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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obama Lawyers Threaten Legal Action to Pull and Suppress NJ Ballot Challenge Hearing Video | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

Obama Lawyers Threaten Legal Action to Pull and Suppress NJ Ballot Challenge Hearing Video | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama Lawyers Threaten Legal Action to Pull and Suppress NJ Ballot Challenge Hearing Video

UPDATE: Obama Lawyers Want the Video of the NJ Obama Ballot 
Access Challenge Public Hearing Pulled and Suppressed
Commander Charles Kerchner

I heard this morning that the Obama lawyers are trying to suppress the videos of the NJ Obama Ballot Access Challenge public hearing. So I called and spoke with Attorney Mario Apuzzo and he confirmed that Obama’s lawyers have called him and told him they are planning to take legal action to get the videos of the NJ Ballot Access Challenge Public Hearing pulled and suppressed. What is the Obama side ashamed of and doesn’t want the world to see. Could it be that their Obama “emperor has no clothing on”, i.e., has no known conclusively proven true legal identity clothing/papers to show the world which Attorney Mario Apuzzo forced them to admit to and stipulate to in the NJ public hearing? Obama’s side obviously does not want people to see this video. Watch it yourself at the below links and learn why.

In these videos, the Obama side even wants to allow Mickey Mouse to run for President. To Obama and his lawyers the U.S. Constitution and presidential eligibility clause in Article II is a joke. You can see that in Part II at about 40 minutes into that segment. It was interesting that Obama’s lawyer chose and mentioned Mickey Mouse running for President and making a mockery of the election process in her statements in the hearing as Mickey Mouse was a contributor to Obama’s campaign in 2008 as part of the untraceable debit and credit card contributions that Obama accepted online, a good chunk of it alleged to have been illegally provided to Obama operatives from foreign sources.

Full Video of the NJ Obama Ballot Access Challenge Public Hearing. Under NJ state law, video taping of public hearings is permitted. Now the Obama legal team wants to suppress these videos. Everyone should download a copy of these videos onto their own personal computer such that the Obama side cannot make these videos disappear from the eyes and ears of the American electorate who can now see the shameful games the Obama lawyers play in court to avoid revealing Obama’s lack of any conclusive proof as to his true legal identity. See this channel link for the videos of this public hearing and/or via the other embedded links below:

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA


UPDATE: Conservative News and Views: The Obama eligibility case took a nasty turn today. Lawyers for the Obama campaign demanded that videos of a New Jersey administrative-law trial come down. Those same lawyers admitted that they had removed their associate, Alexandra Hill, from the case. HERE.

Adolf Hitler and Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Able to Donate to Obama 2012: Verification Disabled - DETAILS HERE

FLASHBACK: Will Mickey Mouse Get To Contribute Like In 2008? A screenshot below(at link) from the FEC website shows a $2,000 contribution from Mickey Mouse to Obama's 2008 campaign. You can replicate the finding yourself at the FEC website here;