. (That song is entitled “Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man”.)
I will spare the reader the dirty secrets surrounding and contained within the Black Budget, for we all now know that it exists. Suffice to say the American people are not being kept informed about the mischief our government in WDC perpetuates. But if we just think about the declared and Congressionally-approved military budget our simple little all-American minds become boggled beyond comprehension. For example, who makes the profit for making all these war things for UNcle Sam?

Fact: There is indeed a “military industrial complex”, just as President Eisenhower said.  However, the bulk of the “industrial” side of that complex is primarily building bombs, rockets, missiles, tanks and planes and all sorts of related peripherals. But let’s think about just the “industrial” side of that complex for a moment before going more deeply into the Unconventional Warfare rabbit hole of JADE HELM 2015. We know that World War I was the first time in history that machines were brought to bear on a battlefield. After WWI the ramp-up of military production, engineering, and sales to our government went berserk, as we can see by reading Professor Carroll Quigley’s accounting of the tonnage of military-industrial products created under FDR’s “Lend-Lease Act” and Defense buildup for WWII during the earliest 1940s.
We produced only 16 light tanks in March 1941, but thirty months later, late in 1943,  we were turning out three thousand tanks per month. In July 1940, the United States produced 350 combat planes, and in March 1941, could do no better than 506 such planes, but by December 1942 we produced 5,400 planes a month, and in August 1943, reached 7,500. A similar situation existed in ship building. In all of 1939 the United States built only 28 ships totaling 342,000 tons, and in 1940 could raise this to no more than 53 ships of 641,000 tons. In September 1941, when the German U-Boats were aiming to sink 700,000 tons per month, the United States completed only 7 ships of 64,450 tons. But among those 7 ships of September 1941 was the first “Liberty Ship”, a mass-production model largely based on a British design. Two years later, in September 1943, the United States launched 155 ships, aggregating 1,700,000 tons, and was in a position to continue at this rate of five ships a day, or 19 million tons a year, indefinitely.
– Carroll Quigley, Tragedy And Hope page 713. (6 & 6a)
There can be little question that the buildup for WWII greatly assisted the United States in pulling itself up out of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Today the arms industry lobbies persuade, lever, and pay our clueless legislators to ensure — through our allegedly “representative government” —  that the arms industries always have a constant market demand for their goodies. Without “Defense Spending” the Wall Street bubble will likely burst and throw this nation back into the Depression of the 1930s, with even more deadly results. Wall Street knows this, and so does WDC. So does the current President, and so has every President since FDR. (The only President to buck the establishment’s system was assassinated in 1963.)

Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace

To have a never-ending run of wars, the Intelligence community, re-established in 1947 after President Truman dissolved the OSS on the heels of WWII, creates America’s enemies so we can all enjoy electric appliances, entertainments, pro sports, large single-family homes in suburbs, nice cars, convenience stores and airplane rides — our whole inorganic lifestyle to which we refer as “Western Civilization”. That is what is at stake, and that is why our arms industry continues to create the implements of war even now that there is not one nation on this earth which is wanting to attack us. And although that has been going on for a half-century or more, and no power on earth can safely challenge U.S. hegemony around the globe, the thinkers and planners became animated after the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989-1991) and decided that since the Cold War was ended and no “enemy” existed, yet another new enemy would have to be created. But by the early 1990s the whole world was by then more or less “plugged in”with rapidly broadcast world-wide news, which made matters difficult for planning the next war. Limited UN actions were kept going, such as G.H.W. Bush-41’s trickery with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but no serious war could be staged without the UN blowing its top.
So they came up with a rollicking borderless War on Terror which could provide a new outlet for the arms industry and an extended excuse to maintain one of the things our Founders cautioned us against — a standing army. I think that they also realized that given proper agitation by our Intelligence community (which works closely with MI-6 of British Intelligence and the MOSSAD from Israel), an endless supply of “enemies” could be perpetually created under the guise of “terrorism”. I cannot *prove* that statement, but am simply saying that it appears that way to me, personally.  This is, recall, a “letter from the editor“, not an official Oath Keepers statement of assessment. However, please continue to read this, as I think you may begin to think this way too after enough “coincidences” are laid out for our inspection below.
What Jade Helm 2015 is all about is tied directly to such a policy which creates a constant demand on the military-industrial complex.. But I must ask for the reader’s patience. We must, first of all, establish the context in which, over a period of about ninety years, our war planners gradually shifted from Conventional Warfare, in which we sought to defend our nation “over there” by conventional military might, into Unconventional Warfare, in which our military-industrial complex could continue to thrive while helping Western Civilization survive. That transition from the conventional into the unconventional must be understood before we try to understand the fullest ramifications of Unconventional Warfare as an aspect of JADE HELM 2015.
I say that because the USA has eradicated every possible enemy nation-state on earth since WWI. We won WWI and immediately Wall Street and the City of London financial district began the buildup of the Third Reich. (7)
We defeated the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire in WWII, and once again there was not an enemy left standing who could attack our nation. So, immediately FDR and Josef Stalin and Winston Churdhill met (1945) to create the United Nations. A little bit of Statecraft skullduggery was injected by the likes of Allen Dulles  and his pals at the CFR after Yalta. That began an animated, dangerous, and lengthy Cold War, which ran from 1947 to 1991 and saw numerous overseas adventures such as Korea and Vietnam. By proxy, a covert CIA-backed guerrilla war in Afghanistan gave the CIA ten solid years of on-the-job training in the middle east, where they could expand government drug dealing worldwide and hone the skills of evil learned already via the Phoenix Program, which was the assassination program in the clandestine part of the Viet Nam war. Korea and Vietnam were UN wars in which we (America) were part of “coalitions of the willing”, controlled from the start and designed to run indefinitely. That, once discovered during the McNamara Study, was why Daniel Ellsberg decided to leak the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times and thusly begin the end of our involvement in the Viet Nam war. Ellsberg saw that Nixon had no plan to win that war, and LBJ certainly had no such plan. I have been informed that Lady Bird Johnson’s family was a major shareholder in Bell Helicopters (which needed a hot war for field testing, and which spawned new generations of helicopter war machines, which would later be adapted to all sorts of “emergency missions” domestically, including domestic law enforcement). I’m told that Lady Bird also was invested in other international corporations such as Sea-Land Transport. She or her family made a killing on the war.
Photos courtesy of at this url:
Photo courtesy of at this url:
The USSR crumbled after being bled to death financially by ten years on the ground in Afghanistan and the contemporaneous connivance of financial meddling by the Harvard Trust and the Great Banks of Wall Street, such as Goldman-Sachs, while at the same time fighting a CIA-created guerrilla army of more than thirty thousand Mujahedin.
And here is the clincher. When the Wall of Berlin came down without a shot being fired and everyone knew that yet once again there was no enemy left against which to fight, coincidentally, miraculously, the Mujahedin in Afghanistan morphed into Al Qaeda and the so-called “War on Terrorism” was launched. This new “enemy” was not a nation-state, but was rather whatever the propaganda programs of various governments needed it to be. Some public officials here in America noted that the alleged “War on Terror” would last a hundred years, or beyond our lifetimes. That was a pivot point which produced a tangible turning point from Conventional Warfare to Unconventional Warfare. (There were previous pivots of lesser degree.)
Note in passing please, that the failure of the USSR is exactly the time frame in which terrorism began in our nation. Less than two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, “terrorists” used a truck-bomb to attack the World Trade Center in 1993. The fact that those “terrorists” had been in part trained by a member of Special Forces from Fort Bragg, who also taught presentations on Arab culture and Jihad while stationed at Fort Bragg, and who also had helped Osama bin Laden move from Sudan to Afghanistan, and who also worked for the FBI and the CIA at the same time he worked for Osama bin Laden, one Mr. Ali Mohamed, has never been openly touted by the CFR-controlled mainstream news media.(8)
The blame for that rests with the self-appointed power-elite world planners who were scrambling to create and maintain a “global economy” and needed to create the “new enemy” in order to do so. In the early 1990s the U.S. manufacturing base was needed by the globalist planners, but now in the mid-2010s we are no longer necessary for their plan. G.H.W. Bush drew up NAFTA and Bill Clinton got it signed into “law”, and we’ve gone downhill economically ever since. G.H.W. Bush-41 also signed us onto the United Nations’ non-binding roster for a program fondly named the “Agenda for the Twenty-first Century”, known in short as simply Agenda-21. (9) So we as a People were asked to accept the shipping of our manufacturing base overseas at the same time we were asked to accept the NGO-executed reforms of the United Nations into our Counties and States. But we were still “Americans”, or so we thought, and could adapt to the changes and keep on keeping on while watching price fluctuations in our economy and infrastructure erosion in our social institutions. And that came to this —

