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Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Senator Harry Reid - Warning a time to repent (hope you get to read this)

(This is sent by various media in the hope Harry Reid actually see's / reads it, his staff would most likely hide it from him, No matter we Know Truth and Harry has chosen to disregard it)


Senator Harry Reid

April 20, 2014

Mr. Harry Reid,

Senator of Nevada,

Harry, you have no idea who I am nor should it matter much.

I am just a working poor American who understands history, past, present, future. I am writing this long overdue letter to WARN YOU of your stand before most Americans, and our Heavenly Fathers Laws.

Your history is full of darkness, greed; power lusting for control over others, your goals are in your mind good, to totally control all aspects of humanity through total control of all aspects of American lives.

You have sought for and do now seek for great wealth / riches, power over your fellow brothers & sisters.

You have lived so many years in the grey area of the laws of this land, and the laws of Heaven that now you seem to have fully embraced the darkness. You have achieved much in the eyes of those who are tyrants, the angels of Lucifer do rejoice in the great sufferings you have cause so many thousands of your brothers and sisters of America and around Earth.

Lucifer did tempt you in your youth, he did promise you power, Earthly glory, riches, fame, and you did willfully accept his terms. Now it’s time to choose once and for all your status for your soul and future in Eternity.

Who am I to write such a letter? I am Tsul’ Kalu of the Ani-Kituhwagi or the Keepers of the Fire, I am a remnant of the House of Lehi of the once great Nation that did exist upon this the Northern American Continent not so long ago.

You should know if you still have a copy and have actually studied it recently that it was indeed the Politicians, Judges, Courts, Lawyers, and those who sought for secret combinations to hide their ways of darkness, of Lucifer, of evil from before the knowledge of the people and their Father who is in Heaven.

Why do those who choose darkness feel they will never have to answer to their bad choices?

Why do they believe they can hide their wickedness from before their Father in Heaven who does see all, know all and nothing is hidden from before his eye. When you pass from this mortal life you will stand before him, and your own mind will play your life’s actions, inactions, thoughts, words, deeds before Him. Do you really think you can stand and give excuses for the great wickedness you have done unto your fellow humans? Oh the arrogance of the wicked, like unto Lucifer who still to this day tries to enter Heaven and deceive others, to fight against his Father and Eternal principals and he feels he will sit upon the Throne of God, his Father in the end, such arrogance for his wickedness.

Maybe this is the lure that catches so many in humanity, the false ideals of do whatever you wish, break the laws of Heaven, God will not punish you in the end.

Today is the Day of Resurrection and the Day of Visitation when our elder Brother Jesus Christ did overcome by his Atonement sin and death. When he did in reality come and visited my ancestors who have testified of his reality to all.

What are we doing with our probation time granted us by Father? Our days are numbered and your time to graduate this life is becoming shorter each day Harry, your running out of time to return to Heavens Laws, and the Laws Heaven inspired to live by the standard here in America even the U.S. Constitution. You have broken your Oaths of office repeatedly; you have and do now stand in defiance of these laws, and the laws of Heaven. How long will Father ignore the cries of those who have and do now suffer at your hand of tyranny, and the hands of your fellow conspirators against the freedoms of humanity?

Know this Harry, you have little time to become Humble, even as a child, and Repent your great wickedness before your Heavenly Father, in order to gain an exaltation in his house.

You have chosen like others of old to follow the secret oaths and plans of the dark forces, like Gadianton, Kishkumen, and thousands of others you have chosen poorly. Did not God destroy the City of Jacobugath, Sodom, Gomorrah, and thousands of others who due to their pride and glory in their wickedness did ignore, and flaunt their lifestyles blatantly before Heavenly Father and for their pride and arrogance they were destroyed and even now are in the places of darkness they created for themselves by their lifestyles on Earth. They have dammed their eternity and done so themselves willingly.

Are you prepared to meet your Eternal Judge? How can you stand before him with all the crimes against your own soul and others.

I suggest you get to your knees and be as King Lamoni and others who did pray for forgiveness, who did turn their hearts and souls over to Jesus Christ and were granted a time for repentance and there by they were forgiven their great wickedness and sins in their ignorance.

However your state is worse for you have had the truth taught to you, you are more like the Jacob of old who did destroy the peace and liberty of my ancestors, you have had the knowledge of truth and light, and willfully rebelled against your Father in Heaven, and have chosen the life of terror upon your fellow humanity, in order to gain power, riches, and other false ideology of evil and darkness.

Your probation will not be much longer, for how can those thousands you have greatly injured, or lives destroyed both in body and soul, due to your action, as they cry to their Heavenly Father for redress of your trespasses against them how much longer shall Father allow you proceed in ripening in wickedness before him, before your probation is ended, and in that day judge you justly for your doings here on Earth.

Eternity is a very long time with no end, will you miss your wife and children, is it worth severing your relations with them for Eternity? Your actions will cause an Eternal Divorce to your progression and from your family, such are your choices.

Become a humble child of your Father in Heaven, and pray and fast for his eternal forgiveness to embrace your soul, publicly decry your wickedness, admit it, submit to the laws of the lands if so needed, and save your soul in Eternity instead.

Soften your heart against those who now stand against your evil designs and wickedness. All the lives you have taken, or that are taken by your words and deeds will be accounted for before the Judgment bar of God. You must realize this Harry, I hope you’re your sake, your families, your ancestors and your posterity you will be as king Lamoni and Saul, even as the Sons of Mosiah and  accept the love of God back into your heart to chase the darkness and evil Lucifer has placed there with your blessing, clear out your mind and heart of all wickedness, and repent your folly, then do what you can in this life to repair your damages and trespass upon those you have victimized.

I feel sad for your choices, speaking as a fellow brother and traveler upon this Earth, life is not easy, and I have not been blessed with the wealth of the world, nor do I expect to be. However Father may have done this to help me stay closer to him.

I know history of the world repeats, your following the path of death both physical and eternal, turn from this path of destruction, I beg you to listen.

My ancestors did not, and they are all gone but the remnant of which I am part, my wife’s family was almost destroyed by actions of people in their days who used wicked judges and did listen to the darkness and did murder her ancestors and family in Carthage Jail, and did those wicked win after their deed was done? Did they stop the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? No. Did they stop the people from freedom, freeing the slaves of their days?  No.  You see Gods ways are just and true, all the wicked secret combinations throughout history and eternity have failed in the end.  Turn from the secret plans to destroy this land, and our liberty, remember your oaths taken all of them, both your Earthly American Oaths of office, and all the Oaths you have taken and sworn to before God in his Holy places.

Return to the path of light and truth, return to and grab a firm hold upon the Iron rod that leads to the tree of life and eternal happiness.

If you do not then I bid you an eternal farewell and you can live out your last days building stronger walls of damnation for your own non-progression in Eternity which come sooner than you think. Father in Heaven shall not be mocked. You know this. Consider your Oaths taken, and consider it well.  Repent or be destroyed of yourself. You now call Good Evil and Evil Good, your fulfilling the Book of Revelations.

The Republic of America Shall be Renewed, and it Shall Stand in the end. With the assistance of Heaven, we shall conquer all dark forces of Lucifer who seek to dominate and control and destroy those who seek only peace, liberty, freedom, free agency.

I can say no more.

Tsul’ Kalu

 Remnant of the House of Lehi.