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Let it be known to all the World, I love all Humankind, however the poor actions of the few that take away the Freedom's of the many wear on my soul. I don't hate them I feel sad for their foolishness before God and humankind.

Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

To all Citizens of America - Tsul' Kalu

To all Citizens of America
To all Citizens of America.
We see the coming of a new dawn upon the lands that have been covered with the clouds of darkness and despair for far too long a time. Is Trump the perfect man for President of America? No one is ever perfect for such a thing. You do the best you can while you also remember to follow the US Constitutional LAW as written.
Sadly many who become President choose to follow the path of Democracy, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, even Islamism and Luciferism. They choose to become a King by action, fiat, executive orders, and ignore or openly defy the US Constitution.
Control the Education system by nationalizing it so you can brainwash the next generations to Not know the US Constitution, nor the real history of America. Thus allowing you to create history, teaches America is NOT a Constitutional Republic but a democracy or other worse things. This was done when Carter placed the NEA in charge and nationalized your schools under their power, NEA was founded in the early 1900s by a Leninist with the intent to destroy Americas education and reeducate society from the babies up. They have been more than successful. They have in the 60-80s taught anti God, anti Morality, anti Civil Society, anti Constitution, and no need for self control nor to be responsible for ones actions. They have taught whole generations to be dependent upon the STATE, Government as in Communism, Totalitarianism, and so forth.
Today we see the results. As the enemies of America said the would, they destroyed the family nucleus by many methods, they took God out of education and almost out of the whole of the country, they control the media, the schools, the majority of the education. They destroyed the morality of society. They endorses false luciferian ideology of sex outside of marriage, same sex, animal sex, now nature sex? Yes you heard that right a new active mental challenged group is doing this. They have destroyed life, endorsed the murder of human life from the womb to the grave by any methods they choose. These educators and media groups from the news, tv, music, movies, etc. have combined to destroy the character and moral codes of civil society. Who is the master controller of such actions and thought? Simply Lucifer their master. We can talk about so much more there is no room to say it all. Then the Government grew larger than it was supposed to, bureaucracy and agencies came into existence that are Not lawful to exist based upon the US Constitution.
They have like when the mafia / crime boss’s take over a city, come into a place told the people who lived there they are now in charge. You must do as they say, pay their extortion protection fees, follow their orders or be punished, lose of business or even upon threat of physical injury, death, kidnapping, imprisonment. For standing up to their lawlessness. Today we have such agencies as the BLM EPA USFS and now Justice system including the FBI US Marshalls and others who are so full of corrupt radical immoral power seekers and oath breakers that they truly enjoy harming and controlling we the people. Thousands of families, ranchers, loggers, fishers, coal industry, oil industry and all others as well as all the support groups that go with them, the towns, cities, people, jobs. All have been shut down, whole economies destroyed. Working people placed upon welfare rolls and placed into poverty by these federal and some state governments. Destroying whole towns, cities by their over regulations with intent for strangulation of the economies to create poverty.
For it is easier to control a populous if they are poor and beholding to the Government for their daily food, medical, homes, lives. Thus these agencies have created a slave society of poverty. Done so on purpose. With real intent. So this last 100 + years in America had changed us drastically. Many no longer understand the basics of society, morality, worth ethics, God, Constitution. Because of this they are easily coerced, betrayed, re educated, brainwashed by those who are in power who seek to be their rulers / masters. So history repeats.
However as we neared the ultimate demise of our once great nation, where we once enjoyed true liberty and freedom, I say as we neared our destruction from with in engineered by outsiders, insiders, from states to federals to the White House and even members of the military and Judicial branches. As we neared this we have seen an awakening take place. The people are learning once again the truth. We the People are in charge not you the federal government. This awakening along with the education of people on the US Constitution the Solid key stone and foundation for the Republic of America has / is taking place.
The sleepers are awakening in the millions. Thus tired of tyranny, lawlessness on all levels, corruption on all levels and a lack of liberty and freedom granted us by God our Creator in the Inspired US Constitution.
Many have awakened, pulled their heads from with in the holes in the ground where they had buried them these many years. So we have thrown down the tyrants this election cycle.
