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Let it be known to all the World, I love all Humankind, however the poor actions of the few that take away the Freedom's of the many wear on my soul. I don't hate them I feel sad for their foolishness before God and humankind.

Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rape of American Politic's by the AINO's.

I sickens my soul and intellect as I attempt to watch those who are coming off their election victory in the Presidential elections. The Mass Media - controlled by the political leftists, communists, radical islamic's, George Soro's, Obama - administration All are complicit in what should be known as the greatest election scheme, felony Fraud perpetrated in the History of American elections.

This I will term the Rape of American Politics by AINO's (American's In Name Only).
When the RNC and those who claim to represent the Republic Party do now back peddle and start groveling for attention because their candidate lost, they start making excuses and sound a lot like the enemies of America, we need to do this and that, we should of done that, now we must compromise, etc.

Republicans, and the American's called the Tea Party which is a mix of all religions, races, tongues who are NOT racists, we do not hire people based on sex, race, politics.
However the Democrat, Progressive, Leftists DO segregate applications by Race, Sexual nature, political agenda's, and religion. They are the #1 historic group who Owned slaves, fought AGAINST the Civil Rights movement,  Fight Against freedom of Speech as it apply's to certain religions, whites and anyone of a race they control who speaks the Truth, Stands for the US Constitution and Bill of Rights  and true freedom for all. If your not of their political agenda and you disagree the 1st thing they do is attack you due to your race.

History will record that today America has truly become a land where the Rich Elitist's, the politicians, those who shove the international agenda upon citizens of America for the purpose of the destruction of America, their Constitution, their Freedoms.
These are those who accept Lies as Truth, and Truth they call lies.
These are they who do call Evil as Good, and do now label Good as Evil.

I watch the commentary and see weakness in America, the Founding Fathers would have been saddened by this. As they look down upon America they see the Kingmen/women who do lust for power, they do control the judges, lawyers, many church's, many many schools of higher learning where they do teach their ideology with the fervor of a false religious cult.

Where are the true Patriots? Those who love the Constitution are labeled potential Terrorists by the Obama regime, If you believe in Jesus Christ, you own a fire arm, you love your country and so forth. These are now those who the Government and the Media are laughing at, calling out of touch, out of date, out of their minds for wanting to Follow the actual laws that govern the land since it's founding.

The so called Winners of this election of 2012 are acting like the rapist who just finished a serial rape orgy of a whole nation, those who complain, they tell them it's their fault they were raped, and make them feel guilty for being innocent victims. The criminals are now Above the laws, they can do as they wish openly. The media now is very complicit with these who are now destroying the Republic of America.

The Progressives have given re-birth to the Race Wars! They have done everything they can from lies, propaganda, riots, massive fraud to keep Race an issue in American society in order to keep control of the various race's they abuse or I shall say use like they use a prostitute.
They lie and say the whites hate you, your uneducated unemployed, poor due to the White Man, or the Rich White Republican man.
They get you to serve them on their plantations by Keeping you in poverty, making sure your schools do not educate your children thus they are easier to keep as slaves to their liberal progressive agenda's. They are your Masters, and you submit to their will as the slaves born into captivity throughout the history of the world.
You who are black, YOU do NOT have a corner on the market of history as being slaves! At times All races have been in slavery, and today are still so. The Muslims believe in slavery of all races, for work, sex slaves, etc. The Blacks of Africa still enslave and sell each other, do you American Blacks cry out about this? no. You wine about things that are 100yrs old.
My kin were once slaves to each other, and to many nations.
Israel has been slaves of Egypt some 400 years before they were liberated by God through Moses, and as they were gaining their freedom finally many wined, complained, and some turned against the liberator and were destroyed.
Traditionally those of Republican values did everything they could to Free All from slavery.
Democrats well they owned the plantations, founded the KKK and other hate groups towards race.

America the only Race wars, Religion wars, Abortion - Infanticide - Euthanasia - Extermination of undesirable's of society, Slavery of the poor, Greed and lusts for power are taught, sought, embraced, lusted for by those predominately of the Progressive movements in All political, religious, ideology schools of thought. These who teach hate, to lie, cheat, steal, break the laws of our Nation and those given us by God in the 10 commandments (the root of any true civilized culture). When you do this nations fail. Tyrants rule. People become slaves.

Romney did not loose the election,
American values did.
American's value God, Freedom For religion, Freedom of speech, freedom from slavery to governments, freedom to choose to follow Moral Values for a moral society. Honesty, Fairness, belief in Life at conception = once egg fertilized its is alive and growing thus says science.
Goodness, kindness, charity to each other, Small government as designed by the founding fathers.
Freedom to think without persecution.
In short the laws of God to live in a civilized free nation for all.

Obama won with the Non values of, Lawbreaking, assisting in election fraud, encouraging and assisting in NON Citizens to vote repeatedly for Obama, some under threat of Deportation.  They won by Lie's, cheating, propaganda of deception, Non Id voting = multiple votes and international voting or NON Legal Citizens, Preventing American Citizens and Military votes from being counted. Those who believe in Abortion / Infanticide or the Baby Killers of Humanity, those who have the moral codes of an animal, against marriage, against Religion at least Christianity, against traditional moral values of civilized society, against Freedom of speech if it does not promote their agenda of America's destruction. In short pure Evil.  Those who follow the teachings no matter how little or how great of Lucifer.

