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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bundy's Attorney asks Judge Navarro to Recuse Herself

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  • Joel Hansen
  • *Cliven Bundy's attorney asks Judge Navarro to recuse herself.
    *Lawsuit filed this morning against Judge Navarro, Harry Reid, and Obama
    *Lawsuit asks for Judge Navarro to remove herself from the case due to conflict of interest. Asks for Lawyer Larry Klayman to be able to join Bundy's defense team. Asks for more than $50 million in damages. Asks for release of Cliven Bundy from Federal Custody.
    *Hansen eluded to Navarro possibly being assigned to this case directly by Harry Reid
    Deb Jordan
    With confidence, Joel Hansen, Attorney for Cliven... Bundy, asked Judge Navarro to recuse herself from the Bundy case on the grounds that because of a lawsuit filed against her, Harry Reid and Barack Obama early this morning, she has now been put in a position of direct conflict of interest. Mr. Hansen also pointed out that he believes the fact that she was directly appointed to the bench by President Barack Obama by the suggestion of Harry Reid also creates a clear conflict of interest.
    The federal lawsuit seeks to remove Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro from the case, an order allowing Washington, D.C., lawyer Larry Klayman to join Bundy’s defense team and more than $50 million in damages. The suit also seeks Bundy’s release from federal custody.
    Mr. Hansen gave us all a little peek into what the future theme of his case will be -- Accusation by the defense that Harry Reid played a major role in what happened in Bunkerville in 2014 creates an immediate conflict of interest when it comes to Judge Navarro's ability to oversee this case without bias.
    Mr. Hansen also eluded to her possibly being assigned to this case directly by Harry Reid himself.
    Finally this Judge finds herself having to defend her position as puppet judge for Harry Reid and the United States Government.
    “In short, defendant Navarro has shown her true intentions and bias and prejudice, rising to the level of denying Sixth Amendment right of counsel and to a speedy trial to plaintiff Bundy, following the ‘marching orders’ of her benefactors, defendants Harry Reid and Obama,” attorney Joel Hansen alleges in the complaint.
    Key points made by the the defense left Prosecutor Steven Myre at a loss for words -- He was pleading with the judge for her ruling today over whether Mr. Bundy should stay in prison until his hearing which is said to be as far away as February or March of 2017 .. she refused his demand and set a May 25th date to give her ruling -- A ruling that may never come if she recuses herself from this case.
    When Myre suggested that it was ridiculous to assume she should recuse herself because she was appointed by Harry Reid and that all Judges are suggested by one politician or the other -- Mr. Hansen answered him by suggesting that maybe it would be wise to appoint a Judge from another STATE who was at the very least not appointed by Harry Reid.
    The People agree.