This has scared those workers of darkness to the point they have paid people to riot, become lawless to regain any and all powers and controls they are soon to lose. When darkness and evil see their demise they strike out insanely and with out mercy upon the innocents of the nation. They strike out in hate, lies, all manor of darkness they embrace to slow down or reverse the loss of their years in power. You see the riots, the anger the hate. Threats, murders, beatings, rapes, un civilized behavior that goes beyond the description of the tongue to tell. Even the photos of such evil doings are almost beyond imagination and are only shared to expose their doings. What is to be done?
You who have illegally by Constitutional law and restrictions, taken jobs of power and control over others, many have abused and injured people due to your embracing your power like a hard drug. Those who were uneducated to the truth, thus performed your duties like unto the Gestapo or Nazi SS, etc. because its your job to follow orders, well here is some news. Your Bureaucracies, your assumed power, your high incomes, your history shows how many towns, economies have been destroyed by you. Millions unemployed, and who suffered greatly. Now it maybe your turn.
Since the Feds are out of monies, we the people cannot be taxed enough to pay for their oversized out of control federal agencies. Thus they must be eliminated, shrunk severely and defunded. Before 100yrs ago America did just fine without the Federal income taxations of the people. It was created in order to grow the federal / state governments in order to control the people. So today here we stand. Its your turn to be as the civilians are, time for you to loose your jobs, not out of lusts for control or power and riches but out of necessity, we can no longer pay you.
I suggest you prepare to have your bubble bursted, reality set in and your gravy train ended. Contact the States, for they might have need of a few of you to maintain some things. The Feds have no legal constitutional authority to own, control the public lands of a state, only territories, so either we do not have 50 states, or the Feds are nothing more than a greedy mafia family extorting the people to enrich themselves. For them to claim such power / land ownership in a state means the states never were granted full statehood, thus breaking the Constitutional law. So there in lays many issues or the beginnings.
Today it is simple, yes many federal and state jobs will need to be cut, so you will end up like the citizenry you forced out of business, employment by your regulations of the last 100yrs. Your turn. So do not whine about what you have done unto others. Sign up for food stamps, welfare until you are retrained for another employable skill as we the people have been forced to do for generations due to your abuses of power over us. Change is coming, I would prepare for it.
The only Government that fears its people is one that has abused them for generations. When the abused awaken, that is when the hard times begin. For they no longer will allow the masters of the plantation to abuse them and will seek their liberty. A liberty that not man but their Creator God, Father in Heaven gave them, it is an Eternal principle and will never change. Freedom and liberty is granted as a give to all humankind. It is only the forces of darkness that seek to limit or destroy them. The master behind all destruction of Liberty, freedom, etc. is Lucifer a worker of darkness. So beware if someone desires to control you they are following Lucifer’s ideology.
Today we have warriors of light and truth exposing the darkness, teaching the truth, awakening the people of America and Earth. Evil and Darkness FEAR this so much they have murdered some of the best teachers, exposes, and those who chose to come forth and expose the darkness. Then use their allies of darkness to promote propaganda / lies about their deeds to the people of American and the world. Justifying their wickedness.
One thing the darkness forgets, for Lucifer does his best to prevent the light from being shown upon the truth. In the end Darkness is destroyed by the Light. As is always the pattern worlds upon countless worlds through out the eternities. In the end God of light shall win. Lucifer and his allies and those who follow him are destroyed and punished for eternity.
I say awake, Read your Holy Bible, read your US Constitution, Learn Truth. Then have no fear, find work, jobs, plan for your future outside of the easy government jobs. This might be hard but it can be done. If you learn who God is, have faith in him you can overcome and become a follower of light.
Today is the dawning of a new time, I hope it will last 4-8 years and light will shine upon America once again, that the darkness and secret combinations to get gain, power, control of people, nations are subdued for a time, so we all have time to grow in truth and knowledge and wisdom.
For in the future I know there shall be harder times than we even face at this time, for such is the influence of the dark powers that corrupt human hearts and minds to follow Lucifer’s foolishness that leads them only to destruction in the end.
So people Unite under the banner of America, Unite under the knowledge of your Creator God, your Father in Heaven. Become one people of heart, mind and soul. Become a civilized people once again.
The choice is yours and it begins now.
Will you become warriors of light and truth, or continue to serve the masters of darkness?
 Tsul’ Kalu – Ani-Kituhwagi