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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tommy Jordan Says Police and Child Protective Services Questioned Him |

Tommy Jordan Says Police and Child Protective Services Questioned Him |

Dad Who Shot Up Daughter’s Laptop with a .45 Says Cops Paid Him a Visit

Tommy Jordan has become somewhat of a hero to millions of parents. Jordan is the dad who found a secret Facebook post his daughter wrote about not wanting to do chores and said Jordan and his wife (the girl’s mother) treated her as a “slave.” He didn’t take kindly to that. So he recorded an eight-minute video that showed him reading the note while smoking a cigarette and ended with him shooting nine “exploding hollow point” rounds into the girl’s computer.

You can read our original story here and watch the video below for a refresher:

Well, the story doesn’t end there. In a new post on Jordan’s Facebook page, he says that numerous people called the police and child protective services as a result of his viral (millions of hits) video. And both paid him a visit.

“For those that feel the need to keep calling the police and CPS,” the Stanly County, North Carolina resident writes, “lol.“ Those letters are the universal symbol for ”laugh out loud.”

He‘s laughing because both the police and child protective services didn’t find anything wrong.

Tommy Jordan Says Police and Child Protective Services Questioned Him

“Apparently both the local police and the department of social services are OK with it. Yes they came. Of course they came. They received enough ‘Oh my god he’s going to kill his daughter’ comments that they had to. I knew that the moment it went viral.. it [sic] was too late and it was inevitable. I’m only surprised it took as long as it did to be honest,” he explains.

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In fact, he says the police told him “Kudos, Sir“ and he received a ”thank you” from an entire detectives squad. Another officer, he says, “is using it in a positive manner in his presentation for the school system.”

“How’s about those apples?” he asks. “Didn’t expect THAT when you called the cops did you?”

Tommy Jordan Says Police and Child Protective Services Questioned Him

He also notes that both he and his daughter were interviewed separately by officials.

WSOC-TV reports police in Albermarle, the city closest to Jordan’s residence, told the station they have received dozens of calls and emails asking why they haven’t done anything. They responded by saying Jordan lives outside of city limits and is outside their jurisdiction.

As for the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office, it said Jordan didn’t do anything illegal.

So does Jordan regret making the video? Absolutely not. He writes his only regrets are using the word “ass,“ not wearing his best ”Sivlerbelly Stetson” hat, and maybe not cleaning his boots. Oh, and maybe he’d use a .22 next time instead of a .45. He even seems more fired up than last time.

“The kids today ARE self entitled, spoiled, adverse to working, and basically have NO usable skills taught to them in schools,” he opines. “Yes some of you out there excel. If you’ve graduated high school and at least pay some of your own bills, then I’m not talking to you. If you however are 25 and live with your parents because you’re too lazy to get a job, then yes, I’m talking to you. Half of that is the parent’s fault for thinking that the school system is supposed to raise their kids. The other half is a parent’s fault for letting our school systems get to the utterly pathetic state they are in. It’s your kid.. so no matter what it’s ALWAYS your fault.. get it?”

I have a hunch he has a viral way of convincing you if you don’t.