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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Dangers of Radical Militia types taking over the Oregon Standoff...

During the Bundy Ranch standoff I noticed some of the below mentioned more radical militia from Montana, the True thinking Patriots like the Oathkeepers and 3%ers who were there saw the clear danger such anarchist style radical militia are to the Patriots and Citizens.

I have seen the videos of both sides and Payne and others are bullies with their own agenda's... even had their teams attack leadership of Oathkeepers who had to draw weapons to defuse it. This leadership left to prevent further internal conflict at the Bundy Ranch, and warned them of the dangers of these radical people...who have a very dangerous and selfish agenda. You can visit Oathkeepers for the videos or find them on youtube I am sure, Also located on this website. 

 But these radicals are smooth talkers like most bullies are. So if your there in Oregon beware of these folks they are much more than the seem to be.



Oregon Standoff: Federal Provocateurs, Sociopaths And Idiots

This article was written by Mike Vanderboegh and originally published at Sipsey Street Irregulars
“Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters.” (See also the twitter feed of Les Zaitz.)
BURNS — An unknown number of militia have broken into and are occupying the headquarters building of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge south of here. A government official speaking on background Saturday said initial reports had the militia entering a building that was closed for the holiday. He said they apparently brought support trailers with them. Law enforcement officials couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.
Brandon Curtiss, an Idaho militia leader who helped organize a protest parade Saturday, told The Oregonian/OregonLive he knew nothing of the occupation. He said he has been told that Ammon Bundy, the son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, is one of the occupiers. “This has nothing to do with us,” said Curtiss, who had been attending a post-parade gathering at the Harney County Fairgrounds with many of the militia members who participated. The wildlife refuge is about 50 miles southeast of Burns.
Ryan Payne, a U.S. Army veteran from Montana, confirmed that he is among the those occupying the refuge headquarters but refused to provide details. He said additional information will be released to militia media outlets. Members from Oregon, Idaho and elsewhere had converged on this ranching town in recent weeks to make the federal government the target of their anger. They came to protest and perhaps even block the imprisonment of Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steven, local ranchers convicted of arson.
With their side arms and sometimes hot talk, militia members had unsettled the community, creating fears that Saturday’s rally would involve more than speeches, flags and marching. . .
I was first apprised of this a few minutes ago by folks on the ground out in Oregon. They report that Payne, Ritzheimer and every other “tiger-talking” fruit, nut and federal provocateur previously identified from the Bundy standoff were now in possession of the building and daring the Feds to do anything about it. My initial reaction was to observe that at least afterward we’ll know who the federal snitches are because they will be the only ones who survive the raid to take back the building. My understanding is that this premeditated action has been condemned by the Oregon Three Percenters and other groups but the fact of the matter is that these people are writing checks that they expect the rest of us to cash in our blood. And the Hammonds themselves are disavowing this action in the strongest terms.
For the regime, this could not come at a better time. The old Roman adage “cui bono” applies here. There is nothing on the talking heads channels as yet, but by Monday, when Obama meets with his Attorney General on the subject of citizen disarmament, you can bet the farm that this will play right into that narrative. Perfect timing. You’ve got to give the federal handlers of these pukes credit. This is precisely the sort of offensive action on the part of the “militia terrorists” that they needed.
A Threeper source on the ground relates:
“The stupid has gone so far that I don’t know if it can come back. These f-cking morons have no idea what they’ve done. The sheriff has retreated to a ‘staging area’. These guys are about to get obliterated. MSM just picked it up outside local area. It’s now regional (San Fran etc.)”
LATER: Another source says that the Feds are staging, bringing in various SRTs. This is just beginning.
I’ll have updates as I get them, but for now it looks like 2016 is going to start out with a huge propaganda victory for the regime.
Still later, from the Oregonian:
Among those joining Bundy in the occupation are Ryan Payne, U.S. Army veteran, and Blaine Cooper. Payne has claimed to have helped organize militia snipers to target federal agents in a standoff last year in Nevada. He told one news organization the federal agents would have been killed had they made the wrong move. He has been a steady presence in Burns in recent weeks, questioning people who were critical of the militia’s presence. He typically had a holstered sidearm as he moved around the community. At a community meeting in Burns Friday, Payne disavowed any ill intentions.