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Let it be known to all the World, I love all Humankind, however the poor actions of the few that take away the Freedom's of the many wear on my soul. I don't hate them I feel sad for their foolishness before God and humankind.

Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Those things in life that really matter, until we make the time." S.T.Huls

God Bless the Republic of America!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Voice of Warning to All - Beware

I shall en-devour to speak to you as a brother, and one who's only desire is for my children and their children's children to be able to live in a Free Nation as my fore fathers of the Revolutionary times were so blessed with upon completion of that fight for the God given rights to humankind.
To the group of Elected Leaders of the United States of America, even all the Senator's, Congressmen, and the Judicial and Executive Branch including all their counterparts and servants.
And to all those Usurpers of Freedom who do in your Known secret combinations and hiding places be aware, be very aware Your doings are Known by God in Heaven and all his Angels and shall be shouted upon the roof tops your doings. To you I encourage Repent for soon your time will be over here, your ability to return to the ways of light and truth shall be no more and you shall be cast into the pit you have dug for your selves and be as the dung of Lucifer and of no worth for Eternity.
You do Serve the people of this Great Land, as Elected or hired by those who were elected by the voice of the people in your various regions of the Nation, You have the obligation to Follow, Uphold, and teach by example the principals found in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Such were the Oaths you did take and swear to upon the Holy Bible, the words of God and the laws by which civilizations are formed.
Such was your commitment, your Oath to the people and to God. It was witnessed by the people and by the Angels of Heaven and thus recorded in both places. You Will be held accountable in this life and the next for what you have done since the time of your Oath Swearing. You Shall be judged for your every Action or In-Action that effects the Freedoms, Morals, Ethics, Values, Life's, Freedom and rights of those you swore to serve and protect.
All families, warriors, babies conceived shall you be held in account of.
I tell you now, Strip away All your Pride, your pretense, your Illusions of Power and grandeur.
Your Office's, your Riches, your Greed, Stand now Naked in spirit before your God and give an accounting for all your doings here upon the Earth since 1st  you took breath of air.
Know you not that your God had given you the ability to breath to live to experience life?
Know you to that your God has given you the Freedom of Choice in this life to choose Good from Evil? And now what say you? How have you chosen?
There is No Gray area, our lives here are to be judged by the light we choose to follow or by the darkness we choose to attempt to hide behind as we did wickedly in our time here.
You Must all choose this day whom you shall serve, will you serve the God of Heaven and Earth even Jesus Christ your Savior or will you choose to follow his nemesis even Lucifer, he who was cast out of Heaven for Rebellion at the beginning of the Earths existence.
I shall tell you this, God will win this War of ideology and for the Freedom of Humanity, so it is written and so shall it happen. All those who follow Lucifer and his teachings shall loose and shall be come his subjects. Nothing you do here will make up for the eternal misery you shall suffer for your atrocities upon humanity that you support if ye be wicked. For your Monies, Power, Fame, Glory, all those Illusions given in trade by Lucifer for serving him will be gone, deleted. All that shall remain will be your eternal misery if you do Not now Repent and learn the reality of God, and his countless mercy through repentance that does await those who choose to come back, to walk the  path of light truth and life, for the blessings of Eternity, a share of all that he Jesus Christ has shall be your inheritance as well.
All's you must do is follow his simple, loving, kind, and blessed teachings or commandments.
In them you find True happiness, true freedom from the chains and bondage of sin and wickedness that lead only to misery. Look around you who is most happy on Earth, is it the wicked? those who seek evil in any form, the destruction of self or others? I say no, they lay in their missilery as in a bog up to their necks they do suffer and await their self inflicted doom of eternity while they seduce others to follow their same path, misery love company.
Christ comes to life you out of the bogs of life, whether only your big toe is stuck at this time or if your whole body is all but sunken with only your nose peaking above the mire to breath. He is our Savior for he can life you all out of the bog of evil if only you Choose to do so.
Remember our ancient brethren of humanity, when Moses did guide Israel from the enslavement of 400 yrs of slavery. After all the mighty miracles and events shown them by God still they choose unwisely to follow the easy path, the path of Lucifer's silken honey coated tongue of lies, even when punished by the Fiery flying servants did not God send Healing and Life to those who would but life up their eyes and look upon the staff of Moses, so easy was the way to life, and yet many choose misery and death.
Let us return now to your Oaths, I must assume many have never read the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights, neither the Holy Scriptures. So you maybe unintelligent on these matters due to a lack of learning.
Go and obtain a copy, then read them all and Pray and as God for understanding, for they were written in the combination of thought and prayer, thus they are a spiritual document by nature and can only be fully understood by study and prayer.
