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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Greatest Single Threat to America as a Nation and its Citizenry

The Greatest Single Threat to America as a Nation and its Citizenry
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack on the United States of America
Executive & Congressional Reports by the Commission 2004 & 2008

Let us begin with what is and EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse. The nature of the threat is a High - Altitude EMP which results from the detonation of a nuclear warhead at altitudes of about 40 - 400 kilometers above the Earth's surface. The immediate effects of EMP are disruption of , and damage to, electronic systems and electrical infrastructure. EMP is not reported in the scientific literature to have direct immediate physical effects on people. 

Example the effects were observed during the US & Soviet atmospheric test programs in 1962.  With a Starfish Nuclear detonation - that was not designed or intended as a generator of EMP - at an altitude of about 400 kilometers above Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean. Some electronic and electrical systems in the Hawaiian Islands, 1400 kilometers distance, were affected such as the telecommunications relay facility, street lighting failure, tripping circuit breakers etc.

The Soviets the same year executed a series of nuclear detonations in which they exploded 300 kiloton weapons at approximately 300, 150, 60 kilometers above their test site in South Central Asia. They report that on each shot they observed damage to overhead and underground buried cables at distances of 600 kilometers. They also observed surge arrestor burnout, spark - gap breakdown, blown fuses and power supply breakdowns.

Keep in mind this was 50 years ago when the civilized industrial societies of the world were just becoming electronic reliant. Today the majority of North America, Europe, Russia are now mostly electronic reliant for about everything pertaining to our lives.

What is significant about an EMP attack is that one of a few high - altitude nuclear detonations can produce EMP effects that can potentially disrupt or damage electronic and electrical systems over much of the United States, virtually simultaneously, at a time determined by an adversary, yes there are those who have devoted years in creating a designed super EMP to use against the United States, Russia, China, Iran, the last has been documented in training to launch and use EMP attack against the United States several times in the last 10 years, using container ships to launch the missiles. So since they monthly threaten, promise to destroy America this should be taken seriously, as they now have with the help of Russia and others the capability to do so.

New Flash during the writing of this article about Iran's Abilities.  Taken from current News: 
Posted on April 7, 2012 at 2:16pm by Madeleine Morgenstern Madeleine Morgenstern
    Iran Can Make Nuclear Weapons but Wont, Lawmaker Says (Remember Hitler said he would not, as well. Evil people never tell the truth of their intentions)
In this Feb. 15, 2012, file photo (visit for photo), provided by the Iranian President's Office, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, right, is escorted by technicians during a tour of Tehran's research reactor center in northern Tehran, Iran. (AP File Photo)
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran has the knowledge and scientific capability to produce nuclear weapons but will never do so, a prominent lawmaker has said.
Gholamreza Mesbahi Moghadam is a parliamentarian not a government official and his views do not represent the Iranian government’s policy. It however is the first time that such a prominent Iranian politician has publicly stated that Iran has the technological capability to produce a nuclear weapon.
(Related: Report: Obama Secretly Signals Iran It Can Have a Nuke Program If It Doesn’t Pursue Weapons)
His assertion published on parliament’s website late Friday suggests that Iran is trying to show unity in its political establishment around its often repeated claims that it seeks world-class technological advances including nuclear expertise, but does not want to develop atomic arms as the U.S. and its allies claim.
The statement comes before planned talks beginning next week with the U.S. and other world powers over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.
Moghadam said Iran can easily produce the highly enriched uranium that is used to build atomic bombs, but that it is not Tehran’s policy to go that route.
“Iran has the scientific and technological capability to produce (a) nuclear weapon, but will never choose this path,” he said in remarks carried by the parliamentary website
The U.S. and its allies accuse Iran of using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to develop nuclear weapons. Iran denies the charges, saying its program is peaceful and geared toward generating electricity and producing medical radioisotopes to treat cancer patients.
The White House did not comment on Moghadam’s comments.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has repeatedly insisted that his country is not seeking nuclear weapons, saying that holding such arms is a sin as well as “useless, harmful and dangerous.”
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also asserted that if Iran one day decides to build nuclear weapons, it will do so openly and won’t fear anybody. However, he has also emphasized that Iran has no intention to weaponize what he describes as a peaceful nuclear program.
Director of U.S. National Intelligence James Clapper asserted in a January report to the Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran has the means to build a nuclear weapon but has not yet decided to follow through.
U.S. intelligence officials say they generally stand by a 2007 intelligence assessment that asserts Iran stopped comprehensive secret work on developing nuclear arms in 2003. But Britain, France, Germany, Israel and other U.S. allies think such activities have continued past that date, a suspicion shared by the IAEA, which says in recent reports that some isolated and sporadic activities may be ongoing.
However, the IAEA says there is no evidence to prove that Iran’s nuclear materials have been diverted towards weapons.
Iran says it is enriching uranium to about 3.5 percent to produce nuclear fuel for its future reactors and also to around 20 percent to fuel a research reactor that produces medical isotopes to treat cancer patients. Uranium has to be enriched to more than 90 percent to be used for a nuclear weapon.
The U.N. nuclear agency has also confirmed that centrifuges at the Fordo site near Iran’s holy city of Qom are churning out uranium enriched to 20 percent, and says uranium enriched to that level can more quickly be turned into weapons-grade material.
Moghadam, the lawmaker, said that Iran has the means to produce 90-plus percent enrichment.
“There is a possibility for Iran to easily achieve more than 90 percent enrichment,” quoted Moghadam as saying.

