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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Abusive Issues by BLM Simply Explained for All American's. Royce Jones

Royce JonesRetired USMC - Austin Texas
07 - 06 - 2016
Let me try to explain what has been going on in Oregon and around the country with the BLM in a way most people can relate to.

Let’s say you have an old car, a classic and the government comes to you and offers to buy it dirt cheap.
Would you sell? Of course not, so you politely turn them down.

So the government goes to all the local gas stations and tells them not you sell you gasoline for your car. Would this make you mad? Sure it would.

They come back again and tell you have to sell your car whether you want to or not.

You still say no.

Then during the night the government sends goons to your house and they slash all of your tires. Would this make you mad?

You still say no, so the government goons come back and they burn your car. Mad yet?

Still you refuse to sell so the government arrests you on trumped up charges and puts you in prison. Fuming yet? You do your time and get out.

The government again insists you sell them your car but you still refuse so guess what they do next?

They label you a terrorist and send you back to prison on the same charge you just did time for. Are you ready to start shooting now?

Well the Hammonds in Oregon didn’t shoot and now set in prison for not selling their land to the criminals at the BLM.

In many case the government is simply forcing people off the land to make the land available to politically connected corporations and even politicians themselves like the case in Nevada were Harry Reid was owner of the corporation that wanted the Bundy family land.

 Perhaps now you have a better understanding of what the fuss in Oregon is all about.

This however is not limited to Oregon, this same criminal activity by the government has been going on in many States.

These actions by the BLM are criminal and the BLM needs to be held accountable for lives it has destroyed and land it has stolen.

This is a national issue that you need to get involved in.

Government sponsored terrorism is an issue for every American.

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