Trust no human in your learning, seek it for yourself thus ye shall not be deceived. So simple is the Constitution that wicked and evil doers have sought to complicate it in order to hide their ways of wickedness, oath breaking, and lies deep with in the gray and dark area's of their imagined idea of what they think it says. For lust of Power and greed does humankind once in leadership do evil things.
You see America was Never to have a King to rule over it, and in fact God said that anyone to raise up a King will be destroyed at their day of judgment.
If you do find yourself in the bondage of Lucifer's enticements, of darkness and do lie about in his shackles and chains, know that they can be removed if you choose.
I shall relate a story of a wise teacher who lived anciently amongst my ancestors of old here upon this nation. In your history you will find them labeled as the Hopewell civilization.
We came to these lands long ago from across the great waters to the East, from the other side of the world we know today, we are a remnant of the house of Joseph, even the same who was sold into slavery in Egypt of old.
One of our teachers we know as Alma did share his feelings to those who did not know of God and his ways and how one can find the path of light and truth, freedom and peace in this life. I shall tell part of his tale as recorded by our ancient fathers in their history. Learn or not it is up to you.
To seek or find God one must have Faith to do so. Like an experiment of science the searcher has faith in his theory and does what he can to produce the results he desires, although many times in science other things are learned in the journey of discovery.
So I say unto you, if you can but humble yourself enough to put this theory to the test, then let us proceed. For he that truly can humbleth himself and repent of his sins and then endure to the end of their mortality following the path of light even Jesus Christ shall earn a reward far greater than humankind has the ability to imagine.
So let us arouse your faculties even to an experiment upon my words and even if you but have a speck of faith or hope or even the desire to learn if God is real and that he does exists then if you can so desire let us take the journey with faith no matter how small.
Now we shall as Alma did compare the words and theory like unto a seed. If you give it a place in your heart to be planted then we can learn if it be a good or bad seed.
Take heed if it be a good seed a true seed and if you do not cast it out by your unbelief and by your choice to resist the Spirit of the Lord, behold it shall grow, it will begin to swell with in your chest and as you feel these swelling motions ye will begin to say within yourselves this must be a good seed, or that he words are good for it has begun to enlarge my soul, even it does now bring me learning and understanding and I am desiring to know more for it is pleasing to your mind and heart, for the warmth of the spirit of truth is as the embrace of loving father.
When this happens is this not now a growing or increasing of your faith? Yes it is however it has not grown large enough to have a perfect knowledge of it. For as your seed begins to grow it will increase your faith little by little.
If it does not grow, then you know its a bad seed so just cast it out and forget it.
Lets look at how you can plant the seed and then nourish it to the point it sprouts in your life and then grows into the potential Tree its meant to be.
When you plant a seed you must 1st nourish it, prepare the soil, then water and fertilize it properly.
With this seed of Faith in Christ, one must plant the seed in your heart, by prayer with even the basic desire to know the truth of it. Then the nourishment is by study of the Holy Bible reading it daily to know and learn the stories there in, Humbly searching and humbly praying to know if it is correct. For the Humble prayer does one much good.
You may wish to attend various Church services or find a teacher to lead you along your way to truth an light. Many are the missionaries across the world who teach of Christ.
Now as you feel the goodness and light of what you are experiencing you will know this is truth. For truth is light an happiness.
Once your  seed becomes a tree, your still not done in your search, for your tree will produce fruit, either good or bad sweet or bitter based upon how you nourish it.
So nourish it with great care that it will bring forth good fruit and grow strong to with stand the storms of wickedness of our days.
If you neglect the seed and the tree and take no thought for its nourishment then the roots will not take root and when the winds and heat and storms come it will yank up the roots and the tree will perish.
Note that this is not because the seed was bad, but that the ground, your soul was barren ground in which it was planted. therefore you did not nourish it so it produced bad or no fruit, and died when the trial of life did come against it.
You see the Tree of which I speak is known amongst many lands it is the Tree of Life, and he who partakes of the fruit of it shall through great faith and diligence and with patience looking forward to fruit thereof will feel it take root in your life, and eventually it will produce by your diligence, faith, patience by nourishing the word, the Holy Scriptures and daily prayer you will see the fruit grow and you will notice it is white above all other and most sweet to the soul above all else, and from that time forth you shall no longer thirst or hunger for the truths of life.
This I challenge all of you as individuals if you have room left in your soul to grasp the simple ness of this experiment. If you Fear not to partake of it and put it to the test.
Many fear the truth of knowledge, they do not desire to partake the fruit of eternal life and happiness, but do seek to cross the river of sins and darkness letting go of the Iron rod of truth, to go into the large and spacious building that Lucifer has built to receive you, and once there you start laughing and making jokes of those who you see partaking of the Tree of life. You turn and burn your own tree and desire only misery and other to join you in your chains and bonds of wicked slavery to Lucifer. Which is but endless ruin.

