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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Glenn Beck Attacks Obama’s Decision to Implement the DREAM Act Through Homeland Security, Calling it Dictatorial and Cowardly | Video |

Glenn Beck Attacks Obama’s Decision to Implement the DREAM Act Through Homeland Security, Calling it Dictatorial and Cowardly | Video |

‘This Is What a Dictator Does’: Beck Savages Obama’s Fiat on Illegal Immigrants

Earlier today, we reported that the Department of Homeland Security plans to implement a “policy change” which looks virtually identical to the DREAM Act – an act of Congress that has stalled repeatedly due to its unpopular stance on illegal immigration. In other words, the White House has decided it can bypass Congress to get its agenda enacted.
Fortunately, Glenn Beck was willing to call this genuine constitutional crisis (Eric Holder notwithstanding) out for what it is – a blatant move towards executive dictatorship. Listen to the segment below: sums up Beck’s epic reaction below:
“He’s not trying to get this through Congress. He is just, in a breakthrough fashion, seizing power,” Glenn told listeners. “This is exactly what a dictator does, not an American president.  We are a constitutional republic.  They don’t do that.  He doesn’t have the ability.  The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t have the authority to do this.  Obama is now stopping all deportations for certain classes of illegal aliens.  Essentially he is going to put in place the DREAM Act without dealing with the hassles of debating it, voting it, discussing it, even writing an executive order.  He’s just doing it.”[...]
“It’s not even executive order,” Glenn said. “He’s just doing it through the Department of Homeland Security.”
“Meanwhile, Janet Napolitano is telling us that the border is now better than it’s ever been,” he continued. “That is an out and out outrageous lie. This is one of the most important topics of our lifetime what’s happening on the border. It is a war zone. It is worse than a war zone. What’s happening in Pakistan on the border, what’s happening in Iraq on a border is not as bad as what’s happening in our own country on our border.”
Couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Evidently, the rule of law and the separation of powers are completely foreign concepts to this administration. And even worse, besides this policy’s complete lack of respect for both those concepts is the fact that it is self-evidently an election year about face. Why? Because, as the Huffington Post reported last October, the Obama administration has already set a record for the number of deportations perpetrated on its watch. So on top of being dictatorial, the policy is also rankly hypocritical and disingenuous, which makes Beck’s final conclusion inescapable:
“The cowards in congress won’t deal with it, the cowards in the media won’t deal with it, the cowards in the Oval Office won’t deal with it – President Barack Obama is a coward,” Glenn said.
Visit to get a taste of Beck’s thoughts on immigration and the border from his new book, “Cowards.”