There are Three main components of EMP.

First EMP Component or (E1)
The first component is a free - field energy pulse with a rise - time measured int he range of a fraction of a billionth to a few billionths of a second. It is the "electromagnetic shock" that disrupts or damages electronic - based control systems, sensors, communication systems, protective systems, computers, and similar devices. (Your Cell Phones, I - Pads, Kindles, etc.)
Its damage or functional disruption occurs essentially simultaneously over a very large area. Example if EMP were centered over Ohio the effected area would reach out to the west half way across Nebraska, to Dallas Texas, South to Miami Florida, and North to Winnipeg Canada as well to the east Quebec, and to the east far out to sea so the whole of the east coast will be effected. Keep in mind this is just One EMP.

Second EMP Component (E2)
The middle - time component covers roughly the same geographic area as the first component and is similar to lightning in its time - dependence, but is far more geographically widespread in its character and somewhat lower in amplitude. In general, it would not be an issue for critical infrastructure systems since they have existing protective measures for defense against occasional lightning strikes. The most significant risk is synergistic, because the E2 component follows a small fraction of a second after the first component E1 's insult, which has the ability to impair or destroy many protective and control features. The energy associated with the second component thus may be allowed to pass into and damage systems.

Third EMP Component (E3)
The final major component of EMP is subsequent, slower - rising, longer duration pulse that creates disruptive currents in long electricity transmission lines, resulting in damage to electrical supply and distribution systems connected to such lines. The sequence of E1, E2, and then E3 components of EMP is important because each can cause damage, and the later damage can be increased as a result of the earlier damage. In the example depicted on page 6 and 7 of the 2004 Executive Report shows the map of such results. The total electrical power load of the United States is within the region exposed to the EMP event.
(This is from the "Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, Volume 1 Executive Report 2004")


Keeping the Citizenry Informed about the effects on people of an EMP. From the Official 2008 Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack (187 pgs detailed). (Have you been informed ? your City, County, State Governments been informed so they can prepare against an EMP ?

As mentioned the current estimate is that the EMP would not likely have any direct adverse effects on people. Such effects have not been observed for the personnel who operate EMP Simulators.  Medical surveillance studies on human exposure to pulse electromagnetic fields have supported this inference.
A Very Important exception is people whose well - being depends on electronic life support equipment. They will be directly impacted by effects that disrupt or damage such devices. Research sponsored by the Commission suggests that some heart pacemakers may be among the devices susceptible to upset from high - altitude EMP.
Impacts of an EMP Attack can be found on pages 176 - 181 of this report. Suggest you read these examples and learn from them for possible prevention.
I would suggest the reader of this article obtain a copy of the two reports which in depth speak about the Effects, Causes, and Preventions methods to survive such EMP events when they occur.
They can be found here:   The Full Reports can be accessed and downloaded here for your personal education.



"Our Nation's vulnerability to EMP will give rise to potentially Large - Scale, Long - Term consequences can be reasonably and readily reduced below the level of a potentially Catastrophic National Problem by coordinated and focused effort between the private and public sectors of our country. The cost for such improved security in the next 3 to 5 years is modest by any standard -- and extremely so in relation to both the war on terror and the value of the national infrastructures involved. The appropriate response to this threatening situation is a balance of prevention, protection, planning, and preparations for recovery. Such actions are both rational and feasible. A number of these actions also reduce vulnerabilities to other serious threats to our infrastructures, thus giving multiple benefits."
So in the 2004 "Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack" You will find many ways to Prepare against EMP in your communities. I wonder if Washington DC has taken the time to notify our local communities of this very serious threat?

