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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Retired Civil Rights Investigator Matthews Plan Visit to Pres Trump about Abuses to Western Ranchers and Patriots

John Lamb
Very Important Update


Still working out the details. I was contacted to be part of a small group to go meet President Donald Trump to ...discuss the release of all our political prisoners and present evidence of the corruption of this tyrannical court system we've been experiencing.
Will keep you posted on this progress as I know more . Don't forget to remember all us in your prayer .

j. Lamb

John Lamb
Gary Hunt
Political Prisoners
LaVoy Finicum ----- Assassination-----01/26/16
Judge Anna Brown --- Misconduct

Retired Civil Rights Investigator Matthews and the Investigative team states, that after making some calls, this week they were requested to move forward. Mr. Matthews spoke with Mr.John Lamb and Mr.Gary Hunt today.
Mr. Matthews states he is planning a trip to see President Donald Trump or meet with a President Donald Trump Organization Administrative Agent. To turn over investigation reports and evidence to all cases as stated above in about 4 to 6 weeks if all goes well for the plan.

 ( President Donald Trump is very busy at this time Mr.Matthews was told today) Mr. Matthews states that only 6 to 8 can be present at the meeting and Mr. John Lamb and Mr. Gary Hunt will also be going.
Mr. Matthews says he will keep his Facebook friends and others posted all this week.
Mr. Matthews states he will keep track of how many shares of this post and states he will make contact with the person that shared it the most and you will be also invited to the meeting.

If you have any questions please make contact with Mr.John Lamb or Mr Gary Hunt.

Thank you
God Bless
Lets Get all the Political Prisoners Home