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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hawaii‘s Form Verifying the Existence of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Now Viewable Online |

Hawaii‘s Form Verifying the Existence of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Now Viewable Online |

See Hawaii‘s Official Form Verifying They Have Obama’s Birth Certificate

Well, that’s one bit of suspicion brought low. KYFI has reproduced Hawaii’s “Verification of birth certificate” form in full on their website, and we are able to bring you the following image of the much-dramatized document.
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Hawaiis Form Verifying the Existence of Barack Obamas Birth Certificate Now Viewable OnlineAlvon T. Onaka is listed as the State Registrar for Hawaii. The date issued is May 22, 2012.

How Hard is it then {IF} Mr. Onaka can View as far as I see some possibly Imagined Birth Record in the dark closet, then give us this verification form stating HE saw the real with all the falsehoods Hawaii & Obama White House have Given to the American People, Why should we fall for what looks like Another Lie?

Lucas Smith Gave us a REAL document form of a REAL Birth Certificate from Kenya.... which goes along with the EYE Witness's, and Family of Obama in Kenya when he was Born.

So if L. Smith can obtain one, why is Hawaii so Negligent / Scared to provide a REAL copy of their alleged Long Form Original Birth certificate? 
Maybe because it does NOT exist.