The record of what has progressed since the Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 is perhaps best portrayed by Patrick Wood in his now-famous interview on John B. Wells’ “Caravan To Midnight” (10). It is Technocracy (11), hiding behind the mask of the Trilateral Commission (12), which itself is an extension or outgrowth of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (13), which, finally, is a product of the Rhodes Round Table Group, the accounting of which is most vividly detailed in the writings of Carroll Quigley. (6 & 14) In his auto-biography, as regards the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, Senator Barry Goldwater gave the world a clue:
“The C.F.R. is the American branch of a society which originated in England. Internationalistic in viewpoint, the C.F.R….believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established … What the Trilaterals truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political government of the nation-states involved. As managers and creators of the system they will rule the world … In my view, the Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical.(With No Apologies, [1979], the auto-biography by Senator Barry Goldwater, pp. 128, 284). (15)
 These are the private-sector groups who represent the international financiers who dominate the global economy. They wield tremendous power in our halls of governance, and have since the earliest 1900s. Example:
The men who gave us the Federal Reserve System, Inc., and the Federal Income Tax in 1913 also lobbied for the great Tax Exempt Foundations like Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, and Morgan. They gave us the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. They gave us the National Education Association (NEA), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Historical Society (AHS), and countless lesser “gifts” which a gullible and trusting American public allowed to blossom unawares. These are the great powers behind the scenes who financed both sides of every war of the Twentieth Century, financed the development and growth of the military-industrial complex throughout a Century of Conventional Warfare, and levied our government policy for the transition from conventional warfare into unconventional warfare with all of its nefarious and mysterious variances, such as MindWar, Irregular Warfare, Continuity of Government (COG), and the never-to-end so-called “War on Terror”. As Quigley points out in Tragedy And Hope, they have used the two great political parties and a decades-long parade of cultural Marxism to do all this, and to this day the American people in mass have no earthly idea that this subterfuge and treason is going on behind the scenes in Washington D.C. (WDC). The hidden agenda of these Technocratic state-worshiping disciples of Scientism is just what Patrick Wood has exposed — Technocracy. (10) (If you don’t read any other link or footnote in this article, please do click that one and give yourself a few hours to absorb the content.)
In the Army’s announcement of JADE HELM 2015 are several examples of applied prevarication and very subtle manipulations of readers’ mindsets. The announcement itself exposes a couple of lies of omission, a style of propaganda/public relation meme-implanting which implies particular presumptions which the Army wants any reader to unconsciously establish mentally. Here is an example, taken from SOC’s announcement:
This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for ARSOF  [Army Special Operations Forces] since they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. 
During this eight-week period, ARSOF soldiers will use this opportunity to further develop tactics, techniques and procedures for emerging concepts in Special Operations warfare.
On their surface those are innocuous and sterile statements — until one ponders the meaning of two memes, “anywhere in the world” (which would include America too), and  “Special Operations”. Hint — one doesn’t “master the human domain” with infantry troops.  To “master the human domain” one uses Psy-Warriors. Our government and its contractors have astonishing Psy-War forces which have been silently being built over decades of our recent past.
What are “Special Operations”?  And exactly who is prophesying the nature and character of “emerging concepts” in Special Operations?  Special Operations are discussed in the U.S. Army’s Field Manual on Unconventional Warfare, and indeed the announcement of Jade Helm 15 flat out states that Jade Helm is an Unconventional Warfare training exercise. That is psy-ops, pure and simple.
Moreover, Special Operations parallels Irregular Warfare in that both, under the umbrella of Unconventional Warfare, rely heavily upon Psychological Operations. All of that brings us to the reality of a Department of Defense doctrine known as “MindWar”.  Regular readers here also know that MindWar can be seen as a parallel to, or a style of, Unconventional Warfare, and the two together are targeting the mass-mind of mankind — the “Human Domain”. The Army’s document entitled “From PSYOP To MindWar” makes it clear that the American people are not excluded from U.S. military MindWar, just as the above phrase from SOF implies subtly, without spelling it out, that America must be a part of “anywhere in the world”. We must not overlook such nuances.
Jade Helm 15 has got the desired traction in the public discourse. It began going viral in April 2015, and a whirl of seething perceptions are featured in an endless variety and range of every conceivable perspective on just what Jade Helm 15 is, what it is really designed to accomplish, and what it signifies. It strikes many people as a portentous government plan, a pre-fabricated and pre-constructed umbrella under which a black op by the Deep State’s compartmentalized agencies could possibly “Go Live” in a fantastic sort of Shock and Awe False Flag psycho-coup to jar the public mind of America through fear into acceptance of some nefarious policy the government desired, such as the establishment of Martial Law and the complete loss of individual liberty and our Constitution. To do that, the public mind must be conditioned first. That is part of what is behind the Special Operation Command’s Jade Helm 15.
Jade Helm 15 would “Master The Human Domain”, plain and simple. They even advertise that intent in their logo.
Are you and I the "Human Domain"?
Are you and I the “Human Domain”?
One of the most pregnant hints about the nature of the JADE HELM 2015 exercises is this “Human Domain” concept. The term is interchangeable with “Human Terrain” and also with “Human Dimension”. Which term is used at a particular time or in a particular study depends on which group or company or government De;artment is addressing matters of interest about how we mere humans see, think, and act in an “environment”. To get an introductory glimpse into the concept we can begin with an interesting advocacy for this sort of science found in a 2012 article at Trajectory Magazine. (16)
The article by Trajectory Magazine is “A Brief Overview of Activity Based Intelligence and Human Domain Analytics,” by Mark Phillips. Here are a couple of passages from that article:
Since 2010, when the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSDI) released the first two strategic guidance papers on Surveillance for Irregular Warfare and Understanding the Human Dimension, much has been written about the new discipline of intelligence called Activity Based Intelligence. Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) is defined as a discipline of intelligence where the analysis and subsequent collection is focused on the activity and transactions associated with an entity, a population, or an area of interest. The Human Domain, or Human Dimension, which is a vital and integral part of ABI, is defined as the presence, activities (including transactions – both physical and virtual), culture, social structure/organization, networks and relationships, motivation, intent, vulnerabilities, and capabilities of humans (single or groups) across all domains of the operational environment (Space, Air, Maritime, Ground, and Cyber).
The ABI multi-Intelligence (multi-INT) approach to analysis has grown in popularity and number of practitioners based on the necessities born from numerous and significant changes. These include changes in warfare, changes in the makeup of the challenges facing the US and US interests, the increasing flood of sensors and the resulting data growth, and the technological improvements that enable this type of analysis. Multiple Intelligence Agencies as well as several Service components are beginning to explore the value of institutionalizing ABI within their work forces. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is at the forefront of the ABI push within the Intelligence Community. The ubiquitous nature of geo-spatial intelligence (GEOINT), coupled with Human Domain Analytics (HDA), forms the true foundation of ABI.
That was quite a mouthful, yes? Human Domain Analytics (HDA), being married to Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) is a field of interest to the planners who have concocted the JADE HELM 2015 exercises. But there is an older article by Maximilian Forte over at Zero Anthropology  (17) which should also be considered. There we learn that the analyst community has to some degree relinquished the program known as the “Human Terrain System” in favor of a more nebulous view of the Human Terrain.

