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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fast and Furious the Entire Scandal in 62 seconds

Watch American Freedom Fund’s Fast and Furious Recap Video | Eric Holder | Video |

See the Entire Fast & Furious Scandal…in 62 Seconds

The Obama administration’s Fast and Furious scandal is still raging, with Congressional Republicans continuing to press Attorney General Eric Holder on the details — and documents — pertaining to the case. On Thursday, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) gave Holder an ultimatum, pressing even harder for the Justice Department to release the remainder of the documents surrounding the operation.
Watch American Freedom Funds Fast and Furious Recap Video | Eric Holder
If Holder and the Department release the materials, the contempt of Congress vote that is scheduled for next week will essentially be nixed. This, of course, comes as the debate between Republicans and Democrats on the issue reaches a boiling point.
If you’re coming a bit late in the game to the Fast and Furious saga, considering watching the conservative American Future Fund’s (AFF) new 62-second video showcasing a recap of all of the events comprising it, in sequence. The AFF describes the scandal as follows:
In December 2010, US Border Control Agent Brian Terry was gunned down while on duty.  The high power assault rifles found at the scene were linked to the Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious.  Agent Terry’s tragic death is only one of many violent crimes linked to the guns lost in the botched action.  More than 1,700 guns still remain unaccounted for.
Obama and his administration continue to deny any knowledge or take responsibility.  Under oath, Attorney General Eric Holder said he had known nothing about Fast and Furious until a few weeks prior to his testimony.  But Justice Department documents reveal that Holder had, in fact, known of the operation for more than a year.
AFF Founder Nick Ryan stated, “The lies, cover-up and reckless abuse of power in this failed operation are astounding.  It was authorized and sanctioned by the Obama Administration.  They need to own it and be accountable for the tragedies as a result.”