What will be affected in brief detail.

Electric Power Infrastructure Nation Wide Failure.
Telecommunications, all cell phones, satellite, internet, electronic communications failure, HAM radios of the modern style will be affected as well, Old Tube sets would work and Morse code.

Banking and Finance, your bank accounts now all electronic, you have No Access to your personal savings, investments, etc. all gone in less than 1 second. So no money. 

Fuel & Energy Infrastructure Failures, no Heat, Cooling, Power from the Electric Grid. Thus all electronic devices, and any back up generators with electronic computer style components are now useless. You will have to physically rebuild / replace affected items to restart your power grid, will this take days, weeks, months, years?
Effects will be in winter people will freeze, summer overheat, hospitals, rest homes, etc. no power will mean literally millions will die when the power shuts off indefinitely.

Transportation Infrastructure, This will come to a stand still, indefinitely. No Shipping, No Semi Truck deliveries to your local stores, No Supplies coming into your communities from Any source. How long will your town, city, county, state survive with out the thousands of supply trucks that come and supply them with goods, food, medical, etc that makes it possible for us to survive? Our communities are dependent upon Outside sourced of all our needs at this time.

Food Infrastructure,  With all the above being stopped, you will have to exist on what food storage you have in your stores (1 day will be empty in most cases) Your citizens personal food storage in their homes, then what ever your community can provide - Grow - farm, until such a time as the electronic systems can be repaired and the infrastructure replaced, rebuilt and start functioning again, this could take 1 - 2 years. This would mean those not prepared personally, cities, etc. millions nation wide would perish.

Water Supply, Localities who have local water supplies if they are prepared can fix the damaged pumps and delivery systems, those gravity feed will last until the main tanks are dry. Drinking water will be effected. Then sanitary needs will be affected. Without water disease and pestilence will run rampant among the citizenry causing illness and death. This must be protected, and have EMP preventative back ups in older style generator's that have no modern electronics that will be victim to EMP. Such as Diesel, other fuel, even Steam Engine systems to generate power, thus allowing water and other power needs to be returned to the system, keeping people alive.
Personal water storage video below.

 Emergency Service, Imagine no communications, no access to 911, to any help? Local  Emergency Services and Law Enforcement will be stressed beyond capacity, no one will be able to help anyone for the immediate time until some of the problems mentioned above are addressed and fixed. Neighbor's will have to help neighbor's. In my area the medical community is 10 miles away in the next town, seems close in today's transportation system but when no modern vehicles work its back to walking or horse and buggy days. Note: Older non electronic vehicles no computers etc. would work they may only need a new battery and then would be able to run fine. So this would be most pre - 1970's vehicles. Suggest all Emergency Services etc. have access to such transportation at their locals, at least a few in case of this EMP emergency.

Space Systems, most systems in space will be affected as well. GPS will stop working. 

Governments, There would be no contact immediately with any government agencies outside of your affected area for some time. Unless a backup system is created using old tube style ham radios, Morse code, etc. At the State levels and Counties, then Cities and Towns for communication needs.
Without a known form of Government this could cause Chaos with the citizenry as those who are disposed to do evil will take advantage of the chaos and do bad things with the absence of law and order, this will be very bad. Measures should be taken so that local towns, cities, counties have a way to protect themselves from roving bands of groups, militants who would by arms take away the lives, food, medical needs of communities.

Military, The Military has been preparing for such events over the years, however many of their needs due to budget restrictions and downsizing are now vulnerable to EMP.  It would be a while for un-affected units to be able to help restore normal order to America.


What can we do?

What can Town's, Cities, Counties, States do to Prevent the Catastrophe that would happen in their communities when the EMP occurs. They can not prevent the EMP, even the Federal Government in Washington DC can not prevent such an attack by any source. Only by showing strength, in our current weakened position internationally we appear weak, and open to certain attacks by terrorist, zealot, rogue, or normal governments and groups across the world.
There are promises by such, like Iran of such an attack in our future, they have told us so. Others like N. Korea have also promised such attacks, and recently Russia warned us they are prepared to use EMP against us at any time they choose.
So is the possible eventual EMP real, Yes. and should be taken seriously.