The Pentagon’s Human Terrain, beyond the Human Terrain System

by Meximilian Forte as of June 2010
“…an officer in U.S. military intelligence was interested in offering clarifications to the fact that not everything marked as “human terrain” necessarily implies the involvement of the Human Terrain System….
“J2 Intelligence at Central Command (CENTCOM), until recently headed by Gen. David Petraeus, is responsible for providing intelligence to CENTCOM Staff. In the past, that information focused on geopolitical analysis and “current intelligence threats.” Petraeus, convinced that the “human terrain” is the decisive terrain, was obviously supported J2 staff which tries to provide “cultural focused analysis” that Petraeus believes to be critical. J2 works with the rest of the intelligence community “to define what ‘human terrain’ and ‘sociocultural analysis’ means, and develop methods and standards to provide analytic rigor and transparency.” Many of these techniques are not new, and have been employed by government, law enforcement agencies, political scientists, and geospatial analysts.”
One other note regarding the Zero Anthropology article. Early-on in that article Forte links to two other important articles he had written previously. I highly recommend them both, but would like to directly link readers here to one in particular. This page will give the reader a valuable insight into the corporate side of Intelligence and Analysis in the hands of the government and its pals in the private-sector Corporate “domain”. Go ahead please and hit this link and scroll for a sampling of the companies who are providing our government with Psy-Op Intel and Analysis which would be useful if our government ever wanted to “Master the Human Domain”.

Mapping the Terrain of War Corporatism: The Human Terrain System within the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex

by Maximilian Forte * February 28 2010
At least 37 corporations have vested interests, through contracts gained, in supporting the U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System (HTS) in particular, and in the development of “human terrain” capabilities across various branches of the Army apart from HTS (see for example: “The Pentagon’s “Other” Human Terrain System?“). Most of the newspaper coverage of HTS has focused almost exclusively on the role of BAE Systems, and the claimed “nationalization” of HTS1 (turning HTS employees into government workers, specifically labeled “intelligence analysts”) has not meant either the decline or disappearance of private contracting. Recruitment, training, and the design and equipping of technology used by HTS, and other human terrain branches in the Army, are all in the hands of private contractors. Several HTS employees have been, or continue to be, also employees of these corporations. There is considerable overlap and movement of senior personnel between several of these corporations and HTS in particular. Some of these individuals know each other from past work conducted for some of these private contractors.
Any suggestion that HTS is not about supporting war, and separate from the military-industrial complex and corporate war-profiteering, is at the very least naïve or disingenuous. As soon as corporations become such a significant part of the picture, arguments about “saving lives,” “peace keeping,” and “cultural sensitivity” become, at the very best, secondary concerns. The main concern for any corporation is the accumulation of capital. The main concern for any war corporatist is the accumulation of capital derived from engagement in warfare – the main drive is to maintain the war that produces the contracts that generate revenue and growth. HTS is thus very much part of the neoliberal economy of warfare, and academics are recruited – regardless of whatever they believe were the reasons for their recruitment – in order to support imperial warfare and thus to expand the profits of empire. Indeed, it would seem that several of the more outspoken HTS recruits from academia have been extremely naïve in their representations of the nature and purpose of their work – either naïve, or consciously duplicitous and cynical.
It should also be noted that several of these corporations (Lincoln) have been found to have roles in planting propaganda in foreign newspapers, which later fed back into U.S. domestic media coverage of foreign wars, and have performed roles in domestic spying (BAE Systems, Science Applications International Corporation [SAIC], MZM Inc.) and building domestic “counterterrorism” and “homeland security” capabilities (ManTech, and others). What is thus also being constructed, with the aid of HTS as pretext and justification, is the further development of repressive technologies aimed at the U.S. public. This is part of the blowback of empire against democracy at home.
Here is a complete list (from that article) of private-sector corporations feeding our government “Human Domain / Human Terrain” Intelligence technology and systems and analysis — at tax-payer expense of course. See anyone you know?
(1) Alpha Ten Technologies, Inc. (2) Aptima, Inc. (3) Archimedes (4) Ascend Intelligence (General Dynamics C4 Systems) (5) BAE Systems (6) Booz Allen Hamilton (7) Careerstone Group (8) Connecting Cultures (9) Echota Technologies Corporation (10) Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation (11) Glevum Associates (12) K3 Enterprises (13) Lincoln Group (14) MASY Group (15) McNeil Technologies (16) MITRE (17) Monitor 360 (18) MTC Technologies (19) MZM, Inc. (20) NEK Advanced Securities Group, Inc. (21) Northrop Grumman Corporation (22) Overwatch Systems (23) RAND Corporation (24) RTI International (25) SAIC (26) SCIA Solutions LLC (27) Sensor Technologies (ManTech International Corporation) (28) USI Inc. (29) Wexford Group – CACI (30) CLI Solutions (31) Walsingham Group (32) Integrated Training Solutions (33) i2 and ESRI (34) DevelopMental Labs Inc. (DMLI) (35) Lockheed Martin (36) CGI and (37) AEROTEK
See also, at Wired’s “Danger Room” in 2009:
So we are beginning to learn a small glimpse of the magnitude of thie Psychological Operations thing which is at the core of the JADE HELM 0215 exercises. And that is my problem in trying to write this series of articles on JADE HELM 2015 — the subject is too big! Its tentacles reach into every aspect of our lives, from 20th Century American history to our cultural mores, our societal infrastructure and institutions, Federal involvement in local education within our States and Counties, the mischief of the Federal Reserve System, the role our insane government plays in the United Nations, criminality as applied by the IRS, militarization of our local police, undeclared wars abroad, NSA spying world-wide as well as domestically, malum prohibitum law enforcement guised as the “war on drugs”, berserk Census Bureau spying and intrusion, Agenda 21 complicity at all levels of government — all that and more is now of interest to us because all of that must be defended by our beloved Holy Government — and to defend it the government must demonize any American who dissents against such travesties. In short, as noted above, the government sees its duty as including perpetual creation of an “enemy” to justify its activity, its concentration of power from the several States into its tiny ten-square mile sphere at WDC, and its totally multifaceted debauchery of our Constitution.
I’ll close this for now and continue writing Part Two. Here is a video with which to close. I salute David Knight and Rob Dew of InfoWars dot com for an outstanding job of investigative journalism. Link for this video at Infowars’ site:

I may edit this article in coming days.  First edit is on May 15 2015.
I want to thank each reader who has read this first installment all the way through, and especially those who granted themselves permission to spend some extra hours going over the footnotes and viewing the  videos. You are the hope for America. Thank You!
Elias Alias, editor


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Article Two:

Army CivAffairs PsyOp patch

In my first installment on JADE HELM 2015 we looked briefly into Unconventional Warfare, which is the characterizing nature of the design of the JADE HELM 2015 exercises. Because JADE HELM 2015 (JH15) is a military exercise on the surface and a psychological operation beneath its surface, we also looked at the basic notation of Twentieth Century warfare, which was primarily “Conventional Warfare”.
We noted that at the end of each of the Twentieth Century’s three great wars, (two “World Wars” and one “Cold War”), there were no “enemies” left to threaten America. Yet we also noted that after each of the three major wars, after America had conquered her latest “enemy”, somehow, miraculously, a new “enemy” emerged, right on time.
We noted some observations about the military-industrial complex. We saw that after our victory in the Cold War (1991) a new “enemy” was needed but that international tensions were too high to risk an overtly declared war against any non-aggressing nation-state, leaving the Power Elite’s world planners with only “people” to target for war. That of course surfaced as the so-called “War on Terror”, which was sold to the world on engineered perceptions in response to several peak-effect “terrorist attacks” which conveniently happened after the USSR dissolved.
Speaking about terrorism here in America, there was the 1993 WTC bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma City Federal building bombing, and the attacks of 9/11/2001. Interestingly, there exist numerous valid questions surrounding each of those events — but, such questions aside, and taken only at face value, the three peak “terrorist” events produced reactions within America’s governance which have caused our government to attack our country’s founding legal documents — and our liberty.
Also in part one we noted that the militarization of our local police and the pre-positioning of military/battlefield equipment around the country has been reported in Smalltown, USA.
In this installment we will look first at more items of interest found in the Army’s 2008 manual on Unconventional Warfare and then begin to move into MindWar. Because of the sheer size of the phenomenon, we will only introduce MindWar in this installment and go more deeply into MindWar in part three of this series.

