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Sunday, June 5, 2016


By: Thom Davis & Rene’ Powers, The Cowboy And The Lady
Today the Lady interviewed Robert Crooks, aka Lil Dog. The Interview took place from Patriot Point in San Diego. The man known as Lil Dog has a history of Patriotism most will never experience. The border wars are real, they are dangerous and they are not something to sweep under the rug as this Administration would like one to do.
The borders of America are sovereign, yet many politicians would lead you to believe we need to have open borders and welcome all who choose to walk upon the land our forefathers fought and died upon. Freedom is not free and nor is ones American Bloodline. Robert is of American Bloodline and his work at the border is an effort to honor that bloodline and Americas borders.
Robert Crooks, founder of the Mountain Minutemen and protector of Americas borders, goes to the border once again shedding light on the dangers faced regarding our sovereign borders. He shares why we must secure our borders from usurpation and trespass by illegal entry. Robert is a man who has fought right at the border, he has aligned with the border patrol and with his trusted dog, Freckles, he stands for freedom like few others have ever done. Freckles, found while on patrol years ago, is one amazing border dog who can track and guard the border just as well as Robert.
Robert Crooks: From 20/20 interview done in 2009. The previous fence was never finished. The smart smugglers will take the crimes through tunnels and more. LISTEN:
This weekend Robert and Freckles hit the area of San Diego known as Patriot Point, waiting for the film crew that is flying in to film them. Listen to Roberts words, hear the truth of our borders and lack of protection the current administration demands. Why would any American want to leave it's people in harm's way as the foreign usurpers wreak havoc?
The Mountain Minutemen, in cooperation with Minuteman Civil. Defense Corps and representatives from San Diego Minutemen ,Campo Minutemen , Save Our State and other anti illegal immigration groups, will unveil a memorial plaque dedicated to Judge Robert Baker, who passed away of natural causes while on duty with minutemen near Campo, California.

On May 28, 2016 Robert retired the flag that was frayed with a new one.
Patriot Point has long been in Roberts blood and today is no different. Patriot Point is a spot very special to Robert "Lil Dog" and his wife April as they exchanged their wedding vows on the very spot on September 11, 2014. Robert and April met in 2014 in Bunkerville Nevada. Lil Dog created a camp he named "Bunker Hill". Bunker Hill was on the corner that all would turn past on the way to Bundy Ranch. Bunker Hill campers stood without guns, though they practiced their second amendment rights and had arms safely stored out of sight in their rigs, Lil Dog knew that a peaceful corner was what should be seen.
Knowing the media looks for slanderous ways to paint the Patriots as gun toting crazies, Lil Dog decided from day one that "Bunker Hill" would offer a place for the kids, a place to share a Pepsi and to share stories of Patriotism around a campfire as the night fell. With misters and a swamp cooler for all to find relief from the scorching sun Robert and those who joined him found "Bunker Hill" the beginning of many new friendships, and the Lady is one of them We can tell you, this couple is the poster couple for American Patriotism and they are anything but crazy except for crazy in love with each other and America.
April Crooks is a Latina who supports Trump, she is also a woman who has worked with law enforcement, another trait she and her husband share, a respect for law enforcement. April and Robert fell in love as they shared weeks of supporting a family that was faced with the theft of their land and lives. The day many refer to as "the day no shot was heard around the world". Not one shot was fired by anyone the day the Bundy cattle were released, and today, we pray no shots will be fired upon Robert or Freckles as they stand at Patriot Point to share the border story. (Robert has been shot at more times than one can imagine protecting our borders)
September 11, 2014 Robert and April Crooks

Trump Delegates and true American Patriots!
Standing near a sign supporting TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT in the ground marking the border Freckles takes guard as Robert watches the horizon for trespassers, drug dealers and illegal's ready to breach our border. Under a canopy with a picnic table to sit at Lil Dog reflects upon the plight America is facing within our struggle to free the wrongly jailed ranchers in America and all Political Prisoners. He reflects on the need to stop tyranny upon our lands. The man and his dog are a symbol of American Freedoms. This is the story of truth and freedom being protected and not just talked about. This is a story of a man the Cowboy and the Lady are proud to call their friend.
Freckles resting for the big night ahead

As the wind blew behind Robert and he scanned the horizon to share the view it was with such pride in knowing this man that this story has been presented. As the Lady and Robert spoke the border patrol rolled up on him, they were on quads. As the Lady listened Robert shared with the agents his reason for being there, gave them his business card and shared that he had spent 5 straight years at Patriot Point. The Lady heard the stories he relayed to the agents, stories of attacks, of Robert and his crew finding the illegal trespassers jumping out of trains directly onto the tracks, of how clueless most of the people in America are as to what is really going on at the borders and of drug smugglers and coyotes taking aim for America.
Border Patrol does their best even when they are told not to.
The Border Patrol Agents listened to Robert and spoke of their own experiences, they spoke of the serious plight our country faces as they laughed and exchanged kind words. The agents agree that securing the border is like "holding jello". They are strapped for the tools to do their job as they are told to stand down as many cross right in front of them. Robert shared the Lady's reflection from Skype and she thanked them via his phone for their service to America.
Are you a afraid to take a stand? Are you worried what others may think about your actions? Folks, if you don't stop living in fear and start standing as the living man or woman willing to stand up for America we all lose. Thank goodness for those who are brave and able to see as our forefathers saw, they saw the priceless value of our land and freedom to grow our food, travel across the lands and live free of trespass. The truth is our second amendment was to protect us from the usurpation of a tyrannical and overrun government and by Crooks or by Freckles one better wake up!
Robert, April and Freckles. True American Patriots
Lil Dog was asked to do a short phone video to give information as to what the film crew is doing and why he is there to meet them. Stay tuned as we update this story with film clips and videos. God Bless the American Patriots!
Thom & Rene’
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