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Let it be known to all the World, I love all Humankind, however the poor actions of the few that take away the Freedom's of the many wear on my soul. I don't hate them I feel sad for their foolishness before God and humankind.

Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Those things in life that really matter, until we make the time." S.T.Huls

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Updates from Carol Bundy

Big Rally - BBQ - Music - Freedom!! ‏

Carol Bundy
From:  (
Sent:Tue 4/15/14 3:56 PM
I love you and what you have done for us so much. I want to invite you to a party this Friday along the beautiful Virgin River near our home.
We will have live music, a ton of great food (hope you like beef) and we will spend time together.
It has been so hectic its time to relax a little, but we are not letting off the pressure. We want this to be a huge rally of support to continue to drive home the message. We want to show them what real Americans look like when the government is not threatening them. So bring all of your friends and family.
Where: On the River near the Protest Rally site. 2 Miles East of I-15 on the road to Bunkerville.
When: Friday April 18th All day - Food and music all afternoon and as late as you like.
What to bring: Hat/Sunscreen/your lovely faces and children. If you have a sign bring it.
I can't wait to see you all in a setting not quite so tense.
I love you so much,
PS - I am expecting a TON of you to attend so don't leave me with a mountain of uneaten food, bring anyone and everyone and come hungry.
Please forward this to your friends and family we want them all.
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From: Carol Bundy (
Sent:Tue 4/15/14 1:18 PM
Hi again,
I just want to be very clear, we need to maintain a large crowd at the protest site in order to keep the media focused on this issue.

You know how they are, the second they think the public has lost interest they will run away to find a car wreck to put on TV.

PLEASE come and be with us at the protest site. We love that we have the cows back but we need to put a stop the way the Federal Government is treating all of us who love the land.

We really need a lot of people here every day.
Love you,

PS- PLEASE Pass this on to your friends

Oh, and remember that if you don't see it here, or on our blog its probably not true.
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From: Carol Bundy (
Sent: Tue 4/15/14 11:19 AM
The plan for today - back to ranching ‏
Today we would like to ask everyone to not come down to the ranch house. We are trying very hard to deal with the calves and find some of them new mommas.

The constant traffic at the house is overwhelming, so please stay at the protest location. We will be over there off and on so please wait there and we'll be happy catch up with you.
Please don't take this as though we don't love you all, we just need to feed and water and do what we do when the BLM isn't making us lose sleep.
We seem to be spending all of our time trying to control all the rumors, there are so many. Please tell people that if you don't hear it from us it is likely not true.
Love you all!!!
PS - Feel free to forward these messages to your friends we love them all.
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