 More On Unconventional Warfare

Allow me to repeat here the ten Appendix titles found on page ii in the table of contents for the Army’s 2008 UW manual:
Appendix H THE ROLE OF HISTORY AND CULTURE ……………………………………………….H-1
 Apparently Unconventional Warfare concerns itself with the correlation and interface of various components of NATIONAL POWER, and with how those components are to be used to sustain and expand NATIONAL POWER so that no other POWER on earth can possibly OVERPOWER two national things: 1) U.S. national “interests”, and 2) U.S. national security.
I notice that there is no mention of the following:
 I would like to note that the Army has masked that attitude in a follow-up PDF on Unconventional Warfare, here –
In that document our geniuses-in-command speak in subdued but yet imperialistic rhetoric like pigs at the global empire’s trough —
1-1. The intent of U.S. UW efforts is to exploit a hostile power’s political, military, economic, and psychological vulnerabilities by developing and sustaining resistance forces to accomplish U.S. strategic objectives. Historically, the military concept for the employment of UW was primarily in support of resistance movements during general-war scenarios. While this concept remains valid, the operational environment since the end of World War II has increasingly required U.S. forces to conduct UW in scenarios short of general war (limited war).
1-2. Enabling a resistance movement or insurgency entails the development of an underground and guerrilla forces, as well as supporting auxiliaries for each of these elements. Resistance movements or insurgencies always have an underground element. The armed component of these groups is the guerrilla force and is only present if the resistance transitions to conflict. The combined effects of two interrelated lines of effort largely generate the end result of a UW campaign. The efforts are armed conflict and subversion. Forces conduct armed conflict, normally in the form of guerrilla warfare, against the security apparatus of the host nation (HN) or occupying military. Conflict also includes operations that attack and degrade enemy morale, organizational cohesion, and operational effectiveness and separate the enemy from the population. Over time, these attacks degrade the ability of the HN or occupying military to project military power and exert control over the population. Subversion undermines the power of the government or occupying element by portraying it as incapable of effective governance to the population.
 A number of peak events mark the history of U.S. involvement in psychological operations to create and expand underground movements to achieve desired U.S. “national security” objectives in foreign lands, but let’s just pick this one which is archived at the New York Times.  Link good as of May 21 2015


A special report;  How a Plot Convulsed Iran in ’53 (and in ’79)

By JAMES RISEN  * Published: April 16, 2000
For nearly five decades, America’s role in the military coup that ousted Iran’s elected prime minister and returned the shah to power has been lost to history, the subject of fierce debate in Iran and stony silence in the United States. One by one, participants have retired or died without revealing key details, and the Central Intelligence Agency said a number of records of the operation — its first successful overthrow of a foreign government — had been destroyed.
But a copy of the agency’s secret history of the 1953 coup has surfaced, revealing the inner workings of a plot that set the stage for the Islamic revolution in 1979, and for a generation of anti-American hatred in one of the Middle East’s most powerful countries.
The document, which remains classified, discloses the pivotal role British intelligence officials played in initiating and planning the coup, and it shows that Washington and London shared an interest in maintaining the West’s control over Iranian oil.  The operation, code-named TP-Ajax, was the blueprint for a succession of C.I.A. plots to foment coups and destabilize governments during the cold war — including the agency’s successful coup in Guatemala in 1954 and the disastrous Cuban intervention known as the Bay of Pigs in 1961. In more than one instance, such operations led to the same kind of long-term animosity toward the United States that occurred in Iran.
The history says agency officers orchestrating the Iran coup worked directly with royalist Iranian military officers, handpicked the prime minister’s replacement, sent a stream of envoys to bolster the shah’s courage, directed a campaign of bombings by Iranians posing as members of the Communist Party, and planted articles and editorial cartoons in newspapers…. Two days after the coup, the history discloses, agency (CIA) officials funneled $5 million to Iran to help the government they had installed consolidate power.
The CIA was only six years old in 1953, when British Intelligence, working on “interests” of British Petroleum (“BP” — have you noticed BP gas stations in your town?) approached our government and requested that the fledgling CIA help them get rid of a U.S.-friendly and democratically-elected Prime Minister of Iran, to protect oil interests for British and American oil giants. And they did it. That marked the beginning of middle-east hatred for our beloved General government, and the CIA has continued to meddle in middle-east affairs ever since, finally turning the middle-east into the caldron it is today. Do you want to create an enemy? That’s easy — just go bomb a country which had been friendly and had been selling products to you for decades — it’s a natural fact that the peaceful, non-aggressing country you bomb will harbor a stinging resentment. That is what is behind the “Iran Hostage Crisis” which confronted President Jimmy Carter in 1979. We (CIA and corporate “interests”) did it — for corporate greed. What that narrows down to in reality is a major international war crime, which is exactly why CIA kept it all “secret” for almost a half-century. I urge anyone doubting what I’m saying in this series of articles on JADE HELM 2015 to hit that link above and read it for oneself. Then check out how we did the same thing the following year in Guatamala,  And then study into the remarkable deception of a U.S. President by Allen Dulles, General Cabal, and Richard Bissell regarding the upcoming “Bay of Pigs” fiasco/scandal. The history of our “National Security State” is deplorable, was done without the American citizens’ knowledge, was lied about by Presidents, and fed the coffers of banksters on Wall Street while ensuring that there would be plenty of “enemies” to keep the military-industrial complex busy. It is a record of crime committed on a massive scale, in our name, and largely funded by unwitting American tax payers (with plenty of cash from covert Black Budget international drug-smuggling activity by CIA’s “surrogates” thrown into the funding mix).
I did mention in part one that I must take the reader “around the block” to lay in some background of hidden history which is absolutely necessary for portraying accurately what is behind JADE HELM 2015.  As we will see before I’m done the entire middle-east problem has been deliberately engineered by geniuses of “foreign policy”, military planners, industrial greed-mongers, the “too big to jail” Wall Street banks and their pals over at the Federal Reserve, among a sordid cast of lesser players. A really good place to look has already been published here at Oath Keepers in my article on John B. Wells’ Caravan To Midnight interview of Patrick Wood, who has published the bombshell book entitled “Technocracy Rising“.
Let’s now look at another peak event of 1979, which parallels President Carter’s difficulties with Iran. In the summer of 1979 President Carter, America’s first Trilateralist President, discussed Afghanistan with the man who had groomed Carter for the White House, the Rockefeller puppet named Zbigniew Brzezinski, (co-founder of the Trilateral Commission) whom Carter had placed in his Cabinet as “National Security Adviser”, an obvious reward for Brzezinski’s help in getting Carter elected.