The media bias and complicity and those who do now desire to find a middle ground of immoral thoughts, behavior to stay elected, stay in power in politics or in the media, do themselves and America a great evil.

Some say we must come to the middle and to unite with evil thoughts and idea's to better America.
This I say is a very false idea, and corrupt and evil.
When the whole nation becomes evil or immoral, when a rapist comes to the family of the victim and says hey don't worry, just join with us, its fun. Come to the middle and let us rape your children its now accepted by society, so should be accepted by you.

This is simplistic but its so true, when evil gains power, educates generations till their grown that selfishness, immorality, anti God, anti constitution etc. Is the New Normal, the 'Forward' direction of their country they are in effect accepting evil instead of goodness.

We are in a war of Light and Truth and Goodness vs. Darkness, lies, Evil.  
What will YOU as a human, as an American going to do? Will you submit to the evil rulers who now are so joyous in their evil winnings, by their secret combinations, by their lusts for power and evil, who do now desire you to embrace their evil with them. What will you do?

Can you look to your God in Heaven, into your spouse's or children's eyes and honestly choose evil?
Or will you put on the full armor of Heaven and fight for your children's future and freedom.

Will you accept the free handouts from the obamanationists in exchange for your freedoms to become their slaves?

Will you accept it when the government begins herding up those who oppose them, as did Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Lennin, Castro, and many many others of history?  Will you stand or allow more holocausts to occur? 

Truth is easy to know and to understand, however acting upon it is a whole different thing. It takes courage, honor, and keeping your oaths to the US Constitution and to America and to your God your Heavenly Father.

Our Heavenly Father has given us the Freedoms to choose good or evil, it is up to us to choose this day in America what you desire, will you take the road now less traveled and stand for truth, justice, the American way of life, or will you choose the easy road to serfdom / slavery.

Before the Earth was created there was a great council in Heaven on how we would live on Earth.
2 plans were presented, one stated he would force us all to be good, to not make any mistakes this is non freedom, many nations have tried this, socialism / communism / tyranny. This style of plan was presented by one called Lucifer, today we know him as Satan the Devil, a fallen one who was cast out of Heaven after he lost his election for power and he rebelled against God. He was full of selfish greedy desires. Demanding all the Glory for his deeds.

The other plan was by another it stated we should have our free agency to choose if we desire to follow good or evil during out lives here on Earth. Have our freedoms. This knowledge he knew many would never return home to live with Father in Heaven, as many would choose poorly in life. So he offered himself unselfishly to be the payment for our mistakes, and become the lamb of the atonement for all human kind.
His name is known as Jesus Christ the Savior of all humankind. very loving and unselfish.

Today we must choose what plan we shall follow again, do you desire selfish ends to lie, deceive, dig a pit for your neighbor, take advantage of others, seek greed, lusts of the flesh, and power to control others and self glory as Lucifer did, or will you choose selflessness and charity and love to have your freedoms granted by God to live and make mistakes and accepting that Jesus Christ's atonement / grace will help you during and after your   short life here.

America was founded by men of many faiths, however they all believed in God the Father, and that the US Constitution was created to protect humanity and their freedoms granted us by God. They knew that it was created ONLY for a Moral and ethical nation of people.
Will you help Restore America, or do you believe as the media is now saying, we must move forward away form the constitution, away from the 10 commandments or advice on how to truly live happily in life on Earth, away from freedoms, and embrace the New Forward ideology of communist / luciferists ideology of enslavement to all but the elites in power.

Today we all must choose.
Fear not for God is with us, in the end God will win the war of Good verses Evil and Lucifer knows this, his goal is to destroy as many of the human family as he can, to seduce and put into chains of bondage for eternity as many as he can, that is his goal, he Never supports his followers in the end.

The end of the world is foretold in all nations, God Wins. Evil looses... each of us will one day stand before God, our creator and we shall judge our selves in his presence, our own minds shall play the story of our deeds in life before him. All our thoughts and deeds will be made known. Only those who have lived good lives will feel humble and be grateful to live with God in Heaven, those who live a life of darkness will know their guilt and feel too uncomfortable to even want to be in his presence the guilt will be so bad we shall desire to be sent away out of his presence. And justly will be punishments.

AINO's or Those who voted for evil will be held accountable for it, those who assisted in the voter fraud, the multiple voting, Forbidding of votes from being counted, international voting - non citizen votes, will be judged for your evil before God. You only have the time granted by him to repent of your deceit I suggest getting you your knees and learn who God is and beg for mercy.

 Pray for sanity to return to America, for Honor, Justice, Restoration of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, for Faith and Charity and strong Christian/Judeao Biblical values to return as well. For Morality to return. God Bless the Republic of America.
In the end Jesus shall return and help us recover our nation as well Israel so be of good heart.

Stephen Huls