Seek to find the path of light to the Tree of life and Salvation of your soul, seek no more power and control over others, for what ever reason. Lucifer will only momentarily bless you in your wickedness as you serve him, he is the father of all lies, murder, secret combinations to get gain, power, control over others. This if you follow his foolish was leads only to destruction.
My ancestor's did not listen, they chose the lusts of the flesh, desires for power and in doing so they did help the enemy of my ancient nation to over power and destroy them, we were all but exterminated, and we were destroyed as a Nation. What became of those who were the Kings, leaders, Judges, lawyers of my people? they all eventually perished for the wicked do not support the rights of others in their wicked states as all turns to chaos, filled with endless murders, and other evils. You see Lucifer never supports his children or followers in the end, he and his angels of Hell do openly await to torment their souls with laughter.
Remember, Humanity of the whole Earth is awaiting what you shall do. Do you have the courage to find God, to follow his teachings, to become a Warrior of Light and truth?
Or will you take the easy path, that guarantees destruction of your soul.
Oh you leaders and the people of this land, this land was founded with the help of God, even Jesus Christ, and will be a free land so long as the people of this land do worship him.
When you ignore, forget and then curse his name and his many blessings upon this land, he will forsake you, and you will fall into a land of misery, destruction's shall come upon you in many forms, and you will not stand against the enemies of this land until you once again remember your God. Until then Lucifer shall party and laugh as you die in your sins and become his minions and slaves in misery.

Repent, Turn back this nation to God, support and protect it as our Founding Fathers did.
Your life, your family, your posterity, your very eternal existence depends on what you do now.
How will you desire to be remembered? Many will be found in the Hero and protector's of Civilization, freedom, America. Many will be traitor's, and known for their wicked ways.

God Bless the Republic of America, and may you all learn who you really are, learn who God is, and learn to Keep your oaths of office you swore before humanity and God to uphold. Remember God will not be mocked.

God Speed.
Tsul' Kalu
of the Ani-Kituhwagi, The Original People
(The Keepers of the Holy Fire of Truth and Light given us by Etowah even Jesus Christ)