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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bundy Ranch – Urgent Call to Action = Ryan B. Speaks of Abuse!

Bundy Ranch – Urgent Call to Action

 The Bundy Ranch Facebook page sent out a call to action today! The post below includes a recording from Ryan Bundy asking for help and to ask people to  CALL N. Hackmaster, Assistant Director Prison Operations, U.S. Marshal Service 703-740-8400.
Bundy Ranch
4 hours ago

Please listen to this recording of Ryan Bundy dated March 24, 2017. 
The quality is bad due to the horrible quality of the phone that the prison provides to NON CONVICTED prisoners. 
But, you should be able to understand most of it, listen with earphones.
URGENT! CALL N. Hackmaster, Assistant Director Prison Operations, U.S. Marshal Service 703-740-8400.
Highlights from the recording of Ryan's voice:

1. Everytime I ask for relief, they answer with increased punishment. They want to show me how powerful they are and when I try to assert my rights as a NON CONVICTED prisoner, they answer with crushing punishment.

 2. My toilet doesn't work and I have no toilet paper. I have asked them to correct it and they just ignore me.

 3. We are strip searched everytime we go and come from court.

 4. They dress us up in nice clothes for court to give the illusion we are being treated fairly and with dignity and then when we are out of sight of the public, we are stripped and suffer inhumane conditions. They treat us worse than animals.

 5. Innocence until proven guilty is dead in America. NON CONVICTED prisoners are treated as bad or worse than convicts.

 6. At least half of the Bill of Rights is devoted to treating people accused of crimes in a fair and just way. The right to a speedy trial is to be enjoyed by the accused, it says nothing about the convenience of the federal government in having to deal with a "complex case".

 7. We are supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave. But where are the brave??? Nobody is standing up to these horrific conditions and denial of basic rights. Nobody is brave enough to do what is necessary.

URGENT! CALL N. Hackmaster, Assistant Director Prison Operations, U.S. Marshal Service 703-740-8400.