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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dan Liljenquist – Conservative for U.S. Senate - Dan Liljenquist rips Orrin Hatch in sole debate

Dan Liljenquist – Conservative for U.S. Senate - Dan Liljenquist rips Orrin Hatch in sole debate


Dan Liljenquist rips Orrin Hatch in sole debate

June 15, 2012
From: Politico
By: David Catanese
Former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist accused Sen. Orrin Hatch of “fiscal child abuse” during their only debate Friday, lacing into the six-term incumbent for repeatedly voting to increase the nation’s debt ceiling.
“Sen. Hatch has held the line on overall tax raises,” Liljenquist said during a one-hour GOP Senate primary debate on KSL radio in Utah. “What he has not held the line is the worst kind of taxation, where you spend a future generation’s worth of wealth and you foist it on a whole bunch of Americans who didn’t have the chance to vote for you, with interest.”
“That is fiscal child abuse and that’s what’s happened in this Congress under your watch as you’ve voted over and over to raise the debt ceiling,” Liljenquist added. “That is a tax increase, that you’ve deferred on a whole generation of Americans.”
Hatch, who is favored to survive the June 26 primary challenge, responded with indignation.
“Apparently I’m responsible for everything that’s wrong in the federal government. That’s total BS and everybody knows it,” Hatch said, before arguing, as he has throughout the race, that his seniority is a boon to the state.
”Everybody who knows me knows that I’m conservative, that I fight for conservative principles, I fight to keep spending under control, I fight to make bills work. And almost everything he defines as being important is in my committee,” he replied, seated just a few feet from Liljenquist in a studio.
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