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Monday, October 29, 2012

Artist Jon McNaughton Creates ‘Runaway Slave’ Painting | C.L. Bryant |

Artist Jon McNaughton Creates ‘Runaway Slave’ Painting | C.L. Bryant |

Popular Anti-Obama Artist Releases ‘Runaway Slave’ Painting to Praise C.L. Bryant (& Expose Democratic ‘Enslavement’)

Artist Jon McNaughton is, once again, using his talents to make a social and political statement. His new painting, “Runaway Slave,” will be much like his old one in that it is likely to spawn controversy and debate. If the title of the artwork sounds familiar, it’s because it’s named after the Rev. C.L. Bryant’s documentary — a cinematic effort that explored the Democratic Party’s handling of racial issues.
Artist Jon McNaughton Creates Runaway Slave Painting | C.L. Bryant
Photo Credit:

McNaughton worked with Bryant to produce the piece, telling CBS News that the project was undertaken in an effort to praise the conservative civil rights leader (TheBlaze also profiled Bryant in August) for his efforts to help African Americans escape the chains that purportedly hold them hostage. Here’s how the artist describes the painting on his web site:
“This painting is a beacon to all Americans, to free yourselves from the government bondage that enslaves your very soul. Be free of the old taskmaster that will offer you all the comforts if you will but do his bidding. Rise up and be great in the sight of God! You are the ‘Runaway Slave’!”
The artist discussed the newly-released painting in detail, explaining that he believes that Democrats, like Obama, have failed African Americans.
“My position is that the Democratic Party has brought the demise of Black America,” McNaughton said in an interview with CBS Houston. “Currently, 95 percent of all blacks vote Democrat, and yet what do they have to show for it?”
The artist went on to note the economic issues that have hit the African American community, as he claims that 25 percent of this cohort are impoverished, 16 percent are unemployed and 30 percent of black babies are aborted.
The portrait shows Bryant unshackled and standing with a torch in front of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial:
Artist Jon McNaughton Creates Runaway Slave Painting | C.L. Bryant
Photo Credit: Jon McNaughton
McNaughton’s decision to release the new painting one week before the election, he claims, was made in an effort to show the black community that Obama is not helping them.
Past paintings the artist have produced have also taken aim at Obama. One highlighted the president’s “dangerous atrocities.” Another showed the president burning the constitution — and a third presented Obama trampling the constitution.