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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bundy Ranch Anomaly

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Anthony Thomas Dephue

Bundy Ranch Anomaly:

Scott Swanson testifies that from the pickup truck in which he rested his rifle [edit: this is clearly not a .308 in his hand], 3x ACOG fix...ed on Eric Parker's head, he disengaged the safety and took slack out of the trigger. He did this because "blackhat" raised his weapon over the jersey barrier and pointed it directly at him. Predictably, there is not one single exhibit of evidence to back this assertion up. No photos. No video. In his report, he "pleaded" with SWAT to stop traffic so that he could kill "blackhat". He testifies that on one occasion he engaged the safety (after it had been disengaged) after seeing a child's face pressed up against the window of a passenger van... in the far, opposite lane on NB I-15, from what he estimates to be 200 yards away.
A ranger named Whittaker testifies that he observed Todd Engel and Rick Lovelien from the same vehicle. He only used binoculars that day. When asked if he could see that they stood next to NV Hwy Patrol for the duration of the incident, Whitaker testifies that he could only see the lightbar on the NHP pickup... in the lane closest to him on the NB I-15 bridge... with 10-power binoculars.
Whittaker could only see a vehicle's lightbar in the lane closest to him with 10-power binoculars, but Swanson cold see a child's face behind a likely tinted passenger van window from 200 yards through a 3-power ACOG, in the lane opposite him; all from the same obstructed vantage point Whittaker had.

Someone is lying.
Oh, and the body-cam footage, where Swanson and Whittaker are at the pickup truck... one agent says to the others, "You guys are my lethal... I need you to be ready for a second wave." That piece of evidence was played with audio muted because the Court will not allow the jury to see or hear any potentially questionable conduct of Federal Agents that day.
Pictures: Swanson has the weapon rested on the windshield, and Whittaker, well, here is a good picture of him with his oversize binocular strap running from left armpit to right shoulder.