Zbigniew Brzezinski and the War Hawks of the PNAC

In their “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” document which the Project For A New American Century (PNAC) presented to the White House in the year 2000, this band of gore-seeking idiots were promoting global empire as the ultimate manifestation of the American Empire. With the same attitude which drove Sir Cecil Rhodes to create the Rhodes Round Table groups in the late 1800s/early 1900s for the purpose of promoting the British Anglo-Saxon Empire around the planet, these berserk ego-centric war planners, submerged mentally in their own conceit and fantasies of POWER, noted the following:
At the same time, the Army’s role in post-Cold-War military operations remains the measure of American geopolitical commitment.
And what “geopolitical commitment” would that be? They were talking in that paper about why America should leap into Global Empire status and in so many words showed why America should master the Human Domain. (They did not use that phrase, but the concept is carried and implied throughout their document.) PNAC members included Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, “Scooter” Libby, and Donald Rumsfeld among other warhawks. Let’s look on pages 50 and 51 of Rebuilding America’s Defenses:
To preserve American military preeminence in the coming decades, the Department of Defense must move more aggressively to experiment with new technologies and operational concepts, and seek to exploit the emerging revolution in military affairs. Information technologies, in particular, are becoming more prevalent and significant components of modern military systems. These information technologies are having the same kind of transforming effects on military affairs as they are having in the larger world. The effects of this military transformation will have profound implications for how wars are fought, what kinds of weapons will dominate the battlefield and, inevitably, which nations enjoy military preeminence.
The United States enjoys every prospect of leading this transformation. Indeed, it was the improvements in capabilities acquired during the American defense build-up of the 1980s that hinted at and then confirmed, during Operation Desert Storm, that a revolution in military affairs was at hand. At the same time, the process of military transformation will present opportunities for America’s adversaries to develop new capabilities that in turn will create new challenges for U.S. military preeminence…
Any serious effort at transformation must occur within the larger framework of U.S. national security strategy, military missions and defense budgets. The United States cannot simply declare a “strategic pause” while experimenting with new technologies and operational concepts. Nor can it choose to pursue a transformation strategy that would decouple American and allied interests. A transformation strategy that solely pursued capabilities for projecting force from the United States, for example, and sacrificed forward basing and presence, would be at odds with larger American policy goals and would trouble American allies. Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor. Domestic politics and industrial policy will shape the pace and content of transformation as much as the requirements of current missions.
Well, one of our favorite villains, the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was of course in bed with the PNAC, published a cute little book in 1998, from which the planners at PNAC drew much perspective. On page 40 in that tome, “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives“, we read:
“In brief, for the United States, Eurasian geostrategy involves the purposeful management of geostrategically dynamic states and the careful handling of geopolitically catalytic states, in keeping with the twin interests of America in the short-term preservation of its unique global power and in the long run transformation of it into increasingly institutionalized global cooperation. To put it in a terminology that hearkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.” – Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1998.
“Vassals”, in the eyes of the War Hawks, include oil-producing nation-states and proximal regional nation-states of Eurasia. When these mind-warped idiots speak of “security” they use that word to denote total control over the vassals, making sure that said vassals remain “dependent” on that security. To insure that the vassals are dependent they send in the CIA and follow-up with ARSOF “surgical strikes” and Psy-Ops.  To keep the trade lanes open for the multi-national corporations which are the unspoken “Interests” part of the term “American Interests”, their doctrine is to deploy the U.S. military to “keep tributaries pliant and protected”. As for who the “barbarians” may be, well, I’ll give the reader three guesses, right? Theater-centric, “barbarians” can be nation-states, and domestically “barbarians” can be the dissenting, Constitution-supporting American citizenry, for whom the Army is now training in disciplines for practicing how to use the force of the U.S. military married to State and Local Law Enforcement to manage and contain “Civil Unrest”.
As the late Michael C. Ruppert once said, “If you want to get really mad, buy this book.
Grand Chessboard
Dave Hodges continues to dig deep. On May 18 2015 he posted a very pregnant article with links to intense military documents, including this one:

US Army Civil Disturbances April 2014

ATP 3-39.33 provides discussion and techniques about civil disturbances and crowd control operations that occur in the continental United States (CONUS) and out side the continental United States (OCONUS). United States (U.S.) forces deploy in support of unified action, overseas contingency operations, and humanitarian assistance worldwide. During these operations, U.S. forces are often faced with unruly and violent crowds who have the intent of disrupting peace and the ability of U.S. forces to maintain peace. Worldwide instability coupled with U.S. military participation in unified-action, peacekeeping, and related operations require that U.S. forces have access to the most current doctrine and techniques that are necessary to quell riots and restore public
ATP 3-39.33 21 April 2014
Successful outcomes that follow civil disturbance situations are based on proper planning, Soldier and equipment employment, and on-the-ground decisions that are made by leaders and members of the control force who are face-to-face with an unruly, or potentially unruly, crowd. ATP 3-39.33 discusses and
describes the techniques that are used by Army forces who are conducting civil deterrence or response missions to civil disturbances.
In the past century, there have been countless examples of civil disturbance situations around the world. The size and scope of these civil disturbances varied from small gatherings of people who were verbally protesting to full-blown riots that resulted in property destruction and violence against others. Over the past decade, law enforcement and professional experts have come to understand crowd dynamics. A better understanding of human behavior and crowd dynamics and technological advancement has led to improved responses to crowd control.
This publication covers a wide array of information that concerns civil disturbances along with the techniques that are used to quell or disperse those who are causing the disturbance. This publication discusses crowd dynamics and human behaviors, crowd types, control force basic equipment requirements, and control force formations. This publication also discusses planning requirements and recommendations and the legalities that are involved with civil disturbances and control forces.
Remember — when looking at JADE HELM 2015 we’re talking about Unconventional Warfare, Irregular Warfare, Psychological Operations, Special Warfare, and now the military’s bright idea that somehow it is supposed to step in and back-up law enforcement if the “barbarians” decide they do not want the General government dragging this country into the power-elite’s ideological New World Order via a one-world government.
I would also like to note that among all the departments and agencies of government, including the military, there exists no office devoted to the promotion of personal responsibility and/or the personal liberty which comes with, and only with, personal responsibility. Certainly, the masterminds, analysts, and think-tankers in modern America couldn’t care less about such things. An example of that is found in the wording of the allegedly fictitious “Report From Iron Mountain“. From that paper’s Introduction:
It is surely no exaggeration to say that a condition of general world peace would lead to changes in the social structures of the nations of the world of unparalleled and revolutionary magnitude. The economic impact of general disarmament, to name only the most obvious consequence of peace, would revise the production and distribution patterns of the globe to a degree that would make changes of the past fifty years seem insignificant. Political, sociological, cultural, and ecological changes would be equally far-reaching. What has motivated our study of these contingencies has been the growing sense of thoughtful men in and out of government that the world is totally unprepared to meet the demands of such a situation.
We had originally planned, when our study was initiated, to address ourselves to these two broad questions and their components: What can be expected if peace comes? What should we be prepared to do about it? But as our investigation proceeded, it became apparent that certain other questions had to be faced. What, for instance, are the real functions of war in modern societies, beyond the ostensible ones of defending and advancing the “national interests” of nations? In the absence of war, what other institutions exist or might be devised to fulfill these functions? Granting that a “peaceful” settlement of disputes is within the range of current international relationships, is the abolition of war, in the broad sense, really possible? If so, is it necessarily desirable, in terms of social stability? If not, what can be done to improve the operation of our social system in respect to its war-readiness?
The word peace, as we have used it in the following pages, describes a permanent, or quasi-permanent, condition entirely free from the national exercise, or contemplation, of any form of the organized social violence, or threat of violence, generally known as war. It implies total and general disarmament. It is not used to describe the more familiar condition of “cold war,” “armed peace,” or other mere respite, long or short, from armed conflict. Nor is it used simply as a synonym for the political settlement of international differences. The magnitude of modern means of mass destruction and the speed of modern communications require the unqualified working definition given above; only a generation ago such an absolute description would have seemd utopian rather than pragmatic. Today, any modification of this definition would render it almost worthless for our purpose. By the same standard, we have used the word war to apply interchangeably to conventional (“hot”) war, to the general condition of war preparation or war readiness, and to the general “war system.” The sense intended is made clear in context….
An intention to avoid preconceived value judgments is if anything even more productive of self-delusion. We claim no immunity, as individuals, from this type of bias, but we have made a continuously self-conscious effort to deal with the problems of peace without, for example, considering that a condition of peace is per se “good” or “bad.” This has not been easy, but it has been obligatory; to our knowledge, it has not been done before. Previous studies have taken the desirability of peace, the importance of human life, the superiority of democratic institutions, the greatest “good” for the greatest number, the “dignity” of the individual, the desirability of maximum health and longevity, and other such wishful premises as axiomatic values necessary for the justification of a study of peace issues. We have not found them so. We have attempted to apply the standards of physical science to our thinking, the principal characteristic of which is not quantification, as is popularly believd, but that, in Whitehead’s words, “…it ignores all judgments of value; for instance, all esthetic and moral judgments.” Yet it is obvious that any serious investigation of a problem, however “pure,” must be informed by some normative standard. In this case it has been simply the survival of human society in general, of Amerian society in particular, and, as a corollary to survival, the stability of this society. [emph. EA, editor]
Please note that I am not implying that The Report From Iron Mountain is an authentic government-sponsored study. That has been debated ever since it was published in 1966. I would however suggest that readers take into account the masterful philosophical assessment (and an accounting of various published comments in England and America regarding same) given the world by G. Edward Griffin in his book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, in which he notes that whether authentic or merely a spoof of Govlish satirical candor [my wording, EA, editor], if one holds the Report in one hand and today’s newspaper headlines in the other hand a certain parallel exists as self-evident and obvious.
While Unconventional Warfare is but one facet on the polished gem of Defense Department operations, Unconventional Warfare is now a reality for the several States of the American union, and that is because, from the military planners’ perspective of emotional detachment from moral (and spiritual) considerations in using the INSTRUMENTS of NATIONAL POWER, the practical aspects of MindWar are mirrored in JADE HELM 2015. All of us — all Americans — are part of the Global Human Domain and thereby fall under the surveillance state’s targeting of all humans “anywhere/everywhere” in the world.
We must note, even emphasize, the fact that the U.S. military is an arm of the General government in WDC. We see clearly that Unconventional Warfare doctrine is focused on “NATIONAL POWER”. Sadly, we note that nothing in UW doctrine concerns itself with STATE POWER, or with INDIVIDUAL POWER. It only is concerned with NATIONAL POWER. I would submit that military planners and private-sector Defense contractor planners (think tanks and such, as we will see below) totally overlook some basic facts of our Union. We The People created the several States, and, acting through the several States subsequently created the General government. All purpose assigned to the General government created by our Constitution is to protect God-given unalienable rights of every Individual within the united States in compact. The Constitution does not authorize a standing army to presume that the Union of States somehow negates State sovereignty. Indeed, as fellow Board member Sheriff Mack’s Supreme Court victory over the Clinton Administration in 1997 reports, the Constitution created a “system of dual sovereignty“, recognizing the proper historic role of the States which, after all, created the General government for their purposes, which, again, was to protect Natural God-given unalienable Rights of all the Individuals in each of the several States.
Yet the military-industrial complex totally overlooks that perspective, and because that complex overlooks the reality of our history it can satisfy itself in simply focusing on NATIONAL POWER while excluding any consideration of the several States and their respective POWER and also excluding your and my right of INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL POWER.