As mentioned before there are things we can do personally or locally to help us survive when an EMP occurs.
Protect your electrical grids by having a source of energy available to your local communities that can be used after and EMP event.
This will prevent much of the chaos and death that will result in the days and weeks after an EMP. The Older people, rest homes, hospitalized, those who depend on electronic devices are the 1st to perish after the EMP event.
Many who need medical supplies of all types for survival will also based upon their needs eventually perish. Asthmatics, Diabetics, etc. just to name a few.
Food will run out based upon circumstances.
Prepare by encouraging your people to have gardens, farms, to grown foods and encourage canning, and food storage.
Now many in today's economy cannot buy extra food, or store it. What can we do to help them?
We could create large green houses that will provide food and herbs for medical needs in your local communities, these can be done with private and public sector getting together to help one another to build and maintain such facilities.
Once built, the maintaining of the structures can be done with a few trained experts in the fields of need, growing food, fish farms, herbal needs, etc. in the green houses.
People can volunteer to assist in the maintaining of them as well, harvesting etc.
We can have those on food stamps, who need to use the food bank, the unemployed trade their time to help produce and maintain these green houses as this is how they will receive their food, those who physically are able to help.
One could even use prisoners if possible to assist in this program.
Things would need to happen with the county levels of government to assist, as well as cities, and towns to address this need in prevention.
The food grown can be used for  current needs, and the rest can be canned, freeze dried, for storage in the community warehouses for the times of need in the future.
Some fresh items could be used commercially as well to help offset the costs of running these facilities.

Here is a successful Green House program on 5 acres in Milwaukee

Join Outpost for a virtual tour of Milwaukee's only urban farm - Growing Power.

There are many youtube videos as the one above that show how they have grown millions of tons of food, and fish in their successful green house system in urban Milwaukee. Worth watching them. They also offer training for other communities on how they have succeeded, so you can also succeed.

This will make each community self reliant and it will help each one survive in case of EMP or any other natural catastrophe, such as earth quakes, hurricane's, tornado's what ever could happen in your local.
This will Save Lives, the lives of your family, your neighbor's, your town, city, county, state.
We can implement these and other idea's others in your communities can come up with, each community has local talents in all the above categories to prevent, repair the needs after a EMP or other natural catastrophe.
Find out who these people are, and use them, start now to build the resources, and communications systems needed to survive.
When each community does this, there will not be a need for extreme panic, Chaos, but there will be order, and there will be refugees from the major cities, and other town who have not prepared.
Will you be able to house the extra thousands, feed them, help them, or will due to a lack of preparation become a refugee, or have to turn out other fellow American's to fend for themselves, to deny them water, food, medical help, to perish?

You will also have to prepare for the needs of your animals, pets, farm animals for work or food, Some think they will just eat the ranchers, farmers animals, that will go quick, some think they will go hunting, well if you have thousands of people now hunting for food in a few weeks time, the game will be slaughtered for food, or move out of the area due to the over hunting.

This is indeed a very serious thing to worry about, It starts at home, but then must encompass the towns, counties to help assist the well being of those they serve. When and EMP event happens it might be best if the local Town, County declares Martial Law in order to prevent Mobs running on the stores, and other resources. Thus being able to hand out food as needed to those in need thus preserving this resource and making it last as long as possible, until replacement resources can be used. Much needs to happen, and much thought, however the foe's of America will not wait, remember they have been practicing such attacks, it would only take 3-4 strategically placed devices about our atmosphere to create a total blackout of America, that means we instantly in a second or two are taken from the 21st century to the 19th century of immediate capabilities, we are not ready.
In the Bible we read that Joseph was able to help Egypt prepare for 7 years of hard times, and they feed many of their neighbors since they were prepared.
It is wise to be prepared, and foolish not to be. Can we watch our children, families, neighbors, towns, cities, perish for a lack of preparation? Think about it. What is the worth of their lives?

These are my thoughts and suggestions, again look at the sites above about the official reports about EMP and its effects, both reports are about 1.5 inches thick together but they do have very detailed information on what we can do.

United we will succeed in our communities, however if we attempt to survive alone then we shall fail.
This style of Attack (EMP) would be the single easiest way to Destroy America as a Nation, Its population, and it may never recover. After an EMP major event, we would be defenseless, and any Army not affected could easily invade the country and sweep over our states at will. Some may come to 'Help' but then never leave example could be China, or Russia, Mexico, and their allies. America would never be the same.
May our Leaders do what they can to prevent such an attack, however since this report is years old, I wonder if they have even started to prepare our local communities as suggested in the reports?

God Bless the Republic of America!

Stephen Huls
Monroe Utah