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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rules of engagement - The Richfield Reaper: Letters To The Editor

Rules of engagement - The Richfield Reaper: Letters To The Editor

Rules of engagement

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Posted: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 2:36 pm
I have noticed a similarity between our ROE — rules of engagement — for American border patrol agents and those used in Afghanistan and Iraq forced upon our American warriors — military. In Afghanistan and Paki-stan, their governments have obvious sympathy to the Taliban and al-Qaida and other terror militant factions. As a result, they leave the border area in the northeast uncontrolled.
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In Pakistan, it’s decreed that border control authorities can operate on tarmac roads and only 20 meters on either side of the road. Beyond that, anything goes.
So, by a purposefully weak patrol they allow the evil bad guys to attack those fighting for freedom in the region and our warriors. 

In America, we find Secretary Napolitano guilty with the White House and others who, by their history of actions or inaction, have obvious sympathy to all illegals, Taliban, al-Qaida, drug cartels, all criminals who come across America’s borders at will.
Our border is not secure, as the Obama administration falsely claims.
The ROE are designed to put our BPA at risk of life and injury, their hands are tied.
The rules requiring first use of beanbag ammunition is but one example of the suicidal rules of engagement that govern border patrol operations.
The reason they have such insane rules?
The politicians who run the agency do not want the public to think the border is so dangerous a place that border patrol agents fear for their lives.
In other words, the rules of engagement are based on a lie, a lie that must be maintained for political purposes.
First, Secretary Napol-itano should order all border patrol agents to be issued weapons adequate for both self-defense and apprehension of armed drug smugglers.
The second thing she should do, is resign. How many of our military have been wounded, killed because of such rules. Our BPA are getting killed due to them, our American citizens as well.
When you have the current DOJ trying BPAs for doing their job and using the criminals as their evidence and witness testimony of these evil people to sentence them to prison for shooting armed criminals, this is insane.
More facts at — Internet is full of the truth if you seek it. 

Our American warriors as well must follow insane ROE. We have rules, the evil terrorists have none.
In football if only one team has rules, team two — none, who will win?
Stephen Huls