The Army’s 2008 document on Unconventional Warfare introduces its innocent-sounding mischief with a humble explanation about how and why history evolved from Conventional Warfare into Unconventional Warfare, thusly:
 1-2. Following the conventions of the time, the United States established a standing Continental Army of
uniformed regulars who, in combination with guerrilla raiders and a rebellious population, won American
independence. In the 19th century, the United States further developed its military power sufficient to
expand and defend a young continental nation. In the 20th century, the United States used its unparalleled
military power to successfully conclude two world wars and provide the credibility required to win a third
(albeit “Cold”) war. The late 20th century understood the fullest manifestation of actual (or potential) war
thus defined as the large-scale mobilization and total commitment of massive organizations wielding
immense destructive power.
Please note that they got it wrong in their opening sentence — the “United States” did not establish a standing army; thirteen Colonies did that. Prior to our Revolution there was no “United States”. In this next section (1-3) the Army’s document on Unconventional Warfare justifies everything I said in part one of this series on JADE HELM 2015 —
1-3. The international environment in the 21st century, however, presents new challenges. The United
States possesses overwhelming conventional military superiority, and other nation-states recognize that a
direct military threat to the United States is a losing proposition. Therefore, large-scale and direct
conventional war against the United States is increasingly unlikely. Competition in the international
environment using all instruments of power, however, remains timeless and continuous. Competitors now
concentrate on the nonmilitary instruments of power in the natural intercourse between nations. Most such
intercourse remains peaceful and routine. Enemy competitors, however, use the instruments of power as
weapons. Moreover, not all modern enemy competitors are synonymous with nation-states.
Marines M777_howitzer_rear
Ah, yes! Since America is the dominant military-industrial force on the planet, no other nation on earth is stupid enough to provoke us into a “Conventional” war. We can readily see that this situation greatly reduces the need for a standing army, or at least it reduces the need for current levels of empowerment, current size of the military, and current levels of budgetary blessings bestowed upon the Pentagon courtesy of the American tax payer. Note: there was, after all, no “Peace Dividend” which the whole world had expected after our victory over the USSR in the Cold War in 1991. The Cold War ended with the dissolution of the USSR, so the world could breathe easier and enjoy a period of peace, yes?
But we must now ask, “What does that mean for the “industrial” part of the military-industrial complex?” Recall that in part one of this series we noted that the American economy (and its manufacturing base) is significantly dependent upon production of war-fighting equipment — planes, ships, tanks, “things that go boom in the night”, and such. Any sharp decrease in that sort of production is bound to affect negatively our economy to one degree or another, and would threaten to send our nation’s economy back toward the Great Depression of the 1930s. I would suggest that global planners and American so-called “Leaders”, such as Presidents and their Cabinets, Departments, Agencies, assorted politicians, powerful corporate executives, and the Department of Defense itself, became, after the dissolution of the USSR, dependent upon “competitors” who are not “nation-states”. Their template had been established with the co-called “War on Drugs” decades earlier. So here is their rationale for turning to the highly-secret dark knights of the National Security State (NSS), i.e., the black-ops underbelly of the Intelligence Community, in hopes they could produce “non-nation-state competitors” to continue an imagined need for goods produced and distributed by the military-industrial complex.
1-4. International actors in the current era have awakened to the potential of such “unconventional”
methods for compelling an enemy to do one’s will. Avoiding the advantages of U.S. military power, these
international actors seek to erode the ability of the United States to employ that comparative advantage.
Using the other instruments of power—especially the informational—they seek to employ what is variably
referred to as “irregular,” “asymmetric,” or “unrestricted” warfare. Even when violence is joined, direct
methods are generally avoided for the classic techniques of guerrilla warfare, terrorism, sabotage,
subversion, and insurgency.
Marine Urban Warfare 29Stumps
 The military planners are saying that the global supreme power, that is, the US government with its elaborate private-sector corporate contracting community, its Intelligence community which works with other nation-state Intelligence communities such as MOSSAD and MI-6, its military products manufacturing capability, its world-wide massive media propaganda apparatus, its NGOs such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC), its grip on public education systems top to bottom, its fiat-currency-printing Federal Reserve System which manufactures and manipulates this nation’s currency supply, and other assets — this composed, compounded, and interfaced infrastructure of government assets which comprise the “INSTRUMENTS OF NATIONAL POWER” — could, if residing in the wrong hands, morph our cultural and societal institutions into mindless TV-addicted eddies of pro-Imperialist norms such as we’re already seeing in the forms of 501-C_ corp0ratized churches or professional sports addiction or myriad other distractions, entertainments and stresses of day-to-day routine living in America.
Dissent now falls outside the hypnotized norm. Irregular tactics are the only tactics with which to strike blows against the Empire. It never occurs to the military planners, nor indeed to all Federal agencies and departments which seek to control every aspect of our personal lives and to formulate the constructs of our very perception and mentality, that Americans have a right to regulate the activity of such governmental institutions.
Therefore, whenever we dissent or object, or whenever we bring up the limitations placed on government by Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, We The People ourselves are targeted as “extremists” and “potential terrorists” and “threats to law enforcement”. Don’t believe that? Here are two examples which remove all doubt:
The leaked (DHS Fusion Center) MIAC Report of 2009:
Political Paraphernalia: Militia members most commonly associate with 3rd party political groups. It is not uncommon for militia members to display Constitutional Party, Campaign for Liberty, or Libertarian material. These members are usually supporters of former Presidential Candidate: Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr.
(EA Note: If one resents the ATF shipping guns to the Mexican drug cartels, one is seen by DHS/SPLC planners as being “anti-government”.  Did you support Ron Paul or the Constitution Party’s candidate, Chuck Baldwin, or the Libertarian Party’s Bob Barr? Too bad for you if you did, because you’re now pegged as an extremist and worthy of government surveillance.)
Leaked DHS Rightwing Extremist Report of 2009:
This product is one of a series of intelligence assessments published by the Extremism and Radicalization Branch to facilitate a greater understanding of the phenomenon of violent radicalization in the United States. The information is provided to federal, state, local, and tribal counterterrorism and law enforcement officials so they may effectively deter, prevent, preempt, or respond to terrorist attacks against the United States. Federal efforts to influence domestic public opinion must be conducted in an overt and transparent manner, clearly identifying United States Government sponsorship….
The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks….
DHS/I&A assesses that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat. These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists—including lone wolves or small terrorist cells—to carry out violence.
The bitter truth is that if any American citizen believes that the Constitution is the highest uncontested law of the land he is seen by the very government that Constitution created as a “potential terrorist, extremist, and threat to law enforcement”. Nowlet’s add one more little section from the Army’s 2008 manual on Unconventional Warfare.
Page 1-2 in the document:
1-9. In the subsequent Cold War decades, the definition expanded and contracted, verbiage changed, and
missions conceived as a part of this unconventional enterprise were added or subtracted. The common
conceptual core has nevertheless remained as working by, with, or through irregular surrogates in a
clandestine and/or covert manner against opposing actors. It is common for definitions to evolve, and
ARSOF have distilled the definition below to highlight the essentials of UW and eliminate the nonessential.
In this era of definitional and conceptual change, ARSOF—and its joint, interagency, and multinational
partners—must be unified with a clear and concise understanding of the UW core mission.
1-10. The current definition of UW is as follows:
Operations conducted by, with, or through irregular forces in support of a resistance
movement, an insurgency, or conventional military operations.
FM 3-05.201, (S/NF) Special Forces Unconventional Warfare (U)
28 September 2007
Page 1-2 and 1-3 in the document:
This definition reflects two essential criteria: UW must be conducted by, with, or through surrogates; and
such surrogates must be irregular forces. Moreover, this definition is consistent with the historical reasons
that the United States has conducted UW. UW has been conducted in support of both an insurgency, such
as the Contras in 1980s Nicaragua, and resistance movements to defeat an occupying power, such as the
Mujahideen in 1980s Afghanistan. UW has also been conducted in support of pending or ongoing
conventional military operations; for example, OSS/Jedburgh activities in France and OSS/Detachment 101
activities in the Pacific in WWII and, more recently, SF operations in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
(OEF)/Afghanistan in 2001 and Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF)/Iraq in 2003. Finally and in keeping
with the clandestine and/or covert nature of historical UW operations, it has involved the conduct of classified surrogate operations. Details of classified operations are in FM 3-05.20, (C) Special Forces
Operations (U), and FM 3-05.201.
1-11. The definition establishes a “litmus test” for clearly differentiating UW from other activities and
clearly establishes the purpose for conducting UW. Including the idea of “by, with, or through surrogates”
eliminates any confusion with unilateral direct action (DA), special reconnaissance (SR), or
counterterrorism (CT) missions. Identifying the historically demonstrated use of irregular forces as
surrogates in the definition eliminates any confusion with foreign internal defense (FID) or coalition
activities using regular forces. The clearly stated purpose of UW to support insurgencies, resistance
movements, and conventional military operations not only eliminates the possibility of incorrectly
characterizing UW as solely an IW activity but also articulates UW’s relevance to the Army and joint force
by specifying support to other operations.
Irregulars, or irregular forces, are individuals or groups of individuals who are not
members of a regular armed force, police, or other internal security force. They are
usually nonstate-sponsored and unconstrained by sovereign nation legalities and
boundaries. These forces may include, but are not limited to, specific paramilitary
forces, contractors, individuals, businesses, foreign political organizations, resistance
or insurgent organizations, expatriates, transnational terrorism adversaries,
disillusioned transnational terrorism members, black marketers, and other social or
political “undesirables.”
[Bold emphasis EA, Oath Keepers editor]
Note: “clandestine and/or covert…. the conduct of classified surrogate operations…” In other words, when our government uses criminals of various types including “terrorists” to do things which can provoke a desired public reaction once the dirty deed has been publicized in the mainstream media with the proper government spin on it, but the government must not let the American people know that the government itself planned and executed the “terrorist event” using surrogates, the government dutifully “classifies” such operations in the name of National Security.
Bluntly put, the U.S. Army’s manual on Unconventional Warfare specifically informs us that Unconventional Warfare works through “irregulars” (non-nation-state affiliated or non-state-sponsored) or “irregular forces” and they are useful as “surrogates” for clandestine or covert Psy-Ops or other useful purposes, and those “surrogates” include “expatriates, transnational terrorism adversaries,
disillusioned transnational terrorism members…”
The Unconventional Warfare document from 2008 is likely as close as we’ll ever see the government come to admitting that they use terrorists as surrogates in Psy-Ops.  There it is in black and white. DHS and the SPLC can eat their hearts out, eh?
Want an example of how a surrogate can be used in a Psy-Op? A classic case is Timothy McVeigh, who only learned about the bombs inside the Murrah Federal Building after he was arrested. He willingly parked a truck bomb in front of that building with intent to bomb the building, but the FBI/ATF had not told him aforehand that the building was loaded with other bombs which would blow the building “out”. McVeigh learned about the other bombs only after he was in jail. He was a willing dupe, and government black-ops agents used him to slam dissent in our country over the Waco, Texas mass murder by ATF, the FBI, and some Delta Force military assets. Oh? Did some reading this not know about the other bombs inside that building? These film clips were withdrawn later that very day, after they had first been aired locally and nationally on public television:
Before the FBI could stop them, local TV stations with film crews on the scene were broadcasting all over the country those very films you just saw. By that afternoon they were all “gone”. Go figure, eh? The point is that Timothy McVeigh was a “surrogate”, a useful idiot being prompted (handled) by government employees (agents provocateur) involved in a major black operation which was designed to further strengthen NATIONAL POWER over the domestic part of the Human Domain. Also known as a “false flag” event, the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City was a psychological operation, a deadly Psy-Op which would predispose the American public to call for tighter “Security” and to become willing to give up yet more of their personal liberty in exchange for that additional security. This was done in what planners considered to be the “national interests”.
But some readers may not be ready to believe that the dark underside of our dear government would do such things as blowing up a building for Psy-Op purposes, or using  “terrorists” as “surrogates” in Psy-Op events which could be splattered all over the media to impress certain psychological memes into the public mind. To those who still doubt such things I say:  Now you’ve seen it in black and white in the UW manual,  and now you’ve seen film footage showing what really was happening that morning after the truck bomb went off in Oklahoma City. But since you’re still not impressed with the seriousness of a military training exercise based on Unconventional Warfare, that being JADE HELM 2015, let’s look a bit deeper down this rabbit hole for proof no one on earth can deny. Here are a couple of snapshots of the Northwoods Document which James Bamford obtained through an FOIA back in the year 2000:
(Note: The active link for the Northwoods Document is: ) If you have never read this document, by all means read the whole document now. It is a fairly brief document and will chill your blood.

