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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bus Explodes in Central Tel Aviv as Hamas Takes Responsibility |

Bus Explodes in Central Tel Aviv as Hamas Takes Responsibility |

(UN and USA Media progressive liberal leftists, and other uninformed non reality thinkers. Want Israel to take the 1st steps, to bow down to the Terrorists of the Middle East like Hamas...who live only to Exterminate Israel, Steal, Rape, Murder, Plunder...such is their form of Islam... Why should the farmer make a Deal with the Rabid snarling Dogs who have been killing his flocks of sheep for generations with no intention of stopping? How can one negotiate a peace with rabid dogs who have been taught since Birth to Hate, Murder, Rape, Plunder, Exterminate Israel and America? How do you speak to such Terrorists grown, brainwashed EVIL... you Don't. Let us remember Sodom and Gomorrah of the  Old Testament in the Holy Bible. So Evil were they and perverted from their baby hood to adult hood that Father in Heaven, God of this Earth knew he could not save anyone of those cities but a few. Non would listen, all where corrupted since birth. Thus these two cities were destroyed to save the regions of the world in their area to start over again with true civilization. This is what may need to happen in the Middle East eventually, God will Defend Israel in the end, All its enemies, All nations who do arm themselves to fight against Israel shall Fall. Including America if its leadership do help, support, the enemies of Israel-Obama is doing that, Even America shall fall if it attacks Israel through Obama-nations new Allies (our old axis of evil nations) Sad is the day. Wake up America, the World, Hamas IS the true Evil, Israel must defend itself from such cowardly rabid dogs! Warnings for America's future comment)

Bus Explodes in Central Tel Aviv: Hamas Takes Responsibility & Reportedly Launches ‘Ecstatic’ Celebration

Bus Explodes in Central Tel Aviv as Hamas Takes Responsibility
Bus in central Tel Aviv where explosion took place (photo credit: Israel Channel 2 screen shot via Times of Israel)
Veteran reporter Sharona Schwartz reports from Israel for TheBlaze

A large explosion took place on a bus in central Tel Aviv Wednesday. Hamas in Gaza claimed responsibility for the attack it says was carried out by a suicide bomber, reports the Times of Israel. A journalist for Israel Channel 2 quotes his sources in Ramallah reporting Palestinians there celebrated the news and some handed out candy, while another reporter for the Israeli network said the response on the street in Gaza was “ecstatic.”
The BBC’s Gaza reporter Rushdi Abualouf wrote via Twitter that Hamas celebrated as an achievement the Tel Aviv bombing over mosque loudspeakers.
Israel’s Channel 2 initially quoted police sources who said they arrested two individuals suspected of involvement in the attack. One man who was arrested at the “Boursa” Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is now believed to be psychologically unstable and is not being considered a suspect at this time, reports Channel 2 News police correspondent Moshe Nussbaum.
The explosion took place at the corner of King Saul Street and Weitzman Street. An eyewitness tells Army Radio the bus was not full at the time.
The Magen David Adom rescue services say ten passengers were injured, of them hospital sources say one sustained heavy wounds, two moderate and the rest lightly from the explosion that took place around noon local. A local hospital says 17 arrived in the emergency room, some of them suffering from psychological trauma.

While details are still sketchy, Israel Channel 2 reports that police are investigating if the terrorist threw the bomb onto the bus and ran away. Contrary to that report, one eyewitness told Channel 2 that passengers told police a suspicious man got off the bus one stop before the explosion took place.Tel Aviv Police Chief Aharon Axel says “We are combing the area.”
Many rescue vehicles including fire trucks and ambulances arrived quickly on the scene. The explosion took place very close to Ichilov Hospital and to the IDF headquarters, also known as the “Kirya.” Police protectively closed the Azrieli Center, one of the country’s largest malls situated in a three-building skyscraper complex.
An eyewitness told Israel’s Army Radio he saw white smoke that rose about 15 yards high.
Reporters on site said the bus’ windows were blown out, and that the numbers blew off so that they couldn’t inform worried listeners which bus line was hit.
A police spokesman told Army Radio “We are pursuing a number of investigative directions,” while an Army Radio correspondent reported her sources said no body of a suicide bomber was found on the bus.
Police cordoned off the area to look for any secondary bombs as has been terrorists’ modus operandi in past attacks.
An eyewitness said he at first thought the explosion was an incoming missile: “We heard a horrible sound.” “There is a deep fear the terrorist who planted the bomb got away.”
According to the BBC which is monitoring the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV station, Hamas released this statement: “Hamas welcomes the martyrdom operation and stresses that it is a natural response to the massacring of the Al-Dalu family and the targeting of Palestinian citizens.”
Eight members of the Al-Dalu family were killed earlier this week in an Israeli air strike. The IDF said it is investigating what it’s calling a mistaken bombing that had been intended for a man “in charge of rocket launching” from the neighborhood.
​TheBlaze will continue to update this post as more information comes in, including reactions from the Israeli and U.S. governments.