Page 8, Northwoods Document
Northwoods_ODDEE dot COM-
Northwoods_page 9_zoomed
Readers who do not want to download that document may read a brief summary of the thing at Wikipedia:
This was written by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and sent to the Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara, to present to President Kennedy for approval. It’s now an undeniable part of American history. And yes, as the document shows, even as far back as 1962 the military had “drones”, could fly airplanes from ground-based controls. And even in 1962 the Pentagon conceived blowing up buildings in Miami and Washington D.C. and blame the “terrorism” on Cuba, as part of a massive Psy-Op to cause the American people to support the desired war against Cuba. Read the whole document — it’s an eye-opener, and it’s “real”.
To “Map the Human Terrain” of the American people this insane “exercise” called JADE HELM 2015 unabashedly declares that it shall be an Unconventional Warfare drill conducted (with township, County, and State “permission”) right here on U.S. soil. Let’s take a break and view this very interesting revelation by C-SPAN, which poses a valid question — Why on earth would the military need to train on U.S. private and public land when the taxpayers have paid through the nose to erect, on an actual military base, a perfectly suitable training area for such activity?
Original url: ]
 Did you watch that video? Good. But did you notice what is missing from that elaborate edifice of Asymmetric Warfare training at Fort Hill? What was missing is exactly why JADE HELM 2015 is being conducted in real places across a number of American States. What is missing at the Fort A. P. Hill Asymmetric Warfare Training Center is “We The People” ourselves. No amount of training at Fort Hill can furnish the database updates available for “Human Terrain” data collection and “mapping” when training occurs in U.S. towns, cities, and States where we and our good neighbors all actually live. The Army cannot duplicate that at Fort Hill or at any other military training facility — and that may be why JADE HELM 2015 is to be conducted on U.S. private and public soil. See an NBC News article from 2011 for another example:

$170 Million Mock City Rises At Marine Base

Hotels, Markets, Tunnels — And Actors — Are Part of Urban Warfare Training
Marines Urban Warfare Training Ctr 29Stumps
From above-linked article: A mock city roughly the size of downtown San Diego has risen in a remote Southern California desert to train military forces to fight in urban environments.
With the Asymetric Warfare Training Center at Fort Hill on the East Coast and the massive Urban Warfare Training Center on the West Coast, we must ask if the Pentagon has lost its mind. They’ve blown a whole lot of taxpayer dollars to create, on military bases, the very sorts of training environments needed to prepare our troops for operations anywhere on earth, yet they now claim that those expensive bases are no good for training after all, which is why (according to the Pentagon) our military now must train on private and public property in the civilian domain, in our towns and cities and rural areas. The truth begins to materialize in front of our befuddled minds. They are planning to train our military for upcoming operations right here in America, on U.S. soil, obviously.
How can I say that? Well, let’s look more deeply into the matter by noting this tidbit, because another aspect of Unconventional Warfare involves the Army’s Civil Affairs sections:
Army Civil Affairs Association
Link good as of May 11 2015
Skipping the listing of U. S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Units, we read:
Civil Affairs soldiers are the commander’s link to the civilian population and authorities in an area of operations. In addition to their military training, Civil Affairs soldiers possess skills and experience based on their civilian education and employment in fields such as finance, public safety, public health, and public utilities. With their unique skills they support the commander during combat operations by minimizing burdens or liabilities caused by a local civilian population. Immediately following hostilities Civil Affairs soldiers reconstitute civil authority, and in the longer term help rebuild a viable civilian infrastructure and economy. Civil Affairs supports U. S. national objectives by assisting the government of a host or occupied area to meet its peoples’ needs and maintain a stable and democratic civil administration.
Psychological Operations (PSYOP) uses persuasion and public communication to influence perceptions and encourage desired behavior among foreign target audiences. The cornerstone of PSYOP is truth, credibly presented to convince a given audience to cease resistance or take actions favorable to friendly force intentions. PSYOP soldiers provide the commander with the ability to communicate information to large and small audiences via face-to-face, radio, television, internet, print and/or other forms of media. Their language skills, cultural awareness, regional orientation and knowledge of communications media provide a means to deliver critical information to a target audiences [sic] to achieve the desired effect.
Civil Affairs and PSYOP units provide support to theater commanders to assist them in meeting their global commitments. 

But Civil Affairs is a sister to Psychological Operations, and both are integral parts of Unconventional Warfare as well as being arenas in which JADE HELM 2015 will function in our towns and States – with Psy-Warriors dressed in civilian clothes. Did you catch that line about “Psychological Operations (PSYOP) uses persuasion and public communication to influence perceptions and encourage desired behavior…”? While the Army is always careful to use the implied disclaimer stating that all such mischief is targeting “foreign” countries, as if to suggest to inquiring minds that the Army would never do such trickery against the American people, we yet recall the two leaked documents from Homeland Security from 2009, and we add this scenario from the infamous Colonel Benson over at Fort Leavenworth, who decided to take DHS seriously and devised a training scenario in which “Tea Party” civilians in South Carolina were the “enemy”.

How the U.S. Military Would Crush a Tea Party Rebellion

by Michael Peck for FORBES on November 15, 2012
Referenced source article:
A right-wing militia inspired by the Tea Party movement has taken over the city of Darlington, South Carolina, arrested the local government, and declared that the federal government should be overthrown. As the militia establishes checkpoints across I-95, other extremist groups across the nation rush to declare their support. South Carolina’s governor – a Tea Party supporter – declines to send in law enforcement to quash the militia, but quietly asks for federal intervention. The President invokes the Insurrection Act to authorize the use of federal troops, as the Pentagon prepares for war at home….
Benson and Weber… explored how the military might domestically apply its concept of full spectrum operations, which cover everything from all-out war to counterinsurgency and nation-building. In fact, the Army’s operating concept for 2016 to 2028 considers highly likely a future where the U.S. is threatened by “radical U.S. citizens operating domestically and abroad”…
Benson and Weber boldly argue that “if we face a period of persistent global conflict as outlined in successive National Security Strategy documents, then Army officers are professionally obligated to consider the conduct of operations on U.S. soil.” They also argue that preparations for such a scenario must begin now, including proper equipment for the U.S. military as well as liaison between federal and state authorities.
How does that jive with the two DHS leaked documents I noted above? Mapping the “Human Domain” has long been a sales item for the worry-warts over at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the anti-Constitution group which sells profiles of the American people to DHS and the Pentagon and at the same time trains “law enforcement” around the country.  The SPLC, DHS, DOJ, and the DOD are all playing mind games with the American people, and now they’re caught at it.
In my next installment, part three, we’ll get into MindWar. Let’s close this installment with an excellent video from InfoWars, with a salute to David Knight and Rob Dew for strong journalism and solid research:


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